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Not surprisingly, the interview with Tobsha Learner in

Witchcraft #34, dealing with her novel, The Witch of

Cologne, accepts the eternal victimhood of Jews without

question. A bit of independent reflection away from

Semitophilic clichés would I suppose be too much to

expect from generations bombarded with leftovers from World

War II propaganda designed to laud all things Jewish at the

expense of the European.

Ruth as a respected Jewish woman would indeed be an

'anomaly'. If you consult The Hole in the Sheet: A Modern

Woman Looks at Orthodox and Hasidic Judaism, Evelyn Kaye

states that the Orthodox Jewish male recites every morning,

"Thank you Lord for not making me a non-Jew, for not making

me a slave, for not making me a woman." Kaye, an eminent

author and journalist, was brought up in an Orthodox

community and relates the considerable effort in breaking

free from repression and bigotry.

The statement by Ms Learner that "anti-Semitism was almost

entrenched in the DNA of Europe" is a simplistic response.

Although Ms Learner does mention that Jews were welcomed by

many nations only to have that benevolence turn to animosity

several centuries hence, her reductionist approach assumes

that Jews are at all times innocent. If every action has an

opposite and equal reaction, perhaps we might wonder whether

anti-Semitism is a reaction to a pervasive anti-Gentilism

that is one of the foundations of Orthodox Judaism. As

Evelyn Kaye states "The mark of a truly devout Hasidic or

Orthodox Jew, as well as many other Jews, is an unquestioned

hatred of non-Jews".

As for the Kabbala, while there is no shortage of books

especially written for naïve Gentiles lacking their own

sense of self-worth, few mention that Kabbalism, which is

the basis of the influential Hasidim, teaches that non-Jews

are emanations from the 'Satanic sphere'. The late rebbe

Schneerson, honoured by US presidents, Congress and Senate

as a great humanitarian and educator, whom the Lubavitch

Hasidim expect to return to rule the world, stated, "A

non-Jew's entire reality is only vanity" The entire creation

exists only for the sake of the Jews?

Such sentiments are openly expressed on the websites of

the Lubavitch Hasidim for anyone to confirm. As for the

application of these teachings, Dr Baruch Goldstein, lauded

as a ?saint? by many Orthodox Jews, killed 19 Arabs and

wounded a hundred others at prayer in their Mosque, on 25

February 1994. Dr Baruch, as an army medic, had refused to

treat non-Jews, even Druze serving in the Israeli Army,

based on the Talmudic dictum against saving the lives of

Gentiles. He chose the day of Purim to gain his 'sainthood'

(sic), the Feast that celebrates the 'holocaust' of 75,000


I challenge ?Witchcraft? to publish this letter, and for

anyone to contradict the facts.

K R Bolton

P. O. Box 1627

Paraparaumu Beach

New Zealand

28 Aug 03


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