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Subject: Patriot Letter: Bradley R. Smith Responds To Mueller -- European American Issues Forum, Open Letter

Dear Fellow Patriot!

This Patriot Letter belongs to two people. Veteran
Revisionist and speaker at the 2004 International
Revisionist Conference in Sacramento, Bradley Smith
and the President of the European American Issues
Forum, Lou Calabro.

Both have dedicated their activities to the young
generation. Lou Calabro has made tremendous inroads in
California schools. He is quite politically correct,
but, if you want to win an inch, you have to play the

Bradley Smith is responding to my Patriot Letter about
the campaign to decriminalize holocaust history:


Bradley R. Smith
PO Box 439016 San Ysidro CA 92143
Telephone: 1 800 348 6081
Voice Mail: 1 619 685 2163
Email: bradley@telnor.net
On the Web: www.OutlawHistory.com

Dear Walter:

I have your thetruthisback newsletter of 17 March
where you respond to our "Campaign To Decriminalize
Holocaust History (CDHH)", a 12,500-word outreach
document, written primarily for students and media.

You raise many interesting issues, some historical,
others philosophical and moral. You raise so many
interesting questions that I could write several
thousand words in reply. This isn't the forum for
that. Meanwhile, the central issue for you appears to
be my statement: "There is no doubt that the Nazis
committed many inexcusable crimes during the war....."

I have decided to change the statement to read: "There
is no doubt that the Nazis committed many inexcusable
atrocities during the war.." The two words, "crime"
and "atrocity," are pretty much interchangeable,
particularly if we are not going to be legalistic
about it. You suggest as much when you write:

"As an American of German heritage, I have seen many
inexcusable crimes in the US, without them being at
war. We cannot single out atrocities that are normal
during wars, for one, and not from the other."

Here are most (not all) of the other issues you raise:

I give no example of German atrocities (crimes) during

I suggest that the charge is not open for debate.

Making the charge defeats the purpose of the CDHH.

That there is no such thing as Nazis committing
inexcusable atrocities.

Anything can be excused that happens in a war.

The Americans and British have committed atrocities
all over the world.

If revisionists assert that Germans committed
atrocities, the enemy will use our own words against

The Germans had no gas chambers, no gas vans, and did
not commit any inexcusable crimes.

In war, anything can be excused.

What is excused depends on who writes the history of
that particular war.

Many inexcusable crimes are committed in the U.S. even
when there is no war.

It is not right to single out atrocities committed by
one people without singling out the atrocities
committed by all other peoples in any given war.

The only inexcusable crime committed by the Germans
was the "Holocaust," but revisionists understand that
it did not happen.

I do not list the inexcusable German atrocities that I
assert took place.

Again--the U.S. committed atrocities similar to those
Germans are accused of.

How about the treatment Ernest Zundel is suffering

What is seen as an atrocity by some, will be seen by
others as an "heroic" action.

Revisionists should avoid making statements relating
to atrocities committed by Germans.

Making such statements serves no purpose except,
perhaps, comforting the enemy.

The issue for revisionists is: did the Holocaust
occur, or did it not?

If you believe that the Holocaust story is a lie, you
cannot say that the Germans committed inexcusable

As you see, this is not the place to respond to all
these questions. Nevertheless, I should reply to some
of them briefly. They are so interesting that I may
reply to them more fully at www.breakhisbones.com

If I understand you correctly, you speak from a deep
attachment to the German people, German culture,
German history, and the Nazi regime. This creates a
natural barrier between how you and I think, and more
deeply perhaps, how we "feel" about things. 

I am an American, a citizen of this country, only
because that is the hand that fate dealt me. When I am
asked if "love my country" and if I am a "patriot," I
answer that I do not, and am not--and then add that my
"love" is reserved for specific individuals and
specific landscapes, and that if I am a patriot in any
sense whatever, I am a patriot of the First Amendment.

