When is Genocide true Genocide?


By Christian Borleis



3 January 2004




The "holocaust dogma of Judaism" is clearly "the keystone of the New World Order" and one of the excuses being used to enslave Christian Germany and ultimately the rest of the world.


The allegation of the mass-murder of millions of Jews had been well-stated even before the USA became a formal belligerent in the war on December 7, 1941, and it became more and more obvious that Zionism's prize goal of Palestine was what lay beyond the propaganda charges; the mass death of European Jews was not an allegation supposedly serving a purpose in aiding the winning of the war by Germany's enemies. It was being formed into the moral foundation of the future state of Israel . But the promotion of the charge was now a joint effort of Soviet Communism and world Zionism, and their different goals in doing so became incidental.


‘Holocaust’ and ‘Genocide’ have become synonymous. However ‘Genocide’ means the complete or the attempted extermination of a particularly section of the community.


The following extract of the Encyclopedia Encarta and Columbia has been included to help to understand the term:


‘Genocide’, in international law, the crime of destroying, or committing conspiracy to destroy, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. It was thus defined in the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 9, 1948 .

("Genocide," Microsoft (R) Encarta. Copyright (c) 1993 Microsoft Corporation.)


‘The U.S. has never ratified the convention, claiming that the provision for international tribunals and the principle of personal liability for national actions violate the concept of SOVEREIGNTY.’

(The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia, Columbia University Press. )


Raphael Lemkin invented the term ‘Genocide’. Lemkin was a Polish Jew, who fought the German army (Wehrmacht) as a partisan in World War II, escaping eventually over Sweden to the USA , where he became a prominent lawyer. He participated as an adviser in 1945/46 at the International Military Tribunal (IMT) in Nuremberg in the prosecution of the alleged German war criminals.


The term ‘Genocide’ would eventually lead to the new Holocaust religion, a religion, which in terms of money would be significant in financing the establishment and infrastructure of a the new Jewish state of Israel. The term ‘Genocide’ was also coined to propagate the brutality Jews had to endure under the Nazis with the intent to draw sympathy from the rest of the world to their own advantage. The Federal Republic of Germany ( West Germany ), an artificial partition of the former German Reich, concocted by the victorious Western Allies after the war assumed the responsibility for the alleged ‘Genocide’ of six million Jews.


The number of ‘six millions’ is more significant then ‘Genocide’ itself because it expresses the enormity of the crime. While ‘Genocide’ generated sympathy throughout the world, the fabricated numbers of slain victims of the Holocaust provided blackmail and extortion. For this alleged crime of six millions perished Jews West Germany was made to pay the extraordinarily amount of restitution (Wiedergutmachung) to this day. The demand for compensation applies not only to the victims of survivors or their kin, but also to the new Jewish state of Israel

The Holocaust legend is the cornerstone to discredit Germany , which had indulged in National Socialism promoting race consciousness, a virtue it has in common with Judaism.


Political implications regarding the emergence of Israel on Arab lands.

To understand the making of the state of Israel let us return to the events of the Great War.


During that war the British government negotiated with the leader of World Jewry, Chaim Weizmann the infamous document known as the ‘Balfour Declaration’. In this document the British promised the Jews the transfer of Palestine , a land within the Turkish so-called Ottoman Empire . Turkey , an ally of Germany in WWI, was at that time the overlord of all the Arab land.


In return for this promise by the English government, Chaim Weizmann promised with his cohorts (Baruch, Brandeis, Frankfurter, Colonel Mandel House, all Jewish advisers to President Wilson) to bring the USA into the war against Germany, relieving battered Britain from defeat. Weizmann kept his bargain and the US joined the allies. But when the war had finally ended, and the Turkish Empire had been defeated and broken up, all Arab land was annexed by Great Britain and France, who divided the conquered territory amongst themselves. They called it ‘mandate’ in disguise of colony.


The Arabs, having been promised liberation from their overlord Turkey by Laurence of Arabia, an English mercenary and politician, were betrayed and suffered humiliation. Having fought and sabotaged against their overlord Turkey in the ‘war of liberation’ they now realized that they had been fooled only to become the victim of a new overlord, the British-French imperialists. 


Betrayed were also the Jews, because when the war was won with the help of America , Britain retreated from its promise to hand over Palestine to the Jews for a homeland of their own. 


Having never consulted the Arabs in the matter, the British knew very well of Arab objection to a Jewish state on their land. Promises had been made during the desperate stages of the war, but now the conquerors broke their word and dismissed the Jewish claims. 


It was clear to the Zionist Jews, that to achieve their goal a new war would have to be staged in the near future to teach the Goyem (non-Jews) a lesson. Having been betrayed, they planned to destroy the British Empire in their fury. They would be instrumental in decimating the Arian gene pool (Genocide) in the coming European conflict. It is easy to see who took over the command in Versailles where the belligerent combatants met and negotiated about what they called ‘a peace treaty.’


