Nuovo Ordine Europeo, Trieste, Italy

Third International Historical Revisionism Conference

14 December 2002

In Memory of the Millions of Civilian Victims of the Democracies and their Lies

  Fredrick Töben

Last to speak was Dr Fredrick Toben, head of the Adelaide Institute (Australia), who has himself served a prison sentence in Germany for revisionism and has recently been ordered by an Australian "human rights tribunal" to remove from his website certain texts which might, according to the judges, offend the sensibilities of believers in the "Holocaust".  And no matter whether what can be read in those texts is true or false:  indeed, for these recently created judicial bodies whose job it is to oversee the citizenry’s submission to "political correctness", the truth does not constitute grounds for defence. Thus justice itself, a pillar of our civilisation whose basic tenet has always been a reverence for the truth, is severely perverted, for henceforth it is respect for the new myth of the "Holocaust" of the Jews that takes precedence. 

Dr Toben maintains that the "war against terror" currently being waged on a planetary scale is only a pretext to stifle and even penalize any expression of opinion which may annoy the American-Zionist superpower.


Free Speech and incitement to hatred: the war on terrorism and the fight for freedom and democracy

  1. Christmas Myth/ Sun Eclips

  1. Worldwide Persecution of Dissidents

  1. Pattern of Persecution

3.1  Examples of persecution: no right-of-reply

3.2  Common Law and the principle of Natural Justice

3.3  Frau Denise Patricia Doyle  

  1. Our Civilisation Rests On The Bedrock Of Truth

  1. Dialectic trickery: The definitive anti-Revisionist pattern of persecution

  1. ‘Holocaust’ Research

6.1  Auschwitz I, Krema I

6.2  Anti-Revisionist Fritjof Meyer

6.3  Lying about the numbers

6.4  Gitta Sereny

6.5  Richard Krege and GPR

  1. German Bombing-Holocaust

  1. Concentration camp Bozen: Zionist-Nazi collaboration

  1. Legal Constraints without Natural Justice: A Gag Order

9.1  The 17 September 2002 Federal Court of Australia Judgment

9.2  HREOC’s Commissioner invited to University of Mannheim

  1. Moslem Radio 786 — Setting Standards, Breaking Boundaries



As I am working under a court gag order, it is difficult for me to know where the boundary lies for my free speech. I have attempted to do my best not personally to state anything about the 'Holocaust' and the 'homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz', but rather to quote other individuals on that matter.  In other words, I am merely reporting on these contentious issues without in any way agreeing with what is being said. This task is not an easy one.

1. Christmas Myth/ Sun Eclipse

On 3 December 2002 headlines in a Sydney newspaper: A primary school principal wishes to do away with the belief in Father Christmas because it is not true. In a response to a child’s letter-to-the-editor asking whether Father Christmas did exist, the newspaper wrote an editorial stating that Father Christmas is real.

The right to believe in myths and legends – to believe in religion as such – is a human necessity. We all need to believe in something.

For example, the next day, Wednesday 4 December was the day the moon ate the sun; so according to some individuals who watched the moon eclipse the sun.

The belief that natural phenomena will cause catastrophes is an example of superstition and fear of the unknown.

Not all people see things negatively. At Stonehenge during eclipses men and women get married – they celebrate natural phenomena as something positive. Elsewhere in the world at the time of this latest eclipse, in Zimbabwe, for example, groups walked about with banners warning of imminent danger, of pending catastrophes.

In Zimbabwe, near Beit Bridge – on the South Africa - Zimbabwe border – a group of dissenters displayed their banner: ‘Mugabe casts a shadow over Zimbabwe’.

The Question now is, do we want to believe or do we want to know?

Historical studies rest on the bedrock of physical evidence, yet we have governments around the world that enact laws designed to stifle debate on certain historical topics.

For example in Turkey it is not permitted to discuss the Armenian Holocaust that the Turks inflicted on the Armenian people. This aspect of Turkish history has been criminalised. Then, it is not permitted for female members of parliament to enter Parliament wearing headscarves as it offends against Turkey’s ‘secular’ state structure because this denotes a devout Moslem.


2. Worldwide Persecution of Dissidents

What is happening in Turkey is writ large in so-called western European democracies: France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden – in fact, there will soon be a law for all European Union countries that outlaws any form of racism.

To that I say, bravo – I do not support any form of racism, hate-speech, terrorism and xenophobia.

I also differentiate between inciting (hate) and informing speech, something the above countries don’t do. It is the common law principle of Natural Justice that enables us to enjoy free speech, something that many of us take for granted.