I feel no cultural or national responsibility to
defend the inexcusable atrocities that "my" country
has committed against others, from the day it was
founded. I do not speak for the U.S. Government.

I do feel an ethical responsibility to do what I can
(it isn't much) to nudge those who run the show to
behave in a more civilized way than their forbearers
did. I do not expect to be very successful.

I am interested first in what is human, not in what is
American or German. It serves no human purpose, in my
view, to try to explain away the atrocities committed
by Germans during WWII by arguing that that the
Americans and their Allies committed the same
atrocities that they convicted Germans of (crimes
against humanity to use the current slogan), and in
fact committed greater ones than the Germans did. For
me, it does not follow that, therefore, the Germans
are innocent of having committed inexcusable

I'm willing to be convinced that Americans are more
important that all other human beings, but I do not
believe that it will be easy work. I observe German
actions from exactly the perspective that I observe
American actions, and those of everyone else. An
inexcusable atrocity, in my view, is the initiation of
violence against any individual--the words "initiate"
and "individual" being the pivotal words. I'm talking
about grave matters here, not a mother's slap on the
fingers of a naughty child.

When you write that "anything" can be excused in a
war, or that in a war "anything" can be excused,
because "What is excused depends on who writes the
history of that particular war," or what is seen as an
"atrocity" by some, will be seen by others as an
"heroic" action--you are looking at the matter from
exactly the perspective of every State apparatus on
the planet. 

The burning of Hamburg, for example, the vaporization
of the civilian population of Nagasaki, were seen as a
necessary "good" by the American State--and many
Americans. The destruction of the 800-year-old Jewish
culture in Eastern Europe in two or three years and
the awful loss of life among Jews was seen as a
necessary "good" by the German State--and many
Germans. I see them all, simply, as inexcusable
atrocities. I do not detest the people who believe in
those kinds of "good" actions, because that's just how
we are. We began trying to grow a civilization maybe
eight or ten thousand years ago, and we just do not
know how to do it. It remains what it was: an eye for
an eye, a tooth for a tooth. 

You write that you believe that revisionists should
avoid making statements about atrocities committed by
Germans, that they serve no purpose other than to aid
the "enemy." I believe the best way to create dialogue
in an environment of good will is to admit to your own
errors of judgment, you own mistaken acts--up front.
If I am going to defend Germans against the endless
charges of unique monstrosity made against them, which
is part of what I do, I will put my cards on the table
up front. I will not defend anything that, for me, is

The fundamental crime that the Germans are accused of
is that they intentionally killed civilians. In the
first instance, their supposed weapon of choice, the
gas chambers, is neither here nor there. The
accusation is that they intentionally killed
civilians. The religion or ethnicity of the victims,
Jews and/or others, is neither here nor there. The
Germans intentionally killed civilians.

The glaringly obvious thing to observe next--for an
American--is that the Americans, and American allies,
intentionally killed civilians. Their weapons of
choice, fleets of heavy bombers and nuclear devices,
is neither here nor there. They intentionally killed
civilians. The religion or ethnicity of the victims,
Japanese, Germans and/or others, is neither here nor
there. The Americans intentionally killed civilians. 

I ask students: What atrocities do you believe the
Nazis committed during WWII that Republicans and
Democrats did not commit? I believe this is a primary
question that students should be made aware of.
Questions about gas chambers and the other supposed
uniquely monstrous German atrocities can be, will be,
gotten into very quickly. The exchange must be
"framed" in a way that it does not create immediate
skepticism, or a sense that the speaker represents
special interests that do not, in reality, want a real
exchange of ideas.

We all feel deep emotional attachments to the culture
into which we were born, the nation we grew up in, our
specific communities, our family. It's only human, and
it is the cause of most of the inexcusable atrocities
that we have committed against each from time
immemorial, and that I fully expect we will continue
to commit. We feel impelled to change all this,
impelled do our best, but even as we talk about
learning from the atrocities of our past, we engage
other peoples, other cultures, in a way that it is
certain to create new conflict, produce new

Consider the policies of the American Government in
the Middle East over the last half century and longer.
It doesn't look good, Walter. It doesn't look good.
Still, we want to try to do what we can do. Each in
his own way. 

