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Miami, Florida: Zionist Occupied Territory?

By Wendy Campbell


         Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to South Beach
Miami along with a couple days down in Key West, just for fun. These days, as
anti-war and anti-Zionism activists, with a special interest in resolving the
Israel-Palestine conflict which is fueled by US tax dollars, we tend to see
everything through highly politicized lenses.


          Of course, we both know that Florida has a large population of
American Jews, but we were surprised with the "Zionization" of Florida, as well as
the mention by people on two separate occasions in Key West, who didn't even
know about our politics, of Israeli money-laundering that is going on there.
Israel is the largest producer of the rave party drug Ecstasy, and apparently
the Israeli druglords also collude with South American drug dealers. The
Israeli drug dealers are said to launder money through their cheesy tourist trap
tee-shirt shops that line the lower end of Duval Street in Key West, the last
island of the Florida Keys. Since this activity seems to be common knowledge,
maybe there is some collusion with local authorities as well.


          The Definition of Zionism


          At any rate, please allow me to explain my definition of "Zionism".
Zionism is a racist ideology that allows for Jews from anywhere in the world
to go to Israel-Palestine to claim superior rights to the land and government
there at the expense of the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians. It can be
argued that Zionist Jews expect certain privileges above and beyond the average
citizen in any country they live. By the way, not all Jews are Zionists, and not
all American Jews think of Israel as their homeland. Many American Jews, I'm
sure, if not most, think of themselves as Americans first and foremost. Many
American Jews, I'm sure, accept their fellow Americans as equals regardless of
their religion, race, ethnicity or gender. However, only Jews enjoy completely
equal rights in Israel, where it is not a true secular democracy even for
Jews, in that only marriages between Jews are acknowledged as legal in Israel,
for just one example. Furthermore, all non-Jews are marginalized in Israel.


          Zionist American Jews are the chauvinistic Jews who commonly
believe in innate, irreducible differences from others and their own
cultural-religious superiority to gentiles, or non-Jews. This attitude apparently enables
them to justify Israel's national campaign of blatant ethnic cleansing against
the non-Jewish Palestinians at worst as per "hard Zionists" or at the very
least, complete segregation as per the apartheid two-state solution favored by
"soft Zionists".


          American Zionist Jews tend to think of Israel as their homeland,
and to perceive America as the "cash cow" and military vessel for achieving
Zionist hegemony as well as convenient place to live where they can enjoy
prosperity, freedom and protection from the strife that occurs in Israel because of
Zionism. Zionists in America espouse universalistic, democratic principles for
Americans while trying to cover up Nazi-like campaigns in Israel against the
Palestinians. U.S. policies now reflect this abhorrent double standard in the
so-called "war on terrorism" in Iraq which is being waged on Israel's behalf.


          Zionists also push and often succeed for Jewish supremacy in many
areas of American politics, media and culture to serve their narrow interests,
often at the expense of non-Jewish Americans. American Zionist Jews tend to
place their first loyalty to Israel, over and above any loyalty to America.


          We congratulate American Jews who possess the moral clarity to
denounce Zionism loudly and clearly, and invite all others to do so as well.

Zionized Miami and the Media

Back to the subject matter at hand. Is Miami, Florida, Zionist-occupied

There were many things that we observed that led us to believe it is. And we
wonder, is the rest of America going to follow suit? We hope not.


          For instance, most of the newspapers we looked at seemed to be by,
for and about Jews. The fact is that Miami is a highly diverse and
multi-cultural city, with a strong presence of Americans that come from many backgrounds:
Cuban, South American, European and African. As a side-note, we met many
Argentinians, who appear to be the latest new wave of immigrants. Of course, we
weren't sure who were actually American citizens, but obviously many people in
Miami are indeed American citizens. Why is it that such a culturally diverse
city seems to have media so dominated by those who are Jewish? This could also
be said about American media at large, however it is not always quite so
blatantly noticeable. In Israel, from what I understand, the liberal newspaper the
Ha'aretz employs no Gentile (non-Jewish) writers! In other words, in any place
that has been "Zionized", the non-Jews tend to be dispossessed and
marginalized, and otherwise subjugated to various degrees.


          Jewish Discrimination Against Christians


          Here is a very telling front-page story of the Jan. 29 issue of the
Miami newspaper the Sun Post. A woman by the name of Sondra Snowdon has been
on a hunger strike to protest the fact that her town would not allow any
Christmas decorations to be displayed other than a Christmas tree yet many Jewish
decorations for Hanukkah were allowed, such as the menorah and the Star of
David. She and another woman from another community who has also been experiencing
the same kind of discrimination against the display of Christmas decorations
are considering taking civil action. As per the article, Councilman Robert
Yaffe said the council should make a "better effort to embrace the celebrations
of all members of the community." Now isn't that a fact!


