The End of the Moral View of History

will lead to the

Answer of the Jewish Question



Horst Mahler  

What is rational

is actual,

and what is actual

is rational



The End of the Moral View of History

will lead to the

Answer of the Jewish Question


Notice of the Intention to defend against the Charge of Incitement of the People, before the 22nd Grand Division of the District Court of Berlin

(522) 81 Js 3570/KLs (01/03)

Some prefatory reflections for the future

- for the sake of thinking ahead.


You will hear outrageous things and you will possibly become outraged.

The lack of freedom is most tellingly revealed by the outrage felt at thoughts. This is the thought-taboo which holds sway over our thoughts and emotions.

Who has managed to impose on us such thought-taboos? How have they done so? Using what means?

And: Who are the beneficiaries? Whom are they harming?

The questions posed last lead to the trail of the perpetrators.

It is not just our country in which it is extremely dangerous to remind oneself that thoughts are not to be judged morally, and certainly not according to whether they comply with political correctness or not, but that thoughts are to be evaluated solely according to whether they are true or false, whether they partake in the truth or whether they do not partake in the truth. Let Möllemann[1], Hohmann[2] and Günzel[3] be mentioned here.

Is there anybody out there who seriously believes that we live in a free society?

But if we do not live in a free society, how then, is the condition of our community to be characterised?

Where there is freedom of thought, there the person mistaken is accepted. But where the person who thinks differently is struck down by force due to his differing opinion, there brutal arbitrary rule is established. To break this rule is the highest imperative.

Whose interests are they serving and what motivates them, they who pretend that we live in freedom yet trample the most basic of freedoms under their boots?

Are they who act in this manner so weak that they are compelled to act so, or are they just blinded, that they are unable to see what is plainly before our eyes? What are they doing to regain their sight?

The Germans will only be free again when the German Reich has regained its ability to act.

The path to the autonomy of the German Reich leads over the fall of Jewish foreign rule.

Jewish foreign rule will fall with the exposure of the Auschwitz Lie.


1. Situational Description

As citizens of the German Reich we stand here – coerced by force – in front of an organ of will of the Judeo-American enemy power, and not in front of a German court.

The Federal Republic of Germany is not a state but a Reich-destruction regime which Carlo Schmid fittingly described as the “organisational form of a modality of foreign rule” (OMF)[4]. All institutions of the OMF-FRG – that includes the entity seated before us, which calls itself “22nd Grand Division of the Regional Court Berlin ” – are institutions of the system of foreign rule. They are sailing under false colours, in order to deceive the German People.

It is unthinkable for us that we should justify ourselves in front of this entity as before a German court, for this would mean that we would accept this entity as a trial court, where in fact it is, in a political trial, only a gun emplacement of the enemy in the war against the German Reich.

The German Reich did not go under in the military defeat of 1945. It continues to exist as a subject of national and international right (ius gentium). Through the murder and internment of the members of its government, which happened in violation of the ius gentium, the Reich merely lost its ability to act[5]. Under these circumstances, the autonomy of the Reich has in total fallen back onto each individual citizen of the Reich, who, as a part, is necessarily also the whole[6].

The German Reich lives and is certainly immortal so long as there are German families able to reproduce, in whom the will of the German Reich is alive.

Each citizen of the Reich is obliged to do everything within the bounds of what can reasonably be expected of someone, to protect the right of the Reich and to support the Reich regaining its ability to act. The most important duty is to resist the system of foreign rule.

The war aim of the enemies of Germany was and is the perpetual destruction of the German Reich[7]. This is only to be achieved through the physical extermination and/or the dissolving of the German People in a mash of nations of the various races[8]. From the viewpoint of our enemies, this is consistent. They are thus not to be rebuked but are to be recognised, accepted and treated as enemies.

In order to suppress the resistance that is to be expected against this work of destruction, which is to be wrought over a longer period of time against a living folk-body, our enemies invented the Auschwitz Lie[9]. This Lie is first of all to be recognised as a psychological weapon against the German spirit, and is to be destroyed


2. The discovery of the Lie, and the consequences thereof

This Lie, in which I believed to the bottom of my heart, overshadows my entire life. I went my way as an enemy of the state, believing in the Lie of the industrial extermination of European Jewry, until I grasped the sense of the Hegelian sentence concerning the activity of Reason as history of the world:

What is rational is actual, and what is actual is rational.[10]

With this I was released from the wretched moral view of history and became enabled to conceive the thought that Reason was at work in the extermination of European Jewry, just as much as in the extermination of the Native Americans or the depopulation of Africa through Jewish slave traders, where an estimated 100 – 150 million people lost their lives.

God himself is the agony of history and the triumph of its accomplishment. Neither Caesar – nor his cook – are responsible for the Roman Empire . The extermination of the Jews would then be, just as was the extermination of the Native Americans, an act of God and as such not a crime.

It was probably necessary for me to take this diversion in order to open up to the question of what is to be thought of the arguments of those historians stigmatised as “Holocaust deniers”. The answer that I finally found, filled me with gratitude towards those steadfast men only devoted to the historical truth, who opened my eyes. They had to pay a high price for their fearlessness– without exception.

After long years of a painful struggle for insight into the Jewish Question and into the situation of my People, I have become deeply convinced of the truth of the words of Jesus to the Jews:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.

