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Down and out in The Hague

By Yoel Marcus

It's been a long time since I've felt so small, uncomfortable and red-faced as during the show of whining and whimpering organized by Israel at The Hague . Colorful posters displaying photographs of 935 terror victims; Zaka rescue team workers led by Yehuda Meshi Zahav wearing their "work clothes"; memorial candles; parents talking about the pain of bereavement; doctors describing the savage nature of the suicide bombers; the wreckage of a burnt-out bus with a bereaved mother standing next to it, distributing "one-way tickets" - these are just some of the sights.

At the Foreign Ministry, these demonstrations are seen as an appropriate "J'accuse" against those who dare to put us in the guilty seat. In practice, it is a display of wretchedness and woe designed to tug at the heartstrings of international public opinion - like beggars who show off the stump of an arm or leg to make the world feel sorry for them.

These sights create a lingering sense of discomfort, not least because Israel is thought of - not only in the Middle East , but all over the world - as a powerhouse. In keeping with that image, the last thing one would think Israel needed was pity. Just this week, Israel received two snazzy new F-16Is capable of flying to anywhere from Libya to Timbuktu . When the rest of the shipment arrives, Israel , with all its problems, will be bigger and stronger than ever before. To see it playing "poor Samson," as Levi Eshkol liked to say, is just not credible.

At their demonstrations, the Palestinians could pull out photographs of more than 3,000 victims. As for playing on the emotions, they could easily flaunt their suffering. They could dwell on their destroyed homes and the torment they endure at army checkpoints. But instead of harping on their misfortunes, they have focused on Israel 's occupation policies and the security fence. They have appealed to the world's sense of justice, while we seek the world's pity.

The legal experts were divided over whether Israel should appear at the international court in The Hague . But the moment they decided not to, they should have carried that decision to the end. If Israel is not in the courtroom, it should not be standing outside playing the poor victim - first of all, because this won't affect what goes on in the courtroom anyway, and second of all, because out on the street, the Palestinian argument is more convincing. Instead of moaning, they talk about occupation, about human rights, about the theft of their land. They don't have to wave around pictures of their dead. The fence has dropped into their laps like a PR gift from heaven just as the anti-Semitic stigma of the Jewish thief is making a comeback in Europe .

Israel hasn't made up its own mind yet about whether the thing going up is a fence or a wall. It depends where you're standing. But whether you see barbed wire or eight-meter high concrete slabs, it is clear that this barrier symbolizes Israel 's slapdash mentality at its worst.

From Sharon 's anti-fence days until today, when he enthusiastically supports its completion, the government has never been handed a neatly-typed, bound copy of anything remotely resembling a master plan for the fence. Constructing it has been like playing with Lego blocks, adding sections as needed.

If the only reason for the fence were preventing terror, presumably it could just as well have been built on the Israeli side of the Green Line. But once it goes past the boundaries established by the British Mandate, Israel is unilaterally creating a new border which takes bites out of Palestinian Authority land. Israel 's slapdash policies have not taken into account how badly the route of this fence can tarnish Israel 's image. Call it a fence, or call it something else, but it is bound to become a symbol.(OF ARROGANT DECEIT AND LAWLESNESS!)

There is no power in the world that can stop a suicide bomber from entering Israel , and no weapon that can't get around the fence, from the top or the bottom or the sides.

The Palestinians are fighting occupation and we want the world to stand by us as we pay the price for that occupation. Sooner or later, the fence will fall, just like the Berlin Wall.

The bereaved parents from Mitzpeh Aviv, shocked to see a photograph of their son, who was killed in a terrorist attack a year and a half ago, being waved around by a protester at The Hague as they sat watching TV, were right to protest to the Foreign Ministry. "You have made cynical use of our son's memory and nationalized our sorrow," they wrote.

Exploiting bereavement and wallowing in self-pity is fitting for soap operas - not for the strongest country in the Middle East .




2.  Jewish board in court bid over 'hate speech'

February 26, 2004

By Estelle Ellis


The Star


After six years of legal battle, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies has taken a broadcasting regulator to court.