          It seems obvious that Zionist Jews have a propensity for cultural
competitiveness and even discriminate against non-Jews, including Christians,
and most obviously Muslims. By the way, Hanukkah is a minor holiday in the
Jewish religion, yet it has been elevated by Zionist Jews in order to compete and
even at times to dominate over the most holy day for Christians, the holiday
of Christmas, a time that is now simply referred to "The Holidays".


          Zionist Jews relentlessly seek to promote programs to educate
Americans about their version of the Holocaust, which by the way, claimed many
non-Jewish victims including the ones who gave their lives to end the war although
this is not emphasized by Zionists. As they seek to bring Jewish culture to
mainstream America, Zionists often display insensitivity if not hostility
towards others' religions, including Christianity, as well as others'
nationalities, in particular for example, Germans, Austrians and all Arabs.


          Jewish Dominance On Street Signs


          Another example of Zionist hegemony over mainstream America in
Miami could be seen in the street signs. Many streets such as 12th Street, 15th
Street. 16th Street or 20th Street had Jewish names over them, such as Abe
Resnick, Bernard Horowitz and Irving Meyer. Abe Resnick is on the board of the
Holocaust Memorial in Miami, by the way. We saw no other names over South Beach
Miami street signs besides Jewish names-no Hispanic names, not even English
names. At one point we did see a street named for Flagler, who virtually created
South Beach Miami in the very first place, so that seems surely fitting. There
was even one street sign that was simply Yitzshak Rabin Boulevard! What other
politician of a foreign country has a boulevard named after him in America?
Yitzshak Rabin may have been the only somewhat decent Israeli prime minister,
but does that earn him a street named just for him in America? Apparently some
people think so. Later, we chuckled when we saw that the sign over 20th Street
next to the Holocaust Memorial bore the additional name "Jerusalem Street".


          The Holocaust Museum as a Wartime Propaganda Tool


          While we are on the topic of the Holocaust Memorial which we
visited while we were there, which is no doubt at least partially paid for with
non-Jewish American tax money, this is what we observed. First of all it is a very
impressive memorial, with a lily pond, and an outdoor entry way lined by a
wall of panels for names of the victims of the Holocaust (reminiscent of the
Viet Nam War Memorial), which leads to a central circular walled plaza with a
very dramatic monumental bronze sculpture of a hand outreaching towards the sky,
with the naked, starved bodies of concentration camp inmates grasping for life
at its base. After some quick calculations, we concluded that there were only
about 26,000 names on the wall! On top of that, there were forms one could
fill in and submit for $36 per name to be added, as there were many blank panels
waiting to be filled in with names. Which led us to a very compelling


          The compelling question is this: if it is true as the Zionists'
claim that there were six million Jews killed during the Holocaust under Hitler
during WWII, then why has there been no complete central compilation of the
victims' names? Surely, with all the research and Holocaust "scholarship", along
with the claims and litigation that came in for compensation and reparations
from Germany, Switzerland and other European countries, along with the aid of
modern computers, there must be a central database with all of the names of the
victims. But apparently, to the best of our knowledge, there is not. Why not?
Could it be that Zionists know that such a compilation would possibly come up
far shorter than six million Jewish victims? Could it be that this would lead
to an open discussion of all the claims that Zionists make about the
Holocaust? Could it be that this would lead to the lifting of the taboo against
questioning Zionist claims about the Holocaust? Although we all know the Holocaust
was a heinous occurrence in history, the Zionists insist that it is the worst
occurrence in all history of mankind in their own chauvinistic, ethnocentric
fashion, when in actuality, any genocidal, ethnic cleansing of any people is
equally abhorrent, and that applies to what the Zionists are now supporting in
Israel against the non-Jewish Palestinians who are the indigenous people of the
Holy Land.


          We realize also that the Holocaust is a sensitive topic, as well as
a highly unpleasant topic in every aspect, however, if any country is accused
of committing the worst crime in history, shouldn't there be a burden of
proof? The untold volumes of "missing names" should concern everyone interested in
truth and historical accuracy. Already, even Jewish Zionist scholars have
apparently uncovered truths that contradict some of the Holocaust lore, but
never-the-less, the Holocaust lore originally put forth by the Zionists years ago
as "fact" remains unchanged for public consumption.


          We came to the conclusion that the Holocaust Museum, which is only
one of many across this country and around the world, is definitely a very
potent wartime propaganda tool, again funded at least partially by tax dollars.


