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From: "Walter Mueller" <thetruthisback@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 3:45 PM
Subject: Patriot Letter: Hate Letters to the Aggie -- Passion: Edgar J. Steele & Alex Linder

Dear Fellow Patriot!

The California Aggie will run the revisionist piece
until Friday. Today, they printed the first wave of
letters to the editor. Since I have more pressing
issues about the Passion, I will forward one sample
from a student and the other from one of my readers:


Mueller is a threat

Walter Mueller (see "Undaunted by history," Feb. 24)
is the type of man that should be considered a threat
to America. He, like Saddam Hussein, should be given a
"playing card" surname or pursued by the U.S. military
like Osama bin Laden. What most people don't realize
is that this coward is a terrorist. His fictional
claims and unfounded beliefs published in his little
tabloid act as propaganda for hate. His freedom of
speech infringes on the human rights of a group of
people and a way of life. A direct parallel can be
drawn between Mueller and suicide bombers - both
willing to sacrifice personal and moral character
based solely on hateful intolerance and personal fear.


first-year, communication



Andrew Whelen, Editor

Dear Sir:

Concerning your buddy Amendt's attempted character
assassination of Herr Mahler and his correct
delimitation of the Jews as satanic, the question
is, despite how THEY beat their breasts and say "Lord,
Lord," is their Yahweh really a manifestation of their
own Self-Will as racially "chosen" ones? Yes, he is!
This is why Christ Jesus directly called them
"Children of Satan" (and why they killed Him).

True Philosophy accurately teaches that Self-Will is
the essence of Evil--it is therefore Satan and nothing
less that resides in the hearts of the Jews, as long
as they persist in their perverse claim to racial
superiority and lyingly call it religion. If Amendt
doesn't like this, he can argue with the great Hegel,
not with humble Herr Mahler! He will get the headache
of his life but his soul will be the better for it.

R. Schleyer, M.A.
Eugene, Oregon


There will be more of this, since the piece will run
until Friday. Over the next few days I will forward
this to you. You can participate by writing your own



Since the release of Mel Gibson's Passion, I must have
read two dozen of reviews. Several from our branch of
intellectuals. Sorry guys, there are way too long and
way too complicated. 

Two of them, however, stuck out. One from Edgar J.
Steele, who is a speaker at the 2004 International
Revisionist Conference in Sacramento, and Alex Linder,
owner and webmaster of


Edgar J. Steele's is brilliant and to the point. Alex
Linder's is awsome and that is the one I identify

Let me remind you, as a Roman Catholic myself, growing
up in Europe, the Passion Play is nothing new. We have
done it for decades in Oberammergau, before some
American Hollywood star thought of it. 

If you want to see other reviews of The Passion,
Vanguard News Network has posted quite a variety.

So, here they are:


The Passion 

by Edgar J. Steele

February 25, 2004

The Passion of Christ operates simultaneously on many
different levels, therefore it isn't surprising that
it draws different reports from different people.

As a piece of entertainment, this film is not a movie
so much as it is an experience. I didn't expect
anything like the way this film took hold and refused
to let go until well after the closing credits. Think
about your very first roller coaster ride...now,
imagine it going on for two straight hours. 

"Bad trips" on LSD result from the eleven-hour forced
introspection that the drug creates. Most cannot
stand to look that closely at themselves, certainly
not for that long. That's why Leary and company were
getting complete cures of psychotics after five or six
guided LSD trips, of course, before the government
stepped in and outlawed the drug. Well, this movie is
like being on acid for two straight hours, only the
subject isn't yourself, it is Jesus Christ.

The Passion gripped me like nothing I've ever seen. 
Maybe it's the subject matter, which occupies such a
special position in Western civilization. Surely, it
must be that. Watching this movie is like watching a
horrible auto accident take place in slow motion, up
close and personal, right before your eyes. You want
to look away, but you can't. You know how it must
end, yet still you hope, somehow, some way, it will be

It was surreal to emerge into the glitz of a theatre
lobby afterwards. A long walk down a dusty road after
the credits should have been included in the price of
admission. Nobody from the audience was speaking,
other than in hushed tones. Everybody seemed to sense
that something truly significant had just taken place.

I want to shake Mel Gibson's hand and thank him for
making this very important motion picture.

There is no question in my mind that this is one of
the best written, directed, acted and filmed movies I
have seen. The Academy Awards should be cancelled
this year altogether. To have other movies jockeying
for awards alongside this one, which so clearly is in
a class by itself, seems obscene. Yet, I will be
surprised if this film gets even a single nomination,
considering who controls Hollywood.

Violent? No. Nothing like what is standard fare for
America's teenagers, such as Halloween or so many
other slasher movies or, even, Gladiator, the huge hit
from two years ago. What insults the senses about
this movie is not so much what is being done to Christ
throughout, as the reality that people actually did
this sort of thing to one another, let alone the

Religious propaganda? No, there is no danger of being
converted during this movie. 

AntiSemitic? Only in the minds of some Jews. Only
Jews could expect Gentiles to hold them responsible
today for the acts of their forbears two thousand
years ago. However, some of the rhetoric I have heard
coming from the likes of Abraham Foxman this week is
reminiscent of the impression left by The Passion's
Jewish elders, I must confess. It must really be
genetic. I actually had one Jew email me that, "He
(Jesus) had it coming." Imagine. 

Why does it (everything, that is) always have to be
about the Jews? The only thing AntiSemitic about The
Passion is the furor being created over it by the
Jews! If only they knew when to shut up.

I've said it before. Let me say it again, as the
Jewish reaction to this film more than amply
demonstrates: AntiSemitism is a disease - you catch
it from Jews.

It is okay, in fact it is de rigueur, for Hollywood's
Jews to produce filth like The Last Temptation of
Christ, a trashy piece of total fiction, yet a
production like this, hewn faithfully from the four
main Gospels, is somehow not acceptable. It is okay
to desecrate the memory of Christ, but don't you go
hinting that Jews are anything other than God's gift
to the world. The real problem with Christians is a
sincere belief in Jesus' admonition to turn the other
cheek. The Chosen certainly have no such proscription
for themselves.

