Beauty and Sadness

From the Experts: Ethnic cleansing - the ugly side of Judaism!

A mini 9:11 action in Gaza 



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"The two-state solution is
neither a state nor a solution. It is a con game



Iran quake kills 20,000


The Myth of Tiny, Little Israel: Zionist Tentacles Everywhere

Ernst Zündel not the only victim of Canada's madness 

Nihal Kaneira: Arar story brews up a storm in Canada
Iranian cleric says Iraqis won't yield to US bombs 

The Bush vision

Total War in Middle East?

Israel admits it lied over missile raid on camp

Jews rule the world AND want to be loved


A Zionist and distorter of history speaks out?

Auschwitz for Palestinians

Soros supports the 'Geneva accord'

US-Israel threat to world peace

Depleted Uranium present from Anglo-American-Zionist Forces

Rebel MP George Galloway 

Gaza demolition


Covert US war on Palestine

PM Jews rule world, Malaysian PM tells Islamic summit

Civil rights groups hail Nobel Peace winner: Shirin Ebadi

US Free Speech

'Nuclear Blackmail' Spared Israel Complete Rout In 1973 

Apartheid Wall 

US President Bush gives green light for attack on Syria?

Israeli Oppressors are crying 'crimes against humanity'

 (again!), 30/09/03

The Wall, 30 September 2003

BETAR, the Zionist shock-troop

Barry Chamish reflect on Peres Birthday Bash, 25 September 2003

A Poem

The Israelisation of America, 11-17 September 2003

Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Shame: Does George Bush Cry?,

15 September 2003  

When Israel Killed Peace in 1948-
Folke Bernadotte and the first Middle East roadmap,

 9 September 2003

Swedish MP next Mossad assassination, 11 September 2003

Israel wants to eliminate Arafat, 11 September 2003

New Iraq to recognise Israel?, 27 August 2003

The Intifada Conference, Tehran, 19-21 August 2003


Beauty from Afghanistan, Sharbut Gula, suffered the ravages of war. Will Iraqi beauties be next to suffer the wanton acts of Zionist-US aggression, all because of oil and to guarantee the existence of the apartheid-Zionist-racist State of Israel?

What price!


25 July 2003

Jerusalem touted as world's capital

Israel's Peres wants shrines under stewardship of U.N., Annan as mayor

Israeli opposition leader Shimon Peres, a former Israeli prime minister, is

proposing Jerusalem be declared the capital of the world as a way of getting

around competing Israeli and Arab claims to the city.

According to his spokesman, Yoram Dori, the dovish leader of Israel's

opposition Labor Party suggested putting the important religious shrines in Jerusalem

under United Nations stewardship. He said the holy sites in Jerusalem's

walled Old City could be declared a "world capital." ...

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Beauty and Sadness

The Holy City Al Qods

11 May 2003: Barry Chamish fights for Israel's right to exist


Nabil - Desperation grows out of Oppression gives rise to Desperation

An eight-year old whose father was killed by Israeli troops,

whose shool was blown up by the Israeli Defence Force

protests in the only way he can: throw stones at a tank.

Two weeks after this photo was taken, an Israeli sniper shot

Nabil in the head, killing him instantly.






 [Click here for earlier front page material on AAZF war on Iraq ] 

Blaming NAZIS for opposing AAZF's invasion of Iraq. In this context remember:Truth is Antisemitic! 

View: Israel Shamir's The Shadow of Zog
Then look at what is happening in the USA in a small Californian junior college

The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians
By Michael Hoffman and Moshe Lieberman.

