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Barry Chamish, Holocaust Revisionist?
February 26, 2004

Barry Chamish, Holocaust Revisionist? Anyone who troubles to read my review of The Last Days of Israel, a 2001 book by Barry Chamish, will be aware of my contempt for this work. In the review I call Chamish "Israel's foremost conspiracy theorist," disparage his oeuvre as a "barely edited rant with an alarmist title published by an obscure provincial press," fault his "overheated prose, his overstuffed account, and his overgenerous estimate of himself standing at the crux of history," and conclude by finding the book full of "mad-house digressions."

Chamish being no shrinking violet, he returns the compliments, mostly by accusing me of being a member of the dread Council on Foreign Relations (true enough) which he and other bright lights believe runs the world (sure). But to get a feel for his reasoning, first read my critique of Thomas L. Friedman's ideas, then read how Chamish transforms this column into me "bailing out" and apologizing for Friedman.

All this is by way of setting the stage for the news that "Barry Chamish, author (Israel)" is a scheduled speaker at what is billed as a "Major Revisionist Conference" to be hosted by the Institute for Historical Review, called by ADL "a leading voice in the international movement to deny the Holocaust and vindicate Hitler and his Nazi regime." The IHR announcement proudly states that the April 2004 event is "shaping up as the revisionist event of the year" and compliments itself on "a stellar line-up of speakers."

Even I never imagined that Chamish would stoop this low. Maybe now his surprisingly large Israeli following will see the light and finally stop listening to him. (February 26, 2004)



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