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From: M. A. Hegazi
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2003 7:05 PM
Subject: Copy of message to Bob Carr

Dear Bob,

You do impress me far more than does the head of your party at the national level. On many occasions, you stood by your convictions and never buckled. Having said that, I also know that you are "a friend of Israel". I could disagree with you on that. To me, Israel is nothing but a bunch of bandits who high jacked the country of Palestine, resprayed it and renamed it, then called it their own. Not to mention the atrocities committed against the courageous Palestinians, who are still fighting for their country.

Now, I come to the point: You are committed to personally honour Hanan Ashrawy this Thursday. Will you continue to show that you are a politician in possession of a backbone? Or will you send your deputy to quietly hand-over the prize in a muted function?

I assure you that Ashrawy does not need the cheque. I would also assure you that she would prefer an honorary certificate and a statement to the effect that the sponsors of the prize reneged. If you do that, you would score a point in history books, because Israel is a passing fad. Israel is a doomed project. It might take another 50 years for its natural death, but it will die. Our world will not tolerate another modern time racist jewish ghetto.

We, here in Victoria, together with the people of NSW, are watching and hoping that you do not disappoint the people who trust and admire your true Aussie spirit.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammed A. Hegazi

Greensborough, Victoria

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