For example, Rabbi Cooper is inciting against me by stating that I am an Osama bin Laden apologist; the 17 September 2002 Federal Court of Australia judgment is an incitement against me: it permits the person who brought the action against me to label me with words that currently do have a slanderous meaning. It permits anyone legally to attack my good name, something that we have until someone uses a legal mechanism to tarnish it.

Hence, those individuals who still worry about a social reputation, will cower and submit to this kind of social blackmail of which Cooper is an expert.

And so, free historical research and debate on important matters, such as the alleged Jewish ‘Holocaust’ of World War Two, has effectively been stifled in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand because Jewish-Zionist organisations claim that talking about the Jewish ‘Holocaust’-Shoah is a racist matter – which is a nonsense claim.

I hold that the Jews are not a race, and it was a grave error of the National Socialists to have enacted the 1935 Nuremberg Race Laws that gave Jews a racist status. They effectively fell into the Zionist trap and did two things by enacting such a law:

  1. The law stopped the rapid assimilation of Jews into German society, and
  1.  The exodus to Palestine could begin, thereby paving the way for the creation of the state of Israel. This also meant that German settlers in Palestine, such as the Templers, were later driven out of Palestine through terrorism, just as today the Palestinians are using terrorism to re-assert their right to their land.

And now under the Australian Racial Discrimination Act I have been subjected to a gag order that prevents me from discussing the Jewish ‘Holocaust’. It is deemed a racist matter to question the six million alleged Jewish deaths, and to question the gassings claim, i.e. the nature of the murder weapon – the homicidal gas chamber.

It is morally and intellectually fraudulent to excise, to cut out such historical enquiry on so-called ‘racist’ grounds. This loss of free research has distorted our understanding of that event, and it is distorting our understanding of world history.

By preventing anyone from openly researching into this ‘Holocaust’ topic, we are nurturing a society that is blinded to the reality of what gave rise to World War Two, even what started the first world war.

Witness the terrible oppression of the Palestinians that the Israelis justify on grounds of having suffered the Jewish ‘Holocaust’ at the hands of the Nazis during World War Two.

Anyone who dissents from the orthodox view; anyone who is politically incorrect and rejects the officially published version of events, will be character assassinated. 

3. Pattern of persecution

Usually any persecution of individuals within organisations and within society follows the following steps:

1. Defame the victim's professional competence, mental balance, truthfulness, etc.

2. Reward collaborators from the victim's group.

3. Weld together the pack of prosecutors.

4. Proclaim authority of the corporation/party.

5. Spread defamation through the victim's personal links and loyalties.

6. Isolate the victim by giving him the silent treatment/limit oxygen of publicity.

7. Usually this leads to the victim's resignation, which is taken as proof of guilt. Dismissal occurs if the victim refuses to resign.

8. A strong victim highlights the moral standards of society.

9. People in authority perpetuate their own types because no one wishes to be shamed by his successor.

10. Employees are as courageous as their security of livelihood and reputation permits.

11. A governing body of an institution devoted to truth and justice is corrupt if it obstructs enquiry into its stewardship.

12. Such state of affairs is the antithesis of democratic processes and places the society in imminent danger.


3.1 Examples of persecution: no right-of-reply

Press Information
December 2, 2002

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Associate Dean, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, and its Director for International Liaison, Dr. Shimon Samuels, have written to Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and Deputy Prime Minister, Gianfranco Fini, to advise them that an international conference organized by the neo-Fascist movement Nuovo Ordine Europeo of Trieste will apparently convene in Trieste on 14 December.
Entitled "In Memory of the Millions of Civilian Victims of the Democracies and Their Lies", the participants are to include:

·Ahmed Rami, who fled from Morocco to Sweden after his assassination attempt on the late King Hassan, and who has been convicted in Stockholm for incitement on his Radio Islam, and is currently again under investigation.

· an Iranian radical Muslim fundamentalist.

· the Swiss organizers of a Holocaust denial conference scheduled for last spring in Beirut, but cancelled by Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

·a revisionist who fled a Swiss court and now resides in Teheran.

· an Australian apologist for Osama Bin-Laden, who was released on bail, pending conviction by a German court for Holocaust denial.

· an American who insults the memory of 9/11 victims in claiming the attacks were organized by the United States and Israeli intelligence services.

The Wiesenthal Center urged the Italian authorities "to move against any such suspects who enter the country and are fugitives from the law. They should be promptly deported to the democracies where they are sought for trial," as also "to take all necessary measures to ban this gathering that, if allowed to take place, would aid and abet the forces of terrorism, racism and antisemitism."

The Simon Wiesenthal Center had alerted Italy in September of a similar conference to be held in Verona, which was aborted due to the authorities' intervention.
For further information, please contact: Dr. Shimon Samuels at +33 6 09 77 01 58 or Rabbi Abraham Cooper at +1 310 553 9036 / +1 310 772 2449.



