THE PILOT HANGS by Barry Chamish

       Sept. 25, '03 - I'm walking towards the supermarket and a reporter
from The Modiin News stops me. She is writing the people's opinion column
and would like mne to answer two questions. I agree.
        One - Who will I ask forgiveness from this Yom Kippur?: "From no
one. Until our leadership begs forgiveness for their murderous crimes
against us, we have no reason for anyone to forgive our petty personal
        Two - How do you feel about the pilots who refuse to participate in
military operations against the
'palestinians?' : "I'm asking who got to them? This was a another psy-op
ploy to weaken Israel's resolve to fight for her survival."

         For the first time since the paper started this particular column,
it didn't appear the following week. But something well beyond coincidence
did appear in the Haaretz literary supplement, just five days later. It was
a review by Dr. Reuven Podhatsur of a study published by the Defence
Ministry of why Israeli pilots refuse to obey orders, written by one Shmuel
         Six days after the Israeli public was disgusted to learn that 25
reserve pilots, spearheaded by a brigadier-general, signed a petition
refusing to fight the PLO and its allies, Haaretz reviewed a book
justifying their moral choice. How truly uncanny and how likely we are
looking at a planned demoralization operation.
          Within days of this announcement, it was exposed that at least
five of the refusing pilots were employed by El Al. In an instant, the web
server Rotter had a boycott of El Al going with a lot more signees than on
the pilots' petition. The newspaper B'sheva asked the El Al spokesman why
any passenger should feel safe when his pilot sympathises with potential
highjackers. The company replied that it's an internal matter, or simply,
no comment. B'sheva concluded by advocating the boycott of El Al until it
fires the pilots.
         Too late for me. My boycott began after my last flight with this
rude, ignorant airline. But there is still time for you to catch up. Stay
away from this airline. You don't know who your pilot could be.
         But you do know who he will not be. Because on September 30, El
Al  First Pilot for its fleet of 757s, Oded Tsur, was found hanging from a
tree in Canada Park, a few miles from Modiin. As usual, the death was
quickly declared a suicide. Modiin News noted that Tsur was depressed
because he failed an upgrade test. Meaning El Al flies depressed suicidal
         His family, including his three young children saw no suicidal
signs, nor did his fellow El Al employees.
         All we know publicly, is that Tsur received a cellphone call while
he was travelling on the Modiin-Jerusalem Highway, then drove his car seven
miles west to a grove in Canada Park and he was found hanging from a tree
there a day later.
         We don't know if he was one of the El Al pilots who signed the
petition or knew who the ringleaders really were and what they were up to.


       As we count the dead and mutilated in Haifa, we can be assured that
our government will do as much to fight the slaughter as it did after
September 9, in Jerusalem. Of course we all know what the solution is: we
go to war and smash the enemy so completely that it begs for surrender on
our terms.
        But that's not what will happen. After a few useless symbolic acts
of "revenge," it'll be back to talks with the PLO. Here's who our
leadership mafia chooses to protect:

The KGB's Man
Moscow turned Arafat into a terrorist.
BY ION MIHAI PACEPA - Saturday, September 27, 2003 12:01 a.m. EDT
The Israeli government has vowed to expel Yasser Arafat, calling him an
"obstacle" to peace. But the 72-year-old Palestinian leader is much more
than that; he is a career terrorist, trained, armed and bankrolled by the
Soviet Union and its satellites for decades.
Before I defected to America from Romania, leaving my post as chief of
Romanian intelligence, I was responsible for giving Arafat about $200,000
in laundered cash every month throughout the 1970s. I also sent two cargo
planes to Beirut a week, stuffed with uniforms and supplies. Other Soviet
bloc states did much the same. Terrorism has been extremely profitable for
Arafat. According to Forbes magazine, he is today the sixth wealthiest
among the world's "kings, queens & despots," with more than $300 million
stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

