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                          FALLEN AND FELLED FOR GENEVA 

    The conversation began, "I've been putting this off, now I think it's time we met."
    "About what?"
    "About soldiers being murdered in the IDF. I'm a soldier who knows things you should know."

   The next day, the soldier took a long detour to meet me. For the time being, the only description I'll give is that he is middle-aged. He immediately established his credentials through Mossad name dropping.

     "The people who I want to read you will get the message if you precede my information with these two facts. The Mossad recruits hitmen from amongst criminals. One who is doing deep penance is Rabbi Emmanuel Paz of Bet Shemesh, who once operated in Europe. Another European officer was the late Fischel Skornik. He told me how we bungled the rescue of Ron Arad not long after he was captured in Lebanon. The Mossad set up a channel between the Spanish Mafia and their counterparts in Lebanon to buy Arad's freedom. The operation was succeeding but it fell apart when the Mossad negotiator wasn't satisfied with his cut of the operation.
      "That should be enough to establish myself where I want to be heard."

     The soldier requested a cigarette, sat up and got to the point.

      "Remember what happened in Netzarim last October 26? Three soldiers were murdered by a terrorist in their barracks. Two were young women, one an eighteen year old male. They were disarmed and left helpless the day of the attack. It was done to make certain they couldn't defend themselves. They were murdered in an operation aimed at disbanding Netzarim right after this Geneva Accord is signed.

       "The operation was sloppy but they got away with it. The excuses given for disarming the soldiers were ridiculous. The base had run out of funds to supply weapons to the girls and the guy was being transferred for trial so his weapon was removed. The IDF is not running out of automatic weapons and no soldier is allowed to be in a Gaza base unarmed.

        "Then came the immediate calls to disband Netzarim in the media because it's too dangerous for our soldiers to serve there. It is if they're being knocked off by the same army they are serving in. The public debate was prepared before the soldiers were murdered. And they weren't the only ones murdered from within the IDF to remove settlements.

         "Just off the top of my head, in the last half year or so you had the two soldiers killed near Efrat by an IDF helicopter and the Hebron reserve soldier murdered on the way back from a Shabak interrogation in Jerusalem.

         "The Efrat operation worked like this. One of the soldiers, I recall his name being Ben Yosef, was an activist behind the building of outposts outside Efrat. His father is a lawyer viewed as an anti-peace troublemaker as well. It was like getting rid of two troublesome birds with one missile. An order was issued to look out for terrorists in IDF uniforms driving a civilan vehicle in the Efrat area. The Air Force was informed that the terrorists were spotted and ordered to blow up their car. The pilot didn't know he was murdering Jews in a covert operation against the settlers. The two killed were not in uniform and their car had a bright insignia on it identifying it as an IDF security vehicle. We don't make mistakes like that.

         "Then there was the Hebron reserve soldier active in the building of the Hill 17 outpost outside Hebron. He was taken to Shabak headquarters in Jerusalem for interrogation. On the way home he was shot dead between the eyes. That's not terrorism, that's a hit. His wife delayed his funeral for two days so his body could be examined.

         "There is a hit squad in the IDF murdering soldiers who don't like their "peace" plans. To get Beilin's Geneva atrocity through, they are murdering soldiers actively protesting it and ordinary soldiers who can rile public opinion against serving in Yesha.
          "I did some checking on Beilin's IDF service. He was a messenger carrying secret communications codes for approval between high-ranking officers. That's all he was, a clerk. And no one would have anything to do with him. He was an outcast in his unit and other soldiers wondered if he wasn't photocopying those codes before they got to their destination. And this IDF pariah wouldn't mind it one bit if there was a murder rampage in the army aimed at getting his diplomacy through. But I strongly doubt he's giving the orders. To find out who is behind this slaughter, you have to follow the millions of dollars being funneled to him and trace which officers are getting a piece of the cake.

          "The murders in Netzarim are just stage one of Beilin's plan to destroy the settlements. Netzarim was chosen as the precedent. The government already has a block of land in the Negev all ready for Netzarim's evacuation and replacement. After that operation is completed, the same thing will be repeated with all the targeted settlements and who knows how many soldiers will be murdered until the rest of Yesha is evacuated? This Geneva Accord is being run by criminals and they couldn't care less how many young Jews are eliminated until they get their way."


      The very same day this soldier arrived, I received a phone call from Eitan, a Tel Aviv illustrator who sends his powerful protest images to the nation via his fax machine. He reported, "My apartment was broken into last night. I have a steel security door; the neighborhood thieves wouldn't have been able to negotiate it. Whoever did break in took only two things, my faxes and a butcher's knife from the kitchen. I got the message."

       Of the forces behind Geneva, a correspondent sums up the four Shabak heads who told Yediot Achronot why Israel must go to war against Yesha, the day before Beilin's propaganda appeared in every mailbox in Israel. And yes, who gave him the Post Office's complete address book of Israeli homes, which is supposed to be protected?