When the victorious jackals finally met at the end of the Great War, they fought each other in Versailles over the territorial spoils of Germany , Austria and Turkey . A Jewish commission lead by notorious Chaim Weizmann of no less than 117 Jews were also present at this historic conference. Those gentlemen made their claims on the basis of having “determined” the outcome of the Great War for the Allies.

(New Jewish Encyclopaedia, Facts are Facts by Jewish banker Benjamin Freedmann).


There were so many Jews in both delegations, that it was known by the term “kosher”, also as the “Warburg” delegation. 


Here we deal with two notorious bankers: the “Warburgs”. The American Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg, chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank, negotiates Germany ’s war debts with his brother, the German Jewish Banker Max Warburg of Warburg & Co. of Hamburg. Both are partners of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., which again is an affiliation of the Rothschild cartel.


It is agreed that I.G Farben will form a cartel with Rockefeller National Oil, that IG Farben be floated on the American market and that the American investors finance Germany ’s war debts unwittingly. Max of Warburg and Co, Hamburg , becomes chairman of I.G. Farben of Germany , while his brother Paul becomes chairman of I.G. Farben of America . When in 1929 the Warburgs bring about the crash at Wall Street, the Warburgs had Germany ’s war debt reduced to nothing. The reason for the rejuvenation of Germany ’s financial affairs is explained therefore as follows.


Before the new war could be launched Germany would have to regain its economic stability and industrial viability. This was achieved at the hands of Germany ’s Finance Minister and President of the Reichsbank, known as the ‘Wizard’, Hjalmar Schacht, who had plotted with the governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman and the international Bankers Max and Paul Warburg to mobilize financial Germany to its former military strength in preparation for war. 


It was an easy matter to lure Germany into another war. Having deprived a proud nation of its right of survival in dignity, messed around in its internal affairs, annexed ancient provinces with its entire population, robbed it of its oversea colonies, and taken the Rhineland as collateral, it was not hard to imagine that the German people were longing for a hero to raise its nation once again to its rightful glory and equal statues in the world. The man in question was Adolf Hitler with a determination that shocked the world. He swore by the mighty God he would dismantle the dictate of Versailles piece by piece, and so he did.


The removal of the impossible creation of the ‘ Polish Corridor ’ signalled the beginning of the Second World War. Prime Minister Lloyd George had forecasted the war in 1919 within twenty years but he was not aware that the agenda of World Jewry differed from British, French and German national interests. Foreign armies would fight for the benefit of Jewish Palestine, renamed Israel in 1948.




 The Polish Corridor


In March 1933 Hitler became Chancellor of the German Reich. In March of the same year the parliament of the Reichstag granted Adolf Hitler the enabling act to govern by decree.

In 1935 Hitler would implement the Nuremberg Racial Law, which originated in the Program of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) drafted in 1919.


Paragraph 4 states:

Only German nationals can be citizens of Germany . Only persons of German blood, regardless of Christian confession, can be German nationals. Thus, no Jew can be a German national.


Paragraph 5 states:

Whoever is not a citizen must be allowed to live in Germany only as a resident alien, and must be governed by the law of aliens.



The Transfer Agreement puts ‘Genocide’ in question.


On August 7, 1933 leaders of the Zionist movement concluded a secret and controversial pact with the Third Reich, which in its various forms transferred some 60,000 Jews and $100 million to Jewish Palestine. In return, Zionists would halt the worldwide Jewish-led anti-Nazi boycott that threatened to topple the Hitler regime in its first year. Ultimately, the Transfer Agreement, also called The Haavara Agreement, saved lives, rescued assets, and seeded the infrastructure of the Jewish State in Jewish Palestine.


While the rest of World Jewry was organizing an economic boycott of the new Nazi regime in Germany in the hope of breaking it before it could mount the “Holocaust”, the Mapai (Labour Party) faction of the Zionist Organization based in Jerusalem decided to make Nazi Germany, Palestine's chief trading partner.


The vehicle for trade was The Transfer Agreement. The Nazis and Labour Zionists had one very important thing in common: the Nazis wanted Germany ridden of Jews and the socialist Zionists did too, so long as they emigrated to Eretz Yisrael. To accommodate such a transfer of Jews, an agreement was arranged whereby each Jew wishing to leave Germany for Palestine would have to use his capital to purchase German goods there. Thus, while world Jewry was busy fighting Nazi Germany economically, the Mapai Zionists were saving Germany from financial ruin. In short, the Labour Zionists assured the survival of the Nazis.