See this exceptional movie. See it now in a theatre
with lots of other people so that you can experience
the majesty of how differently this film affects
people. See it this week so that its opening week
gross through Saturday night goes through the roof and
sends a message to the troglodytes in Hollywood.

See it by yourself first, then see it again with your
children. Be there for them throughout this very
disturbing film. It will hurt you to watch them
experience it, but, as they say, it hurts so good. 


"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would
be the truth." 
- Morpheus 

Copyright ©2004, Edgar J. Steele

Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to
circulate among private individuals and groups, post
on all Internet sites and publish in full in all
not-for-profit publications. 

Contact author for all other rights, which are

On-Line link to this article in HTML format: 



Of Man and Men 

by Alex Linder

25 February 2004

A review of Mel Gibson's "Passion"...

Summary Judgment: Decent, not great. Reasonably
artistic depiction of the brutality attending
crucifixion, marred by sops to Semites who hate the
film anyway, and failure to evoke motive justifying
the excessive torture that seems to be the real
interest of the filmmakers. No nonChristian will walk
away from this understanding the passion behind the
whipping, scourging, mocking and crucifying of Jesus.
More fleshing, less flaying, Mr. Gibson.

Viewing Context: I saw the first showing in
Kirksville, Missouri, 3:45 p.m., 2/25/04. Already at
2:20 a line of a few dozen had formed. There was a
local tv news van in the parking lot outside the
theater. I came back at 3:40, and there was a decent
line of people buying tickets. Two college students
ahead of me purchased 32 tickets. A colored woman with
a camera was taping the line for KTVO. But I was in
the wrong line, the advance tickets line for the two
shows after the 3:45. The guy directed me to the right
place and I got in to the premiere with no wait. There
were about 150-200 in the audience, plenty of empty
seats. When I came out, there were a good number of
people lined up waiting to go in for the next showing.
I suspect the later showings will have more than the
afternoon. By midnight, 500-600 people in a midwestern
town of 17,000 will have seen this movie.

Comments on Audience: The audience for "Passion" was
families and older people and some college students.
Far more elderly than you would normally see in a
theater. There were many kids under ten, for whom in
my opinion this picture is too brutal. The minute the
credits rolled, 80% of the audience got up and filed
out. No tears. Just another consumer gulp. It strikes
me, but apparently not others, as disrespectful to
bolt after art. It would be one thing if this were a
teen comedy, but "Passion" requires at least the
pretense of reflection, of letting it sink in. At
least the audience was quiet.

Sops to Semites 

1) refusal to explain the reason the jews are so hot
on getting rid of Jesus

2) conspicuously compassionate hook-nosed girl gives
Jesus a towel to mop his face as he's carrying cross
to Calvary. Perhaps she figured she could sell the
bloodstained rag on Ebay for a pretty penny, call me

3) the conscription of a jew who looks suspiciously
Tan-Everymanish, with his white intelligence, flat
flared nose, coffee-colored skin, and Jewish religion,
to help exhausted Jesus carry the cross up the hill.

Most important:

4) removal of "his blood be on us and upon our
children" - a crucial syncopation. Instead, we get
Pilate refusing responsibility for this man's blood.
The natural next step is to flip the camera to Caiphas
and the priests in the courtyard saying what jews
themselves say they said: His blood be on us and upon
our children. The camera does flip for the jews'
reaction, which is thumbs up, but not mockingly
conclusive, as in the Good Book. This evasion seals
the film for the comparatively philosemitic theme:
"blame Man not men." This bears going into.

Mel's removal of the crucial words is not merely a sop
to jews, it is a betrayal of Christ after Peter, whose
betrayal the movie does depict. Gibson, like Peter, is
afraid of getting murdered by jews if he speaks truth
to jewish power. Not only is this a spiritual failure
on Gibson's part, it makes you wonder how far any
Christian stands with Jesus. Is this atheist cynical
to observe that Jesus is the only jew Christians don't
fear. Mark that line down, itz a keeper, channeled
straight from Mencken.

General Observations on Treatment and Characterization

Evil in the movie comes in two forms: sinister Semites
and brutal Romans. The Pharisee priests who want Jesus
killed are nasty enough, but not particularly jewish.
The Romans soldiers are relentlessly, almost
cartoonishly brutal. Theirs is a straightforward Aryan
sadism. They delight in mocking and scourging and
whipping the king, but all more or less in good,
dirty, innocent, sadistic fun. And Jesus Christ, do
these Romans put the mess in Messiah. By the time
they've wiped the floor with Jesus, believe me, that
floor needs wiping.

And wiped it gets, literally, by Jesus's mom and
girlfriend. With fresh towels supplied by Pontius
Pilate's wife, Claudia. Hmm, don't remember that from
the Gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John...and Hilton?
Really, Claudia and Pilate are the only ones who come
off half-way decent in the picture. Pilate is, mutatis
mutandis, Roman middle-management -- squeezed between
Caesar and Pharisee. He goes to bat for Christ to an
extent, but when it's clear the Semitic rabble wants
blood, he relents. And hell, it's not like Jesus
really sticks up for himself. He's on a mission from
God, after all. He takes it like a woman and a

And boy does he take a licking. They chain him to a
block and beat the bejesus out of him. It looked like
the utility room floor after I'm done cleaning bass.
Nasty instruments effectively applied. But that's just
the start. Pilate puts it up to the Semites again,
after the scourging -- is that enough? can they can
call off the dogs? Nope. Not good enough. Like the
jews they are, too much is not enough. "Crucify him!"
they insist. Pilate, left to his own devices, wouldn't
have done it. That much is clear. But no matter which
way he goes, some angry bunch is going to riot, and so
he throws the rabbid rabble its meat.

