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  Dear Sir  

            I have somewhat belatedly read an article from The NZ Herald, dated Nov. 6 03, entitled “Special forces commander fired over anti-Semitic speech.” I enclose a copy of the article. The article concludes with a quote from Paul Spiegel of the Central Council of Jews, stating that “people abroad can’t understand” how certain statements could be made from a Government employee and an Opposition MP.  

            The statements deal with a speech made by Christian Democrat Martin Hohmann who described Jews as “a race of perpetrators”. Apparently Hohmann had stated in a speech in October that Jews had acted “like a race of perpetrators” during the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, and that many had been involved with the Cheka and NKVD.  

            His party bosses reprimanded Hohmann and historians apparently dismissed his statement as “amateur rubbish”.  

            Worst still Brig. Gen. Reinhard Günzel. Commander in chief of the elite KSK forces and a forty-year veteran was dismissed for writing a private letter of support to Hohmann.  

            As a non-German there are certainly things about this I “can’t understand”, to use Mr Spiegel’s expression.  

            I can’t understand the statement from your “historians” who claim that reference to Jewish involvement in Bolshevism and in particular the terror squads, is “amateur rubbish”. What kind of historians do you have and what rubbish are they teaching your youth? It seems that the young are being taught to dishonour their parents and grandparents, rather than to honour them for their sacrifices.  

            As for the alleged Jewish involvement in Bolshevik sadism, the Jewish role in communism and the Bolshevik Revolution was widely known by both Gentiles and Jews at the time. Winston Churchill for e.g. in an article he wrote for the Illustrated Sunday Herald (“Zionism vs. Bolshevism – a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people”, Feb. 8, 1920) described communism as “a movement among the Jews”, a “world wide conspiracy… of envious malevolence” “for the overthrow of civilisation.” In the context of what Hohmann and Guenzel were condemned for stating, Churchill wrote: “…And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the [Soviet] system of terrorism… has been taken by Jews…”  

            If we follow Churchill’s assertion, starting with the killing of the Czar and his family, here Jews served as the perpetrators, from the orders given by Jacob Sverdlov, first president of the USSR , to the intermediary, commissar Goloshchokin of the Ural Soviet, to the head of the murder squad, Yurovsky. This involvement is mentioned by the eminent Russian Jewish author Arkady Vaksberg in his 1994 book “Stalin against the Jews”, in which he documents the principal role of Jews in the Cheka and NKVD. So according to your country’s court historians and political and judicial authorities who routinely jail Germans who write such things, would Vaksburg be a perpetrator of “amateur rubbish” and/or an anti-Semite to be imprisoned? What about Churchill?  

            Immediately after the November Revolution the Petrograd Cheka became the embryonic Soviet secret police, headed by Uritsky. The first head of the Cheka was a Pole, Dzerzhinsky, of whom Vaksberg states he was totally indifferent to his duties and focused on his position as head of agriculture. Vaksberg states that the real head of the Cheka was Yagoda, who became chief of the GPU.  Jewish academic G Ginsberg, states that “during the 1920s and 1930s Jews were a major element in the secret police…” (“The fateful embrace – Jewry and the state”, 1994).  

            The director of the Gulag system was Frenkel, Matvei Berman was chief of concentration camps. Boss of the White Sea canal slave labour project was Firin; deputy chief, Rappoport; overseer Solts, at a time when the NKVD was headed by Beria, whom the Jewish academic Prof. Ivan Kalmar identifies as Jewish (“Portrait of a culture”, 1993).

            The perpetrator of the contrived first Ukrainian famine was Khalatov, and of the second Kaganovich. More died in that genocide (7,000,000-10,000,000) than Jews who died in the German enemy alien internment camps due to typhus and food shortages. In 1997 a book on the Soviet secret police in the Ukraine was written with the support of the post-KGB Secret Service, and was therefore based on KGB archives. The book provides biographical notes on the personnel, of whom 60% were Jewish. (Y Shapoval et al, “Cheka-GPU-NKVD in the Ukraine”, Kiev 1997).  

            In 1995 Ukrainian prime minister Valery Gurzin stated that the reason for Ukrainian anti-Semitism was due to the Jewish predominance among the NKVD and as perpetrators of the Ukrainian famine. Presumably he would be jailed if he made that statement in Germany (?).  

            The situation was the same with the monstrous Soviet regime in Latvia . Bucinskis headed the Peoples Militia terror squads. Shivoshinsky directed the camp system. Sustins was head of the Latvian NKVD.

            Where Bolshevik regimes were established outside the USSR the situation was the same. The brief lunatic regime in Hungary after World War I headed by Bela Kun had Szamuelly in charge of the “Red Terror”. After the war, when Rakosi was running things, Jewish historian Paul Lendvai states of Hungary that “the political police proper was headed by the Jewish Gabor Peter and was staffed at its command level mainly by Jews.” (“Anti-Semitism in Eastern European”, 1972).  

