Horst Mahler challenges the anti-Revisionists/Exterminationists theory of the 'Holocaust'

 25 July 2003

On 25 July 2003, the German media ran articles about Horst Mahler not receiving permission

to leave Germany and travel to Poland, there to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Mahler is the foremost 'German Reich' political theoretician in Germany, and he has initiated

an action that re-focuses Revisionists' attention on Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 'allegedly'

European Jewry was exterminated in homicidal gas chambers.


Mahler uses documentation that purports to reduce the official Auschwitz death figures to

just over half a million (510 000), and that of those deaths probably 356 000 were gassed

(Jews and non-Jews), not in Krema II but in two farmhouses outside of the

Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration complex.


Brandenburg's interior minister, Jörg Schönbohm, calls this action an "unbelievable

provocation", and literally placed Mahler under 'house arrest', i.e. Mahler had to hand

in his passport and identity card to the police and is not permitted to

leave Germany and travel to Poland.


Together with supporters, Mahler had planned to visit Auschwitz on 30 July 2003, there

to make a public statement using the documentation on which he bases

his political action.


It is an article from leading Spiegel editor, Fritjof Meyer, 'Die Zahl der Opfer von

Auschwitz. Neue Erkenntnisse durch Archivfunde', which appeared in the renowned

publication Osteuropa, 5/2002, p 631 ff. The former president of the German

Bundestag, Prof Dr Rita Süßmuth is patron of this publication.


Mahler advises that in an 'action against judicial notice of the Holocaust' various

citizens of the German Reich had copied the article, sent it to a number of well known

public figures, then turned themselves in to State Prosecutor Neumann in Berlin, and

elsewhere, for having contravened German law that prohibits anyone questioning

details of the 'Holocaust' (§ 130 Abs. 3 and 4 StGB).


To date in Berlin three actions have been stopped for lack of evidence:

Edgar Forster StA Bochum,06.05.2003, 33 Js 145/03 A;

Ursula Haverbeck StA Bielefeld, 27. 05.2003, 46 Js 171/03;

Imke Barnstedt StA Berlin, 10.06.03, 81 Js 1564/03.

The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart refused to begin proceedings, that

Günter Deckert initiated, against the Spiegel editor Fritjof Meyer

and Prof. Dr. Rita Süßmuth.


Mahler wants to know how it can be explained that publicly the number of

Auschwitz victims is 'officially' reduced.

Is this because Fritjof Meyer advises that the camp commandant Rudolf Höß, under

torture, came up with an imaginary number because he, Höß, hoped in time it

would be realized how such self-incriminating evidence was extracted?


Mahler is appealing the minister's decision.


Farmhouse? 356,000 people GASSED to death in a couple of FARMHOUSES? Half

the population of a city like Adelaide murdered, in TWO OLD FARMHOUSES? I've

been reading revisionist material for 7 years and never heard of this. I think IF the

Germans ever DID gas anyone they MAY have done so with petrol engine trucks and

gave it away as a waste of energy.

Why bother gassing people if you can let starvation,disease and lack of medical

care produces the same outcome? Take a look at Iraq since 1991. all you have to

do is introduce 'sanctions' you get a result of 500,000 Iraqi dead children (and

counting) a result very much 'worth it' according to Mad Albight herself.

Where's the evidence? Over what period did those evil Nazi monsters manage to

achieve this feat? What gas was used? How come this was kept quiet for 60 years?

What happened to the bodies? Where are the Farmhouse sites? What about evidence

of 'prussic blue'?

Sounds to me like either Herr Mahler has flipped, or it's some bizarre disinformation

publicity campaign to further raise awareness of the schmolocaust. Whose side is

he on?

Or is he just a nutcase?


27 July 2003



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