3.2 Common Law and the principle of Natural Justice

I request that Rabbi Abraham Cooper give me a right of reply, especially to the highly defamatory penultimate paragraph.

When I met Rabbi Cooper at his office in April 1997, we had an interesting discussion on how important it is to have a free flow of information, and we agreed on how important it is to ask questions.

Then suddenly he asked: ‘Do you question the gassings? And I replied that indeed I do because we must know how the murder weapon functioned.

He terminated the discussion, and then said something about my being honest. Of course Rabbi Cooper is morally and intellectually bankrupt. He should forget to slander and libel Revisionists but ask the most difficult question of his life: Are the Revisionists right in their arguments?

We know we are.

3.3 Frau Denise Patricia Doyle

A US citizen, claiming to be transsexual, has allegedly transgressed against Germany's 'Holocaust' Law. The hearing was set down for 28 November 2002 at the Amtsgericht Böblingen. Adelaiee Institute publicized her request for publicity of the case. After the hearing, on 2 December 2002,  we received the following from Doyle:

“Dear Dr. Toben,

      My attorney has warned that I could face further prosecution if the inquisitors discover my plea for support, in it's present form on the internet. I'm working on a reworded, safer rendition. Perhaps a "ghost writer" can claim authorship of my plea and have donations to support me directed over your account. Please bring in a ghost writer, or put my pleas on ice, until they're reworded. It's very dangerous here.                               

     I was fined 900Euros on November 28, for 2 counts of Volksverhetzung - rabble-rousing; the D.A. wanted a 2700E fine. I was charged for possessing 5 copies of the English VHO pamphlet Holocaust and Revisionism:33 Questions and Answers, and about 6 copies of IHR's 66 Questions and Answers. They were discovered in the search of my apartment. I wasn't charged for the thousands of distributed and possessed internet stickers, such as; INTERNET MACHT FREI!;;;

Apparently the laws are permissive concerning spreading of internet addresses, however the judge said I could have been fined "mehrere Tausend Euro – some thousands of Euros, for the removal costs of the stickers, but I wasn't charged on that. The judge asked if I had a sponsor, which I denied. He then asked why I'd wish to help the Rechtsradikalen – right-wing radicals, especially since I'm Transgender, and of partial Jewish descent. Keine Angaben – no response. He then described the Rechtsradikalen as a small minority, and sehr eigen – quite peculiar.

More later! Best Wishes! Denise Patricia Doyle”


4. Our Civilisation Rests On The Bedrock Of Truth  

Prussian historian Heinrich Leo: Better to cause a scandal than to be less than truthful

I say, if you deny me my freedom to think and to speak, then you deny me my humanity and you commit a crime against humanity: Truth is my defence.

Let me offer an example of what I mean from the physical world: An engineering project, if not done as accurately as possible, will fail; for example a bridge that is built not according to the most detailed plans, will not stand the stress caused by traffic flowing over it.

 American philosophers Charles Saunders Peirce (pron. Purse) put it clearly:

“Though infallibility in scientific matters seems to me irresistibly comical, I should be in a sad way if I could not retain a high respect for those who lay claim to it, for they comprise the greater part of the people who have any conversation at all. When I say they lay claim to it, I mean they assume the functions of it quite naturally and unconsciously. The full meaning of the adage humanum est errare, they have never waked up to. In those sciences of measurement which are the least subject to error — metrology, geodesy, and metrical astronomy — no man of self–respect ever now states his result, without affixing to it its probable error; and if this practice is not followed in other sciences it is because in those the probable errors are too vast to be estimated.”

Hence, the importance of enjoying a free flow of information is self-evident. When our mind opens itself to new information, then its potential is optimized to revise and reformulate its store of knowledge. That is the essence of being a Revisionist – all thinking individuals are constantly revising their view-points, their belief systems. If they don’t, their begin to defend dogmas- and that is not what scientific knowledge is all about.

This makes it imperative that we use the concept of truth as a guide to maximize our knowledge of the world in a process that forever adds new information.

And what is Truth but the sibling of Justice and Honour, the moral virtues that give our life meaningful content.

Where there is no truth, lies flourish and trust – the cement that holds relationships together – is lost. Then we enter the world of the control freak because without trust we cannot have creative relationships, and our society breaks down.

We then need to scapegoat, to have the them-us divide, and to do what George Bush has done in calling for a global war on terrorism, for the sake of defending freedom and democracy.

And the alternative glue that keeps relationships together is money. Such then gives rise to the crass materialism that is enveloping the world as part of international consumerism.