The SAJBD is asking the Johannesburg High Court to force the regulator to have a formal hearing into a complaint about a radio programme they claim incited hatred towards Jews.

But Radio 786, which aired the programme, continued in their defiance of the SAJBD.

"They assumed there would be a hearing. Their letters (about the issue) combine ignorance with arrogance," legal team leader Jeremy Gauntlett SC said yesterday.

In May 1998, a Cape-based community radio station known as Radio 786 broadcast a programme called "Zionism and Israel: An in-depth analysis".

It consisted of an interview with one Dr Yaqub Zaki, who expressed a number of controversial views, including that Jewish people were not gassed in concentration camps during World War 2, but instead died of infectious diseases.

The SAJBD then complained to the Broadcasting Monitoring and Complaints Committee (BMCC). The basis of its complaint was that the broadcast violated the Code of Conduct for Broadcasting Services as it was "likely to prejudice relations between groups in the population".

After some legal wrangling, the Islamic Unity Convention - which ran Radio 786 - took the BMCC to the High Court.

They asked the court to declare a part of the code of conduct unconstitutional as they believed it violated the right to freedom of expression.

In October 2002 the acting chairperson of the BMCC, advocate Roland Sutherland SC, was requested by the SAJBD to consider if a hearing into the complaint should be held. He said no.

Yesterday the SAJBD asked the Johannesburg High Court to set aside the ruling by Sutherland.

Gauntlett said the SAJBD could not show that what Sutherland did was wrong. "Applying administrative law in this country is not like playing some casino game. It is not a question of finding an irregularity, and then happy sounds, blinking lights and appropriate judicial help follows."

Judgment was reserved.


3. Patriot Letter

Dear Fellow Patriot!

Berlin, Germany: Bezirks Buergermeister (County Mayor)
of Berlin - Treptow and Koepenick, Klaus Ulbricht,
wants to establish a list of all "right and left wing
organizations and persons. When completed, this list
will be passed out to all gastronomic businesses
(restaurants, hotel, bars, cafes, etc.).

This blacklist will serve as a guidance for the
business owners that no rooms, no halls, etc., will be
made available to anyone on that list. Mayor Ulbricht
goes even a step further, by making this list
mandatory for city facilities.


Erlangen, Germany: Former member of the NSDAP and the
Reichs Kultur Kammer (culture chamber), Hans Rehberg's
"Die Woelfe" (The Wolfs) has been produced for the
Erlangen Stadt Theater (Erlangen City Theater). The
play was first shown in 1944 and was hailed by Adolf
Hitler. The Rehberg play is about the heroic action of
German U-boat captains. The play has become so popular
that it's been sold out for the next three months.

The Jewish community calls it an evil production of
Nazi-like propaganda. They asked the city fathers to
shut down the play, however, the mayor and council
refused. Now, the Jews went to one of the most
powerful political parties, the CDU (Christian
Democratic Union), which also demands a stop to the
stage play. Still, the city fathers refused:

"The theater is sold out for three months. We are not
going to give in to the bigotry of people who can't
separate public opinion from the artistic achievements
of Rehberg."

Due to the success, Die Woelfe will move from Erlangen
to Nuernberg.


Joerg Friedrich, best-selling author of "Der Brand"
and "Brandstaetten" is in trouble because of his book
"Der Brand."

Paul J. Muenzer, noted historian, accuses Friedrich of
downplaying the numbers of the Dresden Bombing in his
book "Der Brand."  Muenzer has documents from the
Dresden City Management from 7/31/1992, the report
from the International Red Cross in Geneva from 1941
to 1946, as well as testimony from the former chief of
the Dresden Special Commando for the removal of dead
bodies after the bombings, Oberst Lt. Eberhardt
Mattes. These reports confirm that, at the time of the
bombings, the number of Dresden residents was 650,000,
in addition 600,000 refugees from Silesia were
present. Muenzer provides proof that there were four
bombing attacks. First, 800 British bombers, then
1,000 American bombers, then 200 bombers and shortly
before war end, 570 bombers of the US Air force, who
killed again thousands of people. The victim number is
around 500,000. Muenzer alleges that Joerg Friedrich,
despite the overwhelming evidence in the contrary,
still uses the old numbers.

