Horst Mahler's


Auschwitz Speech, 30 July 2003


"... Dams break.

The days of Talmudic despotism are numbered.

Truth conquers.


There was no Holocaust!


The German Reich regains consciousness in

the uprising of the German People...

... Ever since the Jews stepped into history, they

have enjoyed themselves in the role of Satan.

In the Greek translation he is named

"diabolos", the muddler.

The English word "devil" goes back to this

Greek root.

An essential aspect of this figure is what the Jew

Sigmund Freud discovered in the 20th century

and called "projection":

one's own wickedness is projected - much like

the picture of a film on a cinema screen -

by means of vilification onto the person opposite, and

is mercilessly chased up and punished on the

"vilified". ...


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 The latest on Horst Mahler's Challenge to anti-Revisionists/Exterminationists'

Theory of the 'Holocaust' in Germany:

Banned from leaving Germany on 30 July 2003

so he cannot travel to Auschwitz, Poland,

for an important public meeting where

commonly-held beliefs about the

death-count will be revised.

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From: Walter Mueller


Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 11:58 AM

Subject: Patriot Letter: Mahler's Auschwitz Speech featured in Community News


Dear Fellow Patriot!

German authorities made the decision to confiscate the

passport of Horst Mahler, the German political

activist. The reason: Mahler planned to go to

Auschwitz and deny the holocaust in its supreme



Well, here is the speech by Horst Mahler, which he

planned to give in Auschwitz. The same speech will be

part of the September issue of Community News, which

is all about Auschwitz. The lead article, written

again by Paul Krupp, about the mother of all lies:

Auschwitz. Horst Mahler's speech will fit just perfect

into this issue:



The German Reich arises for the Truth


by Horst Mahler


John 8:44 (Jesus speaks to the leaders of the Jews):

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of

your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the

beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there

is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he

speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father

of it."


We are finally seeing through the lies, that our

enemies have put into the world over us, which are so

huge and gigantic, that the uninitiated do not dare to

doubt them. These lies live off the gullibility of the

Germans, who cannot believe that anyone is capable of

such heinousness, as has appeared in the



It is two events, which will now quickly put an end to

the Rule of the Lie:


1. The publication of the essay of the main editor

of the news magazine DER SPIEGEL, Fritjof Meyer, "Die

Zahl der Opfer von Auschwitz" [The Number of Victims

of Auschwitz] in the magazine Osteuropa, no. 5/2002,

p. 631 ff. under the editorship of the former

president of the Bundestag, Prof. Dr. Rita Süßmuth,


2. the feigned "Attack on America" of 11

September 2001.


Based on new findings in the archives, Meyer advocates

the theory, that in Auschwitz, not 4 million, nor 1.5

million Jews were gassed, but that only 356 thousand

people - Jews and non-Jews - were gassed. Even

though he is still sticking to the "gas chamber

version" - in contrast to the ever increasing numbers

of "revisionist" historians, who orientate themselves

on objective evidence - he has, with his essay, dealt

the deathblow to the dogma of obviousness, that is

celebrated by the highest courts of the Federal

Republic of Germany. His reference that the former

commander of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höß, "confessed"

imaginary figures under torture, points out the

direction in which the eyewitness statements have to

be critically evaluated.


The only thing that is now obvious, is that this dogma

is nothing other than an appearance of the

institutionalised perversion of the course of justice.

The judges who convicted citizens of the Reich on this

foundation due to "incitement of the people" (§ 130

sect. 3 StGB [penal code]), will shortly have to

answer to the Reich Court for assistance of genocide,

in connection of deed with perverting the course of

justice and high treason.


The fact that the enemies of the Reich, have forged a

weapon out of the number of the victims against our

People, prevents pious commemoration, and forces us to

loud dissent against the malicious intentions that are

being pursued with this forced remembrance.


It is not only the German People that is felled with

the Auschwitz-cudgel. Israel is today massacaring the

Palestinian People in the shadow of this cudgel. And

it is obviously a carte blanche for the Jews to

publicly instigate a Third World War.