Cavaziel makes a good, conventional Jesus. He's got
that androgenous thing going, like Elvis and many
successful male artists. He's got the command of a
male, yet the sexy form of a female. He's
straight-nosed as they come. It is impossible to
conceive a Semitic-nosed Jesus, isn't it? And yet,
given his race and religion and region, Jesus was
surely a six-nosed Semite. But our mind simply refuses
to conceive a perfect man with a Semitic nose! The
Semitic is the sinuous is the sinister; the sly and
the serpentine. One instinctively knows that the jew
is the master of the lie, and so Jesus is never
portrayed as a jew.

Pilate is effective enough, a politician beset by
competing pressures. The Pharisees, however, are not
jewy enough. Not hateful and dishonest and shifty-eyed
enough, just ordinary corrupt dark-eyed powermongers.
I want a dozen shifty-eyed obese camel-nosed foxy
weaselwitzim for my Pharisees.

Women in the movie are sympathetic characters, apart
from a few in the mob, never individuated. Every
individuated woman was shown to be noble or at least
not vicious. A dark pharisee seemed to be having
second thoughts about the persecution - the
standard-issue noble negro we see in every film. And
I've mentioned the darkish "jew" forced to carry the
cross when Jesus can't make it alone.

In other words, as far as he can, given the racially
specific nature of the story, Mel makes a Semitically
Correct movie. It is reasonably realistic in its gory
parts, but ethnically cleaned up if not cleansed in
the rest. At the risk of judging Gibson for not making
the movie I feel he should have made rather than the
movie he was trying to make, the real story here is
why the jews wanted Jesus killed. The murder of Jesus
as an ethnic study is most interesting. Far more than
his being sent to die by God and resurrected, which
claim may be discarded as "savior" spin.


The best screens are:

1) flashback to whore Mary Magdalene prostrate,
stretching a trembling hand toward Jesus' foot,
seeking redemption. Life hurts, goddam it hurts bad. I
could feel her suffering far more than Jesus'. Jesus
represents a way out for those desperate and
suffering. Is He an effective way? Yes, for some. Is
he the Only way, as He asserted? No. He's the way for
botches of a bent, but not for everybody. Men are men,
not Man. Man must make and save himself. He can't do
it? Well, neither could Jesus. Perhaps man must accept
his nature, and rather than seek to transcend it, seek
to build societies which force it into aesthetic
molds. Or just go around killing people like Chuck
Manson. Hard to say, itz. Contrary to Jesus and his
followers, I believe there is no right answer, there
are just people and preferences. Certainly the story
of Jesus holds the mirror to Man, with its real
betrayal and desperate false hope of Salvation. Yeah
verily, I say unto you, no one gets out of death
alive. Be a little nicer to...someone who deserves it.
Thatz the best you can do or will receive. Sorry. VNN
is a water bar.

2) Mary holding her son's corpse in her lap after his
removal from the Cross, looking up into the camera,
implicating the viewer in the murder of her son. This
works. And this was the natural ending to the movie,
but, after seveal dark moments, Gibson made the
mistake of tacking on a brief scene of
restored-and-Risen. He appended no jewprop as some had

3) The embodiment of the Devil in the form similar to
Annie Lennox in "Here Comes the Rain" video. Like
Jesus, the Devil is both male and female - masterful,
yet sinuous. This Devil is inserted in several scenes,
and effective in reifying an aspect of human
personality which undeniably exists, whether we name
it Good, Bad or Fact.


1) Too much brutality. Gibson lingers far too long on
the point that man enjoys torturing man. Too many
slow-motion whippings and scourgings by the Roman
soldiers. We get the point. The flesh-rending realism
is necessary, but overdone. More interesting and to
the point would be evocations of exactly what so
irritates fellow jews in the teachings of this christ.
That's the interesting part. I can see how someone
preaching love your enemies could be obnoxious in a
wussy gadfly way, but to cut him up with whips and
tack him to wood? That seems excessive.

2) As said, not enough backstory. Why do THE JEWS want
this guy dead so bad? Gibson puts in some flashbacks,
and in many ways these are the best parts of the
movie, but he doesn't define Jesus the preacher
against his kiken context nearly strongly enough.

Jesus, the jewish radical...

Jesus is yet another Jewish revolutionary. His radical
doctrine is repay hatred with love, evil with
kindness. Is moral advance possible? If so, is Jesus'
doctrine moral progress? I don't believe so. I side
with the "take arms and in opposing end them," whereas
Jesus's with the "suffer the slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune." I side with the Greek view that
you should help your friends and hurt your enemies.
Take your own side in an argument. Jesus is not
someone I'd want to be in a foxhole with. Treat others
not with love, but treat them the way their behavior
towards you shows they ought to be treated. That is a
solider doctrine than love only. Love only is a
distortion, and a dangerous one that accounts for more
misery on earth than sadism, I'd be willing to wager.
We all feel that things are bad and good, but those
feelings aren't ultimate reality, they're relative to
our position and condition. People don't act the way
some people claim Jesus did because it is contrary to
the nature Jesus' father bestowed on us. There is no
escaping the logical conclusion that God is
responsible for "evil" in this world. Don't look at
me, Mary, look up.

After all, we needn't take Jesus' own view of the
meaning of his crucifiction. It is, or is represented
to be, an objective fact that he existed and was
crucified at the behest of the jews by the Romans. He
believed and taught that this was necessary, commanded
by his father in heaven. No one knows the truth; hell,
one knows for a fact very little about what actually
happened back then. It's all a mystery, a blank page
we can write our own opinions on. I base my opinions
about Jesus and his meaning on my factual knowledge of
jews and their tendencies.

Brief thoughts on the irony of Christianity

Stupid and desperate people, all of us, require
answers. They will not be denied Ultimate Meaning,
which takes the form of God and such emissaries as he
requires to make his message manifest. The Christian
ultimate answer, which is claimed universal, is that
Love is the great commandment. The Christian believes
there is Heaven and Hell, and that there will be a
Judgment Day on which verdict on our individual souls
is rendered. There is no evidence for the Christians'
position save a book put together by the most
particular, most hateful, most racist race on earth.
Cue Simpsons' "I'm sold"... 