John 8:44

3. The path to understanding the nature of the animosity against the Jews and the surmounting of the same

It was not belief in the Bible which made me take this viewpoint, but the contemplation on the paths of cognition set forth by German Idealistic Philosophy. On these paths I finally came to distinguish the Germanic spirit as the spirit of freedom, from the Jewish spirit as the spirit of bondage[11]. I realised, that the animosity between Jews and Germans, but also between Jews and all other Peoples lies enclosed herein.

The thought of the finiteness of this animosity took hold of me even stronger.

At last, those hated by all will receive justice in the realisation that Judaism is to freedom what the ugly caterpillar, or cocoon, is to the butterfly that grows out of this ugliness. Setting out from this thought, it is possible to imagine, and bring about, the future final solution of the Jewish Question in a way which will be the liberation of the Jews from their mania of chosenness[12].

This mania leads the Jews to experience the ugliness of the caterpillar as the perfected beauty of the butterfly, and makes them incapable of recognising the perfection of the butterfly as such. Their thoughts and energies are directed at destroying the beauty of the butterfly, which exceeds their own – the caterpillar’s – beauty.

Their arrogance, which enables them to rule the world, will break in the realisation that Yahweh is by nature Satan, the enemy of man and adversary of God. The insight which is dawning amongst the Peoples, that the Jews as a religious community are the embodiment of evil and as brotherhood of Mammon spell the demise of the nations (Peoples), will now take the oppressive power which Judaism still possesses from it. For this oppressive power is founded solely in the belief of the Peoples (generated through Jewish pretence and Talmudic hypocrisy) that the Jew recognises them as spiritual beings, and acts accordingly.

This redemptive-historical line of development – let there be no doubt about this – will only continue forward in world history through severest struggles, which can also take a bloody course. At the end, the Jews will die of a broken heart. Their death as Jews, however, will be their resurrection as man.

Hegel’s recognition of world history as being the struggle of the spirits, is attested to the highest through the struggle of Germandom with Judaism. Hegel describes the universality of world history as follows:

... the spirit is opposed to himself within himself; he must overcome himself as the truly hostile obstacle of himself; development, which in nature is a peaceful going-forth, is a hard, ceaseless fight against itself. What the spirit wants, is to reach his concept; but he himself covers the concept up, is proud and full of enjoyment in the alienation of himself.

In this manner, development is not the mere going-forth without struggle or harm, like that of organic life, but is hard unwilling work against itself; and furthermore, it is not just the merely formal side of developing itself, but is the bringing-forth of a purpose of a particular content. We have recognised this purpose from the very beginning: it is the spirit, namely according to his nature, the concept of freedom. This is the basic subject and therefore also the leading principle of development ...[13]

4. The self-conception of the Deutsches Kolleg as bringer of salvation for Jewry

The Deutsches Kolleg (Collegium Germanicum) believes in the German People, which as the German Reich is a particular shape of God, and believes in the vocation of the German People as it is recognised by Idealistic Philosophy. This belief finds its expression in the Plan for the Uprising which is deduced from the examination of the Redemptive Historical Role of the German Reich[14]. The final chapter of this examination, which precedes the Plan for the Uprising bears the heading: “The Foundation of the Fourth Reich is the Reconciliation with the Jewish Spirit, which is its Conquest”. The Jews would do well to take the path set out by the Deutsches Kolleg, and to tackle the work of reconciliation themselves, instead of continuing to follow their plan with the help of Turkey[15], to move Israel, their perishing state, to Germany by means of joining the European Union. The continuation of the Jewish-Turkish[16] seizure of land would probably result in a hundred-year bloody war in Central Europe . At the end of it, the Jewish Question would finally be solved once and for all – albeit not in the sense of the Plan for the Uprising as presented by the Deutsches Kolleg.

According to the Plan for the Uprising as presented by the Deutsches Kolleg, the Jews have the opportunity to recognise themselves as a necessary moment of the history of the European Peoples and their freedom, and have the chance to recognise themselves as justified within this history. At last the Jews would have the opportunity not to conceive of themselves as the chosen ones of Satan, but to know themselves as humans born in God to freedom. They would then know that man is only free when he recognises his own kind as coequal helpmates of God and as free persons.

5. A serious warning to Jewry

In the fourth book of Moses, chapter 21, verse 2, it is claimed that Israel made a deal with Yahweh when it was still a People without land. It is to have promised him to kill all inhabitants of Palestine , if he gave this People into their hands. This sheer unbelievable suggestion is attested in the following words in the Old Testament:

And Israel vowed a vow unto the LORD, and said, If thou wilt deliver this people into my hand, then I will utterly destroy[17] their cities.

It is further attested that Yahweh agreed to this deal. In the fourth book of Moses, chapter 21, verse 3 it says:

And the LORD hearkened to the voice of Israel , and delivered up the Canaanites; and they utterly destroyed them and their cities.

This is the expression of the self-conception of a nation of executioners.

There can be nothing in common with this spirit of antiquity. This spirit must not be tolerated for it belongs to oriental antiquity, which disappeared long ago. It is the absolute negation of the West and its history. Only here, in the Occident is world history in truth the progress of the spirit in the consciousness of freedom[18]. Here, under Christian influence, the spirit worked its way up to the idea of the person and to the idea of the nation – to concepts which are wholly alien to the Jews and which cannot be understood by them. To demand tolerance towards Judaism is comparable to the suggestion to permit the trade with Negro flesh on the meat market of Soho because cannibalism still occurs in Africa to this day[19] due to religious grounds, and because it would be unjust towards the Africans living in London to hinder them from celebrating their religious rites.