While I leave this to the experts to sort out, I still
recommend to those who don't speak fluent German, to
buy the book "Brandstaetten." It is the picture book
to Friedrich's bestseller "Der Brand."


Back to the California Aggie, who carries their
revisionist piece still on their website. The reason,
the Aggie only prints till Friday, and therefore
leaves the website as is and changes it on Monday.

Here are some of the many letters:

Veteran revisionist Carlos Porter:



Dear Sir or Madame,

I take due note of the article in the "Aggie" implying
that Walter Mueller of "Community News' is incorrect
and that the revisionists (or "Holocaust Deniers" if
you prefer) are mistaken in their principal

That being the case, perhaps you will print the
following at your earliest possible convenience:  

a) an autopsy report proving that one single
concentration camp inmate ever died as the result of
inhalation of cyanide gas;
b) an engineering report proving that the structures
alleged to have functioned as "homicidal gas chambers"
could in fact have functioned as such;
c) a chemical study proving that the evaporation rate
and properties of Zyklon were such as to permit the
gassing procedures described by so-called
d) an engineering report proving the possibility of
the alleged cremation procedures;
d) a diagram of the alleged "gas chamber" at Auschwitz
II showing the exact location of the "Zyklon
introduction holes" in the roof which apparently never
e) a series of other engineering and chemical reports
sufficiently refuting the questions raised by
Faurisson, Butz, Leuchter, Rudolf, Ball, Berg,
Mattogno, Graf, Irving, Weber, Crowell, Walendy, and
many other people far more knowledgeable and better
qualified than either Walter Mueller or myself.

Awaiting your reply with interest, I remain,


e-mail: lfp@swing.be

PS What is an "aggie"? In my understanding, it is a
kind of marble. 


Dr. Robert Faurisson's sister, Yvonne Schleiter:


Dear Sirs,

We are quite a few friends of Ernst Zündel (there are
more in France than you can imagine) and I have been
asked by some of them to write in English to your
paper as an answer to Mr Zachary Amendt's recent

Actually, we would just like to suggest one thing,
only one thing to Mr Amendt: How about doing like one
of our very famous French cartoonist, Konk (who used
to have his cartoons published on every front page of
the big daily "Le Monde" before he became a

Konk wanted to know if revisionists were right, and he
decided he would check only one detail of their
thesis: could anyone possibly enter a room full of
Zyklon B gas and take away the corpses? THIS IS
IMPOSSIBLE, even carrying a gas mask, he discovered!!
No one could enter such a room unless the place has
been aired for at least 20 hours.

Revisionists are right, Ernst Zündel is right, and
some people don't want that truth to be said. Period.

Yours truly

Y. Schleiter


We haven't heard from veteran revisionist Richard
Salzer, but he has returned:


By: Revisionist Rich Salzer

The amin reasons for being 'doubtful' about the
alledged extermination of 5-6,000,000 'jews' during
the second World War are as follows. And I suggest if
any at your paper want to explore it further, join us
at the 15th Revisionist History Conference in
Sacramento, California Sat. April 24th and Sun. April
25th and have the measma evicerate before your
eyes - you'll never look back at Twentieth Century
history the same way again.

Top ten reasons for being skepitical about homocidal
gassing at Auschwitz and other german run camps during
the second World War:

1)   There has never been found any documentation
signed off on by Hitler, Rosenberg, Goering, Hess,
Goebbels, Heydrich, et,al saying that they and their
beaurocratic National Socialist comrades were going to
kill all the 'jews', or for that matter all the
eskimos, or anybody else.