The Transfer Agreement, pp 107- Locker advised the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem that for tactical reasons, Zionists in all countries should avoid participating in the struggle against Hitler. Locker feared that open criticism of Hitler would precipitate crackdowns on German Zionism... Zionists were seeking detente with an enemy to achieve Jewish nationalism...but the American Jewish Committee's antagonism to anti-Nazi activity defied even their own definition of Jewish defence.


pp 127- By linking the purchase of German goods to the settling of German Jews in Palestine ...the Zionist movement would be obliged not only to refrain from and oppose any boycott, they would be obliged to aggressively sponsor German exports.


pp 134/135- The German government felt certain it had triggered the breakup of the boycott because the Zionist movement would now be in the German export business...The Jews of the world would now have to choose between fighting Hitler and building Palestine...the plan was not a rescue or relief project. If it was, the Zionists would have labored for an agreement for Jews fleeing Germany without regard to where they sought refuge. (The Haavara Agreement by Edwin Black, Brookline Books)



The Transfer Agreement spells out clearly that the Nazis intended no more and no less to expel Jews from Germany (and Europe ) for whatever reason and transfer them to other places, in particularly to Palestine . The Nazis fell short in the intent as the propaganda has it to exterminate the Jews. But Jewish propaganda states that in 1933 Hitler promised not only to “rid Germany of its Jews, but to cleanse the world as well”.  (Haavara Agreement p6)


This is plainly absurd and nonsense and intends to undermine the Nazis strong race-consciousness and patriotism, before it would spread to other parts of the world.


World Jewry was absolutely beyond Hitler’s reach. He could not lay hands on all the Jews in the world and exterminate them. This is propaganda and brainwash. The perversity of this foul smearing campaign has had no limit ever since and is directed against self determination of any country, Germany in particular. Hitler’s foresight also proved its worth at the time of the Crystal Night (Kristalnacht) when he reprimanded his Minister Joseph Goebbels for having initiated the attack against Jews that night in retaliation for the murder of a German diplomat von Rath by a Jew. The costs of damages to Jewish business had to be paid for by German insurers.

In spite of Hitler’s dislike of the Jews he was aware of worldwide public opinion and wished not to alienate his country with the rest of the world. Therefore, much effort was made between 1933 and 1939 to transfer German Jews to Palestine with their assets.


Raphael Lemkin’s ‘Genocide’ terminology is far stretched when applied to Nazi Germany. Nomadic Jewish (diaspora) have multiplied ever since Germany laid down arms in 1945, their genes have well survived. Quite contrary, they have gained out of their fiasco an independent national state and capitalized ever since. Israel ’s infrastructure has been financed by Germany and the US . Their worldwide prestige has increased from the extent of their craftiness in manufacturing sympathy and recompense for their Auschwitz incarceration, after having declared war on Germany on the 3rd of September 1939 on Germany . While genocide means the termination of a gene, a people, the Jew is very much alive today. In all Western countries he has assumed his traditional appearance in media, movie and government and commerce.


Multiculture (the mix-up of homogenous gene pools), was first promoted by World Jewry. The notorious ‘minority rights’ was first imposed on Germany after WWI in the Versailles Treaty in article 278, after WWII imposed on the rest of the world by the UN with the exception of Israel, which claimed its rights to preserves its gene pool for the sake of mankind.


Auschwitz and the gas chamber


Nahum Goldmann, president of World Jewish Congress, in "The Jewish Paradox", page 90:

" I am not certain that without Auschwitz there would be a Jewish state today."


The Auschwitz saga was an utmost convenience to Germany ’s opponents, in particularly countries like America and Great Britain . In blaming Germany having committed ‘Genocide’ they hoped to cover up their own real Genocide committed against the American native population, the Indians, who were brutally and merciless slain and decimated on their own soil. Those who escaped the slaughter ended up in reserves, restricted to live within the boundaries confined by the white man. Africa Negroes were kidnapped and brought in chains to the new continent for slavery and abuse. America has a long history of true ‘Genocide’.


The Zulus in Africa were treated as savages. After the notorious ‘Zulu War’ the Zulu tribes vanished completely, while their once proud king was brought to England and carried in an iron cage to London for exhibition.  

The Australian Aboriginals did not do any better as a distinct ethnic group. They have been grossly decimated and their culture and life style totally destroyed. The last Tasmanian Aboriginal was shot dead in 1885. The extermination of native people in various countries has been thoroughly documented and need no further clarification. Here we have true ‘Genocide’. The media and propaganda teaches little of the ‘Genocide’ committed where once natives lived with their own distinct culture and languages.


Those people were ‘natives’ on their own soil, contrary to the Jews in Germany , who were uninvited guests. The Jews in Germany were not expelled solely on racial grounds as the media has it but also on politically treacherous ground. Aliens pervert the course of destiny. The Easter Jews also carry the genetic incurable Tay-Sachs disease (inbreeding), which was considered another threat to the German gene pool..


On several occasions in the past Jews have betrayed Germany . They have publicly announced their unwillingness to assimilate. They also insisted to retain their own culture. There is no doubt that Jewish culture is incompatible with German culture. Jews were uninvited guests in Germany and were given ample time to pack their gear and leave the country, while the Nazis assisted them with the transfer to their best ability. Jews were given eight years time, from 1933 until the beginning of WWII to emigrate and continue their own destiny in Israel .


When World Jewry declared war on Germany together with France and Great Britain on September 3, 1939 , their plight was sealed. Their internment began with the exception of some proven patriotic Jews. As the general condition during the war deteriorated, so did the treatment of the inmates of the concentration camps.


That is to say: If the Nazis had been determined to liquidate the Jews (and they have been known for their extreme efficiency) there would have been no millions of survivors. And Anne Frank would not have been hospitalized with the intention for her recovery.


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