The millennium phenomenon of anti-Semitism is brought about by the repudiation of the Chosen People’s bloodthirsty belief in bondage.

If the Jews continue to destroy the world as Satan’s servants, they will be exterminated like the Native Americans or Australian Negroes. They will then themselves suffer the fate Yahweh has planned for the other Peoples:

For the indignation of the LORD is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter.  

Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcasses, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood.

Is. 34:2-3

6. How to deal with the Jewish Question

The decisive viewpoint for the treatment of the Jewish Question was not presented by Adolf Hitler but by the Zionist Bernard Lazare, who lived at the end of the 19th century in Paris . He writes:

If the animosity and hostility towards the Jews had only existed in one country and in a particular time, it would be easy to find out the reasons for this anger. But on the contrary, this race has always been the goal of the hatred of all nations, in whose midst the Jews lived. Since the enemies of the Jews belonged to the various races, which lived in areas far away from each other, had different laws, were dominated by opposing ground rules, had neither the same manners nor the same customs, and were animated with dissimilar spirits, the general grounds for anti-Semitism must always have existed in Israel itself, and not amongst those who struggle against Judaism.[20]

The spirit of freedom rose in the West, where not some, or a few, but where all are free, both the individual and his community. Europe has proven itself superior to the folk-spirits of Africa , Asia and America in this. The world is marked by the Peoples of Europe, and it will remain so.

The higher spirit is in fact with itself, i.e. free, when it destroys its lower forms by also exterminating them physically. The spirit does not need to justify itself to anybody, for who could judge God?

The higher occidental spirit of freedom is, however, for itself the consciousness that the lower forms and shapes of itself are but moments of itself which are to be negated as spirit in spirit, and where the slaying of these results in the opposite. The more abstract spirit is not slain by the more concrete and more free spirit, but is sublated in the spiritual struggle in the threefold sense: ended (negare), kept (conservare), uplifted (elevare). This higher spirit which has grown out of Judaism appears in an undated memorandum of Himmler for Hitler, probably from May 1940. In this memo, the thought “of a physical extermination of a People” is rejected due “to inner conviction and as being ungermanic and impossible”. Hitler agreed with this point in a marginal note of his own[21].

Concerning the disposal of the residual shape of Yahweh, which exists in the pores of the historic Peoples of the West, one needs to sensibly choose between assimilation, expulsion, isolation in ghettos or accommodation in reservations – eventually a combination of these measures, if possible, in agreement with those affected. We here need to credit the achievements of Satan, God’s servant[22], in the struggle of the Peoples, for freedom as idea[23].

7.  The secret of the survival of the Jews – or, the workshop of the history of the Jewish spirit

Freedom[24] is only actual[25] in the opposition of its moments, the freedom of the individual and the freedom of the People as a whole. Freedom exists only as idea[26] in the self-conscious reconciliation[27] of the opposites of the moments of freedom. This is the key thought of Hegelian philosophy, which has life as philosophical-political tract in the Deutsches Kolleg.

The particular contrast between the particular and general has worked itself out as the hostility between the Western powers ( Great Britain and France ) that are of a more individualistic nature on the one hand, and the Central power ( Germany ) that is of a more communal (militaristic[28]) nature on the other hand.

In order to liberate the subjective spirits (individuals) from the binding forces of the family, clan, tribe and nation to an extant that they were legitimately able to exist as Persons[29] (individuation), the natural communities were weakened until they were at death’s door, in a process of world history lasting a millennium.

It has shown itself as history that the force which binds communities on the one hand spiritually corrupts (paralyses), and on the other hand, that it has been overcome through the materialistic powers of the market, which unbind this force.

Spiritual corruption, the death of God[30], is the work of the atheistic system of belief[31] which clothes itself in the raiment of the “scientific world view”.

The materialistic loosening of the bonds that bind families, communities, etc., which only reaches its mature form in the relationship of capital as the boundless drive to enrichment and power, is mediated by gold, wherever gold has become the general means of payment.[32]

Both powers – atheism and the market – are psychic forces of the subjective spirit itself: Atheism is the result of the spiritual drive to freedom, and economic materialism results from the drive toward an abstract being-for-self (Fürsichsein)[33]. As ways of living of the spirit, both are appearances of the moments of its freedom, which, in their particularisation from the general, are at first only abstract freedoms. For the sake of the one-sidedness of their moments, freedom appears as the Angel of Death. The beating of his wings creates the apocalyptic aura which now awakens consciousness to the thought of freedom, in which private arbitrariness is just as much sublated as is the despotism of Leviathan[34].

We of the modern age think far too highly of our tearing away from God. We would do better to mark the writing on the wall as Friedrich Nietzsche interpreted it for us:

The greatest of the recent events – that ‘God is dead’, that faith in the Christian God has become implausible – is beginning to cast its first shadows over Europe ... This long abundance and series of demolition, destruction, demise and overthrowing which is now ahead of us: who could guess enough of this today to be the teacher and prophet of this vast Logic of Terror, to be the prophet of a darkening and blackening out of the sun, the likes of which the world has probably never witnessed before?[35]

The powers of dissolution and corruption have their world historical existence both inside the subjective spirit[36] – the side of potential enticement – as well as in an outer protagonist, in Mephisto who enters the stage as a frivolous sceptic and dastardly tempter.

This is the role assigned to Judaism.