Independent History & Research

PO Box 849

Coeur d'Alene

Idaho 83816,USA

Geoff Muirden's Review

... Documents the horrendous atrocities which the Israeli state visits upon the Palestinians. An irrefutable dossier of Israeli war crimes in Palestine, profusely illustrated with harrowing photos of the death and destruction which the Zionist war machine has administered as collective punishment upon the entire Palestinian nation. One of the most explosive indictments of the Jewish state ever published, proving conclusively that the Israelis themselves are guilty of a holocaust. Partial list of contents: Operation Destroy the Data: How Israeli Bank Robbers and Vandals Operate with a Free Hand; Grim Selection Process: Palestinians lined up - some to be shot; others tortured and interned; "Fighting for our Western values" -- Israeli Soldiers Broadcast Pornography on Palestinian TV; "Israel has Nothing to Hide" -- the calculated Israeli Policy of Shooting and Obstructing Reporters; The History of Judaic Assassinations; Israeli war crimes in Palestinian cities; and much more! 6 x 9 paperback. 110 pages. $12.95

28. Israel and Zionism [566 Kilobytes] [about 144 paper pages] The myths about Israel; an overview of Zionism; Jewish American fantasies about the Jewish state; the American mass media as a tool for Israeli propaganda; Israel as a separatist, racist, and undemocratic country; the obnoxious "sabra"; the condition of Arabs under Israeli rule; institutionalized torture of arrested Palestinians; Israeli exploitation of internationally imported laborers; intra-Jewish racism; the Israeli weapons industry and Israeli support for worldwide dictatorships.



Iraqi Declaration on Weapons of Mass Destruction (Table of Contents).
This eight page table of contents provides a detailed outline of the voluminous material submitted by Iraq to the United Nations on 7 December 2002 concerning its nuclear, chemical, biological and ballistic missile programs.

Riyadh decries new US law on Jerusalem

By a Staff Writer, Arab News
Saudi Arabia's First English Language Daily

RIYADH, 3 October — Saudi Arabia yesterday denounced a US law identifying Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying it would embolden the Jewish state to adopt even more hard-line policies against the Palestinians.

An official spokesman said the bill, which has been signed by US President George W. Bush, contravened international law and UN Security Council resolutions and contradicted US policy in the region.

The Kingdom "followed with deep concern and discomfort the news about the bill issued by the US Congress...which recognizes Jerusalem" as Israel’s capital, the spokesman said. The Kingdom "sees this decision as contravening international law and violating Security Council resolutions, including Resolutions 252 of 1968 and 267 of 1969...which call for reversing all measures that could change the status quo of Jerusalem," he added.

Saudi Arabia also said the bill would "send a wrong message to Israel by encouraging it to adopt stubborn and extremist policies and measures against the Palestinians, international law and UN resolutions."

The spokesman said the Kingdom was confident that the US administration would adopt measures to back Bush’s announcement on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The Kingdom also called for leaving a decision on the status of Jerusalem to the final phase of peace negotiations.

US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert Jordan said there was no change in American policy toward Jerusalem. "Although the president signed the state authorization bill, which contained three provisions related to Jerusalem, his signing statement has made clear that the Jerusalem provisions impermissibly interfere with the president’s constitutional authority to conduct foreign affairs, and therefore will not be construed as binding," he said in a press statement.

The Gulf Cooperation Council added its voice to the chorus of Arab and Islamic condemnation of the US law. "The GCC expresses deep concern over the negative consequences of the bill in harming the Middle East peace process in general and the Palestinian cause in particular," the six-state alliance said in a statement.

The legislation "violates international law and the declared policy of the United States, which calls for deciding the status of Jerusalem through negotiations," the statement added.

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat said the law was a "catastrophe". "This decision is a catastrophe that Muslims and Christians should not let pass in silence," said Arafat, speaking in his compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah, which has been battered by successive Israeli sieges. "Jerusalem is something that touches...the whole international community. I am asking the American administration and the American president to stop this", he said.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher expressed Egypt’s "deep regret" over the law. "We deeply regret the adoption of this bill, especially in the current circumstances, this measures comes as an encouragement to Israel," Maher told reporters in Cairo.


In the nightmare of the dark
All the dogs of Europe bark,
And the living nations wait,
Each sequestered in its hate;
Intellectual disgrace
Stares from every human face
And the seas of pity lie
Locked and frozen in each eye.

W. H. Auden: In Memory of W. B. Yeats 1939

The Middle East

The Middle East, the Holy Land, is crying out for peace. Yet all we are hearing is the cry for war. 

We hold – and share the view of the Torah True Jews – that it is not just for a post-European colonial entity, such as the Zionist-apartheid-racist State of Israel to continue to exist in its current political form.

