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 Saturday, June 21, 2003





9:00 am — Christopher Petherick: Seminar Chairman




 Senator Mike Gravel

He stated that the American democratic system is not working, and there ought to be a move that represents the people's interests rather than the interests of the few, the power elites.


Warren Balding, Tennessee America First Party

He stated that politics means building from the bottom up and not from the top, as is the case today, e.g. the Republocrats ... the Bilderberg group, etc.



Dr Samuel Cross, National Committee Member, America First Party.

He itnroduced the program of the populist party, e.g. abolishing Federal Reserve, property tax, all foreign aid, bringin back US military troops from around the globe back home.



Peymon Mottahedeh, President of Freedom Law School.

His basic theme was to encourage indivduals to educate themselves about nthe law as this then empowers them to protect themselves from bureaucratic oppression, abuses, etc. He also advocates guerilla warfare on paper".




Lucky Prize Draw



10:00 am — Ted Gunderson: FBI Corruption Since J Edgar Hoover

As a former senior FBI agent under Hoover, Ted Gunderson reminisced how the old FBI was far more efficient and morally sound. He gave an example of an agent warning of the 11 September attacks 18 months before the attack. The current FBI deemed this operative as completely uncredible.

Book: Terrorism Cover Up In America, PO Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV 89114, USA


11.00 am — Trevor J Constable: The Luftwaffe: From Conquest to Collapse

One of the main failures of the Luftwaffe's effectiveness was the incompetence of its senior military personnel. For example, Germany had only one fighter pilot training school, which was woefully inadequate to cover the heavy losses that the Luftwaffe suffered. This was a direct result of the fixed idea senior personnel had about not developing large bomber aircraft.






1:00 pm — Nicholas Eliopoulos: Constantine & the Bankers

 He gave a detailed historical outline of Constantine's reign, drawing direct parallels with todays world and its ills.



1:40 pm — Bill Murphy: America's Incredible Monetary Bubble

There is nothing much new udner the sun as far as banking is concerned, stretching back over these past 2000 years.



2:20 pm — Christopher Bollyn: America Through European Eyes

The Europeans like the Americans but they don't like the Bush administration's foreign policies.




3:30 pm — Tito Howard: Update on the USS Liberty Story

He gave a brief update on the latest research and findings on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Over 7500 copies of his documentary film The Loss of Liberty have been sold.




3:40 pm — Eustace Mullins: The Iraqi Atrocity

One of the last to have comforted Ezra Pound in his psychiatric prison, Eustace Mullins regards Pound as his mentor.







Michael Collins Piper: Seminar Chairman

Cheerful as ever, Collins Piper introduced this year's 'Holocaust' boys. He also related how he bumped into Abe Foxman, the ADL head, who when confronted by Collins Piper to confirm whether he was indeed the Abe Foxman, denied that he was and hastily retreated down the street.


 Russ Granata

As Jürgen Graf could not come to the US, Russ Granata presented the talk Graf gave to a large audience in Estonia.


 Germar Rudolf

His productivity is legendary, and that's what he talked about.


Fredrick Töben

Perhaps Töben's basic message was lost during his presentation: Don't take life too seriously. It's not permanent!


 God Bless America

6:30 pm — Poker Face, Carl Kling: Musical Entertainment






7:30 pm — Willis A Carto: Host


Evangelist Dale Crowley: Innvocation


Gordon Thomas : The Pitfalls of Reporting on Intelligence

His basic theme was that Israel's Mossad is ruthlessly efficient, but it did warn the US intelligence community of the coming September 11 terrorist attacks. Thomas thereby directly supports the official version of events!



 Fredrick Töben with Hutton Gibson whose Revisionist statements about the 'Holocaust' being a fabrication have 'upset' those who wish to challenge his son's, Mel Gibson, right to screen The Passion.



Unholy row forces Mel to defend Messiah movie

Candace Sutton writes in The Sunday Age, 15 June 2003


Hollywood actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson is used to being under fire for his action movie roles. But his latest venture is bringing retribution from far more important sources than Hollywood's vitriolic film critics.

Gibson has managed to nupset so many with his latest project, The Passion, that has been forced to defend himself, saying neither he nor his film about the detahy of Christ is anti-Semitic or anti-Catholic.