2)   The horrible scenes that we (Americans) found
upon entering the camps in the western part of germany
were more on account of the collapse of the german
measures to fight the typhus and other diseases and
because the germans were bombed to smithereens and ran
out of food to feed their own people, let alone
Concentration camp inmates, not because the germans
wanted diseases to spread. The typhus baring louse
(i.e. lice) does not know to only bite and infect
'jews' and others. No, they were not on the german's

3)   There have never been found any documents linked
to establishing a budget to set aside manpower, trains
and trucks for transporting prsioners, establishing
killing centres, et, al for an extermination program.
Since when does any bureacracy do anything without a

4)   There have never been found any pictures (no, I
didn't say DRAWINGs, etc.) of any 'gas chambers',
which were supposed to be the main weapon of this
(alledgedly) large crime.

5)   There have never been found schematics,
blueprints, or other mechanical drawings on the
construction of how these magical chemical
slaughterhouses were to have been assembled. I.e., the
two rooms that are at the Auschwitz camp and displayed
to tourists today, have no hermetically sealed doors,
windows, et, al. They are no drains in the floors, no
explosion proof lights and no vents. Try to compare
them to the gas chambers in our pennitenturies
that use gas chambers for capitol punishment!

6)   The United Nations Kangeroo courts, which formed
the base of the 'confessions' and "eye witness
testimonies" were ex post facto - after the fact and
if germany had won the war (i.e. if we hadn't won it
for the commies) then they probably would have had
trials for the defeated soviets. It's (they were)
a non-sequitor. The only defence strategy for the
defeated axis men on trial WAS TO DENY THEIR OWN (each

7)    The genocide charge(s) depend CRUCIALLY on the
Nuremberg trials. {see above}

8)   When the war was over, most 'jews' were still
THERE! They were in UNRRA displaced persons camps,
awaiting passage to the middle east (Israel wasn't
EVEN a country yet), America, Australia, and other

9)   Ther were only about 600,000 (not six million)
'jews' under the National Socialists furthest
expansion across Europe and EurAsia, so how could
6,000,000 have been killed (check the demographics!)

And, drumroll pls., 10)  The majority of 'jews' killed
during the second World War died from disease,
starvation, crowding into 'ghettos', old age  and
other natural causes and on account of the war events,
like all the other europeans. Yes, there were some Mai
Lai type atrocities on the Eastern front, but the
germans believed (rightly or wrongly) that ANYONE
wearing the uniform of the Soviet Red army, especially
the NKVD were probably 'jews". And yes, many died
wearing the uniforms of the Allied and commie armies
that were germany's war time enemies. Thus ther was no
'holocaust'. What is termed in the german
documentation, "endloesung" was a program of
deportation, stripping of property, citizenship, and
pushing the 'jews' out to the East, just as this
documentation states. Not a very nice thing but since
the 'jews', for whatever reason have been expulled
from every other country in europe, the germans must
be the most patient people over there! Sorry to burst
your newspaper's tabloid 'Tales of the Holohoax' but
it's ostensibly a United Nations propaganda
exaggeration. So leave Walt Mueller alone. No, the
Community News isn't the greatest paper in the World -
there's no Sports, which is where I make my bread and
butter (check out my sight: mykaussie.com
sometime), but it beats the rubbish being pushed by
big brother.

Anyone for ebonics?
c 2004, Moosecalls Productions -
Rich Salzer's Revsionist e-Newsletter is frre to any
with open minds who want to fight for the
Constitutional right of anyone, even Walt Mueller, to
free speech. Pls. California Aggie Newspaper, don't
throw this Hungarian, French-Canadian, german, english
Caucasian into the briar patch!



Here is more about Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of
the Christ," which played in $25 million and then some
the first day.

First up is Dr. Leon Bourke:


I saw THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST which Iconsider
excellent. Of course, there are always things that one
might suggest be done differently but that is beside
the point.One of the interesting items in the film is
to watch the Pharissees to see how they manipulated
Romans to do their dirty work for them. Then just
think at what has happened in host countries
throughout history and, to bring it up to date, our
own country, and how they manipulated us into Iraq
getting a lot of young Americans killed for nothing.


Leon H Bourke



I have been hearing & seeing the jews cry the blues
about crap that happened 60 years ago for half a
century now but these pushy idiots don't know when to
give it a rest.