You write and say many things that I very much
disagree with. I write and probably will say many
things that you disagree with. What comes through loud
and clear however, when all the back and forth is
finished, you are a real free-press guy, I'm a real
free-press guy, and that neither of us believes that
the gas chamber stories are true. I think that's
enough. I think it is plenty. 


PS: If any of your readers want to confirm my take on
the gas chamber story or any other Holocaust
revisionist issue, they can find it on


http://www.breakhisbones.com or


- B



European/American Issues Forum
CW Kuhn, Secy. , Ed Broneske, Treasurer, FP Williams,
Sgt. at Arms Louis Calabro, President------Aida T.
Cordano, Vice-President

March 19, 2004

San Mateo County
Juvenile Justice Commission
Criminal  Justice Council
Board of Supervisors

The Report: An Assessment of Disproportionate Minority

Confinement in San Mateo County

Dear Sirs/Madams:

The European/American Issues Forum submits this
Critique regarding the report Disproportionate
Minority Confinement in San Mateo County in the
interest of diversity, and the promotion of racial
harmony in our county.

Our California Constitution, Section 7(b) reads: "A
citizen or class of citizens may not be granted
privileges or immunities not granted on the same terms

to all citizens."

The Report: An Assessment of Disproportionate Minority
Confinement in San Mateo County's (hereinafter
referred to as The Report) recommendations are to
only reduce the arrest/confinement rates of minorities
in San Mateo, and thereby violates that basic
principle of our California Constitution.

The whole thrust of the Juvenile Justice and
Prevention Act 1974 is to minimize confinement of all
juveniles, not just minority juveniles. True, it does
speak about reducing a disproportionate rate of
arrests/confinement for minorities--but it does not
preclude programs and special attention being provided
to European American white juveniles; especially when
there are literally more of them numerically than
African American black juveniles. But, that is the
direction of the Juvenile Justice Commission .

The Report essentially focuses on the lives of 402
African American black juveniles who were arrested,
and postures that they are more worthy of our concern
than the 995 European American white juveniles who
were also arrested in 2001. How do we justify ignoring
twice as many European American white juveniles who
have been arrested?  Why arenā?Tt they ALL equally
worthy of our concern?

This purposeful negative disparate treatment of
European American white juveniles is predicated on the
fact that black juveniles are arrested/confined
disproportionate to their representation in the
general population. You would think that we must
arrest/confine more European American white
juveniles to even things up, and reduce the obvious
resentment shown here.

We ask, should we consider that maybe African American
black juveniles can be expected to  be
arrested/confined more often than white
juveniles---The Report on Page 17 documents that there
is no offense history (misdemeanors-felonies),  so
NCCD was unable to examine prior offenses.  Isn't
prior offenses, and the seriousness of them key as to
why police make an arrest, and those arrested are
subsquently confined?

Ignoring the European American white juveniles who
enter the system is a callous, racist and bigoted
approach to resolving problems of arrest and
confinement of all juveniles,  and does not belong in
San Mateo County in the 21st Century.  Those ugly
attitudes best be left in our past.

It is not surprising that the county is taking this
callous, racist and bigoted path when you consider
that San Mateo County Supervisors Rose Jacobs-Gibson
and Jerry Hill are associated with The Report.  They
have a well documented track record of holding an
animus against European American whites in this
community. (See Attachment A). 

