Irving challenges Goldhagen

   Irving refused Aussie visa again
   Controversial British historian David Irving has 

been refused entry into Australia for a third time

17 January 2003

   Irving, whose theories denying that the holocaust happened have caused
   outrage among Jewish communities and historians worldwide, received
   his refusal notice from the Australian government last week, a year
   after applying for a tourist visa.
   He was previously refused entry in 1993 and 1996.
   Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock rejected Irving's application for
   a visa after he failed the character test.
   Irving, whose daughter Beatrice is an Australian citizen living in
   Brisbane, said he had engaged a Perth firm of solicitors to fight his
   refusal, even though the government said he could not appeal.
  "Thousands of Australians want to hear me speak,
   they have been denied that right," Irving said on Friday.
   "Arsonists are allowed to visit. Weirdos and whackos with real
   criminal records are allowed to visit but someone with an artificial
   criminal record is not allowed.
   "My criminal record is artificial. The law I broke in Germany doesn't
   exist anywhere else in the world."
   In its decision, the Australian High Commission in London said it
   could not be assumed Irving would abide by Australian law.
   "Mr Irving's behaviour demonstrates a defiance and contempt for the
   laws of some of the countries he visited," it wrote in its report.
   "His conduct was deemed serious enough by those countries to see him
   deported and excluded.
   "It is difficult to determine that Mr Irving wouldn't behave similarly
   whilst in Australia."
   Irving was convicted in Germany in 1992 for defaming the memory of the
   dead and was expelled from the country the following year.
   He was also deported from Canada in 1992 for lying to an Immigration
   Adjudicator and in 1994, a British High Court judge found he gave
   false evidence.
   He also owes the Australian government $35,140 after previous failed

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