The dumb bastards really stepped into the sh-t now
W/their childish complaint about stuf that happened
over 2,000 years ago.  Of course they are responsible
for the death sentence it's documented in the bible
just read the gospels.



Tom Mysiewicz is next:


RE: Passion

Haven't seen the film yet but consider the following:

1. Rabbi Hier likes to make more money AND scare
"lesser" Jews back into line.  "The Passion" is a
perfect pretext for a goy/pogrom scare!

2.  Mel Gibson likes to make money.  I bet he doubles
his total net worth with this picture--crazy like a
fox!  I dare say that if I made the "Passion" you
would not be seeing endless reruns of my old films on
TV.  Nor would you be hearing endless endless
commentary on all the news programs.  You wouldn't
hear a peep!  (Much like my current situation, where
the Federal Government and my state government have
conspired to deny me a driver's license for some 8
years using phony computer entries!)

3.  If you want to have a "Holy War" against Moslems,
it's hard to do when you have de-Christianized the
general population to such an extent that they are no
longer really Christian.  Just watch the sewage on
late-night TV for confirmation of this.  We are an
amoral, largely post-Christian society.  The Zionists
are willing to risk an outburst of "antisemitism" in
order to get us to play along in their last and
greatest war.  And they need a Christian-Muslim
religious war to do this.

Gibson's film may be among the most accurate of its
genre, but from the previews I've seen,  it seems to
suffer from the general inaccuracy.  If Pilate washed
his hands, how could Yashua (Jesus) have been
crucified by Romans?  That would have been illegal.
He could, and probably was crucified by Herod's guard.
 As for the nails...those were probably the work of
the Sannhedrin following Cabalistic dictates regarding
the binding of a "sorcerer's" spirit with iron.  And
as to the culpability of modern Jews, the Bible is
pretty clear that there is none (although many would
gladly repeat the process!).  The Jews of Jerusalem
said "His blood be on us and on our children..." and
it was when Titus killed all but 30,000 residents in
70 A.D.  If they had been doing God a service, perhaps
things would have gone differently?


Tom Mysiewicz


Albert Doyle follows:


My son made what I think is a good point about the
sincerity of the criticisms of "The Passion". Imagine
a film about the brutal treament of Jews in a German
concentration camp during WWII. Would there be an
outcry about the brutality and above all about the
danger of stirring up anti-German sentiments? Not

The way I see it is that the Jewish critics simply
will not accept any  treatment of Jews which is not
entirely favorable. Jews were in fact involved in the
persecution and death of Jesus. It is just not
acceptable to mention it. Interestingy non-Jewish
critics seem motivated by two things, fear of the
great "anti-Semitism" charge and, more subtly in some
cases, a desire not to be reminded about Jesus and His
Passion. It forces one to  confront His claims. A lot
of people don't want to do that.

Albert Doyle


Gavin Oughton with his take:


Re Gibson's movie.  The " professsional " jews are
trying to con us.

They are trying to say blame will be placed
collectively on jews, whereas only the corrupt
Pharisees were to blame for passing sentence. 
Remember, Christ threw the bankers out of the Temple
and was crucified for it. 

Mr " H " did much the same thing and look what
happened to him.

The economic descendants of these corrupt, vicious
swindlers now inhabit the Federal Reserve Bank whose
influence has gone around the world.  And it is this
that they are trying to lead us away from.

Caiphus in the Modern era could be named " Greenspan "
and his fellow senior Pharisees ' neocons ". They
showed what thye were like when they destroyed Russia
in 1917!

No one is interested in persecuting Jews per se, and
this bothers the WJC. The WLC, ADL etc, really want to
make it an anti jew thing rather than take the risk of
the audience maiking a connection between the
Pharisees and the modern banker thugs and their " Fed
" Temple!

General persecution of Jews would fall right into the
lap of the jews who would seek and receive sympathy.

I hope people will see the connection between the
ancient and modern swindlers!




See you at the 2004 International Revisionist
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