Interesting enough, Chair of the SM County Juvenile
Justice Commission, Susan Alvaro has also been a
member of the San Mateo County Board of Education. We
protested their Resource Center's offering of a number
of outrageously racist and bigoted books and videos
that falsely portray European American whites as THE
purveyors of racial animus and THE perpetrators of
hate crimes, and all others as our victims.  Ms.
Alvaro seemed to think those books/videos were just

The Report's liberal thinking bias is revealed when
they make the assumption that everyone agrees that
Race is a "social construct".  That is far from the
truth.  A recent book by Professor Vincent Sarich,
UC-Berkeley and Frank Miele titled "Race (The Reality
of Human Differences)" clearly disputes that
assumption. Of course, it is also not clear whether
race is a
determining factor as to whether any particular race
is predisposed to crime, and that issue should not be
raised here either.

The Report is flawed in  that a key study used in The
Report clearly states that "the effects of race on the
administration of justice are generally small." The
study also found that that, "while racial
discrimination is a factor, it does not account for a
large portion of the variance in offending rates."
(See Pg.9,  2003,  Redding and Arrigo Study.)  

And yet, the report makes race a major factor in its
KEY FINDINGS...PG. 58, See: "Racial disparities in
detention occur, in part, because of both conscious
and unconscious racism." and " Disparities in
detentions are often unintended consequences of
seemingly race-neutral practices." 

However, what is forgotten is that the first point
made in the KEY FINDINGS Pg. 58 is that  "All children
should be treated equally within the juvenile
detention system."  What,  European American white
juveniles do not fit in that category?  Apparently,
whenever  considering when European American white
juveniles are arrested, we should applaud,  calling
for, the more the merrier. That is a perfect example
of racism and bigotry directed against European
American whites, San Mateo County style.

The Report suggests social conditions that affect
African American black rates of arrest/incarceration,
but totally ignores the fact that social conditions
may affect rates of arrest/incarceration by European
American white juveniles. Also, are there studies that
document that arrest and incarceration is less
traumatic to some racial groups, and that attitude
could have an effect on the rate of who gets arrested
and confined? 

The Report suggests that European American white
juveniles have many positive role models within the
subjects taught in school. That may be true. However,
they are also taught about the many wrongs done to
blacks, Jews, and Indians by European American whites.
That opposite is not true of the other racial/ethnic

European American white juveniles do not have an
opportunity to express  pride in their heritage,
whereas most other major racial groups do celebrate
their heritage in schools. European American whites do
not have student clubs standing up for their civil
rights in our schools. School administrators work
against them being started.

Instead of staying with the issue of helping all
juveniles, regardless of their racial makeup from
being arrested and subsequent incarceration, The
Report drifts into recommending hiring more
non-European American whites. That violates our State
Constitution that prohibits government decisions
that involve preferential treatment based on race,
etc.  in employment,  education and contracts and do
not necessarily have anything to do with arrests and
confinement rates.

The European/American Issues Forum representative
cannot be present at the March 23, 2004 5:30 PM
meeting to present this paper and oral testimony
as we have another commitment to appear before the
Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission
regarding racism against European Americans in their


1.  The Reports first recommendation  "All children
should be treated equally within the juvenile
detention system." should include European American
white juveniles and all efforts to reduce rates of
arrest/incarceration rates should equally apply to

2.  The Juvenile Justice Commission should commence a
study to determine the intensity of racism and bigotry
in the county that affects the lives of European
American white juveniles.

3.   The European/American Issues Forum should be
included as a "stake holder" representing the European
American white juveniles in San Mateo county,  in all
of the current and future proceeding involved with the
reduction of arrests/confinement of juveniles in San
Mateo County.


Louis Calabro



See you at the 2004 International Revisionist
Conference in Sacramento, held on April 24th and 25th,
hosted by the European American Culture Council,
sponsored by the Adelaide Institute!

Organizer: Walter F. Mueller


Make your reservations today by contacting


Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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Subject: Patriot Letter: A New Nazi Hunter -- Scholarship Controversial -- Sacramento NA Member Shot -- Responses to Bradley Smith and Dr. Countess -- Your Turn

Dear Fellow Patriot!

