The Self-Righteous Humbug of the War Generation & a Frank Reply


Editor, NZ Listener (Sept 13, 2003 – not published).

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            Where was K R Bolton during the 1939-46 [sic] conflict did he witness the rounding up of the German Jews, spend nights in an airraid shelter, experience the constant daily bombardment or hounded by the odd lethal “doodlebug” did he witness the air battles whereby hundreds of airmen were shot to hell or meet them minus their faces?

            Britain being unprepared didn’t start that war or threaten Europe Hitler did both and his ranting and ravings had to be heard to be believed. Chamberlain came back to Britain with a peace treaty but Hitler had other ideas.

            It appears that Bolton is quite happy to fashion history without the basic facts, suggest he reads Churchill’s publications (6 vols) “The Second World War” and Stephen H Roberts book “The House that Hitler built”, Roberts was granted study leave from Sydney University from Nov 35-Mar 37, his sin was to sum-up the New Germany without any prejudice except his approach was that of a democratic individualist – his findings were more than disturbing..

            Perhaps Bolton is disgruntled that Germany lost the war and Hitler being such a kind and clever man, then perhaps it is a pity so many innocent NZs {sic] lost their lives so that he could live in freedom, had Hitler been successful the Japanese would be ruling NZ minus the white man and the Maori Battalion.

            Finally – having spent my youth in the woman’s’ section of the Royal Artillery in the centre of London I take a dim view of Bolton’s odd history lesson.

            What Churchill did in his spare time was his business and I never saw him drunk on the job.

            Count you blessings son. I B…. Feilding , New Zealand


            Mr Bolton

            I thought you may be interested to hear my side of the story – at least I was THERE!

            The Listener declined to publish it! Pity



An Open Letter to the War Generation


K R Bolton

P. O. Box 1627

Paraparaumu Beach

10 Nov. 03


Mrs B


Dear Mrs B

            Thanks for your letter.

            You assume I “wasn’t there”. How would you know? True, I wasn’t. However, neither am I a youngster. I have seen enough of society, as well as read sufficient history and talked to many people who “were there”, to know that our nation and Western Civilisation generally have taken a wrong turn. This downward cycle of decay is thanks largely to decisions made in regard to Hitler and the World War that was contrived against him.

            That our present plight has continued and shows no signs other than the eclipse of Western Civilisation and the white man in favour of a World Dictatorship, is also thanks partly due to your generation which has never grown up out of the bilge it was taught when you were all told what to think about Hitler and Germany.

            What did your generation bequeath to subsequent generations? The immediate post-war result was the maintenance of the orthodox debt banking system which Hitler rebelled against, and which itself largely explains why war was declared against him. Communism was spread halfway across Europe .. The Jews were elevated into the most Holy People status, who cannot be criticised, no matter what crimes they commit, including their disproportionate involvement in Stalin’s NKVD torture and murder squads. The British and all other European empires, indebted to NY Jewish banking houses, were obliterated, to be replaced by the American-Jewish Dollar empire that now rules the world. Our youth is drugged and alienated, without ideals or responsibility. Sentiments such as patriotism, nationalism, heroism and chivalry and the traditional roles of women, the family and motherhood are scorned as “old fashioned”. Even Winston Peters is smeared as a “fascist” because he articulates a vaguely nationalistic policy.

            In regard to my “not being there”, interestingly, I had several calls of support in response to my Listener letter, both from the war generation, and at least one of whom “was there”. I have also known a few war veterans who came back from the war regretting that they had fought Hitler (and Mussolini), saying that even among the ruins of those two briefly great nations they could see the achievements of National Socialism and Fascism. Unlike most in the RSA, these few returned servicemen spent the rest of their lives vainly trying to wake people up to the way the post-war world was being pushed further into debt slavery and the “New World Order” dictatorship we are now living under, and which you call “freedom”. I have also known Europeans who “were there” under the German occupation, whose memories of the Germans are far different from the tripe we are told.

            You say I didn’t see the rounding up of German Jews. Experience the aerial bombardments, the deaths of many heroic airmen etc. Please spare me the moral double standard. German Jews were rounded up as enemy aliens, since their own leaders publicly declared “war” on Hitler the very year he achieved Government, 1933, at a time when there were few restrictions put on Jews. The Jews, under Samuel Untermeyer organised a world economic boycott to try and wreck Germany economically. Jews and their communist allies organised boycotts of shops that sold Germany goods. People were beaten up by Jewish-communist thugs if they tried to resist. You must have seen that in England at the time?