          The Role of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution Airbrushed Away


          In South Beach Miami, there is also a very interesting museum that
specifically features posters and artifacts of wartime propaganda. On the 6th
floor of the Wolfsonian Museum, there were many posters from WWII from various
countries from both sides of the war, including from America, Nazi Germany,
fascist Italy and so on. We found one poster that was printed in 1942 in the
Nazi-occupied Netherlands to be especially interesting. The text read
"BOLSJEWISME IS MOORD!" which translates, according to the placard beside it, as
"BOLSHEVISM IS MURDER!". However, there was no reference to the fact that the letters
"J-E-W" were inserted into the word or why it was. It's something that most
people would most likely not notice. Most people don't have a clue about the
fact that Jews were prominent leaders in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Was
this omission an oversight or further evidence of the unwritten rule against
offending certain powerful sensibilities?


          The placard explained how the poster graphically featured the
horrors of a young girl raped, a man tortured and murdered, and Christianity under
attack, as shown in the shattered crucifix on the ground, committed at the
hands of the Bolsheviks. This was designed by the Nazi Germans to play on the
Europeans' anxiety of the savageness of Red Army of the Communist Soviet Union.
What is interesting is that, just like in the overall American and European
discourse, the role of Jews, many of whom were leaders in the brutal Bolshevik
Communist Soviet Union, has been airbrushed out of history, just like it was
deleted out of the placard at the museum, even while staring you in the face from
the poster. In fact, a couple of top German politicians were recently
publicly admonished for making a public reference to the significant role that Jews
played during the Bolshevik Revolution and Communist Soviet Union.


          The Taboo Against Criticizing Zionist Israel and the Behavior of
Zionist Jews


          This all fits into the pattern of the strong taboo against speaking
about Jews at all in connection with anything negative, no matter how
justified. Holocaust lore has created a potent taboo against criticizing specifically
Jewish political actions. In today's "post Holocaust" environment, Jews are
to be viewed either in a uniformly positive light or as victims. This surely
benefits Israel's ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing against the non-Jews in
Palestine-Israel, not to mention their privileged status here. The fear of the
smear of "anti-Semitism" is deliberately intended to diminish all legitimate
protest against Zionism and its crimes. Expect to see still more Holocaust
Museums, Holocaust classes in both public and private Christian schools, movies,
cartoons, artifacts, etc. coming soon to a neighborhood near you!


          The repetition is essential in order to constantly attempt to
justify Israel's on-going ethnic cleansing campaign which now includes the building
of the monumental Apartheid Wall, which also illegally separates more
Palestinians from their land, another example of under-reporting of Israel's
wrong-doings. The logic that follows, is if the Jews are portrayed as always innocent
of any wrongful behavior, then the only reason one could be anti-Jew or more
accurately, anti-Zionism, is because of some irrational hatred, and never
because of their lawless behavior. However this attempt to protect Jews from
"scapegoating" or more accurately from holding Zionist Jews and Israel accountable
for their behavior, is in fact directly allowing Zionist Jews to continue
breaking international law with impunity.


          The Need to Demand Equal Rights for All Everywhere Now


          It is time for all Americans of all races, religions and
ethnicities, including non-Zionist Jews, to stop being timid or blackmailed into
allowing a separate political or moral standard for Zionist Jews and the Jewish state
of Israel. No topic should be taboo, unless it is pure hate-mongering,
something which anyone of any religion is capable of, but which must be avoided. No
one people's suffering is any more important than any other people's
suffering. "Never again" coined by arch Zionist racist Meir Kahane, should mean never
again should there be a holocaust or any persecution of any people because of
their race, religion, ethnicity or gender, either here in America, or in
Israel-Palestine or anywhere in the world, especially any country that receives
American tax dollars. There must be no double standards allowed for anyone. All
people and all countries must abide by International Law, or else be held
accountable for their crimes against humanity in a recognized international court of
law. It is time to address the Palestine-Israel conflict in a completely
truthful manner, and demand that the Palestinians be allowed the same human rights
as the Israelis.


          Using the formula which dismantled apartheid in South Africa,
similarly Israel must be pressured by all people of conscience to transform into a
true secular democracy with equal rights for all regardless of religion, race,
ethnicity or gender.


          Firstly, a Truth and Reconciliation Committee must be set up, and
the suffering of the Palestinian people due to Zionism must be fully and
truthfully acknowledged by the world, and most especially by Israel. Then steps must
be taken to create a true secular democratic government that guarantees equal
rights for all to replace the current racist, Zionist government in Israel
which favors only Jews. Additionally, all Palestinians must be compensated for
their losses, including all the Palestinian refugees who must be allowed to
claim their inalienable right to return to Palestine-Israel. This is their right
according to UN Resolutions, International Law and world opinion. The U.S. and
all the nations of the UN should participate in accomplishing this.


          Once this is accomplished, and it can be done if enough people
demand it and work for it, then this will allow a new era of peace and good will
to emerge throughout the world, rather than endless war.


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