The lines, which find their explanation in the

introductory words of Jesus (John 8:44) and which, in

Auschwitz as well as in the demolished towers of the

World Trade Centre of New York, have a respectively

different point of transit, cross on precisely this



For the Jews the Auschwitz-lie and the fictitious

"Attack on America" are the dawn of the Day of



Blinded by the delusion of chosenness, the Jew knows

no measure - including no measure for his lies. He is

now being crushed by their mass. Fiercer than ever

before are the Peoples being confronted with the

Jewish question. The survival of the Peoples,

including that of the Jews, depends on its solution.


The spirit that is present in the "chosen People" is

the existence and there-being of mental illness. In

the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion it found

an impressive expression.


In many cases, the reading of these documents is said

to have triggered off fear, and even mental aberration

and suicide. Maurice Joly, a contributor of texts, and

thus in this sense a co-author of the "Protocols",

committed suicide. This collection of texts is a

masterpiece of Talmudic prose, and in this sense

authentic. In these documents Jewish fantasies of

omnipotence and the Jewish will to world-domination,

go wild in the most comical turns, that the cult of

Satan has ever come up with. Dreams, accurately

observed reality, and well-founded knowledge of rule,

have here entered into an explosive union. The

imparting of the rule of money ("money makes the world

go round") is described realistically, which is why

this work ought to be read by every non-Jew - with

aloofness and the certain feeling of the superiority

of the truth over the lie.


Of what nature is the mental illness that announces

itself in the "Protocols"?


Jewish spirit is the spirit of oriental antiquity. For

the oriental religion, the world is the arena of the

struggle between good and evil (Ormuzd and Ahriman).

Light and darkness lie in eternal strife (dualism) -

and it seems coincidence, when light and when darkness

rules. In Judaism the determination of this oriental

form, is the struggle between Yahweh and his People

(Ormuzd) against the goyim, the idolaters (Ahriman).


The concept of development has remained a closed book

for this dualistic spirit. It has become a fossil as a

result of this. The dualism of God and the world is

already surmounted in the anti-Judaic revolution of

Jesus of Nazareth, in the idea of the threefold God

(trinity), where the world is included in the divine

event, and man is uplifted to being an appearance of



The Peoples of Europe, of the continent of freedom,

have long since worked their way up to the notion of

the person, i.e. in finding of their divine nature,

have worked their way up to mutual recognition, and

thus to the concept of the right of the Peoples

(Völkerrecht) as being the custom (Sitte) of the

Peoples. This concept is alien to the Jews. They do

not recognise another People as a person (nation) - and

can therefore themselves not be a personal People

(nation). In this way they are outmoded, in the

sense that they cannot live and feel in concurrence

with what the European, that has been formed by

Christianity, considers to be "that which is normal".

Such an anomaly is recognised by psychiatry as

"moral insanity", i.e. as a psychological disease that

excludes responsibility - as the existence of a

criminal mind/spirit. It is our current misfortune

that we allow ourselves to be tyrannised by this

spirit. A strange craving to adore the lie seems to

have befallen us.


Read the foundation documents of the first Jewish

world organisation, the "Alliance Israélite

Universelle", quoted by U. Fleischhauer in Die echten

Protokolle der Weisen von Zion.

Sachverständigengutachten, erstattet im Auftrage des

Richteramtes V in Bern von Ulrich Fleischhauer, U.

Bodung Verlag, Erfurt 1935, [The real Protocols of the

Learned Elders of Zion. Expert's Report, reported by

Order of the Judicial Office V in Bern by Ulrich

Fleischhauer] p. 21 ff.!

It says there among other things:


"The nationalities must disappear! The religions must

pass! Israel however will not cease, for this small

People is the chosen one of God."


This is after all the reason why the Jews - when they

were given the opportunity by the USA - totally

destroyed the European right of nations (Europäisches

Völkerrecht), and set the arbitrariness of the "One

World-Power" - their world-power - in its place. In

Talmudic tradition they now call this arbitrariness

"the right of the international community of states".


Since they lack the concept of development, they

cannot interpret world history as the "passage of God

to himself through the world", or rather, as

"progress of the spirit in the consciousness of

freedom" (Hegel). Rather, all developments and events

are the result of the dark machinations of hidden

powers. Yahweh is Satan, who is Ormuzd, the god of

light. The goal of his work of sowing destruction

under the Peoples, is unchallenged world-domination,

which is considered a gladdening of humanity.