On the making and media reception of "Passion"...

We've treated the treatment in many spintros, but
let's review, just to catch the scope of the hate that
surpasseth all understanding. Jews:

- tried to prevent this movie from being made 
- denied it funding
- denied it distribution
- poisoned the press well a year before release.

When it became apparent it was going to appear, they

- stole script copies to help their attacks
- pretended to be priests at screenings
- used bought Christians to false-face the source of
- put together a 47-page manual denouncing it

and issued hypocritical accusal after hypocritical
accusal that it was 

- anti-Semitic
- too violent
- boring with dead languages and subtitles
- historically inaccurate

Let history record the jews did everything they could
do to prevent this film from being made, and, once
that became impossible, to smear the maker, to
misrepresent the message, and in general to do
everything inhumanly possible to live up to their
historical reputation as hypocritical liars of the
first water. I don't know if Jesus really existed, let
alone that he was the Savior of humanity and Son of
God. What I find completely plausible to the point of
100% guaranteed is that, if he was, the jews murdered

Go see "Passion" and get Mel a good return on his
money. His heart's in the right place, if his guts
need work.




See you at the 2004 International Revisionist
Conference in Sacramento, held on April 24th and 25th,
hosted by the European American Culture Council,
sponsored by the Adelaide Institute!

Organizer: Walter F. Mueller


Make your reservations today by contacting


Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

----- Original Message -----
From: "Walter Mueller" <thetruthisback@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 3:44 PM
Subject: Patriot Letter: California Aggie -- Prof. Robert Faurisson -- Simon and The Passion

Dear Fellow Patriot!

The editors of the California Aggie, the University of
Davis daily newspaper, decided to run "Undaunted by
History - Revisionist Tabloid rejects 60 Years of
Holocaust Scholarship" until Friday. A retraction was
printed today, making sure people know that the wrong
picture was given my name. Features editor Zachary
Amendt wrote the piece. I have really no idea what the
editorial policies are from the largest university
paper in California, but it is fine with me if they
run the piece until the end of the week.

A dear friend from France gave me a good straightening
out by pointing out that we should actually be pleased
with the way the article came out. She pointed out
that "holocaust denier" was only used once in the
entire piece, while "revisionist" or "revisionism" was
used 15 times:


Well, this is all very strange! You seem to be
disappointed with the article which was run in the
California Aggie, but it shows that you have no idea
the kind of articles one can read in French mainstream
papers: here, we wouldn't mind such an article: Fancy
never using the words "Holocaust denial" (except one
"Holocaust denier") and using 15 times the word

You couldn't expect a better article, could you?
I guess the young man or the paper are going to be
given a good telling off from our "friends"!



I realized that she was absolutely right. I re-read
the piece, and it is true. Compared to what we have
seen, this was actually decent. Interestingly, though,
above "Revisionist Tabloid rejects 60 Years of
Holocaust Scholarship" you will find a story about
"Hillel House celebration of Shabbat Shalom."

The fall-out has been incredible. I have received, so
far, 36 phone calls of the worst kind. So classic
though, not one who actually wanted to discuss facts.
All vulgar and vile and incoherent.

This is a one-time opportunity. And when I asked you
to write to the Aggie, it was not to defend me. There
was no defending. It was to engage in a revisionist
discussion at a university campus, in a university
newspaper that reaches more than 200,000 people.

As my friend in France pointed out, this is an
opportunity that will not come again. So often, I hear
people lamenting that we have no way of reaching our
young minds. Well, here is one. I have received a
tremendous response from all walks of life, except
from the revisionist community. The scholars who
should have been all over this. Harvey Taylor and I
are actually trying to get the faculty to have some of
the revisionist scholars of the conference be a guest
at the campus for a discussion:



On 2/24/04 The California Aggie published "Undaunted
by History, Distributed in Davis, revisionist tabloid
rejects 60 years of Holocaust scholarship" by Zachary

The so-called "Holocaust scholarship" referred to in
the subhead is debatable, open to question. Both
Christians and Jews today debate the eschatology of
Christianity and Judaism. New facts mandate a
reassessment of the past. The debates are a proper for
the University and for civilized society.

I propose that three prominent revisionist and free
speech advocates present their views in an open,
civilized, forum on the campus at U.C. Davis on April
26, 2004. Subject, Holocaust Revisionism.

Contact: Harvey A. Taylor(530-656-2444)
Director, Institute for Historical Review
PO Box 173
Nicolaus,CA 95659


If you haven't read the piece, please do so. You can
still view it at


click on "features." You will see that it is an
exemplary opportunity to get a foot into the door, and
that is all I am trying to do.

Now, what I have to say will not please some of you,
but, quite frankly, I don't care. With a few
exceptions, revisionists need to get their head out of
their behind. The incredible arrogance that is shown
will be their undoing. I get tons of mail from
revisionist "primadonnas" asking me to print this and
to print that, or to respond to this or to respond to
that. And I never hesitate to put it out, because they
have earned it. Even if it is petty little shit, I
still put it out. If I was to tell my mailing list of
1,123 people that the IHR has given the conference
$10,000, I would be inundated with mail from the IHR
bashers about it.

But, it is impossible to get these brilliant minds to
take advantage of an opportunity that will probably
not come again so quickly. Naturally, this questions
their intentions! We all know, and it has been said by
many, that we have proven our case that the holocaust
was a hoax. We know there were no gas chambers, no gas
vans, and no gas ovens. Now how are we going to get
this to the mainstream? With exactly the opportunity
that we have opened for you with the California Aggie.

In fact, the feature editor will be our guest at the
conference. Well, you can continue wasting your
knowledge among your "privileged circle" (which is not
more than 1,500 people) or you can participate in
making it public.