We do not have any more freedoms except the freedom to go shopping!

Also, since 9 September 2001, we are now fighting for abstractions – freedom and democracy, and against an abstraction – terrorism, that Bush has filled with the name of Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, etc.

A strong dissenting voice comes from Jack M. Balkin, Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment at Yale Law School, September 22, 2002. In three sentences he expresses a terrible truth:

"Today the world faces a single man armed with weapons of mass destruction,
manifesting an aggressive, bullying attitude, who may well plunge the world
into chaos and bloodshed if he miscalculates. This person, belligerent,
arrogant and sure of himself, truly is the most dangerous person on Earth.
The problem is that his name is George W. Bush, and he is our president."

5. Dialectic trickery: The definitive anti-Revisionist pattern of persecution

Pierre Vidal-Naquet

“I have thus imposed on myself the following rule: one can analyze their texts as one might the anatomy of a lie; one can and should analyze their specific place in the configuration of ideologies, raise the question of why and in what manner they surfaced.

But one should not enter into debate with the "revisionists".

It is of no concern to me whether the "revisionists" are neo-Nazi or extreme left wing in their politics; whether they are characterized psychologically as perfidious, perverse, paranoid, or quite simply idiotic.

I have nothing to reply to them and will not do so. Such is the price to be paid for intellectual coherence."


Pierre Vidal–Naquet, Leon Poliakov, et al.:

“…It is not necessary to ask oneself how, technically, such a mass murder was possible. It was technically possible since it took place. Such is the point of departure required of any historical enquiry on the subject. This truth obliges us to state quite simply: there is not, there cannot be, any debate on the existence of the gas chambers.”

The upholders of the homicidal gas chamber allegations fear truth. They want to believe in the existence of the alleged homicidal gas chamber rather than wanting to know the facts.

The above is a prime example of a moral and intellectual bankrupt mind that fears and hates not only itself, but also anything that seeks to find the truth of a matter, the physical facts rather than some dialectic trickery that only confirms to me that talk is cheap.

As this mindset is also rather immature and unbalanced, it stoops to an infantile level where gossiping about one's likes and dislikes is common; one talks about someone, but one does not talk with someone. It is the classic mindset of the persecutor whose life revolves around the hunt for scapegoats so that personal failings and deficiencies are covered up. Such a person has no home within himself.

Normal and universal ideals, such as truth, honour and justice, are rejected as illusions. Envy and deceit mark such person's value-system, and their world-view consists of a friend-enemy division.

The usual shut-up words relied upon to stifle open debate on any topic are: hater, Holocaust denier, antisemite, racist, neo-Nazi, xenophobic, etc.

Were there to take place some discourse on an historical topic, it would never reach the point where a reference to the truth-content of an assertion would be empirically challenged. The discourse remains within the mind, abstract and fearful of factual truths.

As fear is the parent of cruelty, it follows that individuals such as Vidal-Naquet, hide behind the legal system from where they direct their persecution against those who have the courage to admit to themselves that to know one's ignorance is part of knowledge.


6. ‘Holocaust’ Research

The following is only a brief overview of what should make us optimistic about our own endeavours.

6.1 Auschwitz I, Krema I

In Auschwitz 12 70 To The Present, by Deborah Dwork & Robert Jan van Pelt. W W Norton, New York, 1996, pp.363-4, we read that Krema I was constructed to symbolically represent what actually happened at the Krema II homicidal gas chambers.

There have been additions to the camp the Russians found in 1945 as well as deletions, and the suppression of the prisoner reception site is matched by the reconstruction of Crematorium I just outside the northeast perimeter of the present museum camp. With its chimney and its gas chamber, the crematorium functions as the solemn conclusion for tours through the camp. Visitors are not told that the crematorium they see is largely a post-war reconstruction.

When Auschwitz was transformed into a museum after the war, the decision was taken to concentrate the history of the whole complex  into one of its component parts. The infamous crematoria  where the mass murders had taken place lay in ruins in Birkenau, two miles away. The committee felt that a crematorium was required at the end of the memorial journey, and Crematorium I was reconstructed to speak to speak for the history of the incinerators at Birkenau. This program of usurpation was rather detailed. A chimney, the ultimate symbol of Birkenau was re-created; four hatched openings in the roof, as if for pouring Zyklon B into the gas chamber below, were installed, and two of the three furnaces were rebuilt using original parts. There are no signs to explain these restitutions, they were not marked at the time, and the guides remain silent about it when they take visitors through this building that is presumed by the tourist to be the place where it happened. [At p. 466, in: Where Truth Is No Defence, I Want To Break Free.