            Rounding up “enemy aliens” was practised by every belligerent nation. In New Zealand , Germans, Japanese and Italians were put on Sommes Island. But what is really odd is that the NZ authorities (and presumably the other Allied powers) also rounded up and confined German JEWS as “enemy aliens”. How bizarre is that? How much more extreme than the Germans and Italians.

            The practice can be traced to the Anglo-Boer war, which your mother country fought to maintain the diamond and gold monopoly of Rothschild, Beit and Barnato, while the Afrikaners only sought freedom to live their own way. This freedom they never did get. They simply could not be left alone by an empire which – however laudable the heroism of the soldier and the honesty of the civil servant – too often served the interests of Jews such as Rothschilds and Sassoon (recall the Opium Wars fought by your country to maintain Sassoon’s opium trade in China?). Do you not know that during the Anglo-Boer war the British established concentration camps for the sole purpose of confining Boer women and children? Over 20,000 of these women and children died of typhus and malnutrition in these camps. When do we ever hear of this genocide? We only hear of the Jews, who also died of typhus and malnutrition, thanks partly due to the Allied bombing of German supply lines. Odd isn’t it that when the Germans were evacuating the so-called extermination camps they gave the Jewish inmates a choice of staying behind and waiting for their “Soviet liberators”, yet most chose to flee with the Germans, including the professional Holocaust survivor, Simon Wiesenthal.

            As for “rounding up” your Government rounded up without charge or trial under Reg. 18B, 1000 of its own citizens (many, perhaps most, World War I vets) and threw them into jails and camps, some in such conditions that they died prematurely. Some of those incarcerated were arrested whilst on active service.

            As for the aerial bombings that scared you… Ever heard about what happened to Dresden and Hamburg and a dozen other German cities –undefended, open cities? They were firebombed. The heat was so intense a fire-storm would result. People would literally melt into the pavement. After the British had bombed Dresden , crammed with refugees from Eastern Europe fleeing the Red Army – American fighters shot anyone who moved – children, mothers with babies…  That was a real “holocaust” in a literal sense.

            I suppose you will tell me (or yourself) that Hitler initiated the bombing of civilians during the war? WRONG. It was initiated by the British. John Speight, principal secretary of the Air Ministry, admitted this after the war, so don’t harp back that it is German propaganda.

            You state that Britain didn’t start the war or threaten Europe . You must have a short memory. Britain declared war on Germany. It cynically offered Poland a guarantee of military protection knowing full well that it couldn’t fulfil such a promise. But the result was achieved; war against Hitler, at the cost of millions of European lives, and the destruction of much of Europe’s culture. Hitler was involved in negotiations with Poland over the return of Danzig and Memel (German districts handed over to Poland after World War I). Do you have the foggiest idea how the German ethnic minority in Poland was being treated by fanatical Polish chauvinists, who had their own territorial ambitions on Germany? Hundreds of elderly farmers, whole families, mothers, babies, little children, were being murdered and mutilated by armed Poles.

            Of course you’ll say that there were no such atrocities, just German propaganda to justify Hitler’s invasion. Well, Germany invited journalists and forensic experts from neutral countries to examine the mass graves. The same method of neutral verification was soon afterwards again undertaken when the Germans found that the entire Polish leadership stratum had been killed by the Soviet Army and buried at Katyn. Your British Foreign Office was still claiming until quite recently that this was a German atrocity, even after the Russians had admitted responsibility! Churchill and Roosevelt knew who was responsible but kept it from their people.

            Once the British had made their bogus promise to protect Poland, the Poles called off all negotiations with Germany. The genocide against the German ethnic peasant families in Poland continued. Poland was the first to mobilise its armed forces against Germany. When the German army stood at the outskirts of Warsaw, the Polish Government even then refused to surrender. Hitler warned that Warsaw was to be bombarded. He asked the Polish Government to evacuate civilians. The Polish Government refused. And it is Hitler who is called the war criminal! When the USSR attacked Poland and took half the nation, why didn’t Britain and France declare war on the USSR? After the war, at Yalta, the USSR was handed half of Europe. What happened to the moral humbug about the “rights of small nations”? Churchill would not even allow the Free Polish Army to participate in the victory parade in London .