In itself (i.e. as one which is not yet put forth and known) Judaism is atheism, with the drive to become for itself, to put itself forth as atheism and to know itself as such. Judaism’s principle is grandeur, i.e. the separation of God and man[37].

The grandeur of Yahweh is in itself atheism, since in this form and shape God is not at once man: i.e. God here ends where man begins, meaning that God has a limit in man and is therefore not infinite but finite. The limit contained in this grandeur disparages Yahweh to finiteness. Grandeur therefore bears its own contradiction which destroys Yahweh.

And it is the Jews themselves who are executing this judgement with the incredible lie of their extermination through the German Reich. For how can they continue to bear Yahweh as their God, who allowed all of this to happen?[38] If one were to follow the arguments of the Rabbis Yoel Taitelbaum[39] and Ovadia Yosif[40], who interpret the “Shoa” as Yahweh’s punishment for disobedience, then one could hardly prevent oneself from making the cynical inquiry of just how much remuneration the German Reich will receiving for these services.

This God enslaves his chosen People with an abundance of unnatural commands[41]. The Jews revolt against this in two ways: The weaker choose the path of getting round the laws by means of a highly developed art of hair-splitting. The stronger amongst them get rid of this despot by using the separation of God and man that is given in Judaism to deny the existence of Yahweh without destroying themselves in the process of doing so.

It is thus no surprise to find Jews in the front row of the great atheistic thinkers: Baruch Spinoza, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud. But atheism is only the death of God that has become for itself, that has become conscious, and which was already present in itself in Yahweh.

As the conscious tearing away of man from God, atheism is God’s adversary (Hebrew:= Satan). Peoples as thoughts of God (Herder), and states as existence of God in the world (Hegel) perish in the death of God. In no age has this connection appeared more miserably than in our own. The Peoples sense that the suffering at the loss of God is a Jewish disease, the spread of which is led by Marxism’s list of sins, in particular its Bolshevistic form.

That parasite of market economy, extortion, is similarly a form of Being impressed upon the Jew through the Yahweh religion[42], which, due to the fact that it is exaggerated through divine promises, is the ladder to desperately desired world rule in Jewish self-conception.

Karl Marx, grandson of a Rabbi, may here serve as a witness for the fact that the Jew has appropriated the power of money, that through the Jew money has become the world power and the practical spirit of Jewry has become the practical spirit of the Christian Peoples[43].

Atheism and Mammonism are therefore two sides of the same coin, which have their mutual roots in Yahweh. It is due to these sides of their being that Jews are hated in all places by all Peoples.

As the body of Yahweh , Judah is the existence of the negativity of the concept[44]. This is the act of excluding everything from itself, the unending reference onto oneself. As consciousness, this is the thought of being chosen.

As Being for Another, i.e. in reference to the Peoples, Judah is Satan[45] and not truly a People (Volk). It is precisely this state of affairs which finds its expression in the Torah, in that Yahweh is irate at all Peoples and announces that he will give them all up to the slaughter[46].

This passage of the Bible is helpful for overcoming the emotional barriers that hinder a clear insight into Jewry as atheism, as death of God.

A People which lets itself be chosen by Satan to become the executioner and slaughterer of the Peoples is itself Satanic. If it is then massacred by the attacked Peoples, then it is no more a victim than is the murderer whom the law executes. Only the higher self-consciousness of the Peoples, that the Jew is a brother in God, can stay the sword drawn for protection against robbers and murderers.

Judah , unable to set forth a constitution out of itself when forced to fend for itself, would (as a People that is self-enslaved[47]) long ago have perished at the hostility of the Peoples[48], as victim of a truly committed genocide by the World Spirit in antiquity. Its traces would have disappeared: either in the sand of the desert into which stronger Peoples would have driven Judah , or in the biological and cultural substance of those Peoples who absorbed Jews as refugees.

After Judaism had already existed amongst the other Peoples as a corrupting influence before the destruction of the Second Temple , the Jews’ existence as a People with a physical location is finally terminated with the destruction of the Temple and the scattering of the Twelve Tribes of Judah and Israel which accompanied this event. The unending, spaceless desire for a return to the Promised Land has taken the place of the physical location as a moment that concentrates the People on physical territory, and the pariah-like[49] sense of togetherness that is created out of the fear of persecution has taken the place of the feeling of their own folk-community as experienced in their own territory (land).

This desire is not ever satisfied since the emigration of the Jews out of Israel did not leave an emptiness behind, and because the return of the Jews to Palestine now hits upon the resistance of a folk-spirit that is superior to the spirit of the Jews. This superiority shows itself in the willingness of the Palestinian Moslems to sacrifice their lives. This attitude is wholly alien to the Jews, since for them the highest value is the preservation of the life of each Jew. Due to this reason the Zionists were fundamentally mistaken when they thought to keep hold of the robbed land and to pacify the Palestinians with brute force.

The Jews’ fear[50] is omnipresent – a fear to which corresponds a particular protective mechanism: they cry before they have been struck[51]. The extermination, which is only feared, thus becomes an imagined reality[52]. The Jew thus always and everywhere feels as a “survivor” with the with the right to claim compensation for his danger.

Perhaps this is the inwardly experienced justification of the Talmudic teaching which permits the Jews to rob the Goyim[53].

After a victorious WWII, the Jews have put themselves into an unassailable position by means of the mendacious persecution claims of their media. Each and every crime is forgiven them by publicised opinion before it is even committed. Each moral protest against the staging of their villainies before the eyes of the world, is successfully lied into the crime of “anti-Semitism” by them.