In other words, Krema I was de-commissioned as a ‘homicidal gas chamber’. The world media to this day still holds, as does the Auschwitz Museum when it takes tourists to the place, where it happened, that Krema I was a homicidal gas chamber.


6.2 Anti-Revisionist Fritjof Meyer

This 72-year-old chief editor of Der Spiegel, Hamburg, caused a sensation with his article: ‘Die Zahl der Opfer von Auschwitz - Neue Erkenntnisse durch neue Arcchivfunde’, published in May this year in the quarterly research magazine Osteurope, 52/2002, p. 631-641.

In the article he quotes from both the van Pelt books, the 1996 published Auschwitz - from 1270 to the present, and the 2002 published The Case for Auschwitz - Evidence from the Irving Trial.

He makes reference to the Irving/Lipstadt 2000 London defamation trial and claims that new information emerged from it that further reduces the death figure at Auschwitz – from 1-1½ million as shown on the commemorative plaques that replaced the 4 million figure plaques which were removed in 1989, to below half a million.

Meyer cites Gerald Reitlinger’s 1956 published book, Die Endlösung – The Final Solution, where a total of one million are alleged to have died;  750 000 gassed - 550 000 without registration straight into gas chamber.

He also claims that in 1993, F Piper, the curator of Auschwitz stated that 1 110 000 died, 202 000 registered, and 880 000 not registered, and of those 95 000 were registered and 865 000 not registered Jews.  But the 300 000 figure from Poland is too high and the surviving from Hungary not explained.

Den letzten Forschungsstand nennt 1994 Pressac mit 631 000 bis 711 000 Toten insgesamt, davon 470 000 bis 550 000 nichtregistrierte, im Gas ermordeten Juden. Davon entfernt sich nicht allzuweit das Resultat dieser Studie mutmutmasslich 510 000 Toten, davon wahrscheinlich 356 000 im Gas Ermordeten. Dieses Ergebnis relativiert nicht die Barbarei, sondern verifiziert sie - eine erhärtete Warnung von neuem Zivilisationsbruch.

In seinem Prozess hat van Pelt jetzt zwei Informationen von nicht weniger als sensationellem Charakter beigebracht: In Verbindung mit bereits vorliegendem, aber kaum beachtetem Material gestattet diese beiden Quellen recht genau die Gesamtzahl der Opfer von Auschwitz zu berechnen. Van Pelt had diese Belege in the Prozess eingebracht. Sie laufen seiner Expertise zu wieder, ohne Irving etwas zu bestätigen. Van Pelt zitiert zu nächst ein in der Literatur meines Wissens bisher nicht nachgewiesenes Doukument, welches das Bischoff-Schreiben vom 28.Juni 1943 in Frage stellt, indem es Bischoffs Zahlen halbiert.

Eine zweite überraschende Information liefert van Pelt nun mitder Veröffentlichung einer Aussage von Höss im Kreuzverhör vor dem Krakauer Gericht 1947: "Nach acht oder zehn Stunden Betrieb waren die Krematorien für eine weitere Benutzung unbrauchbar. Es was unmöglich, sie fortlaufend in Betrieb zu halten." After eight to ten hours of operation the crematoria were unfit for further use. It was impossible to operate them continuously." 

Die Schlussfolgerung ist einfach: An den 971 Betriebstagen liessen sich hiernach in I/II insgesamt 262 170 Körper verbrennen, in III/IV an 359 Tagen 51 696, zusammen 313 866 Tote, die in den Krematorien von Birkenau verbrannt worden sind. Das sind noch nicht alle der in Auschwitz ums Leben Gekommenen. Laut Höss wurden 107 000 Leichen as den Massengrabern bis Ende November 1942 auf Scheiterhaufen verbrannt. Pressac bestreitet diese Zahl, er zählt 50 000.


6.3 Lying about the numbers

One explanation as to why the numbers have not firmed is offered in the following extract from Le Monde, 23 July 1990:

“Collective memory has seized upon the figure of four million — the very number which, based on a Soviet report, was inscribed until now on the monument erected at Auschwitz to the memory of the victims of Nazism — not withstanding that in Jerusalem, the museum of Yad Vashem has indicated that this total is far from correct.

Nevertheless, from the war´s end, scholarly memory set to work. Patient and minute investigations revealed that the figure of four million did not rest on a serious foundation and could not be retained. The [Nuremberg] tribunal, after all, had relied on a claim by Eichmann, according to which extermination policy had caused the death of six million Jews, four million in the camps.

Based on the most recent works and on the most reliable statistics — as in Raul Hilberg´s Destruction of the European Jews — one arrives at about one million dead at Auschwitz. This is a total corroborated by all the experts, since today they agree on a number of victims that varies from a minimum of 950,000 and to a maximum of 1.2 million.”