            And how did this “victory” end? Communism triumphed over half of Europe. Alien Jews got dumped on Palestine, backed by the USSR. The Zionists conducted an IRA style terrorist campaign against the British mandate authorities, and even murdered one of their own wartime saviours, Count Bernadotte, the UN envoy.

            The Red Army raped its way across Europe , not only ravishing German women, but Hungarian, Polish… Millions of women were raped by the Soviet Army. How many were raped by the Germans? Even the arch anti-Nazi journalist William Shirer admits in his Rise and Fall of the Third Reich as to the correct behaviour of German soldiers towards those they conquered.

            The USA inaugurated the Morgenthau Plan, named after the Jewish US Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jnr., and devised primarily by his assistant Harry Dexter White, another Jewish communist later exposed as a Soviet spy. Did your rulers ever tell you about the Morgenthau Plan? It was the blueprint for the Allied occupation of Germany. German industry was dismantled and shipped en mass to the USSR. Agricultural production was forcibly cut. The aim was to starve Germans into extinction, like Stalin’s Jewish commissar Kaganovich had starved millions of Ukrainian peasants to death. For several years after the war Germans were deliberately kept on a ration the calories of which were insufficient to sustain health. Millions died. Just like millions of ethnic Germans died when they were forcibly rounded up from their centuries old ancestral homelands in Eastern Europe and put on a forced long march back to Germany. Several million German POW’s died of contrived malnutrition AFTER the war, in Eisenhower’s concentration camps. This has quite recently been exposed by Canadian journalist James Bacque in his book Other Losses. Millions of innocent, defeated Germans were exterminated AFTER the war by the Allies and the USSR, yet we only hear fictitious blather about the supposed “Holocaust”. Why? Whose interests are still being served after all this time? Think!

            In Poland, under Communist rule, concentration camps were set up for Germans still left behind. They were totally brutalised, mainly by Jewish commissars. This fact is related by Jewish author John Sack in his book An Eye for An Eye. Sack has been dammed by his fellow Jews. One of the worst commissars was Solomon Morel who is now an Israeli citizen. The Polish Government wants him returned from Israel to face criminal proceedings. Israel refuses to extradite him, citing statute of limitations. The same applies to other Jewish communist torturers resident in Israel, wanted in Lithuania and Latvia for war crimes. Yet, the Zionists hunt down any elderly German or other European who fought against communism, they can get their claws onto. One old man was extradited on a stretcher from the USA to the USSR where he was shot, because he had fought with the Germans against Stalin, like millions of other Europeans of all nationalities. One Polish retiree, Frank Wallus, had his savings and health wrecked, trying to prove he was a young Polish farm worker during the war; not an SS officer. Innocent old people continue to be harassed, and even when travelling bands of perjured Jewish witnesses are proven to have lied under oath, they are never brought to justice.

            The only reason the genocidal Morgenthau Plan was abandoned was that it was having a disastrous impact upon the post-war reconstruction of the rest of Europe. Churchill’s own plan was to drop anthrax bombs on Germany. Do you have any idea what anthrax is like? If this had taken place, Germany would still be uninhabitable. The bombs were being manufactured. However, it was decided that the war would be over via conventional means by the time sufficient anthrax bombs were manufactured. Did your wartime masters ever tell you about that?

            So what was Hitler’s “crime”. And why is he still being demonised, even though his alleged “war crimes ”have now been shown to have been inventions of Allied war propaganda (of the type that told Britons during World War I about the bayoneting of Belgium babies and the crucifixion of Canadian soldiers, etc.). Why is he still so feared?

It is because he inaugurated a new form of government that was based on the folkish community, where “the common interest {comes} before self-interest”? Youth were given a sense of purpose, were clean living, worked at a stretch of Labour Service regardless of class or family wealth. Even William Shirer remarked on the callow, unhealthy English youth, in comparison to the healthy vigour of German youth. Workers and management worked together, and Marxist class war was finished. Few communists and others who had for years opposed Hitler landed up in camps. Most converted to National Socialism, because they saw the social justice they were fighting for actually coming to life under National Socialism, whereas Marxism only gave the workers theories. The arts were subsidised so workers could attend the opera and orchestral performances, at a time when culture flowered as never before or since. I’m damned if my wife and I can afford to go to orchestral performances, other than the free ones sometimes put on by students. Yet German workers could do this 70 years ago thanks to Hitler. Holidays were subsidised for workers to go on luxury cruises. One such cruise liner specifically built by the Labour Front for workers was the Wilhelm Gustlof, which was at the close of the war sank as it conveyed wounded whilst serving as a Red Cross ship.