    ** What this Wall Street Journal piece forgot to include is that in
Pacepa's book he claims that Arafat was given little boys as playthings.
Thereafter he was filmed with his boy toys and further blackmailed. The
same system was used to turn Yossi Beilin into an enemy agent. Arafat is
not only a paedophile, the author underestimated his larceny by two thirds.
If you think we should be seeking revenge, think of his own people who were
pickpocketed to the tune of $900 million.
Arafat diverted $1.35bn: IMF
 From correspondents in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
AN audit of the Palestinian Authority revealed that President Yasser Arafat
had diverted $US900 million ($A1.35 billion) in public funds to a special
bank account he controlled and most of the money was later invested in
Palestinian assets, an International Monetary Fund official said today.

**Now what sane people would permit strangers to turn its holiest site into
Temple Mount Wall Collapses

Temple Mount Wall Collapses

One side of a wall in the Temple Mount compound - completely visible to
worshippers at the Western Wall - collapsed on Tuesday, uncovering an area
of some 40 square meters of dirt and fill. The wall belongs to the Islamic
Museum on the Temple Mount, a building to the right and above the
worshipers at the Western Wall. (24.9.2003)
The Islamic al-Awqaf department in Jerusalem have accused the Israeli
authorities of being behind the collapse of an internal wall in al-Aqsa
mosqueThe director of the Islamic Awqaf in Jerusalem Adnan al-Husseini said
that the wall collapsed as a result of "the Israeli intervention in our
work and preventing us from maintaining it after we stated it was in an
urgent need for a rapid action to prevent its collapse."

** And do the trespassers accept responsibility for the damage they caused?
Of course not. They just do the usual Middle Eastern lying. And does our
leadership try to stop the destruction of the center of its nation's soul?
No, that would require winning, which is forbidden. And while a notorious
liar, one Edward Said, discovers the subtle glories of Hell, the world
kicks in, celebrating him as, now get this, a "peacemaker."

** And if $900 million isn't larceny enough, the PLO continues to collect
the suckers' dough, through, what else, the banking arm of the Labor
peacemakers, Bank Hapoalim. Here is the account number of the Jews who
finance the murder of Jews.


Bank Account G&G&H&N (ISM)
Bank Hapoalim Main Branch Tel Aviv 600
Account No. 360883

** Once the bodies of Haifa are buried, and Israel's non-hearted response
is done, in will come the CFR to push the Roadmap peace process. It should
be recalled that 9-11 in Hebrew is Tisha B'Av, the fast day commemorating
the loss of Jerusalem and the First and Second Temples. Av is the 11th
month and Tisha is the number 9. While Pres. Bush expresses his pre-written
condemnation of the Haifa bombing, consider who he really is and what he
really intends on behalf of his controllers:

** But why rely on published reports, when my own witnesses are so much
closer to the battlefield?

Hi Barry,
I was wondering if you ever heard of a guy named Chris Feld? He works for
the American Embassy here and I'm told is one of the main liasions between
President Bush and Bibi. A friend a mind lived next door to him in
Jerusalem and talked to him and his wife on many occassions. His wife is
apparently Jewish but obviously we'd have some doubts about him. In any
case he revealed that the intent of the US is to turn Israel into an
American colony, actually far more than it already is and what's more is he
said (I don't know how he knew this) that the violence was going to get
much worse here.

**Now how did Chris Feld know the violence would get worse? Because that's
been the plan all along. All you have to do is appoint the mafia of your
choice to destroy the targetted country. It's just a matter of keeping
Arabs incredibly stupid and Jews, resigned to a painful suicide.
    This Yom Kippur our mafia has to finally beg our forgiveness and
starting telling the whole truth of Oslo and sundry related crimes. If we
don't hear their atonement, we will have to atone for them...our way. We
can either abandon the country, as any person would escape a nation that
refuses to protect the lives of its people.
     Or we can remove the criminals and try to save the place.


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Barry Chamish
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