Memo from Fredrick Töben

It's on again - crying out for rights but forgetting responsibilities

1. Remember, don't blame the Jews, blame those that bend to their pressure, and the Jew is only as good as the host nation wherein he resides. Most significant Jews were imbued with German culture, as exemplified by the fiery intellect of a Charles Krauthammer. He's a typically unsophisticated Jewish German!

2. Anyone who condemns Zionism but then still believes in the 'Holocaust'  is, of course, still living on a lie - as Professor Robert Faurisson would say - and would thereby owe the world to "show me or draw me a homicidal gas chamber', i.e. the essential ingredient of what makes up the 'Holocaust'  lie!

3. Follow the link and encounter an academic - the expert who wrote The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Professor Arthur Butz.

4. I cannot discuss this in detail anymore because of a Federal Court of Australia gag order - Fredrick Töben

5. A brief overview of 'Holocaust'  matters is offered by the Internet Public Library, a 'Holocaust'  believer website that uses such inadequate labels as 'Holocaust denial - Holocaust counter-denial' with which it attempts to avoid and deflect from the above Faurisson challenge.

6. A pathetic re-canting of an academic who dared tackle the 'Holocaust' and buckled under pressure is Dr Joel Hayward - who also lied about his sending his MA thesis to various Revisionists.

7. Then Google the names of a few prominent Revisionists who are currently in prison: Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel, Siegfried Verbeke, Günter Kögel, Wolfgang Fröhlich, David Irving -  and remember that many Revisionists cannot travel anymore because they would be arrested in countries such as Germany, Holland, Austria, Israel, Poland...

8. The clearest statement about the 'Holocaust' has come from Iranian academic and President, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who now faces the threat of being arrested were he to travel to Germany for the World Cup in June 2006. Iran's media has been quite supportive in the airing of 'Holocaust' issues.


The item that started it all

- and the joker -der_Witz- who ran with it 



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