But it could be that I am all wrong about this. Who am
I? Walter F. Mueller, and please pay attention to the
"F". He hasn't earned his wings. He's only been around
for a few years. Who is he? My God, this guy actually
puts together the biggest revisionist conference ever,
and is successful with it. He doesn't have our
education. For crying out loud, he is just a chef.

Well, wake up. We need people like me, people like
Harvey Taylor. And the many readers that write to me,
who don't brag about titles and education. And they
shouldn't, because if you really care about
revisionism, then you will educate them. So, sit down
and take advantage of this great opportunity. Let's
show them that we are not just a "fringe group" but
strong by numbers. Here is the e-mail address of the
editor of the California Aggie:


And here are a few responses:


Dear Zachary Amendt:

You still don't get it. There were no gas chambers at
Bergen Belsen, Dachau or any other concentration camp
in the former Reich. Like it or not the gas spewing
shower heads have long been debunked by mainstream

Even at the notorious Auschwitz, it has been shown
after much research, that there were no gas chambers,
thanks to the work of revisionists and others.

See Fritjof Meyer's report pages 631-441 in the
Historical Journal "Ost Europa" published May 2002
(ISSN 0030-6428). Meyer is hardly a revisionist being
Senior Editor at Der Spiegel Magazine.

If you and your readers still believe in the human
soap, shrunken heads, and human lamp shades propaganda
of IMT fame you need to attend a holocaust
detoxification program.

I suggest you sign up for the Revisionist conference,
leave your preconceived ideas at the door, and listen
carefully, you might even learn the truth about 20th
century history.

Mike Reisch



"Zachary Amendt was the reporter. About 20 years old
and completely brainwashed by the system.
Over-friendly and over-courteous, but underneath...

I knew that when I saw him. "

 I understand that type of specimen well, because we
also  suffer them here in the UK .    The BBC, for
example,  is infested with them.   They are the
servants  of the "pathological entity from another
world", before whom they are content to grovel for the
rest of their lives.     

It is a mistake to give them interviews for them to
distort and throw back in our faces. Their object is
keeping alive WW2 hate-propaganda which a healthy
society would have dumped 50 years ago, for fear that
the creative impulse may break out anew. 

Derek Batchelor


I think it's about time revisionists purchased
relatively inexpensive desktop publishing gear, which
can make quality reproductions of the Rudolf report
and the Leuchter report and distributed it at the

Perhaps quotes from jewish sources about the number
gassed per day, together with the maths disputing it
wouldn't go astray either.

This desktop publishing stuff can be rented also.
Perhaps the mathmatics and science dep'ts of the
universtity should be  targets for revisionists.



Now this is pro-active thinking.


Professor Faurisson wrote a letter to Canada's Prime
Minister. Short and to the point. Just awesome:


Robert FAURISSON February 25, 2004

Fax to the Right Honourable Paul Martin

Prime Minister of Canada


Ernst Zündel is being tried in Toronto by a lone
judge. He has no right to be heard by a jury. He is
deprived of any possibility of appeal. His lone judge
listens to some of his accusers in closed session. E.
Zündel has not the right to know either those accusers
or their accusations. He has been in prison in Canada
for nearly a year, in degrading conditions, without
having even the right to know what he has done wrong.

Do you, IN ALL CONSCIENCE, accept that a person may be
thus accused, judged and kept in prison? Would you
accept it for yourself? For a member of your family?
For a Canadian citizen whom you represent?

I do not ask you whether or not the treatment reserved
for E. Zündel conforms to certain laws currently in
force in Canada. I ask you whether, IN ALL CONSCIENCE,
you personally, Paul Martin, find it normal and
sensible that anyone at all may be so accused, judged
and kept in prison in your country or in any other
country in the world.

I should be grateful for the honour of your response.

Yours respectfully,

Robert Faurisson 



Now a few words about "The Passion" from me and the
Simon Wiesenthal Center. The news are full with it and
I have seen people leave theaters sobbing in their
handkerchiefs. For a week, all theaters are sold out,
books are sold out, Passion paraphernalia is sold out
and Mel Gibson will become a millionaire ten-fold. A
thing that bothers me is the media's description of
"The Passion." Have you noticed, they continue to use
"very violent". I think it is a tactic to generate on
one hand negative vibes, and on the other hand attract
the young crowd. I don't get it. Every action movie
that is currently coming out of Hollywood is violent.
May I remind you of the movie "Starship Troopers"?
Bodyparts were just flying through the air.

So, that's it for me. Let's hear from our friends at
the Simon Wiesenthal Center:


SWC and Mel Gibson's Film: The Passion of the Christ

"As we have said many times, our disagreement is not
with Christian churches, nor with the Gospels. Our
disagreement is with Mel Gibson whose own personal
embellishments of the Gospels stereotype and denigrate
the masses of Jews who were not followers of Jesus,
while at the same time whitewash Pontius Pilate, who
crucified a quarter of a million Jews and who was
recalled to Rome by Caesar five years later for his

- Rabbi Marvin Hier, Wiesenthal Center Dean and

"We will...continue on the path of friendship and
closeness. We will continue our strong support for the
State of Israel. We will not let our Jewish friends
down in their time of need. We condemn unequivocally
the cancer of anti-Semitism. We reject as unchristian
with all the power we can muster any assertion that
Jews collectively bare exclusive responsibility for
the death of Christ...We will speak out against hatred
of Jews...and we will declare loud and clear that we
will not allow bigotry to drive a wedge between us."

