Mahathir, have they bitten off more than they can chew?
by Joh Domingo

29 October 2003

Mahathir's speech to the OIC has been quite revealing. While he
has been excoriated in the Western Press by every "spokesman"
that wants to remain one, the reaction in the "unfree" world has been
the opposite. Few Asian Leaders have bought the Zionists line and the
only "Asian" leader to denounce him has been Australia's Prime
Minister, John Howard. Colin Powell, after reading the full text has
conceded that it makes very good arguments and reading the full text
gives his speech an entirely different complexion.

Like many people in Asia, Mahathir has had very little interaction
with Jews. His baptism came when George Soros tried to play monopoly
with his currency. He swiftly learnt a great deal; enough to protect
Malaysia from being scoured by a "free" market. He placed his
currency under tight controls. Those that were most affected by it,
the Chinese community in Malaysia and the Diaspora, were heartened
and gave him more than a little support. They were happy to undergo a
little inconvenience, as they were well aware of the losses they had
to endure during the Asian meltdown. Many Korean and Thai industries
had become Jewish owned in the fallout of the Asian Crisis. They did
not hate Jews, they simply liked their money more. The Jews of Asia
are more circumspect, and have perfected the art of diplomacy over
10,000 years. They long ago learnt that you do not shit in your own
nest. As a result, they have always had a policy of sustaining the
societies they live in. Even going so far as to concede that their
hegemony bestows on them an unfair advantage and submitting to
handicaps in order to provide their host country a platform on which
to achieve parity.

I have learnt this in discussion with Singaporean and Malaysian
Chinese when I questioned them about accepting discriminatory laws in
Malaysia that prohibits Chinese ownership of Malaysian industry. They
are limited to 49% and must have an indigenous partner. They
explained that if this was not the case, they would control
everything in Malaysia and it would endanger them as a people. This
way, they are forced to make the pie bigger. As a result, the
Malaysian economy is the envy of the East and is the 27th most
industrialized country in the World. The idea that one group can
dominate another in an Asian context is disastrous. Even the dominant
recognize this. The Jews of the West would do well to take a few
pointers from the Jews of the East.

 Mahathir's social experiment in Malaysia is not a complex one. He
exhorts his people to be positive and apply themselves. He provides
them with a few incentives. They do the rest by osmosis. His people
are free, and freely submit themselves to his rule. He is voluntarily
stepping down and has resisted any urge to create a dynasty. The law
is universal and applicable to everyone. What more can anyone in the
West want?

The answer, is that they want Malaysia to disassociate themselves
form the rest of the Muslim world. They don't want a beacon to rally
Islamic people. They don't want a positive role model for Muslim
countries. Hence the beat up. Mahathir does not have views about Jews
that Muslim's in general do not have. A poll after the fracas found
that 96% of Muslim's share his views. If there is a problem, it is
not anti-Semitism, but a perspective that Muslim's have of Jewish
hegemony and the consistent rabble rousing that Jews engage in. The
result is that Muslim's are constantly being bombed in country after
country. Is it that surprising that Mahathir and Muslim's in general
see Jews as the enemy? If Jews don't like these characterizations,
then they should work to change the perception with words and deeds.
They cannot pretend a convenient outrage while continuing their Jihad
against Islam.

Just a reminder, Jews do not face any danger in speaking out against
this mini-holocaust being perpetrated against the Palestinians by
Jews. Quite unlike the brave and selfless Polish, Ukrainian and
Catholic people that who assisted Jews during the Holocaust. They
always found themselves in the ovens alongside Jews when they were


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