Australia's Jews in Denial over Peace Prize

Dr Hanan Ashrawi

Australia's Jews are in Denial over Dr Hanan Ashrawi's Peace Prize Nomination.
They will not admit the Jewish lobby is powerful and wealthy that supports the
State of Israel. Critics of Israel are labelled, among other things, 'antisemitic', a 

nonsense term that more correctly spells out being pro-Palestinian, pro-Arab,

 and opposing the Apartheid, Zionist and racist state of Israel! 


 Twisting the concept of 'denialism' to fit their own motives, it is developing into a new 

concept in Australia's universities as a weapon to silence opponents of Israel. 


Jews will not admit they pressure people into submission, that is, 

those that let themselves be pressured into submission. This would make them 

perpetrators and not only victims of oppression. Jewish behaviour in Palestine

teaches us that lesson.


Organised Jewry also will not admit that world Jewry is terribly disunited, 

hence the need for a uniting concept, such as the 'Holocaust', but only if 

there is something to be gained from it. If there isn't, then Jewish 

whistleblowers, such as Norman Finkelstein will tell uncomfortable 

tale about organised Jewry's behaviour.

BUT, do not blame the Jews for adopting pressure
tactics, blame those that bend to their pressure. 

NSW Premier, Bob Carr, is standing firm because he has a moral 

perspective that embraces justice for the Palestinians. 

The following items are instructive in that they shed light on
those who have been friends of Israel/ of the Jews/ but who cannot anymore
accept the Palestinian Holocaust perpetrated by so-called 'Holocaust'
survivors living in that Zionist, apartheid, racist state of Israel.

Fredrick Töben, Sydney, 5 November 2003

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