Gibson, a strict Catholic, issued a statement to the entertainment industry bible Daily Variety, marking the first time the father of seven has spoken out about the furore.

"To be certain, neither I nor my film is anti-Semitic," Gibson said following an outcry sparked by fears about The Passion, which portrayes the last hours in the life of Christ.

"If the intense scrutiny during my 25 years in public life revealed I had ever persecuted or discriminated against anyone based on race or creed, I would be all too willing to make amends. But there is no such record. Nor do I hate anybody — certainly not the Jews.

Jewish and Catholic scholarshave launched a campaign against The Passion, which is due for release early next year.

Gibson said many of his friends and business associates were Jewish.

"Anti-Semitism is not only contrary to my personal beliefs, but is also contrary to the core message of my movie," he said.

Gibson's passionate defence of his film comes in the wake of a firestorm caused by his father, Hutton Gibson. In an itnerview with The New York Times, the 84-year-old said he did not believe the Holocaust ever took place.

Gibson senior — a former quiz show winner, Sydney radio broadcaster and resident of a small Victorian dairy town who now lives in Texas — believes the Holocaust was a fabrication because there were more Jews in germany "after the war than before. Go ask an undertaker or a guy who operates the drematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body," he said. "It takes one litre of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, six million?"

Joyce Gibson, an AMerican whom Hutton recently married, said: "There weren't even that many Jews in all of Europe."

In the interview, which was published in March, Hutton Gibson also rejected the notion that Osama bin Laden's terrorists perpetrated the September 11 attacks.

And he contended that Jews had conspired with Masons to reform the Catholic Church in the famous Vatican II of the 1960s, which ended Latin Masses ande the notion of Jewish guilt in the crucifixion.

Having stayed out of his father's troubles, Gibson said he could not stand by as The Passion was condemned.

He said it was a movie "meant to inspiure, not offend. My intention in bringing it to the screen is to create a lasting work of art and engender serious thought among audiences of diverse faith backgrounds (or none) who have varying familiarity with this story," he said.

Gibson co-wrote and put $42 million into the film, which features passages in latin and Aramaic with no subtitles.

At the Holy Family Church on a property north-west of Los Angeles, Gibson, his wife of 23 years, Robyn, and their children lead the congregation ina Latin Mass, which includes a sermon preaching the "evil" of "the modern church".

Gibson, who practises the traditional Catholic mores of no artificial contraception and no meat on Fridays, has described Pope John Paul II as "a wolf in sheep's clothing".

Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, who co-founded DreamWorks studio, are the tip of the iceberg of influencial Jewish people in Hollywood.

Once offended, it may take more than 20 centuries for Mel to salvage his career.

As the actor himself said of his latest project: "They think I'm crazy, and maybe I am. But maybe I'm a genius."




And here is a critical voice of today's proceedings from Walter Mueller


Dear Fellow Patriot!

23 June 2003

The Washington Post reports that former George W. Bush

security adviser, Rand Beers, is blowing the whistle

on the White House's War on Terror. He alleges that it

is a sham. Nothing new to us!


Back to The Barnes Review Conference. Second day,

Saturday, was closed with Dr Fredrick Töben as last

speaker. In my report yesterday, I was wondering where

all the renowned revisionists were, and I was right.

Russ Granata, Germar Rudolf and Dr Fredrick Töben

seem to be the only revisionist speakers at the

conference. Even they got very limited time.


Russ Granata was reading a letter from Juergen Graf,

who obviously couldn't be there. I am not very keen on

people reading letters from somebody else to an



Germar Rudolf was met with silence when he pointed out

that WWII was over. I guess it was a shot at the

previous speakers who were talking about WWII. He also

sort of introduced his new girl friend to the

audience. He is a brilliant scientist, but a bad



And the last speaker, Dr Frederick Töben. I have

heard him several times. He is very animated and knows

how to entertain the crowd. He's been imprisoned in

Germany for his views and currently deals with a gag

order, put on him by the Australian courts.


In his speech he challenged some of the revisionists

by saying that some of them are Primadonnas. But he

also supports the detrimental notion that we shouldn't

make the 'Holocaust' the only issue.