The "Protocols" play a double role in this

pathological world-view. On the one hand they serve

self-assurance. With this the Jews fantasise the

fulfilment of the promises, in the centre of which is

the Jewish world-domination by means of money. It must

give them a wonderful feeling, to see in the

changeable fates of the Peoples, the effect of their

hidden High Council with an all-wise monarch at the

top. This ritual overemphasis of financial

transaction, ought to have an effect on the

world-dominance of money, that is not to be

underestimated. The money-princes are certainly aware

of their power and are at pains to secure and increase


They do not plan and organise on the marketplace, but

in secret. In this sense conspiracy is the norm. But it is not

conspiracies that determine the course of the

World-Spirit, for HE is free, i.e. in its will it is

only with itself, and not the flunkey of the Jews.


On the other hand, with the publication of the

"Protocols", the Jews aim to intimidate the Peoples,

to whom the power of the Jews is portrayed as

insurmountable and diabolical.


To let the texts fall into the hands of Tsaristic

secret agents, in order to then claim that the

"Protocols" are a forgery of this secret service, was

a Talmudic masterpiece. In order to amplify the

authority and credibility of the plan to

world-domination, they conducted a costly court case

in Switzerland, in which - as was to be expected - the

arguments for the authenticity of the "Protocols"

predominated, but where the claim, that they are a

fabrication, was not able to be clearly refuted.


It now at last becomes understandable, why on the one

hand, the impression is created that the "Protocols"

have punishable - namely inciting - contents and are

thus forbidden to be circulated, and why on the other

hand, this pathetic effort is available in an

unabridged current edition with ISBN number in

bookshops. The "Protocols" have not even been included

in the list of writings morally damaging to juveniles,

by the federal investigation authority - are therefore

sellable to youths.


At this place a word about "conspiracy theories" is



When Jews feel caught, they try to draw up a

smokescreen with the battle-cry "conspiracy theory".

That is one side of the coin.


On the other side however, there are many

contemporaries who chatter with their teeth, because

everywhere they look, they see freemasons and Jewish

secret societies at work.


Both belong together.


The Jews want us to believe in overpowering Jewish

secret societies. It gives them security.


But real conspiracies - and conspiracy theories used

as weapons - do exist.


The feigned "Attack on America" of 11

September 2001 includes both.


The towers of the World Trade Centre fell victim to a

Jewish conspiracy. A historic conspiracy theory has

been developed out of its result: namely that Al

Quaida is responsible for this attack.


The conspirators of the 11th of September 2001 - the

September-crooks - worked so amateurishly however,

that the lie will now fall on their feet and cause

them to stumble over it - maybe even each into a gas

chamber, onto a gallows pole or onto an electric

chair. The latter scenarios depend on whether it will

at last come to the armed insurrection, against the

Jewish rule in the USA, that high military officials

are predicting. The secret of Jewish power was

revealed to the world by a Jew, Karl Marx, and with

this, the "King of the Jews" was pushed from his

throne. He demonstrated the nature of money and

recognised capitalism to be a self-steering

(cybernetic) system with a built-in auto-destruction

effect. It did not require the all-wisdom of the Zadog

to establish money as world-power. This happens all

by itself, for in this system every money-owner knows

what he has to do in order to accumulate more money

and more power. The name of the game is: "Each

capitalist beats a hundred to death" (K. Marx).

Whoever refuses the laws of Mammon - the compulsion to

evil - drops out.


It is only because Jews passionately adore Mammon and

because they lack every feeling of compassion, due to

their character that has been formed by this ritual,

for the victims of extortion, that they, as

money-owners, have reached an outstanding position in

capitalism. They do not perform the plan of a wise

leader, but execute the laws of capital with

particular cruelty. There is nothing mystical

surrounding their power. And their intelligence is

of hair-raising superficiality. The banality of their

power-fantasies, as it is laid down in the

"Protocols", is far more impressive, than their

criminal aspects.


They do not know what they are speaking of. They do

not know what a state is (something Marx did not know

either), and the idea of freedom is alien to them.

Unable to even imagine the real power of history, they

are now - as arch-crooks - blindly approaching their

own demise, for capitalism, as a cybernetic system,

has reached the point of its self-destruction.


The end of capitalism is only the end of Jewish power,

not the end of history, and certainly not the end of

humanity. An end is always also a beginning. Beyond

capitalism begins the realm of freedom, which comes to

existence and arrives at its there-being in the

self-conscious volksgemeinschaft [People's community].

