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       First, the IDF Air Force was demoralized by a petition of 27 pilots
who refused to fight the enemy. Then, a bomb in Haifa went for the morale
of the navy.
       Of the pilots' petition, here is what Omri Sharon, the Prime
Minister's son told the Knesset: "This was organized by outside influences
who want to use the military in order to attack the government. They are
trying to use the IDF to undermine our society. The pilots tried to portray
their effort as pure, but it wasn't. Outside influences brought these
pilots together in an attempt to use the military to foment a civil
rebellion and cause a mutiny."
        The younger Sharon didn't name the outsiders, but readers of my
missives have a good idea who the leading candidates are. Once the Air
Force was hit, the Navy was targeted for demoralization and I am receiving
reports that there is mutinous talk there right now.
         On October 4/03, a suicide bomberess blew up Maxims restaurant in
Haifa. The guard at the door abandoned his post just as she arrived, an act
of seeming cooperation so blatant that initial reports had him shot by the
bomber as she pushed herself in the door. Once inside, she made a beeline
for her intended victims, who were:

  Zev Almog, a reserve officer in the Israeli Navy, 71, and his wife, Ruti,
Moshe Almog, their son, and Tomer the 9 year old grandson were all murdered
by the terrorist. Galit Almog, the daughter of Zev and Ruti, Orli
Almog(Moshe's wife) and two other grandchildren are in the ICU at Rambam
Hospital. The other two sons of Zev and Ruti Almog were Navy officers too.
Their late daughter was on the infamous DAKAR submarine whose entire crew
were killed in the DAKAR submarine of years ago. Zev Almog's nephew is the
current General Dror in charge of the Southern units of the IDF. General
Almog's brother died in the Yom Kippur war 30 years ago. AN entire family
affected by terror and Arab wars.

         Moshe Almog was the base commander of the Israeli Navy Officers
Academy. His uncle is the commander of the IDF's Southern Command. This was
the most devastating attack on the IDF's leadership ever but you wouldn't
know it by the official reaction to the slaughter.
         While the Navy fumed and expected to exact a similar cost to the
enemy, the government's reaction was to bomb an empty warehouse in Gaza and
then upgrade its futilty by bombing rocks in a vacant Syrian wadi. For the
twenty dead in Haifa, the 52 mutilated, and the blow to the prestige of the
IDF, Sharon eliminated an equal number of Syrian boulders.
         No one can say the bomber did her deed out of poverty or
desperation. She was a well-to-do attorney, chosen by whatever means, for a
well coordinated attack on the highest levels of the IDF. She had specific
intelligence that could only have come ultimately from the forces of defeat
within Israel.
         In the wake of the worthless air retaliation against Syria's
valued limestone, some well-placed people reported the depth of frustration
in the Air Force and Navy. One Jerusalem woman wrote me about her nephew
who quit his Air Force training course out of disgust and one military
insider stuck his neck out and met me for a long talk.