This is a notion that was very present at the

conference. Carved by Willis Carto, several of the

revisionists have adopted that notion. Sure, there are

a lot of other issues, and The Barnes Review was all

about them. However, none of these issues would exist

if it wasn't for the 'Holocaust'.


It's a waste of our energy and very dangerous. I have

noticed that this is one of the major principles that

Willis Carto represents. I have been an avid reader of

The Spotlight, when it still existed. Without any

doubt, it was a great paper, however, it was also kind

of "kooky" once in a while.


Paul Grubach once forwarded a small essay, explaining

why Willis Carto, who is so visible and so involved,

has never experienced any attacks by the Jews. (At

least that I know of). Because he hasn't been this

outspoken about the holocaust.


Remember also that most of the people who are

"so-called experts" about the themes at the current

Barnes Review Conference, are also very little

involved in holocaust revisionism and some of them

right out reject it.


One must be very naive or trying to push his own

agenda to believe such silly notion. I mean, let's get

real here, folks, we've seen the incredible wave of

holocaust propaganda that's currently sweeping the

nation and the world. For crying out loud , as the

Barnes Review Conference comes to an end today, so

does the ADL Conference in Vienna on fighting

anti-Semitism in the world. If you haven't paid

attention to this conference, you are a fool. Their

10-point action plan includes making it illegal to

question the holocaust in every country in the world.

Condoleeza Rice and Rudolf Giuliani were some of the

guest speakers. Eli Wiesel was featured keynote



Now why do you think that is that the Jews are trying

to force the world to make laws like this? Pretty

simple, because without the holocaust, their empire

will fall apart. They even have signed contracts with

the US to make sure that the brainwashing continues

for future generations to come.


For anyone to believe that the 'Holocaust' isn't the

only issue better checks again. It is the only issue.

From the 'Holocaust', all other issues are generated.

The holocaust is the ultimate power. You take it away

and with it goes the $6 billion of military aid to

Israel, the income to remain the State of Israel, the

financial power of the Jews around the world and once

the holocaust falls, the Jews will fall with it.

Whether it was 9-11, the War on Iraq, the Patriot Act,

it all is an indirect result of the holocaust power.

Look who the advisors are to the leaders of the United

States, England and Australia.


It seems to me pretty dumb for anyone trying to end a

drought when the water is in the hands of the enemy.

And I know to a certain extent what this is. It's the

fear of the Jewish power that makes people talk about

an issue that is so obviously strongly connected about

the 'Holocaust', like it isn't.


So, I think there you already have the difference

between the Barnes Review Conference and the

revisionist community. I was listening to Dr Töben,

when he was complimenting Willis Carto, even calling

it a "world view" and I became quite afraid to think

that everyone would fall into that trap. Dr. Töben

also alleged that some revisionists had a very narrow

view. Well, I am one of them. Because I call it

focusing on the issue.


Dr Töben did mention the Ernst Zündel tragedy, but

that was the only one who actually spent more than one

minute on the subject. I am stunned by this, but, I

guess, with the theme not being Holocaust Revisionism,

Ernst Zündel wasn't that important.


I personally had assumed, since many of the speakers

were talking about disappearing freedoms, that Ernst

Zündel would be the poster-boy for them. You know,

I've been critical of many, and I will continue,

however, if ever anyone of those who I've disagreed

with and criticized would experience the same medieval

torture as Ernst Zündel, I would do everything to

help. He also proves my point, as long as we divert

from destroying the 'Holocaust' myth, people like Ernst

Zündel will continue to be victims.


On a more laughable side of the conference,

"Pokerface", is the group that is supposed to entertain

the crowd. I listened to them and I'll tell you, those

who have enthusiastically exclaimed that this is a

classy event, where do you live? Let me explain

classy: when you have as entertainment the Vienna

Philharmonic Orchestra and Tenor Andrea Boccelli. For

dinner you have an entourage of waiters, serving you a

10-course meal. Having a rock band that gives you a

headache just by listening to them, can hardly be

called classy.


If you want to know about a classy event, go to

click on conferences, and check out my review.

Stay tuned for a report on the last day of the


Walter F. Mueller

"The truth is back in business"


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