Freedom has always been driving and drifting in German

soil. It now - strengthened by defeat - emerges again

here. Freedom is not to be confused with liberalism,

of which the "Protocols" state, that the Jews

administered it as a death-bringing poison to the



There is no point in arguing with Jews about God,

People, nation, freedom, dignity, honour and

self-sacrifice. These are invalid concepts for them.

How the concept of human dignity was ruined under their

rule, in the dispensation of justice of the Federal

Constitutional Court, can be read up on, in the book

by the former Federal Constitutional Judge Prof. Dr.

Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde (Vom Wandel des

Menschenbildes im Recht, Rhema-Verlag, 2001 [On the

Change of the Picture of Man in Law]).


Ever since the Jews stepped into history, they have

enjoyed themselves in the role of Satan. In the Greek

translation he is named "diabolos", the muddler. The

English word "devil" goes back to this Greek root. An

essential aspect of this figure is what the Jew

Sigmund Freud discovered in the 20th century and

called "projection": one's own wickedness is projected

- much like the picture of a film on a cinema screen -

by means of vilification onto the person opposite, and

is mercilessly chased up and punished on the

"vilified". If one's opposite is guileless and

good-natured in the manner of the forest-Teuton, then

Satan will have considerable success with this method

- but only so long until the trick has been



The Germans will learn to recognise the Jew in all the

negative traits, motions of will and deeds, that are

ascribed to them by the Jew. This counts first and

foremost for the Holocaust-religion, which projects

the fantasy of genocide, that is repeated

stereotypically throughout the whole Thora, onto the

German People. Couldn't we simply reply with Ovadia

Yosif, the spiritual head of the orthodox Jews in

Israel: "Yahweh is just. He does not punish his People

without reason. Whatever the Jewish People may have

suffered in the midst of its enemies, happened in

accordance with the will of Yahweh. What are you

complaining about? Do you wish to resist the wrath of

Yahweh?" This question however has as its condition,

that the German People was in deed active as the

scourge of Yahweh. But precisely this is to be



But the Jew is to be taken out from another hiding

place: He is an enemy to us, that is set in our land

as occupying power, that interferes with all our

businesses and destroys our culture and religion - but

we are not allowed to say this out aloud. Every form

of criticism of the Jews, that touches upon the heart

of the matter, is punished by the courts of the

occupying power as "incitement of the People" with

imprisonment. They subjugate us under a lethal

compulsory belief, as though the Enlightenment never

took place: Thanks to Sigmund Freud they know the

secrets of soul-murder. The confession of our alleged

guilt is forced from us at every possible opportunity.

They know only too well, that feelings of guilt kill

our People. They want to kill us - in revenge for the

fact that we gave an example to the world, how

the Peoples can free themselves from the bondage of

interest. They are serious about the promise:


Is. 60:12


For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee

shall perish; yea, these nations shall be utterly



This promise is present in the foundation manifesto of

the first Jewish world organisation, the Alliance

Israélite Universelle (AIU):


The other Peoples are split into nations; we alone

have no citizens but only brothers in faith. The Jew

will not become a friend of the Christian or Muslim,

until the light of the Jewish faith, of the only

rational faith, will shine everywhere. Dispersed in

the midst of Peoples, that are hostile towards our

rights and interests, we will above all remain Jews.

Our nationality is the religion of our fathers; we

recognise no other. We live in foreign lands and we

cannot be interested by the changing interests of

these countries, as long as our moral and material

interests are in danger. One day, the Jewish teaching

must fill the whole world. Israelites! Although

dispersed over the four corners of the earth, you

always consider yourselves as members of the chosen

People ...


The work is great and holy. Catholicism, our

hundred-year-old enemy, is defeated, smitten on the

head. The net which Israel throws over the globe will

spread further every day, and the awe-inspiring

prophecies of our holy books will come true. The day

will come, where Jerusalem will be the house of

adoration for the united Peoples, where the banner of

monotheism will

flutter on the most distant coasts. Let us make use of

all circumstances. Our power is great, let us learn to

use it. What have we to fear? The day is not far,

where the riches of the earth will belong exclusively

to the Jews."