         Two years ago, at the annual Rabin Assassination Conference at the
Windmill Hotel, an elderly woman approached me and said, "There is someone
in my family who was at Entebbe. He says Yoni Netanyahu was shot from
behind and not by the Ugandans." I was too busy to pursue her claim and
thought it ridiculous. Nonetheless I introduced her to the radio
investigator Shahaf Pilovitch hoping he would take down her details. He
ignored the lady's claims as too extreme and we forgot about them.
         They were revived after the Haifa bombing when a military insider
met me for a talk in Jerusalem. He ended our discussion with a pledge not
to meet me again because his "children are in sensitive positions in the
army and I can't endanger them."
          He began with a claim that, "There are high ranking IDF officers
who are doing what they can to prevent victory. They want the conflict to
go on and on. After Haifa there should have been a full mobilization and a
total war against the 'palestinians.' Every square centimeter of territory
should have been searched for weapons, and all enemy commanders dealt with.
However, at the highest levels of the IDF there is a policy to lose, or at
least, not to win.
           "Rabin was one of the officers placed in power to keep the
conflict simmering, so was Ezer Weizman. When the first intifada broke out
in 1987, we had a report prepared on the most effective ways to control the
riots with the least resort to firepower. Highly recommended was the use of
attack dogs. Arabs are terrified of dogs and they could have been used to
scatter mobs. But Rabin forbade their use, and the ban is still in effect
            "So we were forced to use bullets. It was proposed that we dip
them in pig fat to minimize casualties. Muslin fanatics believe they will
be barred entrance to paradise if pig is in their bodies and this simple
tactic would have prevented innumerable attacks against us. That was
forbidden too and we had to resort to battlefield tactics which caused
unnecessary casualties and fueled the violence even further. And anyone who
objected to this self-defeating policy was dealt with harshly."
            At this point, the discussion took a dramatic turn. I noted
that on Rosh Hashana evening, a terror attack at Negohot led to two deaths
in a highly distinguished rabbinical family. I noted that a pattern of
demoralization by hitting the top of the religious or right wing
aristocracy was clearly taking place. He agreed.
            "That too. I'm nearly convinced that's why Yoni Netanyahu
returned from Entebbe in a coffin. This was an almost casualty-free
operation but the incompetent Ugandans aimed perfectly at the commander of
the raid. I never believed that.
            "You should remember that the raid took place about eight
months before national elections. The last thing the ruling Left needed was
the handsome aristocrat from Herut returning home the hero of Entebbe.
Labor knew the next election could oust them for the first time and Yoni
had all the potential to tip the scales against them. Remember, Sneh and
Barak were at Entebbe too. Yoni was a political anathema to them. I have no
proof but there was talk.
            "You have to look at the system to believe something so awful
could have happened within it. The enemy delivered a crushing blow to the
IDF in Haifa and the IDF received orders to ignore it. The Syrian strike
was nothing more than an empty appeasement to the country and those
officers in the IDF who knew what really had to be done."


      If anyone doesn't believe that Israeli leaders haven't been
compromised into collaborating with the enemy to demoralize the nation into
defeat, read the following reports of Yossi Beilin's secret negotiations in
Switzerland, and Sharon's surprising anger about them:




Next sendout will include more information from the same source about the
murder of an IDF general in Washington shortly before the Yom Kippur War.

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Knesset Member Urges Death for Israeli Authors of "Geneva" peace plan


JERUSALEM, Oct 21 (AFP) - A right-wing Knesset member Tuesday accused

high-profile Israeli leftists who drafted an unofficial peace plan with the

Palestinians of "treason" and demanded they be sentenced to death or life

"Those who initiated the Geneva agreement have perpetrated a crime of treason

necessitating a death sentence or life imprisonement," Shaul Yahalom, who

heads the radical National Religious Party (NRP), wrote in a letter to

General Elyakim Rubinstein, according to a copy obtained by AFP.

The symbolic Geneva peace plan was drawn up last week between Israeli

left-wingers, including former justice minister Yossi Beilin, and leading

Palestinians such as former information minister Yasser Abed Rabbo.

Yahalom charged that the "Israelis behind this initiative have devised an

agreement whose goal is, among other things, to deprive Israel of its

over the (Palestinian territories) and notably Jerusalem."

According to available details, the plan provides for shared sovereignty over

disputed areas of the holy city of Jerusalem and gives the Palestinians 97.5

percent of the West Bank.

In exchange, Palestinian refugees would waive their right of return to areas

now incorporated in the state of Israel as it was founded in 1948.

It is likely to be "signed" next month in Switzerland, possibly on November

4, the eighth anniversary of the assassination of former peacemaking Israeli

prime minister Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish extremist.

Israel has applied the death penalty only once, against Nazi SS Lieutenant

Colonel Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Jewish Holocaust during

World War II. He was hanged in a prison near Tel Aviv in 1962.

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