The fact that the Jew is needed because of his corruptive Being by the Peoples, is something of which the Peoples have no consciousness. The protection often given the Jews by the princes is not due to the insight into their negativity, but due to the high esteem in which their money and intellect is held.

The Jewish spirit is an anti-Folk-Spirit that does not wish to truly love: not his neighbour (for this love needs to be explicitly commanded to him!) and not the soil that carries him. Without love for people and soil, the territory in which he lives will never become his home[54]. He thus lacks the strength to defend both people and soil. The passions, which remain unemployed (there is no Jewish art!) harden to the fanaticism of the bondage of Yahweh. Without power of assertion, and lacking all pride, the Jew seeks protection and accommodation amongst the Peoples that he hates. Both are granted him – until revoked – out of the subconscious inner necessity to have the workshop needed for his redemptive-historical work of destruction where the Peoples that are to be treated are located.

This – Talmudic – enemy differs from all other enemies imaginable. His particularity was able to be felt by the Peoples, but it was not recognised. Hegel points this particularity out, however, without interpreting Talmudism as such:

The Jews are victorious, but they did not fight; the Egyptians are defeated, but not by their enemies; they succumb like one poisoned or murdered in his sleep by an invisible attack ...[55]

A decisive moment of the corruption of the Peoples that is redemptive-historically necessary is their guilelessness. Just as in the tale of the Wolf and Seven Kids (cf. the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm) Satan needs to gain access through pretence and hypocrisy in order to accomplish his work. The attack itself must remain invisible. This is the deep reason why they scream “anti-Semitism!” as soon as one openly speaks out their name. They cover their conspiracies up with the reproach that one is a “conspiracy theorist” if one perceives their intrigues and calls them by name.

Judah is a community without a physical location that is essentially an enemy (Satan)[56] who cannot be grasped, and who cannot be fought against with regular methods due to his lack of location, which is why he is always threatened by irregular extermination.

Under these circumstances, there can be no lack of a life-maintaining redemptive-historical counter-force.

The fact that Judah is still alive and has not perished like the other Peoples of antiquity, is not due to a will to save Judah, nor due to an inclination of the European Peoples, but is due to the fact that (as could be shown in the redemptive-historical context) the Peoples needed Judah as a corruptive influence for the sake of their own liberation.


8. ... but now they will lose!

The Jewish metal, gold, has been cursed as being an agent of moral corruption at all times by all Peoples. The secret of the world-wide active charisma (to this very day) of the leader of the Germans, Adolf Hitler, lies in the hope of the Peoples to be redeemed from the curse of gold and the stranglehold of the Jewish plutocrats through him. Billions of people would be willing to forgive Hitler and the Germans the genocide perpetrated against the Jews – if this genocide had indeed been committed – simply because they cannot imagine any other solution of the Jewish Question than the murder of the Jews.

The thought mentioned last is deeply enrooted in the collective conscious of the Peoples – and the Jews are aware of this. Already the Old Testament, the Bible of the Jews, reports the decision of the Persian High King Artaxerxes to rid himself of the Jews through murder. In an addition to the Book of Esther, in the Vulgate, we read:

Seeing then we understand that this people alone is continually in opposition unto all men, differing in the strange manner of their laws, and evil affected to our state, working all the mischief they can that our kingdom may not be firmly established: Therefore have we commanded, that all they that are signified in writing unto you by Aman, who is ordained over the affairs, and is next unto us, shall all, with their wives and children, be utterly destroyed by the sword of their enemies, without all mercy and pity, the fourteenth day of the twelfth month of Adar of this present year. That they, who of old and now also are malicious, may in one day with violence go into the grave, and so ever hereafter cause our affairs to be well settled, and without trouble.[57]

Johann Gottlieb Fichte treats the problem of the creation of a state within a state in his work “Beitrag zur Berichtigung der Urteile des Publikums über die Französische Revolution” (Contribution towards the correction of the public’s judgements on the French Revolution) from 1793. He here deals with Judaism and the solution of the Jewish Question.

Following contract-theory, Fichte believes that a state within a state is possible. He replies to the objections which point out the danger of such a condition:

But please, is it really necessary, is it at all likely that much harm would come of it? You who fear the danger of such a condition so much, have you never thought about your own situation, have you never discovered that these dangers perpetually surround you hundredfold? (Fichte, Werke, vol. 6, p. 149)

At this juncture he takes Judaism as an example:

A mighty, hostile state is spreading through almost all European countries, a state that is constantly at war with all other states and that oppresses the citizens of some states awfully harshly: it is Judaism. (loc. cit., p. 149)

He does not take the danger to be that the Jews will form a state within a state. Rather, it is the fact that this state is founded on the hatred for all Peoples which makes it dangerous[58].

Fichte criticises the drivel about tolerance and refers to it as “words sweet as sugar about tolerance, and human rights, and civil rights” (p. 149-150).

At this juncture he reminds his opponents that in a different context it is they who always conjure up the danger of a state within the state, in order to then take a swing at the emancipation endeavours:

that the Jews who, even without you, are citizens of a state that is more secure and stronger than all your states, would completely trample your remaining citizens under their feet if you now also grant them civil rights in your own states. (p. 150)

History shows how justified this warning was. Let a Jewish self-testimony as well as a conversation between the former US President Richard Nixon and the preacher Billy Graham serve as examples.