A correspondent writes:

"As to the four ex-GSS directors who pulled their collective moral weight behind the Geneva treaty in Yediot Achronot - well, who are these bastions of Israeli high moral ground?

** Avraham Shalom - in charge of the service during the Bus 300 affair. After executing the two terrorists caught alive, he co-ordinated the protracted misleading of two inquiry commissions as well as the entire office of the Attorney General and fabricated the evidence that initially framed General Itzik Mordechai as the high ranking officer who killed the prisoners. It was during that time that the GSS came nearest to an inner rebellion by senior officers who eventually forced Shalom to resign. It's worth recalling that three prime ministers - Peres in a rotation coalition with Shamir and Rabin, then Defence Minister - all tried to hush the affair and help Shalom survive.

** Yaakov Peri - the genius who recruited Avishai Raviv into the service. Enough said. He was supposed to oversee his successor's actions for six months but the staff meetings never happened. It was during his tenure that the Mearat Machpela/Tomb of the Fathers massacre took place.

** Carmi Gillon - Peri's illustrious successor. Rabin never wanted him as GSS director and only accepted him on condition that Peri supervised his moves for 6 months. Gillon never showed up at meetings. Rabin paid for that. After resigning Gillon was appointed director of the Peres Peace Center and later Israel's ambassador to Denmark - both appointments courtesy of Peres. Presently elected as mayor of Mevaseret Zion near Jerusalem. Watch out, it's too close to Mearat Hamachpela....

** Ami Ayalon - ex-Navy commander whose own agenda is tied up in his joint manifesto with Sari Nusseibeh.
So these are the four musketeers. If our future lies in their far-reaching vision, who needs enemies?"

       And who else is behind Geneva, but the eminent crook, Stephen Cohen?

"However, one of the architects of the Geneva Initiative, Dr. Stephen Cohen,
introducing himself as a paid advisor to the US State Department, spoke at
a conference of the Brit Tzedek V'Shalom conference in Boston on November 19th,
in which he stated that the funder of the Geneva Iniative was the Swiss
Government. Cohen stated in answer to a question in the audience that he did
not know of any major Jewish contributors to the Geneva Initiative."

         Shall we recall who this criminal is? Remember the Ginosar scandal of March '02? Former GSS deputy head Yossi Ginosar arranged the illegal transfer of $300 million stolen by Yasir Arafat from the PA's treasury to Swiss bank accounts. Along the way, numerous straw companies were created to blur the money trail. And who was chosen to be CEO of these companies? Why Dr. Stephen Cohen. When former Utah Congressman Wayne Owens threatened to expose Cohen and Ginsosar, he was murdered and his body was thrown on a Tel Aviv beach.

          One correspondent discovered the coverup of Cohen's felonies:

"In my frustration I decided to check out Wayne Owens
peace center site. www.centerpeace.org
They had decided to revamp their site. Well, the new
version is up and guess what? They seem to have purged
any reference to Stephen P. Cohen. Remember the Yossi
Ginossar henchman? "I had nothing to do with the
missing millions."

Well their newsletters and conferences were full of
Stephen Cohen, and now all that stuff is off the
website. (However the pages are still there with the
info on their webserver).
You would never know that Cohen had anything to do
with the center."

And the murders in the IDF continue apace. Here are the latest:

13:15 Nov-28-03 / 3 Kislev 5764

"Yomam Commander Seriously Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident (IsraelNN.com) The commander of the Israel Police Yomam counter-terrorism commando unit was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident this morning near Ma’agen Michael, on the Coastal Road. He was injured after stopping to assist the victims of an accident.

The name of the officer is not permitted for release. He remains in serious/stable condition in Hadera’s Hillel Yafeh Hospital.

The commander was responding to his base after he was notified that another officer of the unit was killed in a pre-dawn motor vehicle accident on the Ayalon Highway."

      The soldier made one last remark: "I don't understand. Where are the families of these soldiers?
Where are the IDF officers who know about the hit squad? Is everyone so frightened and intimidated that they'll let the state die, soldier by soldier?"


In response to my last sendout, numerous people supplied vital information but this week's report is too focused to publish all but one. The Pike, three wars letter, received powerful affirmation:

"The Chofetz Chiam also makes reference to three world wars. Here is a quote along with a primary reference source.

I heard in London from the holy Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, quoting the Chofetz Chaim, that Chazal say the war of Gog and Magog will be threefold. After the First World War, the Chofetz Chaim said that this was the first battle of Gog and Magog, and in about twenty-five years (1942) there would be a second world war, which would make the first one seem insignificant, and then there would be a third battle ... Rav Elchanan concluded that one must suffer the pangs of Moshiach, but the wise man will quietly prepare himself during that time÷perhaps he will be worthy of seeing the comforting of Tzion and Yerushalayim." (Leiv Eliyahu, Shemos, page 172)."


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