Eight years later the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 14 September 1998, publishes the following: [note how things are published in newspapers and not by academics doing proper research, except for the Revisionists, of course.]

“Kurz nach Kriegsende wurde sie von einer sowjetischen Untersuchungskommission ohne weitere Nachforschung auf vier Millionen festgelegt. Obwohl von Anfang an Zweifel an der Richtigkeit der Schätzung bestanden, wurde sie zum Dogma. Bis 1989 galt in Osteuropa ein Verbot, die Zahl von vier Millionen Getöteten anzuzweifeln; in der Gedenkstaette von Auschwitz drohte man Angestellten, die an der Richtigkeit der Schätzung zweifelten, mit Disziplinverfahren.“

[Soviet prosecutor Smirnov 19 February 1946 in Nürnberg stated 4 million.  11March 1946 Höß was arrested (he had a murder sentence of 1924 hanging over him) and under torture stated: "In Auschwitz selbst sind meiner Schätzung nach cc 3 000 000 Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Schätzungsweise nehme ich an das davon 2 500 00 vergast worden sind"]


Remember the Auschwitz Trial at Frankfurt, 20 December 1963 to 20 August 1965?

“…we must call to mind…what endless detail work is performed in a murder trial in our days — how out of small mosaic–like pieces the picture of the true occurrences at the moment of the murder is put together. There is available for the court´s deliberations above all the corpse, the record of the post–mortem examination, the expert opinions of specialists to the causes of death and the day on which the deed must have occurred, and the manner in which the death occurred. There is the murder weapon…All this was missing in this trial…The possibilities of verifying the witness declarations were very limited.”

Scientific investigations of the alleged Auschwitz homicidal gas chambers — The Leuchter Report, The Rudolf Report, The Lüftl Report, et al - have not confirmed the claim that it was possible individuals were killed therein.

Now, thanks to Fritjof Meyer’s research, we need new plaques:  May 2002: Eine halbe Million fiel dem Genozid zum Opfer. p. 631.

This means that this will be the third official reduction of the death figure at Auschwitz – but the six million  still remains constant.

The sadness of this numbers game is that Revisionists have for decades been correct in insisting that open research be conducted about this pressing historical problem.


6.4 Gitta Sereny

Erica Wagner, writing in The Times, 29 August 2001 said that Gitta Sereny’s “ruthless desire to stick to the facts – that, say, Auschwitz was not a ‘death camp’ – has not always won her friends. She is particularly scathing about the identification of Hitler’s evil with the death of the Jews and only the Jews. She deplored the use of the word “holocaust”, she says.

“I deplore it because what happened to the Jews was the sort thing that was done – but it has now become the only thing. And that is totally wrong. If one wants to be disgustingly numerical, one would have to say that Hitler killed more Christians than Jews. But we don’t want to be like that. It’s all wrong.

But if we concentrate entirely on what happened to the Jews, we cannot see its parallels – and you know many in the Jewish community refuse to see such parallels because they think it diminishes their suffering.

But it’s not just terrible to kill Jews – it’s terrible to kill anybody. This whole thing of the murder of the Jews – we must never forget it, it is part of history, children as long as the world lasts must know that this happened – but we badly need to accept it now as part of a terrible history, not the terrible history. I don’t want anyone to think that I diminish it. I don’t diminish it. It was the worst thing. But it was not the only thing.”

Sticking to the facts is the only way to avoid playing into the hands of people such as David Irving. “Untruth always matters,” she writes, “and not just because it is unnecessary to lie when so much terrible truth is available. Every falsification, every error, every slick rewrite job is an advantage to the neo-Nazis.”

She is puzzled, too, by what she perceives as a reluctance to confront the truth by those who seem to have the most interest in it: “Why on earth have all these people who made Auschwitz into a sacred cow … why didn’t they go and look at Treblinka which was an extermination camp? It was possible. There were survivors alive when all this started. Nobody did. It was an almost pathological concentration on this one place. A terrible place – but it was not an extermination camp.”

Then she sighs; and suddenly the fierceness leaves her. “The distinctions are important,” she says more quietly. “But – death is death.”

6.5 Richard Krege and GPR

Sereny raises the spectre of Treblinka, and fortunately a Revisionist is already waiting for this ‘shifting-ground’/changing the story.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Forensic Investigations at Treblinka and Belzec

1.      In 1999 and 2002 Richard Krege investigated the former concentration camp sites Treblinka and Belzec where it is asserted that hundreds and thousands of Jews were gassed and buried.

2.      The location and dimensions of the alleged mass graves were quantified. From the 1919 European influenza epidemic there resulted mass graves that have been analyzed. Soil disturbance is readily identifiable using standard archeological techniques many decades or even centuries later.