In a keynote address, which the Jew Stuart E. Eizenstat, US Undersecretary of State for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs gave before graduates of the Yeshiva University [59] on 21 May 1998 , he spoke of the remarkable

transition of the Jews from the fringes to the centre of American life, with full equality, and this again with Jews … at their centre.

He then concludes with satisfaction (and certainly not with anti-Semitic intent):

Making up less than three percent of the population at the end of this century, the level of Jewish participation in the leadership of the areas of the arts, science, of business life, economics, politics and the government of the United States is quite simply astonishing. If the people of Israel expresses real power for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple, a power which is exercised by Jews, then Jews have a real influence in America, more so than in other countries of the Diaspora, and they are using this power in a constructive and positive way.

In its edition from 06 March 2001 , the International Herald Tribune printed a commentary of the Boston Globe. It states:

Thanks to the most recent release of Nixon tapes, America now learns that Graham egged Nixon on. After Nixon decries what he sees as the malevolent influence of Jews in Hollywood and the media, Graham says, “This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain.” Seconds later, Graham says ominously, “If you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something.”

Without having spoken it out, Fichte had posed the question how to deal with the Jews. He answers this question in a footnote (21) as follows:

The Jew who pushes through the solid, yea, insurmountable entrenchments which lie before him to a general love for justice, for mankind and for truth, is a hero and a saint. I know not whether suchlike ever existed or do exist. I would like to believe it as soon as I see them. But I will not let anybody sell me pretty semblance for reality! – The Jews still do not wish to believe in Jesus Christ; they do not even want to believe in a God at all, if they did not have two distinct moral codes and believed in a God hostile towards mankind. – They must have human rights, even though they do not grant us the same; for they are humans, and their injustice does not justify us to become like them. Never force a Jew against his will, and suffer not that it happen if you are the nearest to hinder it; you quite simply owe it to him. If you ate yesterday and feel hungry today, and you only have bread to last for today, then give your bread to the Jew if he did not eat yesterday, and you would do most well to do so. – But to grant them civil rights, for that I see no other way than to cut off all their heads in one night, and to stick other heads on them in which not a single Jewish idea is contained. I again see no other way to protect us from them, than to conquer their promised land and to send them all down there. … I do not want to say that one ought to persecute the Jews for their faith, but that no one ought to be persecuted for this reason. I know that one is rather permitted to attack the whole body of mores and their most holy product, our religion, before various learned tribunals, than that one is allowed to attack the Jewish nation. … What I say, I hold to be true; and I am saying it in this manner because I believe it to be necessary: I add that I find the method of many of the more recent authors in respect to the Jews to be very inconsequent, and that I believe to have the right to say what and how I think. He who dislikes what I have said should neither grumble, nor slander, nor get worked up about it, but ought to refute the facts mentioned above. (Fichte, Werke, vol. 6, p. 150)

Is there anybody who could claim that the relationship to the Jews has improved since then, and that the dangers mentioned by Fichte have diminished?

We have a problem with the Jews. Who could possibly doubt this after all that has come to pass? Except: one is not allowed to speak about it.

Problems which are not allowed to be discussed cannot be solved – at least not sensibly.

Serious problems that are not solved are like a cancerous growth. They kill the infected organism.

A law that forbids the treatment of life threatening problems by punishment, is not right (ius). For right is the will to life of a community. The community lives freely through right. Right unleashes its productive powers so that the community can freely develop.

Whoever commands a People not to unsettle the enemy that has invaded, and be it only through publicising the presence of this enemy, is himself an enemy of the People and deserves to be driven out.

The German Reich will solve the Jewish Question. How it is to be solved – that depends on the Jews.

Germany is not the country of the Jews, and it is not the country of the Turks. Germany is the country of the Germans – and only of the Germans! Germany will again become German!

Long live the Holy German Reich!

[1] Jürgen Möllemann, vice-chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1991 – 1993, who criticised Israel ’s politics in 2003 and died in a mysterious “sports accident” at the height of the smear campaign against him.

[2] Martin Hohmann, CDU Member of the Bundestag who drew the heavy criticism of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany upon himself in 2003 for comparing Jews and Germans as nations of perpetrators (Tätervolk). As a result, he was expelled from the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

[3] General Günzel, commander of an elite unit of the Federal Armed Forces, who congratulated the Member of the Bundestag Martin Hohmann (see fn. 2) in a letter in 2003 for “having said what 90% of the Germans feel in their heart”. The day the letter became known, he was dishonourably discharged from the Federal Armed Forces by the Federal Defence Minister.

[4] Speech by Carlo Schmid to the Parliamentary Council from 08 September 1948 , recorded in “Der Parlamentarische Rat 1948 – 1949, Akten und Protokolle”, vol. 9, published by the Deutscher Bundestag and the Bundesarchiv, Harald Boldt Verlag in the R. Oldenbourg Verlag, Munich 1996, p. 20 ff. In the archive of the Bundestag the bound protocols can be found in the office of Günther J. Weller.

[5] This viewpoint is even shared by the Federal Constitutional Court : BVerfGE 5,85 (126) and decision of the court from 31.07.73 concerning the basic treaty BVerfGE 36,1 ff.

[6] Hegel, Wissenschaft der Logik II, Suhrkamp-Werkausgabe, vol. 6, p. 166 ff. (Science of Logic II).

[7] Quotes by N. Goldmann, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, Vansittard.