How did Hitler make Germany a prosperous nation, find work for 6,000,000 unemployed, until there was a labour shortage, whilst the rest of the world languished in depression? Rearmament you’ll say. Nonsense. According to A J P Taylor, hardly a pro-German historian (Origins of the Second World War), Germany wasn’t even on a total war economy until several years into the war, and well after the Allied states. Hitler reformed the financial system. Under NZ’s First Labour Government of the 1930s State Housing was built with 1% loans from the Reserve Bank. Hitler used similar methods but on a grander scale. The state issued credit at low interest. Couples could get low interest loans for mortgages, which were further decreased with the birth of each child, so that couples could actually have their low interest debt totally cancelled within a short time.

            The German financial system broke away from the international banking system. Germany instituted barter in trade. Germany was capturing new markets in South America , e.g., away from Britain and the USA . The financial system was described in Sir Henry Kelliher’s popular 1930s home journal The Mirror. Kelliher was a highly regarded businessman and on the board of the BNZ. He was a lifelong monetary reformer. The First Labour Government even paid him tribute for the work he’d done to bring about a Labour Government, which had committed itself to financial reform, albeit one it largely reneged on, causing the resignation of the great Labour politician John A Lee. Kelliher published the truth about Germany in his popular magazine. I have copies of the articles. Germany was made economically self-sufficient - autarky. It was no longer enslaved to international finance.

Other nations and statesmen have tried that. The American colonists tried to issue colonial scrip and the colonies became prosperous without having to borrow from the usurers who controlled the Bank of England. The bankers responded by forcibly wrecking the value of the scrip, which threw the colonies into depression. The consequence was the American Revolution against the bankers, as clearly stated by Ben Franklin. Abraham Lincoln tried to finance the civil war with the Lincoln Greenbacks; this also caused consternation among the international bankers. Kennedy started issuing state currency that was not issued by Federal Reserve, which is controlled by the international bankers. Guernsey adopted a similar system, as did the Austrian town of Woergl , which became prosperous during the depression but was made to stop. Many have tried. Hitler did, and created a prosperous, happy nation in the midst of a world depression; something the international bankers could not allow.

            Now we have a post-war world gone to ruin. Our youth, in particular, is being corrupted by the lack of heroes and role models, other than drugged and doped music and movie ‘stars’. Everyone is out for themselves, all dance around the golden calf. Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the Temple. The Pharisees had Him crucified. Hitler drove the moneychangers from the German nation. The descendants of the same Pharisees had him crucified, and are still doing so. In fact, the same criminal gang who thinks they’ve been ‘chosen’ to rule the world is crucifying our whole Western Civilisation.

The same criminal gang who decided that the British and the other European empires were no longer necessary for their purposes. Remember when after the war, Britain was heavily indebted to the NY bankers, Roosevelt reminded Churchill that the post-war world has “no use for reichs”, meaning all the old European colonial empires were to be destroyed in favour of the Jewish American Imperium? The stupid Churchill at one point said to his boss Roosevelt, “I believe you’re trying to do away with the British Empire .” How different that was from Hitler’s attitude towards the British Empire , which he viewed as one of the great sources of stability in the world. Hitler’s foreign policy aims always included an alliance with Britain, as stated in Mein Kampf. He stated to his generals that he would offer German soldiers for the protection of the empire in exchange for recognition of territorial aims in Eastern Europe, which after all was not in Britain’s sphere of interest. That is why he spared the British army at Dunkirk, holding back his tanks whilst the British evacuated. Hitler foolishly hoped that some among the British Government were men of honour whom he could deal with. He offered generous peace terms many times while he had the upper hand. I know you don’t believe me, because it’s not part of the “official storyline”; but it is cited by British military historians of the calibre of J F C Fuller and Lidell Hart. Now what do we have? Is the USA with its pseudo-culture really a worthy successor to the great nations of Europe with its heritage of High Culture?

            I am no Hitlerite. But I do know what is leftover war propaganda when I see it, and I do know that our world is still very much suffering from the consequences of that war. For example,. it was anti-Hitler propaganda which obscured the German discovery of the link between tobacco and cancer. How many lives could have been saved had this information not been buried under anti-Hitlerism? Hitler had public health policies we are now only beginning to talk about, and fools such as Peter Dunne refer to “health nazis”.

