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What an Experience!

The ‘Holocaust’ has no reality in space and time, only in Memory

Fredrick Töben, Tehran, 22 December 2006



Figuratively speaking, the Tehran Holocaust conference has been something out of this world for me. Let me say why.


The fact it was planned at all is itself worthy of celebration. Opposition came from without and from within Iran, but the IPIS personnel overcame all the hurdles thrown their way and went ahead in staging an event that could justifiably be called a world event.


The actual conference was conducted with the legendary Iranian hospitality of warmth, sensitivity and inclusiveness that characterises Iranian culture and democracy. Let me particularise this comment by pointing out that in the western world we are used to walking into homes with our shoes on thereby bringing in the outside dirt and dust with us. In contrast, in Iran the home is hallowed ground, a sacred place where family and friends socialise. Remember how the ‘coalition of the willing’ forces invading Iraq never understood, respected nor cared about this custom, and regarded it as a weakness. Instead, legally protected by their governments they went into homes with boots and all – even defecating about the places they visited. The so-called civilized western world is by comparison rather crude and wanting in delicacies. Mind you, in the west we do have that wonderful addiction to consumerism – I quote Dr De Maria’s 1998 quip: ‘The only freedom we have in the west is the freedom to go shopping’. 


Though absolutely predictable, the world media reaction fascinated me somewhat because of this transparency. I could see the manipulators, the control freaks, literally flipping out as the Tehran ‘Holocaust’ Conference began. The switch from ‘Holocaust’ to ‘Shoah’ in Jewish papers signifies a mind on the run attempting to salvage something out of the smoking ruins called ‘Holocaust’ and making it specifically Jewish. And yet the non-Jewish world was right behind the Jewish push to sabotage the conference. By the way, a literal translation of ‘sabotage’ into Farsi is – the lying, dirty, shitty man.


Individuals who hate Revisionists because they are Revisionists, failed to stop the conference because the Islamic Republic of Iran’s president, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, resisted yielding to internal and external pressure to cancel the conference. Any dealings were out of the question and Jewish groups who wished to bribe the organisers in order to stop it were ignored. For example there was an offer to stop attacking Islam if Iran cancelled the conference, something scoffed at by the Iranians. This is moral and intellectual courage objectified, and illustrates my maxim’s reality content: “Don’t blame the Jews, blame those that bend to their pressure!” The Iranians organising the Tehran Conference did not bend to Jewish pressure!


And what happened after the conference? How did the world media react to what had been discussed during the full two-day conference at the various sessions? As usual, factual information about the speeches was not mentioned at all but was swept under the carpet. Instead, the media started their usual sloganeering. The process of defaming individuals had begun, and then progressed to outright personal abuse and use of foul language, usually the refuge of the morally and intellectually bankrupt.


On the world stage Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert visited Berlin and informed German Chancellor Merkel that Israel was indeed a nuclear power. Finally the long known dirty open secret had publicly been acknowledged, much to Mordechai Vanunu’s disgust who had known this secret, and for divulging it, had his humanity robbed for 18 years.


The counter ‘Holocaust’ conference was held in Berlin where attempts were made to focus on ‘Holocaust denial’, and Emory University is granting Professor Deborah Lipstadt’s website $2 million to revamp her material so that it is streamlined in other languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Russian, and others, thereby making the ‘lessons of the Holocaust available to future generations’. This can be seen as a direct reaction to the outcome of the Tehran ‘Holocaust’ Conference, which saw the setting-up of a World Holocaust Foundation that will enquire into the ‘Holocaust’. Its seat will initially be Tehran but ultimately it is aimed to relocate it to its logical place, Berlin.


One of the spin-offs of the Tehran conference is that the Holocaust industry is increasingly switching to the Hebrew word ‘Shoah’, thereby attempting to rescue what is left of the narrative. It indicates that Revisionists have had the desired effect and have done their work, and now ‘Shoah’ believers, of necessity, need to keep changing their story.


When liars are trapped, when they cannot scapegoat anymore, they turn upon their own. This has now happened with a vengeance as the lies of the ‘Holocaust’ industry’s mindset are exposed. I am referring here to the people who attempt to live by the Book, the Torah True Jews who are now in the Zionist’s sight. This has already manifested itself in England where Rabbi Cohen faces extraordinary social and economic sanctions from within the Jewish community that is just shy off physical violence against his person. Austrian Chief Rabbi Friedman is also feeling the heat, so much so that he cannot directly fly from Tehran to his home in Vienna because a government minister has already publicly announced Friedman would be arrested upon arrival at Vienna Airport. Even Australia’s vicious Zionists could not resist projecting their venom on the Torah True Jews. Instead of using civilising and reasoned language, they used expletives of disgust, thereby revealing to the world that their emotional blustering merely reveals how morally and intellectually bankrupt they are. No amount of huffing and puffing will enable them to regain that much desired moral high ground, something they always seek to maintain when propagating their ‘Holocaust’ narrative.