The 'Holocaust' plays a crucial role in sustaining this political entity - but in Australia we are, at law, not permitted to write our views on this crucial matter. 

We shall let others speak instead.

  3 April 2002 —Neturei Kart v Zionists 14 September 2002 — Nigel Jackson: On Afghan Trails
September 2002 — Dr Frank Messmann replies to Harvard University's president's message

 - Israel  has violated more international laws than any other  country.

23 September 2002 — Israeli academics warn against Israel committing crimes against humanity
  26 September 2002 — Protest Meeting: No War On Iraq and Taki's comment
27 September 2002 — Henderson: Support for democracy in Arab states essential
28 September 2002 —  Saddam Hussein 28 September 2002 — Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction
29 September 2002  — Israel's 'Berlin Wall' 29 September 2002 — US to attack Iraq by 4 December 2002
29 September 2002 —All suffer 8 October 2002 — John Pilger's Palestine Holocaust
19 October 2002 —Nazir Majally: Israel delays pullout from Hebron 25 October 2002 —  9/11 and the Middle East
October 2002 —  Andrew Cockburn: No Respite for West Bank Locals
3 November 2002 — Antony Barnett: Non-lethal Weapons
5 November 2002 Attack Iran the day Iraq war ends, demands Israel 9 November 2002 — Jewish law institute launched in DC
10 November 2002 — Nightmare Scenario: No War In Iraq 11 December 1940 — Adolf Hitler Address reported by The Advertiser
12 November 2002 — Israelis Fear War Crimes Arrests 12 November 2002 — Bin Laden's message
12 November 2002 — Father Theodosios Atallah Hanna Defence Committee 14 November 2002 —ABC News: Iraq accepts UN resolution
14 November 2002 —Assessment of Military Onslaught by the Notorious Rogue States, now Desperate for Cheap Oil   15 November 2002— Laith Shubeilat: President of the Association against Zionism and Racism Arrested  
17 November 2002  Amir Taheri: Is there a French way to avoid war?
17 November 2002 — Amnesty International & Israel: Say it Isn't So
19 November 2002 —Blix speaks of ‘progress’ after talks with Iraqis 21 November 2002 — Neve Gordon: Israel's Choice
12 December 2002 — Andy Beckett and Ewen MacAskill:  British academic boycott of Israel gathers pace 18 December 2002 — 800 American professors sign document warning of coming Israeli ethnic cleansing
18 December 2002 — Universities deny they spawn hatred. Ad: Jews intimidated December 2002 The rehabilitation of Joan Peters. Discredited Author Finds a New Audience[Deleted by request]
22 December 2002 — James Cusick and Felicity Arbuthnot: America tore out 8000 pages of Iraq dossier 28 December 2002 — Ghada Karmi: An attack on us all
6 January 2003 Robert Fisk: Double Standards, Dubious Morality In War On Terror
10 January 2003  Toby Hamden US Will Attack Iraq 'Without UN Backing'


14 January 2003 Palestinian Village Faces Annihilation
20 January Hassan Tahsin: Israeli plan to weaken Egypt

Report on world protests against war:

International A.N.S.W.E.R group,and

_ ID=30566  

27 January 2003 Please Reflect on this
31 January 2003  — A War Crime or an Act of War?
   3 February — 2003CIA-FBI Disagree
5 February 2003  — Blix dismisses US (Powell's) claims 
6 February 2003 — Robert Fisk: Powell's Theatre of the Absurd 
15 February 2003 — Fisk: The case against war: A conflict driven by the self-interest of America

16 February 2003 — Mary Riddell: The great unheard finally speak out 

28 February — The Great Wall of Denial
March — Geoff Muirden's Review of Hoffman's book
25 April — Israel Shamir: The Shadow of ZOG

25 April — Walter Mueller: Kommunity News Kauses a Kontroversy in Kalifornia
28 April — Roy Bard:"I'll shoot you in the head." May — Lorenzo Canizares: Zionism is a disgrace to the human race
1 June — Offending Cartoon 2 June — One democratic State in Palestine/Israel
23 August — Offending Palestine novel 24 August — Former UN chief: bomb was payback for collusion with US

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