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How many centuries must pass before there can be an

objective account of Hitler devoid of distortions and

outright lies? The very title of Lexus Sunday Theatre's

Hitler,The Rise of Evil is suspect. However, given that

the subject has been so thoroughly demonised by wartime

propaganda that has never halted, we are supposed to suspend

our critical faculties.

Among the travesties of historical accuracy, the aspersions

on Hitler?s war record are particularly despicable. Not only

was he awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class in 1914, but he was

also awarded the Bavarian Military Medal 3rd Class with bar,

and the Iron Cross 1st Class, and was on three occasions

cited in orders for distinguished conduct in the field.

Perhaps worst of all is the depiction of a furious Hitler

beating his dog Foxy. This nonsense was obviously thrown in

to ensure that nobody misses the point that Hitler is the

ultimate in fiendishness. It would also obscure that fact

that the Third Reich outlawed cruelty to animals, including

hunting foxes with hounds, and even in 1936 legislated on

the manner by which crabs and lobsters were to be boiled to

minimise suffering.

The dramatic episode in which corporal Hitler presents

Staff-Capt. Mayr with a supposedly unwelcome statement on

Jews is bizarre. Mayr requested the opinion, in which Hitler

warned against an emotional response. Therefore, the later

depiction of Hitler spitting cake whilst performing an

anti-Semitic rant is rather unlikely.

One wonders whether there will ever be an acclaimed

portrayal entitled Churchill, The Rise of Evil, depicting

a drunken megalomaniac advocating the genocide of Germans by

anthrax and the bombing of civilian targets for purposes of


K R Bolton

29 Aug 03



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