- Pastor Ted Haggard, President of the National
Association of Evangelical Christians

As Mel Gibson's controversial film, The Passion of the
Christ opens in movie theaters this week in the United
States, and then shortly thereafter in Canada, Europe,
and the rest of the world, the Simon Wiesenthal Center
has been one of the leading vocal critics of the film
because of its stereotypical negative portrayal of
Jews and sympathetic portrayal of Roman authorities
that could, in turn, fuel antisemitism around the

In last June's Los Angeles Times editorial piece,
Mel's Passion, Rabbi Marvin Hier wrote, "Gibson should
consider the political context before bringing out his
film. Globally, antisemitism is at its highest peak
since the end of World War II. Synagogues and Jewish
schools have been firebombed and Jews beaten on the
streets of France and Belgium. According to some
recent polls, 17% of Americans (up from 12% five years
ago) hold to political and economic stereotypes about
Jews; 37% hold Jews responsible for the death of
Jesus. On the Internet as well as in print media
around the world, the new demonization of Israelis as
Nazi-like oppressors is fusing with the old libel of
the Jews as "Christ killers." A cartoon in the Italian
newspaper La Stampa (see above left) depicted an
Israeli tank rolling up to a manger with little baby
Jesus staring up in horror and crying out, 'Do you
want to kill me once more?'"

Since last year when senior Wiesenthal Center
officials began publicly expressing their concerns and
endorsed changes to the film proposed by Christian and
Jewish scholars, the Wiesenthal Center received an
unprecedented wave of hate mail and calls. One letter
stated, "...What this tells me is that you do not want
the real truth to be shown on a public setting that
will remind millions of Americans that the jews [sic]
were in fact totally responsible for the death of
Jesus Christ ...some of these enlightened folks will
go for the throat of you jews [sic] and some of your
offices of hate such as the ADL main office in New
York, or maybe even the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Every
time I hear of a suicide bomber killing jews [sic] in
Israel I think to myself YES!"

Earlier this month, in an attempt to reach out to Mr.
Gibson, Rabbi Hier (pictured left), who has seen the
film twice, expressed his concerns directly to Mr.
Gibson in a letter stating, "I have spent my adult
life building an institution that promotes tolerance
and commemorates the Holocaust. I have been a critic
of your film, "The Passion of the Christ" which I
sincerely believe portrays the Jews in a very negative
manner and can once again stereotype them as being
collectively responsible for the death of Jesus."
Rabbi Hier proposed, "We can either go our separate
ways or find a path to seek a middle ground..."(to
read entire letter click here). To date, Rabbi Hier's
letter has gone unanswered.

The controversy surrounding the film has escalated and
given rise to misconceptions and distortions that
threaten the status of Jewish-Christian relations and
also takes away from the achievements of Vatican II's
landmark 1965 document, Nostra Aetate, declaring "the
Jews should not be presented as rejected or accursed
by God, as if that followed from Holy Scriptures."

To combat this, the Center has written and distributed
An Appeal to People of Faith, a document addressing
the spate of misinformation regarding Jewish sentiment
to the film and to reiterate the Jewish community's
gratitude for decades of work on the part of the
Christian community to distance itself from the
religious roots of antisemitism. It also encourages
the Christian community to proclaim that the
Crucifixion's message is not one of violence or blame
and that there is no room in Christian teaching to
support the notion that today's Jews should be seen as
the killers of God. An Appeal to People of Faith has
already been sent to select leadership of all branches
of the Christian faith. As Rabbi Hier noted, "Though
we may differ over the film, our long term objectives
to fighting bigotry and speaking out against
antisemitism are too important to ignore." (click here
for An Appeal to People of Faith and for longer in
depth background document Background To A Dilemma).
In Los Angeles, the day before The Passion of the
Christ opened on Ash Wednesday, senior Wiesenthal
Center officials met with Jewish and Christian leaders
at the Center's Museum of Tolerance to address Jewish
concerns and fears of antisemitic fallout over the
film. Pastor Ted Haggard (pictured at podium),
President of the National Association of Evangelical
Christians, leader to 47 million, and a supporter of
Gibson's film, stated, "We have come here to stand
together to demonstrate the strength of the historical
ties that bind Christians and Jews together...the
relationship between us is too important and too
strong to be compromised by our differences regarding
this film. We will...continue on the path of
friendship and closeness. We will continue our strong
support for the State of Israel. We will not let our
Jewish friends down in their time of need. We condemn
unequivocally the cancer of anti-Semitism. We reject
as unchristian with all the power we can muster any
assertion that Jews collectively bare exclusive
responsibility for the death of Christ...We will speak
out against hatred of Jews...and we will declare loud
and clear that we will not allow bigotry to drive a
wedge between us."

In response, Rabbi Hier added, "... As we have said
many times, our disagreement is not with Christian
churches, nor with the Gospels. Our disagreement is
with Mel Gibson whose own personal embellishments of
the Gospels stereotype and denigrate the masses of
Jews who were not followers of Jesus, while at the
same time whitewash Pontius Pilate, who crucified a
quarter of a million Jews and who was recalled to Rome
by Caesar five years later for his brutality. This and
a number of other of Gibson's dramatic improvisations
could potentially imperil Jewish lives. This film will
also shape the way millions of Christians and other
movie-goers will look upon Jews for much time to come,
and therefore threaten an important and beautiful
Christian-Jewish alliance that has developed over the
last half-century.

We are painfully aware that the power of vivid imagery
has a history of inspiring in some people violence and
hatred against the Jewish people. It is these
concerns, against the backdrop of resurgent
antisemitism in Europe and the Middle East that forces
us to raise our voices.



See you at the 2004 International Revisionist
Conference in Sacramento, held on April 24th and 25th,
hosted by the European American Culture Council,
sponsored by the Adelaide Institute!

Organizer: Walter F. Mueller


Make your reservations today by contacting


Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

The "Patriot Letter" is a free news service of
Community News, a monthly publication with a
circulation of 20,000. To subscribe to Community News
please e-mail for more information.

To be removed from this e-mail list, reply with

----- Original Message -----
From: "Walter Mueller" <thetruthisback@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 10:59 AM [Australian date and time]
Subject: Patriot Letter: California Aggie gives us Front and Back Page -- Important Z-Gram

Dear Fellow Patriot!

It was more than two months ago, when a feature editor
from the California Aggie called me for an interview
about Community News and revisionism in general.