I found the letter below quite interesting, also how
it found its way into my e-mail box. I guess, the guy
thinks I am one of those people who need to be brought
to justice:


Please help against Nazism in Germany!

Since reunification Germany faced an increasing wave
of Nazi terrorism. Burning synagogues, bombed jewish
cemeteries, bomb attacks against jewish refugees from
the former USSR and attacks against couloured poeple
are only the major signals of these evil machinations.

German police and secret services found at allmost all
persons involved in the crimes mentioned above Nazi
propaganda printed in and distributed from the United
States of America. This material contains writings,
which incite to racial hatred, as well as instructions
for constructing bombs. The same propaganda was
found with members of the german nationalist party
(NPD), which is accused to be an aggressive fascist
movement at the supreme court of Germany.

US officials behave quite uncollaborative concerning
these machinations, because some evil racists in the
US government try to influence Germany. They prevent
that the mailing lists are handed over to german

Please help and send a copy of this e-mail to the
president of the United States and to as many poeple
as possible.


Sincerely yours

Dr. Oliver Strebel
Handjerystr. 31
D-12159 Berlin

Fone: (030)8522234




Bristol, Rhode Island: Roger Williams University, a
small art school. Jason Mattera is the founder of the
Roger Williams University College Republicans. He
thought to kick off a debate by offering a scholarship
for whites only. The $250 award, which required an
essay on "Why are you proud of your white heritage"
and a recent picture to confirm whiteness, has invited
the wrath of every minority group, and even the
Chairman of the Republican National Committee himself.

Jason Mattera, a Junior, who started this, said:

"Kindling debate over free speech and affirmative
action was just what he wanted."

He promises more. Suddenly, the "whites only"
scholarship is racist and supremist. Mattera has done
this before in print, by publishing monthly
newsletters, accusing homosexuals of squelching free
speech, by pushing for hate-crime legislation, and
another newsletter about Kwanzaa.

Minorities in the college are only 10% of the 3,400
full-time students.

What was meant to be an incitement to discuss taboo
issues, has turned into the involvement of the ACLU,
who is now representing the freedom of speech rights
of Jason Mattera.

Adam Noska, a 20-year old Junior from Waymouth,
Massachussetts, received the scholarship. Many
students at the Williams University like the idea of a
"white only" scholarship.

"Nothing gets to me more then affirmative action.
People want hand-outs,"

says student Jamie Pattison, a 19-year old from
Massachussetts. Nevertheless, what was planned as an
annual scholarship has now been eliminated due to the


Here is an article, forwarded to us by Chris


California National Alliance member shot by Mestizos,
he will live but may not walk; Authorities refuse to

On the evening of March 13-14, Mestizo pistoleros
hurling racial epithets gunned down the Sacramento
National Alliance's Donald McMillan. The Mestizos
unleashed a volley of high-caliber fire, hitting
Donnie in the lower body with five rounds. Doctors
estimated the caliber of the weapons as at least 9 mm,
possibly 10 mm or .40 caliber.

We are happy to be able to announce that Donnie will
live, though he faces years of painful physiotherapy
along with the possibility of never walking again.

And not only are Sacramento police not investigating
Donnie's shooting as a "hate offense" -- they
apparently are not investigating the shooting AT ALL!
As of today, detectives have not so much as visited
Donnie. Meanwhile the shooters are long gone.

An Irish-American married father of two toddler-age
sons, the gregarious Donnie is well-loved in the
Sacramento Unit as a gentle and committed comrade and
friend who has been a hard working member of the
Alliance for years. His imposing physical presence is
also a deterrent to violent leftists, some of whom
shot Donnie in the leg a few years ago.