[8] Reference to the plans of Morgenthau, Kaufmann, Hooton, Coudenhove-Kalergi.

[9] Reference to the list of standard works of the “Revisionists”.

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[11] Concerning the form and shape of bondage inherent in Judaism, cf. Hegel, “Der Geist des Judentums” (The Spirit of Judaism), Suhrkamp-Werkausgabe, vol. 1, p. 274 ff.; Max Weber, “Die Entstehung des jüdischen Pariavolkes”, in “Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie III”, UTB 1490, Tübingen 1988.

[12] Cf. Horst Mahler, “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”

[13] Hegel, “Vorlesungen über die Philosophie der Geschichte”, Suhrkamp-Werkausgabe, vol. 12, p. 76 (Philosophy of History).

[15] Jüdische Allgemeine Wochenzeitung from 26.09.02, Wolfssohn suggests an alliance of the Jews with Turkey against the Germans.

[16] Analysis: Jews flooding into Germany , By Uwe Siemon-Netto UPI Religion Editor Published 05.06.03 at 05:26 p.m. Alpbach (APA) – Israel is obviously striving for EU membership in the near future. Israel’s chargé d’affairs in Vienna, Avraham Toledo, stressed on Monday, during the political talks in Alpbach, to APA that it is “a vital interest of Israel” to become a member of the EU.


Anne Geyer, columnist for the “Universal Press Syndicate” in Washington , described the situation in Israel on 17.08.01 as following: “Two-thirds of the Israelis do not believe that peace is possible, and the statement ‘we are losing our state’ is the most commonly heard expression in Israel .” In fact, an exodus has already set in; the terror-state Israel is in the first stage of breaking up: “The phenomenon has by now become so blatant that the newspaper Ha’aretz devoted an own page to it in its Pessach edition, under the German heading ‘Angst’. As such, the number of Israelis who have applied for and been given a German passport, because their grandparents were once German, has risen dramatically.” (Die Welt, 12.05.01, p. 9) Recently, Jewish voices wanting to see the state Israel dissolved have dramatically increased. In London , the Sunday Times published an article with the heading: “British lecturer demands the end of the Jewish state” (19.10.03, p. 31). Tony Judt, Jewish lecturer at Oxford , in particular appalled and infuriated Zionists. The Sunday Times wrote: “A British academic caused a sensation in America by claiming that Israel is an anachronism and ought to be replaced by a non-religious state of two nations of Jews and Palestinians. Critics said that in its effectiveness, this comment was the call for the dissolving of Israel .” (19.10.03, p. 31)

It is further elaborated in this article in the Sunday Times that there is a consensus in Europe that the Jewish state (which was created through theft and genocide) must disappear. The Sunday Times writes: “David Frum, former speech writer for President George W. Bush, who co-coined the term ‘Axis of Evil’ said: ‘The views of Judt may be unpopular in America , but in Europe they represent a growing consensus’.” (19.10.2003, p. 31)

The Jewish strategist Lord Weidenfeld assesses the situation similarly to the leading Jew Frum: “More and more ‘moderates’ are now joining those who totally deny a Jewish state … They prompt the question: Does a Jewish state at all have the right to exist? Should it disappear in one go, or over numerous stages! That such voices should also come out of the camp of the Jewish left-wing and their comrades in opinion in the ultra-liberal camps of the European and American intelligentsia is characteristic for this moment of history … In simple English it means the end of Israel , with or without civil war, at best a mass exodus.” (Die Welt, 24.10.2003, p. 8)

The signs for the dissolving of Israel are in fact becoming ever more obvious. Die Welt reports about a flood of East European Jews (those from Israel are not even mentioned) who immigrate into Germany each year: “We know from statistics that in the year 2002, Germany took up more Jewish emigrants than Israel and the USA .” (21.10.2003, p. 9) According to Die Welt there are currently still one and a half million Jews living in the CIS states, who are ultimately all permitted to come to Germany as contingent refugees: “In general a figure of one and a half million is assumed, with strong centres of Jewish life existing in particular in the European part of Russia and the Ukraine. … How many more will leave their homeland depends on a multitude of complex factors; of economic and political crises. … These are currently factors which are speeding the stream of emigration up.” (21.10.03, p. 9)

A much greater incentive for tempting the one and a half to two million East European Jews, besides the exodus from Israel , into Germany may well be the financial incentive of the Federal Republic . “As far as Germany is concerned, a decisive step to granting Jewish life a lasting, even promising perspective in Germany was achieved with the contingent refugee agreement in 1990.” (Die Welt, 21.10.2003, p. 9) Not only is each Jewish family given ample financial benefits, but homes and houses are made available to all immigrants. The “welcome money” for each Jewish family is said to be 130 000 Euros.

Fact is that the state Israel no longer plays an important role as place of Jewish settlement. Astonishingly, the Jews are happily streaming into the “land of the perpetrators”: “And still a considerable number of CIS emigrants prefers to settle in Germany than in the other states for immigration [ Israel and the USA ].” (Die Welt, 21.10.03, p. 9)

The major centres of management and leadership have probably already written the Jewish state off, and have chosen Germany as the “new Jerusalem”. After all, only recently a state treaty was signed between Germany and the “Central Council of Jews in Germany ”. A state treaty is normally signed between sovereign states or member states. The matter must therefore be extremely important, especially since the treaty is not made public.