            You say that it is a pity the Listener did not publish your letter. But what new insights are you trying to teach? What have you learned over the decades that is anything other than the same banal, hypocritical tripe that has been forced fed on us on a daily basis for the past 60 plus years. Do you realise that this Germanophobia is still agitating British children to abuse German youngsters when they visit Britain ? Remember the little boy on Stewart Island who didn’t want to go to school because of the anti-German taunts? (Holmes show).

            Shame on you madam, and do not presume to know what I have seen or understand. Give some manner of repentance, for your generation has cost my generation and others dearly.

Yours sincerely

K R Bolton

Please regard this as an open letter, although I will of course eliminate you own details, to preserve your privacy, should I circulate it elsewhere.  


----- Original Message -----

Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2003 9:37 PM

Subject: Dana on World War II, Germany & Poland


Dana accuses me of presenting history in a Jewish manner. I
should emphasise to her that the original open letter
concerning the results of fighting Germany was addressed to
an indignant British immigrant of the war generation. She
had taken exception to a letter I had written to the NZ
Listener which concerned a two part US drama on the rise of
Hitler. Among the depictions I mentioned as being
particularly obnoxious were a scene where corproal Hitler
hit the mascot of his Regiment, and the aspersions on his
bravery during World War I, with his being awarded an Iron
Cross in an offhand manner. I asked in this letter when a
series was going to dramatise Churchill's megalomania and
drunkenness. I also mentioned that such rubbish   obscures
the very real achievements of NS Germany, and cited as an
e.g. the animal welfare legislation. In my open letter that
Dana now takes exception to, apparently as a Polish
Germanophobe, I had mentioned the way NS Germany's research
into cancer had been buried. Also the achievements re.
social welfare and the banking system.

As it turned out, my initial letter to the NZ Listener
received some verification, when the second episode of the
Hitler series was followed by a documentary on its making.
During that programme both Ian Kershaw and Nicholas
Goodrick-Clark, neither known for their pro-Hitler
sentiments, expressed disquiet over the 'historic license'
of the series, and mentioned two of the epidodes I had
questioned, namely the cruelty to the Rigement mascot and
the questioning of Hitler's bravery as a frontline soldier.
The producer of the series stated with pride that it has
been previewed and given the Kosher mark of approval by
"three prominent American rabbis". My original objections
were therefore largely justified by the follow-up

However, as shown on the Adelaide Inst. website, I received
an irate letter from a Churchillian. My reply was phrased in
a manner that I deemed apt for that person and that
generation. It was written from the heart rather than with
my usual copious footnotes and referecnes. Nonetheless, I
feel I provided a very wide ranging overview of the results
of the war against Hitler, and provided some reference
sources that would give the recipient ample food for thought
in the unlikely event of her wishing to reconsider her
unbringing on a war time staple of British propaganda.

Dana compares my letter with the techniques of Jewish
propaganda. However her own nitpicking is reminiscent of a
Talmudist debating some trivial point of Judaic doctrine. My
"open letter to the war generation" was written as per the
Anglo-Saxon traditional ethos of appealing to sympathy for
the underdog and of justice (when not distorted by our
Jewish overlords). This is quite different form the Jewish
approach to history which is based on self-pity. Dana
herself then proceeds with a litany of Polish self-pity that
is reminiscent of a Hasid standing before the Whining Wall.

If my reference to Simon Wiesenthal is incorrect, it is
hardly surprising given his own tales of his wartime
experiences, and the questions which have arisen regarding
his relationship to the Germans. From what I gather he was
evacuated with the Germans in 1945 to Austria. My point is
that many Jews preferred to go with the Germans rather than
stay in the supposed death camps and wait for the Russian
liberators. Of this Dana remains mute.

As for her Polish-centric view of the war, I see that this
has been ably dealt with by another correspondent.

Of the main point of my letter, that the real winners of the
war were plutocracy, zionism and communism, and the loser
was Western Civilisation and its colonial empires, she has
absolutely nothing to say. Presumably her sole concern was
to address the issue of Polish-German relations from the
orthodox point of view and therefore - like my original war
generation correspondent - has nothing to tell us other than
that which has been regurgitated ad inifinitum.

K R Bolton


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