Donnie is a proud union member in the tradition of the
Golden State's Dennis Kearney and was a laid-off
blue-collar worker on the evening of March 13-14 as he
worked as a doorman to put food on his family's table.
His employer sent him to work at a Mestizo bar packed
with hundreds of drunken non-Whites. Other doormen,
themselves non-White, had ejected two Mestizos in an
incident with which Donnie had no invlovement. He was
outside checking IDs when the two Mestizos pulled up
in front of the establishment flinging racial slurs in
English and Spanish. Without warning, the unarmed
Donnie was cut down in a hail of lead -- leaving him
laying helpless as the Mestizos re-loaded and
continued to shoot at him, clear evidence that their
intent was murder, plain and simple.

Donnie's worst injury was to his left leg, with nerve
damage that will require agonizingly extensive and
expensive therapy if he is to walk again. In a sad
coda, Donnie's union had slated him to go back to work
the following week.

In the tense days following the shooting, Donnie's
wife, family, and comrades awaited news of his
condition as tests were run to determine the extent of
the damage. Through it all Donnie retained his native
Irish wit and grace.

As a White working man Donnie stands at the bottom of
this society. Imagine the response if Whites had
gunned down a Mestizo doorman while shouting racial
opprobrium. It would be a front-page headline in the
Sacramento Bee, local television interviewing a
grieving wife, and all the rest of the usual
dramatics. The "hate" unit of the police would put the
shooting at the top of the list while "the community"
would take up collections for wanted posters,
top-drawer legal and medical aid, and funds to the

As it is, Donnie is a White worker -- and so he gets
NOTHING. No coverage, no active pursuit of his
assailants, no "consciousness raising," no funds to
help feed his young family -- not even the attention
of the cops. In fact, due to his lack of medical
insurance, Donnie was sent home early to lie paralyzed
and in unending agony with open, unstitched wounds.

Yet while Donnie is a despised and poor victim in this
society, in things that are of real value he is a
multi-millionaire. In the face of howling and violent
Communists, Donnie was there for us. In leafleting and
recruiting Donnie has stood out as a powerhouse. And
as a husband and father Donnie lives the ideal of the
White family -- an ideal for which he nearly died as
he worked in appalling conditions to feed his family,
only to be savagely shot and mutilated.

Donnie is an immensely proud man, and his inability to
work for his family sears him worse than the
Mestizo-inflicted gunshot wounds he suffers. The
Sacramento Unit is collecting funds to aid Donnie's
wife and sons in this time of serious need.

If YOU would like to help Donnie make his uphill
recovery, funds are urgently needed NOW, sent to
National Alliance, PO BOX 215771, Sacramento, 95821.
Please make out all checks to "CASH" and leave postal
orders blank.

One member remembers visiting a museum with Donnie:

"There was a whole area set up with 'Black History'
displays. We accidentally found, pushed into one
corner behind a screen, a collection of old Celtic
torcs, swords and other relics. We were running late,
working on a video for a planned cable access show, so
I was impatient to get going. I looked back and there
was Donnie, just gazing down at these symbols of his
Irish past. He was shaking his head, awestruck. He
said, 'Aren't they nice? Aren't they just beautiful?'
Kind of like Donnie himself -- a blue-collar White
guy, working hard to get along, pushed into a corner,
with no advantages at all, because of lies. And yet,
despite what the Politically Correct and the Zionists
say, Donnie's a fine man and representative of what we
all stand for, as beautiful as those old swords."



Phil Eversoul responds to Bradley:


Hello Bradley,

I greatly enjoyed your comments on March 20th in
response to Walter's comments on your campus campaign
literature to discuss "the Holocaust."

As you noted, there are just too many issues to deal
with here and now. Therefore, I just focus on one or
two. You said:

"The fundamental crime that the Germans are accused of
is that they intentionally killed civilians. In the
first instance, their supposed weapon of choice, the
gas chambers, is neither here nor there. The
accusation is that they intentionally killed
civilians. The religion or ethnicity of the victims,
Jews and/or others, is neither here nor there. The
Germans intentionally killed civilians."