            In Poland after the war Berman headed the secret police. Many Jews ran the concentration camps. One of the most notorious was Solomon Morel, who specialised in personally torturing and beating to death thousands of ethnic Germans who had been trapped in Poland after the war. The involvement of Jews such as Morel in this “ethnic cleansing” was documented by the well-known Jewish author Jack Sack who has been hypocritically attacked by the Holocaust lobby for his book “An eye for an eye”(1993). Morel was indicted for war crimes in 1998 but fled to Israel where he sits safe in the knowledge that Israel , which demands the extradition of every old man who fought against Bolshevism, refuses to extradite any of its citizens wanted for being perpetrators of Soviet terror. In 2000 the Israelis refused to assist with the case against Nachman Dushansky wanted for war crimes in Lituania, and of Semion Berkis-Burkov. So what moral or judicial obligation does Germany have to kow tow to every demand by Organised Jewry to prosecute its elderly war heroes. Or to silence the late Gen. Remer, Germar Rudolf, Dr Toben, Dr Staglich, Udo Wallendy, and literally thousands of others, and most recently Messrs Hohmann and Brig. Gen. Guenzel?  

            Gen. Guenzel seems to have served his country with distinction, yet one private letter that does not accord with the contrived image of Jews as sacrosanct, albeit one based on historically-verifiable fact, is sufficient to end a distinguished career overnight. What kind of nation is it that treats its heroes and patriots in such a manner yet lauds traitors such as Willy Brandt?  

            When one thinks of a Daniel Goldhagen or of the much lauded Elie Wiesel, and many others who condemn Germans as a “perpetrator race” on the basis of the Judaic concept of collective and hereditary guilt, “people abroad” certainly “can’t underhand it”. Most of all we can’t understand it when the German response to such ridicule is to perversely roll over and beg for more. Certainly the double standards involved are perpetrating an unwarranted Germanophobia against post-war generations, as per the abuse German schoolchildren receive in England when on outings, or the bigotry experienced a few years ago by the little German boy resident on Stewart Island . Considering the central role played by the German folk in the cultural history of Europe and of Western Civilisation, many more than only the Germans themselves lose when German officialdom persists with its craven, defeatist mentality.





K R Bolton



Please regard this as an open letter.



Encl. Article, NZ Herald Nov. 6, 03


The Independent ( London )

November 5, 2003 , Wednesday





Hohmann: apologised for his anti-Jewish remarks;

 Reinhard Guenzel, the dismissed commander of Germany 's KSK special forces 


Michael Dalder/Reuters


THE HEAD of Germany's elite special forces was summarily dismissed from his post yesterday for praising a flagrantly anti-Semitic speech by a right-wing conservative MP which described the Jews as a "race of perpetrators".


Brigadier-General Reinhard Guenzel, commander of Germany 's crack KSK special forces and a 40-year veteran of the armed forces, was fired with immediate effect. His dismissal was coupled with a Defence Ministry recommendation that he be retired from all army duties at once. Peter Struck, the German Defence Minister, said: "I have decided to relieve him of his command and to dismiss him. With that, the case is closed for me. "This is not an honourable discharge. It is the case of one confused general agreeing with an even more confused MP. His remarks were intolerable and have damaged the reputation of the German army."


General Guenzel's unprecedented sacking followed a German television report which revealed that the 59-year-old commander of the equivalent of Britain 's SAS had praised a recent anti-Semitic speech by the opposition Christian Democrat MP Martin Hohmann in glowing terms. "It was an excellent speech, of a courage, truth and clarity, which one seldom hears or reads in our country," General Guenzel wrote in a letter that was leaked yesterday.


Mr Hohmann, in an address to his constituency in west Germany last month, claimed that the Jews had acted like a "race of perpetrators" during the Russian revolution of 1917 and that large numbers of them were involved in Communist secret police massacres. He said their actions were comparable to those of the Nazis.


Mr Hohmann, who apologised for his remarks last week, was rebuked by the Christian Democrat leadership, but not asked to resign as an MP. However, German Jewish leaders said his comments "reached into the lowest drawer of disgusting anti-Semitism" and historians dismissed his claims as "amateur rubbish".


General Guenzel wrote to Mr Hohmann to congratulate him on his remarks. An excerpt from his letter read: "You can be sure that with your opinions, you are speaking from the soul for a majority of our people. I hope you will not be put off by criticism from the left and that you will hold your course with courage."


Germany 's special forces, the Kommando Spezialkraefte, were created in the 1990s after German reunification. They recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan , where they were at the forefront of Germany 's first combat operation outside Europe since the Second World War. German troops under the command of General Guenzel took part in last year's US- led Operation Anaconda on suspected Taliban and al-Qai'da hold-outs in the mountains of Afghanistan's eastern Paktia province. The special forces have been in the forefront of Germany 's attempts to take on more of a role in helping to contain international flashpoints.


Germany 's Central Council of Jews yesterday said it had begun legal proceedings in an attempt to prosecute Mr Hohmann for incitement to racial hatred. Paul Spiegel, the council's chairman, told German radio he could not understand why the Christian Democrats had allowed him to continue as an MP. "Hohmann has caught a particular mood in Germany ," he said. "Hundreds of people heard his speech. Nobody got annoyed. They applauded. It is a scandal that so many people simply accepted it. How can a German government, how can a German political party accept that such statements are made from their ranks? People abroad can't understand it."



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