We have witnessed the death-throws of the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ narrative as it stands in 2006, something that Revisionists such as Willis Carto clearly perceived in 1969 when he published The Myth of the Six Million. I am, of course, aware of the fact that this sentence mentioning Willis Carto will cause some individuals to cringe. But I am merely stating an objective fact – and I shall leave it at that.


The process of disintegration will continue unabated, and perhaps we may recall that just as the multi-billion Enron empire crumbled from within, so will the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ multi-billion industry disintegrate from within. The question of who is an authentic Jew has been posed by the Torah True Jews at the Tehran conference. These Jews believe in the ‘Holocaust’ narrative but they reject making any reparation claim upon Germany or anyone else, as have the Zionist Jews over these past six decades and continue to do so.


Of interest here is the 20 December 2006 court-ordered release of David Irving from his Vienna jail, something his lawyer, Dr Schaller, at the Tehran conference predicted would happen. Irving, of course, is not really a ‘Holocaust’ Revisionist because he still believes in limited gassings. Such nonsense claim causes me categorically to state: “Anyone who believes in the homicidal gassing story is either ignorant, willingly or unwillingly, of the physical facts, or a liar.” There is no escaping this dialectic except, of course by refusing to delve into the material, for example, as made available in German Rudolf’s classic Holocaust Handbook Series of 21+ volumes. Someone said to me that Irving’s problem rested on the fact that he actually had consorted with Nazis and neo-Nazis, and that this caused him to lose the London 2000 defamation action against Professor Deborah Lipstadt. I corrected this perception by pointing out that this guilt-by-association – BERÜHRUNGSÄNGSTE in German – was not the cause of his failing in his action, but rather the fact that he lied and tried to deny that he had been associating with Nazis and neo-Nazis. After all, the trial’s aim was to remove the so-called derogatory terms from Irving’s character: ‘hater’, ‘Holocaust denier’, ‘antisemite’, ‘racist’, ‘neo-Nazi’, etc.


This fence-sitting attitude reflects the different agendas that individual Revisionists have. It also reveals Irving’s attitude towards Germans. He knows that the gassing claim still imprisons Germans as a people. Irving’s post-release statement that ‘Mel Gibson was right’, panders to those who oppose Jewish power as such, and does nothing to liberate the Germans from the ‘Holocaust’ dogma, an attitude also found in Dr David Duke’s mindset.


This anti-German sentiment is to a large measure still present within Revisionists generally – that was my personal experience gained throughout my stay in Tehran. This fact certainly implies that Germans cannot rely on individual Revisionists such as Irving to help them liberate themselves from the ‘Holocaust’ stranglehold. I personally felt this anti-German sentiment when the World ‘Holocaust’ Foundation committee was formed. Its Secretary-General, Dr Ali Armin speaks Farsi and German only, and hence I wrote up the committee notice in three languages, German, French and English, in that order. Two prominent individuals objected to this. First it was objected that German was spoken during the inaugural meeting where proceedings were translated into English. Then it was objected that the committee notice had German as first language. The ‘Nazi’ tag was liberally used in order to persuade me to remove German as the first language, something I rejected outright – much to the consternation of the fellow who objected, so much so that he fell into a shouting frenzy. All very sad.


The fact that there is an Iranian group of individuals who have also realized this phenomenon was anticipated by me when I titled my August 2006 Washington AFP/ TBR Conference address: ‘Will Iran liberate Germany from Judaism?’ The Foundation Secretary-General implied as much in his statement that the World Foundation’s headquarters would initially be located in Tehran but then, in time, would re-locate to Berlin. That’s a courageous vision – and of course, Torah True Jews would be welcomed to participate in this venture!


When I was invited to address President Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the formal meeting, I mentioned that we saw democracy in action at Tehran University where a group of Iranian students vented their frustrations on the first day of the conference by burning pictures of their president while he was addressing them.


Much was made of this in the western press, but little is made in the western press of the fact that since the conference the world knows that Zionist Jews do not speak on behalf of world Jewry because Torah True Jews refuse to profit from participating in the ‘Holocaust’ industry. Let’s hope that this will bring speedy relief for Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Horst Mahler, Hans-Günter Kögel, Rigolf Hennig, and those many more languishing in German jails simply because they refuse to believe in the ‘Holocaust’ lies.



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