No, the fundamental crime that the Germans (Nazis) are
accused of is NOT merely that they intentionally
killed civilians. Everyone expects a certain amount of
that in a war. The fundamental crime that the Nazis
are accused of (implicating the entire German people,
as in "Hitler's willing executioners," is that they
the destruction of Jews IN GAS CHAMBERS. This alleged
fundamental crime is supposed to place the Nazis in a
unique and unparalleled dimension of evil. Because of
this unique and unparalleled dimension of evil, the
war against it by the Allies is justified and shown to
be necessary. The Allied cause was "good" because of
this unprecedented "evil." This is the underlying
justification -- the central pillar -- of the New
World Order. Destroy this pillar, and the New World
Order collapses.

That is what our April conference is about. At least I
hope so.

Then you say that the fact that the victims were Jews
is neither here nor there. In an abstract sense, yes.
But in the concrete, political sense, no. That is
because World War II was a great victory for the
Jewish Power, which initiated the war in the first
place. (You do realize, I trust, that the Nazis did
not start World War II, either on the western or
eastern fronts. World War II was initiated by
Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin, all of them working
on behalf of the Jewish Power). Therefore, in the
aftermath of that war, in which the Jewish Power was
victorious, anyone who is accused of systematically
methodically killing Jews is --of course -- among the
greatest criminals in the history of the world. No
mercy can ever be shown to them. Simon Wiesenthal and
his followers must hunt them down.

It is the Jewish Power -- that rules our world today
in large measure -- that will not allow your
conclusion (if I understand you correctly) that it
doesn't matter who was killed by alleged German
systematic genocide in World War II. When you make
that assertion, you are committing blasphemy against
the Religion of the Holocaust.

Outside of the matter, or at least seemingly outside
of the matter of alleged systematic genocide by the
Nazis, you said:

"It serves no human purpose, in my view, to try to
explain away the atrocities committed by Germans
during WWII by arguing that that the Americans and
their Allies committed the same atrocities that they
convicted Germans of (crimes against humanity to use
the current slogan), and in fact committed greater
ones than the Germans did. For me, it does not follow
that, therefore, the Germans are innocent of having
committed inexcusable atrocities. "

Without knowing what you are specifically referring
to, I can't comment. In fact, no one should comment on
this until you have supplied specifics.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here.

Phil Eversoul



And to Dr. Countess:


Dear Prof. Countess--

A complete sketch of the satanic nature of Yahweh and
Judah requires a defense of the divinity of the 'Old
Testament,' which in fact I wrote and published well
in advance of my recent letter to you.  I know that
piety needs to be reassured on this score because I
myself felt a strong need to comprehend religiously
just how similar writings can be used by Jews for
evil and by Christians for good.  That explanation is
the burden of the attached document.  I have now,
thank God, done my duty toward you as a man of the

R. Schleyer, M.A.
Eugene, Oregon



And twice Dr. Leon Bourke:


Here a couple of citations you might find useful"

1. "The barbarians are not at the gates, they are
inside the gates - and have academic tenure, judicial
appointments, government grants, and control of the
movies, television, and other media. The question of
the hour - and of the next century - is whether all
this can be turned around."
Dr. Thomas Sowell

A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious.
But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at
the gate is less formidable. for he is known and
carries his banners openly against the city. But the
traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his

sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in
the very halls of government itself. For the traitor
appears not a traitor; he speaks in the accents
familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and
their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that
lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul
of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the
night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects
the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A
murderer is less to be feared.
Cicero 45 -BC



Cngratulations to the European/American Issues Forum
for standing up for us. We are the ones in this
wretched society that are singled out and
discriminated against. Not only that we, calumniated
the Jews and, of course,  by all those who hate the


Leon Bourke



See you at the 2004 International Revisionist
Conference in Sacramento, held on April 24th and 25th,
hosted by the European American Culture Council,
sponsored by the Adelaide Institute!

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