Speculations ran wild as on 12 October 2002 two massive bombs killed many tourists on Bali. As the dust settles and grief turns to anger, and then slowly abates a little through self-reflection, the inevitable why-question cries out for an answer.

Official government lines 'blame' Muslim terrorists, something Muslims reject, but not Australia's Christian-Jewish/Zionist coalition.  

We let some voices speak, and append below the expression of a full-blown conspiracy.


  John Pilger



Suriviors already showing signs of radiation burns and radiation sickness. Complete media blackout of this info -- except here!! Governments silent about the issue, but The Hal Turner Show has also obtained SOIL SAMPLES from a tourist at the blast site, and they are being shipped covertly to a reputable lab for analysis!


Visitor on Island is Hal Turner Show Listener;
Sent pics and footage from video!

BY: Hal Turner

BALI- A tourist on holiday on the island of Bali has sent the Hal Turner Show astonishing, first-hand video footage excerpts and pictures of the recent bomb blast which claimed over 187 lives, injured over 300, destroyed 47 buildings and over 100 cars.

WARNING: The photos below show graphic carnage including humans decapitated, burnt to death in a pile of human remains and others who are severely injured. These photos ought not be viewed by those weak of heart.

Video clearly shows a rising mushroom cloud over the blast area, with the characteristic airborne flames burning at a sustained interval after the initial blast. This is not achievable with typical explosives because they explode and burn at ground level, rising only as high as the force of the initial blast can carry them, and extinguishing within a second or two.

The Videographer reports a blinding white flash caught everyone's attention, prompting them to turn to the direction of the flash and record the subsequent mushroom cloud! As is common knowledge, only a nuclear explosion yields a blinding white flash and subsequent mushroom cloud with airborne flame.

Soil, air and debris samples have been obtained from VERY near the blast site - without intruding upon police evidence collection procedures or violating any local laws. Those soil samples are already off the island and enroute to a reputable laboratory for confirmation of radioactive - or other- contamination.

The lab is in possession of records which document the radioactive "signatures" of various weapons-grade plutonium, uranium and other fissionable materials produced around the world. This lab will be able to say with certainty if this was a nuclear incident and if so, will be able to cite from which nation the fissionable material likely originated! Test results will be released on The Hal Turner Show web site when they become available.

I have also arranged for the results to be distributed via another web site should I suddenly disappear or otherwise become "incapacitated."

MUSHROOM CLOUD CAUGHT ON VIDEO TAPE: Conventional ground explosive detonations do not burn in the air like this!

For further information and pictures follow


Quick commentary: 20 October 2002

From: James

What is the cause of the despair of the young people to whom you refer who commit suicide?
It's quite simple:  they discover that they are not the reason the universe was created, and coming to such a realisation is too much for their egos.  Their outlook is so solipsistic that the least obstacle to the realisation of their will is interpreted by them as a disaster of cosmic proportions.  But their parents, typically people who grew up in the 50's, 60's and 70's, who encouraged them in this selfish outlook are the real cause.

P.S.:  My guess is that Branson J grew up in the 50s, 60s or 70s.  If she has any children, my bet is that they are every bit as worthless and evil as she is.

From: Birdman Bryant

Compulsory military service?  Would that be another name for SLAVERY?  Is that an improvement over going to prison for offending Judge Judy?  Hmmm... I think we need to go back to Square One here. -Birdman


From: Gavin

Did that Judge seriously say you could not conduct free opinion on the net.  Who the .... does she think she is?  She obviously hasn't heard the freedom of speech rulings in the High court in recent years.
I wonder if she would suppress Norman Finkelstein if he came to Oz.


Re: The Bali Bombing

 Conventional explosions DO cause
 'mushroom' clouds, these are simply a mass of hot air rising, carrying
 debris and smoke, and then at a level where air density equates to
 the rarification caused by the heating of the explosion the smoke
 cloud flattens and folds over on itself - it mushrooms. An ammonium
 based explosion will be expected to do this, an ammonium based
 explosion will have a blinding white flash; claims that this was a
 'micro nuke' are simple crap by ignorant twits.
Best regards,



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