The German leadership under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was obviously prepared to bite the bullet and to settle world Jewry in Germany with a high amount of financial help. The Schröder government knows only too well that Israel is a real threat for the whole of Europe with its roughly 400 strategic nuclear missiles. In an analysis by the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) Israel is indeed listed as a nuclear threat for Europe: “Missiles can hit Germany … The insights of the BND present a shocking picture of the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction: Iran, Pakistan, India, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Israel and North Korea are states working at one or the other weapon, in part in conjunction with work on carrier missiles.” (Die Welt, 25.01.2001, p. 7)

[17] The term given by the KJB as “destroy” was translated by Luther with “Bann” (lit. anathema). The term “Bann” is used predominantly in contexts of war and refers to the total destruction of cities, people, animals and goods. Num. 21:2 ff., Deut. 13:13-19. [Rienecker, Lexikon zur Bibel, Brockhaus-Verlag 1991]

[18] Hegel, Suhrkamp-Werkausgabe, vol. 12, p. 31 ff. (Philosophy of History)

[19] Cf. Peter Scholl-Latour, Afrikanische Totenklage

[20] Bernard Lazare in “Antisémitisme, son histoire et ses causes”, Paris 1934, vol. 1, p. 42, here quoted from Jonak von Freyenwald »Jüdische Bekenntnisse«, Nuremberg 1941, facsimile p. 142.

[21] Mentioned by Wilhelm Stäglich, “Der Auschwitzmythos”, Tübingen 1979, p. 36, with reference to “Vierteljahreshefte für Zeitgeschichte”, year 1957, p. 157.

[22] Rienecker, “Lexikon zur Bibel”: Satan’s power is not independent, but subjected to God (as is Mephisto in Faust (prologue)).

[23] Here taken in the Hegelian sense of the unity of subjective concept and objectivity (W 6/466) (Science of Logic II).

[24] Freedom:= when the will is not dependent on anything that is not itself.

[25] With actual, “activity” and “to act” is emphasised.

[26] Cf. fn. 12.

[27] “Reconciliation” does not mean that the opposites have disappeared. Rather, they have recognised that they mutually need each other and are now searching for a form in which they can both coexist.

[28] Concerning the nature and true esteem of German Militarism, cf. the essay of the “King of the Diaspora Jews” Nachum Goldmann, “Der Geist des Militarismus”, Deutsche Verlagsanstalt Stuttgart-Berlin, 1915, newly published by Roland Faksimile-Verlag, Bremen 2001, ISBN 3-9807552-3-1, in particular p. 27 ff.

[29] Person:= the individual who exists in the Being which “resounds” (Lat. per sonare) through the individual and thus comes to appearance.

[30] The Death of God: God appears in various forms and shapes: Yahweh, Christian God, Allah, etc. In this differentiation He is finite and therefore mortal; if the Christian God is no longer alive as such in the faith of the Christians, then He has died. Since, however, He is eternal as Absolute Spirit, and therefore immortal, He is now resurrecting as a higher form and shape in the speculative philosophy of Hegel as recognised Absolute Spirit.

[31] Blaise Pascal pointed out that one cannot prove the existence of God, just as one cannot prove His non-existence. For “proving” means to start with a given certainty A and deduce B from it through logical operations, so that B is equally certain. Since God, however, is without prerequisite, since He does not come from another God, the operation of proving fails. The same applies for the instance where the sentence “God is not” is to be proven.

[32] Means of payment, money, is a social condition into which people enter with their whole existence, something which is seen by the fact that people tend to starve when they have no money.

[33] The drive towards independence and power, egotism.

[34] In Hobbes’ theory of the state, Leviathan, the biblical monster (Is. 27:1), symbolises the state that has liberated itself from all forms of consideration and thoughtfulness.

[35] Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft, Kritische Studienausgabe, vol. III, p. 573 (The Gay Science).

[36] For this reason they are often viewed as “anthropological constants”.

[37] Reference to the corresponding texts.

[38] Amos Funkenstein, “Jüdische Geschichte und ihre Deutungen”, Jüdischer Verlag in the Suhrkamp Verlag, 1995, p. 227 ff.

[39] Amos Funkenstein, loc. cit., p. 228.

[40] Report in the taz from 07 August 2000 .

[41] The rational aspect of these unnatural commands is that the Jews, through following these commands, find their way to an existence which is appropriate to the concept of God as spirit. The path to the freedom of the spirit necessarily leads through bondage. Cf. Hegel W 12/487, 511 (Philosophy of History).

[42] Deut. 15:6 and 28:12-14.

[43] Karl Marx, “Zur Judenfrage”, MEW vol. I, p. 372 (Concerning the Jewish Question).

[44] Concept (Ger. Begriff):= God as logical idea.

[45] Is. 34:2-3, 60:12. Cf. the Declaration of War against Jewry by Horst Mahler. The Hebrew word Satan means enemy, adversary, enemy of God and mankind par excellence; he has no autonomous power, but is subjected to God (cf. “Lexikon der Bibel” by Fritz Rienecker).

[46] Is. 34:2-3.

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[57] Aest. 13:5-7

[58] Fichte, loc. cit.: “I do not believe … that the same will become so dreadful because it forms an isolated and thoroughly wrought state, but because this state is founded upon hatred for the whole human race.”

[59] Quoted by Ivan Denes, “Wer und Was ist die ‘Ostküste’ des Dr. Helmut Kohl? – Jüdische Organisationen in den USA”, Oberbaum-Verlag, Berlin 2000, p. 14.


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