3.      The only primary source of information on which to ascertain the likely locations of graves was based on the testimony and associated diagrams and hand drawn maps of camp survivors. Unfortunately much of this information is contradictory and vague in nature, which prevents a precise location being derived. However, in general for Treblinka the south-east corner of the camp area is where the graves are most often said to have been created, while for Belzec it is the upper half of the camp.

4.      Since both these camp sites are of high historical value and importance, no destructive investigative technique is permitted, such as digging a trench, and this rules out most traditional archeological techniques. As a result alternative non-destructive techniques were researched and it was decided that GPR would be suitable for this purpose.

5.      GPR is a geophysical technique which has been available in commercial form for over a decade and has been refined to such an extent that it has found widespread application in literally hundreds of fields including police investigations, archeology, civil engineering, road surface surveys. GPR literally scans the structure of the soil, similar to an aircraft radar that scans for weather patterns, and displays the scan on a computer. In this way the intricate layers and structures of the soil can be visualized and assessed.

6.      GPR scans were taken at both Treblinka and Belzec at the locations described above where the mass graves are likely to have been. The results suggest that there is no evidence of any massive soil disturbance one would expect to find  were there mass graves at these locations, as alleged. More work is in progress so that definitive conclusions can be made.  


7. German Bombing-Holocaust

Berlin historian, Jörg Friedrich, 58, has begun to create waves with his latest book: Der Brand. Deutschland im Bombenkrieg 1940-1945, Propyläen, 596 pages; 25

He claims that the Allies intentionally aimed to destroy German inner cities and kill as many people as possible. He says this is a war crime committed by the Allies; Churchill is a war criminal.

He also states that it is not true to say Hitler began the bombing terror by bombing Coventry

The bombing is the greatest catastrophe on German soil since the 30-year war.

He claims that in 1962 the Statistischen Bundesamt stated that 635 000 died, of those 15 per cent children under 14.

The Allies’ claim that this was ‘Moral bombing’ cannot be accepted as the victims were not colateral damage but rather victims of the policy to break the morale of the people.

I can draw parallels with the current suffering that the Palestinians have to endure under Israeli occupation.  

Friedrich claims that 161 villages and towns were destroyed, including such ancient ones as Dresden, Hannover, Hamburg, Hildesheim, Kassel, Koln, Nurnberg, Paderborn, Wuppertal and Wurzburg.

He concludes that the bombing of civilians did not make military sense and did not end the war any earlier. 


8. Concentration camp Bozen : Zionist-Nazi collaboration

Last month, the Bozen daily Dolomiten, South Tyrol, ran an article about the former concentration camp commander, Karl Friedrich Toho, who died last year. He was in charge of this transit camp from 1944-1945. There were 3500 internees, and the figure for those who died in the camp ranges from 15 to 300.

After the war Tiho had been imprisoned in Italy and Holland, then in 1999 the action against him was stopped for lack of evidence.

In Zurich there is now an Israeli historian, Shraga Elam, who claims that South Tyrole was where the colaboration between the SS and the predecessor of Israel’s Mossad took place, and the Jewish inmates of Bozen played a role here, for example, Jewish Nazi agent Jaques-Jules Yaacov Levy, alias Jaac van Harten. After the war he found a safe haven in Israel where Golda Meir protected him. She was a leader within the Zionist World Congress, and from 1956 to 1966 Foreign minister, and from 1969 to 1974 Prime Minister of Israel.

Elam claims that Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler tried from 1944 onwards through the international Zionist movement, to obtain a special peace treaty with the western Allies.


9. Legal Constraints without Natural Justice: A Gag Order

Adelaide Institute’s legal battle against Zionist oppression is now well into its seventh year, ever since Rabbi Abraham Cooper alerted the world media to our Internet activities!

9.1 The 17 September 2002 Federal Court of Australia (FCA) Judgment

I am now not permitted to state the following anywhere, material that I voluntarily removed from our first version of the website, after the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) ordered us to delete our site, and before the matter proceeded to the Federal Court of Australia.

The FCA judge thus copied the First Allegation levelled against me at my German Mannheim trial of 1999. Where did she find it? Is it a coincidence that she used it in her judgment?  

This is an extract from her judgment of 17 September 2002 wherein she quotes the German 'Allegation One' in full:

About the Adelaide Institute

We are a group of individuals who are looking at the Jewish-Nazi Holocaust, in particular we are investigating the allegation that Germans systematically killed six million Jews, four million alone at the Auschwitz concentration camp. In our investigations we refuse to be intimidated by anyone because we believe that the first step in any murder investigation is to forensically test the alleged murder weapon. In the Auschwitz murder case, certain individuals wish to prevent us from focusing upon such an investigation.