Since then Harvey Taylor and myself have met with the
Aggie staff twice and had several phone interviews.
The California Aggie is the official newspaper of the
California State University Davis. It's a daily with
55,000 copies every day. It is the largest of its kind
on university campuses around Northern California.
Zachary Amendt was the reporter. About 20 years old
and completely brainwashed by the system.
Over-friendly and over-courteous, but underneath, your
typical brainwashed idiot.

I knew that when I saw him. His article was supposed
to run on February 17, 18, and 19, but was cancelled
because of "hate crime problems" in the City of Davis.
A new hate crime taskforce was established, and an
officer has been assigned full-time to take hate crime
reports. The City of Davis itself is called by
Northern Californians the "People's Republic of
The population is predominantly white, and extremely
liberal. For example, a frog tunnel was one of the
pressing priorities of the Davis City Council last

However, as a university town, Davis has an impeccable
reputation. The university has six extensions
throughout Northern California. So you can imagine,
the Aggie goes around. Just recently, Davis opened
their new arts and entertainment center, the "Mondavi
Center" and has now the monopoly on art and music in
the region.

Editor in Chief Andrew Whelan finally decided to run
Amendt's piece as a summary of the proposed three-day
series on one day, April 24th - today. Front-page and
back page. It is noteworthy that the California Aggie
is also on line. Of course, the print version differs
from the one on line.


Headline: Undaunted by history

Distributed in Davis, revisionist tabloid rejects
sixty years of Holocaust scholarship

Aggie Features Editor

You pick up a copy of the Community News expecting
little league box scores and block party
announcements. Instead, it equates Jews with
"pathological entities from another world."

No community businesses advertise in it. No community
leaders cite it. Few know of its existence. Those that
do are either surprised, horrified or indifferent.

It is published out of Sacramento by Walter Mueller, a
decorated community activist, pastry chef and
unashamed Holocaust denier. Twenty-thousand copies are
hand-distributed by Mueller every month to 70
inconspicuous and obscure locations in the area - like
near the restrooms at the Borders in Davis Commons or
the curbside of the Davis Enterprise.

Mueller does not understand why the tabloid has ruined
his reputation. He feels he is doing the community and
history a favor. He thinks Jews should be glad he is
reporting that the Holocaust never happened. He said
Jews are his enemies, but that he doesn't hate them,
because "hate is too close to love."

"If it ever became public knowledge that the Holocaust
is a monstrous hoax, it would spell doom for the
Jews," Mueller said.

Mueller has organized a revisionist conference to be
held in Sacramento on Apr. 24 and 25, which will
propel him in revisionist circles. Of greater concern
is that it falsely portrays Sacramento - one of the
most diverse cities in the nation - as a welcome haven
for "Nazi hate," according to Sean South, chapter
chair of the Jewish Defense League.

Mueller said three or four conferences of this sort
are held across the nation every year, but none has
before showcased revisionists from four continents. He
refuses to reveal the location of the venue.

Regardless, the JDL will be there to protest. In an
internal document accidentally mailed to The
California Aggie, a JDL spokesperson admits of
"run-ins with these Nazi cretins" who are "petrified
of the JDL," but denies having ever assaulted

"We've got to find out where this conference is going
to be held," the memo read. "If we can get this info,
we can force the venue to cancel the event."

The August 2003 issue is a typical dose of Community

On the cover is one in a series of articles titled
"The Lies of the Twentieth Century" by Paul Krupp,
poking fun at the firsthand account of a Jewish child
who had survived a gassing at Bergen Belsen.

On page two is Mueller's monthly soapbox entitled
`Editor's Corner," updating readers on revisionist
progress around the world.

Krupp's article jumps to page three, blaming American
air superiority for the starvation of Jews, who Krupp
says were deported to Bergen Belsen only to quarantine

On page four, Harvey Taylor says in caps that "the
Shoah [Hebrew for `Holocaust'] is HATE PROPAGANDA."

Dee Wahreit talks esoterically about the Civil War in
his monthly Kultur Korner on page five.

Robert Faurisson sent his page six submission by mail
from France. He is one of Europe's leading
revisionists, slated to speak at April's revisionist

Page seven columnist Stan Hess recently visited the
U.S. Holocaust Memorial. He likens it to "a Barnum and
Bailey house of horrors."

The back page is monopolized by a reader of the
Community News with a nearly incoherent reply to an
unnamed Mueller critic.

Individually, local Community News writers are not as
explicitly anti-Semitic as the European academics who
submit work by post to Mueller's tabloid, burying
blatant anti-Semitic comments inside their work. This
tactic is prevalent in the work of former communist
and current German revisionist Horst Mahler. His last
submission was squeezed onto the back page of
Mueller's tabloid. The small print made it hard to
read Mahler's claim that "ever since the Jews stepped
into history, they have enjoyed themselves in the role
of Satan."

Mueller is curious about how his paper is received,
but not at all willing to print retractions. There are
no editors to verify content, but Mueller says he's
responsible for every word, every anti-Semitic comment
in the Community News. Including those he didn't pen
and especially those he let slip by.

The Community News began publication in the mid-1990s.
But it was not until Mueller met Harvey Taylor, a
contributor to the Institute for Historical Review, a
group dedicated to Holocaust revisionism, did the
Community News' content take a dramatic shift toward

Taylor, now the assistant editor of the tabloid,
alleges that an archipelago of Jews has conspired to
brainwash academics and students in the public school
system. He charged in the August 2003 issue of the
Community News that Jews have been "programming the
little sucker's [sic] minds with politically correct
garbage," referring to college students and

Mueller wasn't allowed to dispute the Holocaust in his
native Vienna, where publishers of revisionism are
arrested for words not dissimilar to what Mueller
distributes to this area every month. He arrived in
America in 1978, eventually began to investigate the
record of the Holocaust, and surrounded himself with
former members of the Council of Conservative Citizens
- an anti-progressive southern group headed by Gordon
Baum, who used to sponsor Mueller's political

Baum said Mueller didn't start out as militantly
anti-Jewish. He said he thinks some "Jewish guys came
up and roughed him up and he never got over it."