(Source: U. Fleischhauer, loc. cit. p. 21)


In an accompanying article in the Archives Israélite

1861, no. 25, pp. 514-520 it states, amongst other

things, on this matter:


"The Messianism of the modern age must dawn and

develop itself; a Jerusalem of the new order, sacredly

founded between the orient and occident, must

establish itself in place of the double-empire of the

kaisers and popes. The Alliance Israélite has hardly

begun its work, and already its influence can be felt

in the distance. It is not merely restricting itself

onto our cult, but turns to all; it wants to penetrate

into the religions the way it has penetrated into the

countries. The nationalities must disappear! The

religions must pass! Israel however will not cease,

for this small People is the chosen one of God."


(Source: U. Fleischhauer loc. cit. p. 22)


In his expert-report Ulrich Fleischhauer elaborates:


"This programme of the Israelite world-union is

precisely the programme of the Protocols, which only

contain the details of execution to this. The

disposal of all religions, all nationalities, the

kaisers and popes, so that Israel can become the sole

world-ruler." (p. 22)


They are robbing us of our religion.


In the Grundsätze und Rahmenplan der Evangelischen

Kirche in Berlin-Brandenburg für den evangelischen

Religionsunterricht an den Grundschulen [Principals

and Basic Plan of the Lutheran Church in

Berlin-Brandenburg for Lutheran religious Education in

the Primary Schools] (1st edition 1990, unaltered

reprint 1997) the goal of learning is set, that the

pupils are to "use" the God-name "Yahweh" in class

(Lernfeld 2, p. 7). This name is "identifiable with

contents of the bible". "The speaking name of God" -

so one can read here - "is far superior to our

abstract word 'God'

as well as to our bleak translation of the name of God

as 'Lord'". The fact that we address our God as "our

father, who art in heaven" is withheld.


"The sermons and testimonies of faith of the

evangelists", are no longer allowed to be retold

"literally true to the text" due to the "murderous

effect of the Passion stories with their anti-Jewish

affects" (Lernfeld 5, p. 1).


If things go by the Jews - and in our country, this is

currently the case - it will not be permitted to make

an issue out of this work of rummage. And yet the

issue at stake is the being or non-being of the German



Resistance against the murder of the soul and against

the destruction of the spiritual foundations of the

West, is punished with prison sentences for

"incitement of the People".


With this it ought to have become clear, that the

punitive norm of § 130 StGB [penal code] is not a law

of the German system of right, but a gateway for the

invasion of Jewish foreign rule over the German



It is time to remember the words of warning, that

Prof. Carlo Schmid said before the parliamentary

council on the 8th of September 1948: The Federal

Republic of Germany is not a state, but only "the

organisational form of the modality of foreign rule".


Foreign rule is that which needs to be shaken off!


The realisation not to be standing in front of German

courts, in the proceedings due to alleged incitement

of the People, but in front of organs of Jewish

foreign rule, will give an ever increasing amount of

Germans who still want to be German, the strength to

endure and to defy the threats of the enemy. We owe

this to our fathers and grandfathers, who fell in the

struggle for survival of our People. Their sacrifice

must not be in vain. We are also arising however, to

preserve German culture and our home, for our



Perhaps we are the first to testify for the truth, in

the form of an open declaration of war against Jewry.

Our numbers will increase. In the foreseeable future

thousands - in fact, hundreds of thousands - will

follow this example. For truth grows wings, when you

try to lock her up.


Sir Hartle Shawcross, the British chief prosecutor at

the Nuremberg Tribunal of the victors, who recently

passed away, had also joined the ranks of the

witnesses for the truth. In a speech in Stourbridge on

the 16th of March 1984 he confessed:


"At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian

colleague, condemned Nazi aggression and terror. I

believe now that Hitler and the German People did not

want war. But we declared war on Germany, intent on

destroying it, in accordance with our principal of the

balance of power, and we were encouraged by the

'Americans' around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler's

pleadings not to enter into war. Now we are forced to

realise that Hitler was right. He offered us the

co-operation of Germany; instead, since 1945, we have

been facing the immense power of the Soviet Union. I

feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we

accused Hitler of, are being relentlessly pursued now,

only under a different label."


Dams break.

The days of Talmudic despotism are numbered.

Truth conquers.

There was no Holocaust!

The German Reich regains consciousness in the uprising

of the German People.

Auschwitz, 30 July 2003

Horst Mahler


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