The latest version of how the Germans gassed millions of Jews at Auschwitz is propagated by Professor Deborah Lipstadt of Emory University in the U.S.A. who claims that mortuaries were converted into homicidal gas chambers. Proof of this is apparently found in so-called “conversion plans”. We have requested of Professor Lipstadt and of the Holocaust Museum, Washington, to provide us with copies of such conversion plans. We are still waiting for them to provide us with these plans.

In the meantime we have noted the original four million Auschwitz death figure has been reduced by Jean Claude Pressac to a maximum of 800,000. This in itself is good news because it means that around 3.2 million people never died at Auschwitz - a cause for celebration.

We are worried about the fact that to date it has been impossible to reconstruct a homicidal gas chamber. Even the Holocaust Museum in Washington informed us that it could not bring one across from Europe because there are none available. This is like a space museum without a rocket or the Vatican without a Crucifix. We are justifiably sceptical about the homicidal gas chamber claims.

We reject outright that a questioning of the alleged homicidal gas chamber story constitutes “hate talk”, is “anti-Semitic”, “racist” or even “neo-Nazi” activity.


9.2 HREOC’s Commissioner invited to University of Mannheim

The following speaks for itself, and it is an example of successful networking.  My response can be read at

“She also presented a paper on Human Rights and Racial Hatred in Australia, based in part on a decision she made in October 2000 as an Inquiry Commissioner of the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, concerning anti Semitic material published on the internet by an organization called The Adelaide Institute. The publication of the material was challenged as unlawful under the Racial Discrimination Act. The challenge was upheld in the Human Rights Commission and the material was found to be racially vilificatory. This paper was regarded with particular interest in Mannheim, where the Director of The Adelaide Institute, Adelaide-based Dr Fredrick Toben, was also prosecuted for offences under German criminal law arising out of the material he published on his internet site.”


10. A Moslem Freedom Cry From South Africa  www.MoslemRadio786

Cape Town’s Moslem Radio 786 — Setting Standards, Breaking Boundaries

Michael Belling : Muslim radio station victorious in latest round of Shoah-denial case

CAPE TOWN, Nov. 18 (JTA) - Jewish leaders here are reacting with dismay after their complaint charging a Muslim radio station with trivializing the Holocaust was rejected. In an acrimonious case, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies had filed the complaint with the nation's Broadcasting Complaints Commission about a 1998 broadcast on Radio 786, a Muslim station in Cape Town.

Appearing on the program was Yacoub Zaki, a historian at the Muslim Institute in London. During the broadcast, Zaki said, "I accept that 1 million-plus Jews died during the Second World War, but I dispute the fact that they were murdered, that they were killed by gassing. These people died, like other people in the camps, from infectious diseases, particularly typhus," he said.

The interview prompted a series of legal actions, including one brought before the Constitutional Court, the nation's highest court. In that case, the radio station sought to overturn a section of the broadcasters' code of conduct that prohibits hate speech.

Radio 786 brought the case after the Board of Deputies had lodged a complaint against the station for airing the program, which dealt with the ideology of Zionism and how it resulted in the creation of the Jewish state.

Earlier this year, the Constitutional Court sided with the radio station and struck down several provisions of the Broadcasting Code of Conduct as unconstitutional infringements on the right of free speech.

After that ruling, the Jewish Board of Deputies turned to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, as it had done previously, in hopes of obtaining a ruling against the radio station. Now those hopes have been dashed.

In his ruling dismissing the complaint, commission official Roland Sutherland wrote that "the trivializing of the extent of the suffering" of Jews during World War II is " doubtless perceived by many who accept the accuracy of Holocaust evidence as churlish and insulting. Nevertheless, in my view, it is not the stuff of which reasonable people take offence to the degree it warrants the proscription of the expression of such views."

Hate speech is not protected under the free speech provisions of the South African constitution, but Sutherland ruled that the broadcast did not fall under the category of hate speech.

Sutherland found there was "no attack in the broadcast on the Jewish religion or Jews as such." He also ruled that the broadcast had included "no exhortation to hatred of any particular religious group or group of individuals."

The Board of Deputies subsequently issued a statement saying the ruling evoked "a deep sense of shock." Denying or trivializing the Holocaust is "an attack on the dignity of the Jewish people and not just 'churlish' behavior," the statement said.

Jewish leaders are vowing to keep the case alive. "We will pursue every avenue open to us to take this matter further," Russell Gaddin, the Board of Deputies' national chairman, told JTA. "We believe we have a case they have to answer."

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