"[Mueller is] a real cancer in the community I live
in," South said.

For several years South has worked against the tide of
hate that since 1993 has brewed unabated in Sacramento
and outlying communities like Davis. He said Mueller's
newspaper fuels the kind of hate which prompts attacks
on Northern California synagogues. South plans to
protest April's revisionist conference with a "Not in
Our City" campaign, collaborating with local leaders
to oppose the importation of revisionist slander. And
he proudly admits to intimidating Mueller outside a
meeting of the European American Culture Council
(which Mueller denies), the group Mueller initiated
after he quit the CCC.

Taylor called the JDL a "terror defense organization"
that has threatened his life over the phone. Mueller
said he has never been afraid of the JDL, yet he still
screens nearly every phone call he receives.

Because of semantics, Community News writers say they
aren't anti-Semitic. They claim anti-Semitism implies
contempt for Arabs as well as Jews. And they are
sympathetic to Palestinian suicide bombers who wade
into crowds in Israel.

Davis Human Relations Commission Chair Cecilia
Escamilla Greenwald said that community members have
brought the Community News to her attention, but that
she has yet to see a copy of the tabloid. When she
does, she said, her commission will decide their
posture regarding its distribution in Davis.

For years, librarians at Peter J. Shields Library have
quietly assembled one of the largest uncataloged
collections of anti-Semitic literature, much of it
dated prior to World War II. The hundreds of
anti-Jewish pamphlets and books are filed away in
cardboard boxes on shelves 15 feet high in the bowels
of the library. They fall apart in the hands and
though some are jaundiced with age and well-thumbed
through, most are generally in good condition.

"The Jew is a menace because of his international
plots for world control," reads one pamphlet.

In sum, the collection paints the aims of anti-Semites
- some seeking to warn the world of Jewry, others
outright asking for the destruction of the Jewish

Another pamphlet: "A Nordic prostitute is of greater
worth than a Jewish married woman."

However, it is not, according to librarian John
Sherlock, a collection of hate literature. It is
formally titled the "Far Right Political Movements and
Social Issues Collection" and is one of many radical
pamphlet collections at Shields Library.

Librarians say some peruse the collection for
research; others, for personal leisure.

"Germans and Nazis were Christian gentlemen compared
to Morgenthauist [Jewish] savages," reads a
revisionist document.

Also uncataloged are several back issues of the
Community News.


As you can see, Amendt's piece is full of
misinformation, misquotes, innuendos and inflammatory
statements. Since I can't show you the print version
of the issue, let me tell you, it is actually great. A
collage of six Community News, with the center of a
picture of Ernst Zundel and Mark Weber on the
frontpage. The backpage supposedly has a picture of
myself, Walter Mueller, Publisher, Community News,
however, it is Harvey Taylor's picture. As you can
see, Professor Faurisson, Paul Krupp, Stan Hess and
Dee Wahrheit are all prominantly mentioned.

This is a great opportunity. So please take time to
write a letter to the editor, with a copy to me, at


It's a good way to get our message out to the largest
student population on a Northern California campus.

For reference, you can check out the article at


click on features.

Here is what I wrote to the editor of the Aggie:


Dear Editor,

Well, I did not expect a "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah"
story when Mr. Amendt interviewed me. Over the years I
have developed a thick skin. However, I thought to
myself, this is a young writer, enthusiastic, full
with ambition and ready to dig into a story - not!

What I found was a fictional piece of someone who had
already made up his mind, prior to writing the piece.
We could have saved the time and travel to meet with
Mr. Amendt.

I knew it already when I read that Community News is
distributed to ".... inconspicuous and obscure
locations in the area - like near the restrooms at the
Borders in Davis Commons..." Well, the writer did no
mention that this is practiced by at least two dozen
other publications.

The writer continues to portray Community News as a
"holocaust-denying, nazi-glorifying, Jew-hating,
hate-propaganda" sheet. Well, if reporting and
reprinting articles, opinions and documentaries from
scholars from around the world is hate propaganda,
then I suggest to Mr. Amendt to put aside the pen. We
report about things that can be backed up and have
been well documented. Something I can't say about Mr.

History is not always reported correctly and, over
time, people, events and entire nations have been
distorted, vilified, etc. Mr. Amendt proves my point
by reporting incorrectly:

* Innuendos and inaccuracies about articles written in
Community News

* Prof. Robert Faurisson was never a scheduled speaker
at the 2004 International Revisionist Conference

* That there are no editors to verify contents (well,
speak for yourself)

* That Community News took a dramatic shift to

And to put the icing on the cake, the picture shown as
"Walter Mueller, publisher, Community News, actually
showed someone else.

Don't question someone else's work, opinion and person
if you have already made up your mind and are not
willing to search for the truth. Mr. Amendt just
proves to me how important it is to print Community
News in the future and distribute it even farther.


Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"
PO Box 191677
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 927-8553



An important Z-Gram - please read!


Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

February 24, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Later in the day, I will try to catch up on several
days' Zgrams because a great deal is happening, and
there might be a break in the Zundel case soon.  For
now, I need you to get involved - as many of you as I
can persuade to spend less than $1 on a brief fax to
the Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin.

PM Paul Martin's fax number is 613-941-6900.

You need not say much - in fact, shorter is better.
But please say the following:

1. That the Zundel matter has become an international
scandal that makes a mockery of Canada's claim of
being a democracy, and that the whole world is
watching the undemocratic Star Chamber "Security
Certificate" hearings with dismay  -

2. That there are troubling similarities between the
Maher Arar case and the Zundel case - and that
investigative media and other entities are trying to
find out the details of what appears to be a
well-coordinated, covert operation between the USA and
Canada -

If you have email lists, please pass this letter on.

Please be polite.  Don't make any threats, and leave
the smut to our enemies. Show class and discernment -
and please send me a copy of your fax for our

Thank you!  You are the best!  Without you, we can't
win this struggle.

Ingrid Zundel



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