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Hello, Mr. Toben: 

My name is Kathy Robertazzo from Illinois, I am a
friend and supporter of Matt Hale's.

I believe both Rev. Hale and David Duke have contributed vastly to expose the evildoers who have hijacked our country.  You've got a small race of people who took advantage of a naive trusting, Christian country,
weaseled their way into power and now control ever aspect of our lifes so
both Duke and Hale have worked diligently to expose this.  David Duke has written two books and was touring Russia and throughout Europe to expose the jewish plan for world domination, when back home they were planning to silence him and did by concocting false tax evasion charges.

They also needed to silence Matt Hale who although he has garnered the
ADL millions of dollars in donations, was getting out of hand because he
was too vocal about 9/11 and the war in Iraq, going so far as to put out
a booklet about israel's involvement in 9/11.  In addition Rev. Hale was
getting ready to tour the country to give lectures about Jewish Ritual
Murder.  Rev. Hale was fine as long as he was only insulting minorities,
that filled the coffers but when he got up close and personal about the
things the zionists didn't want the Stepford Wives and Husbands to hear,
they knew they had no choice but to silence Rev. Hale too.  Rev. Hale is
not about violence, he's intelligent and articulate and that's why they
feared him and his message.  Rev. Hale was looking forward to beating
them fair and square in a court of law because he was under the false
assumption that the system is fair, that it works, that judges are

I call your attention to the fact that within a six month period how many
people who were critics of zionists/israel were silenced.   Congressman
Traficant, Congresswoman McKinney, David Duke, Matt Hale and Ernst
Zundel.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  A rabid zionist jew gets into
office, Chertoff and they start manufacturing false charges against
people.  The case against Rev. Hale is so weak, to the point where it
consisted of their paid informant claiming when he asked Rev. Hale if he
wanted him to murder the judge, that Rev. Hale nodded.  Yet on the tapes
you can hear Rev. Hale repeatedly say he wouldn't be involve in any
criminal activity but he nodded.   The jury can't see a nod when
listening to tapes.  I believe that they're hoping Rev. Hale's notoriety
will convict him and the jury will overlook the obvious flaws in the
government's case.  

Rev. Hale, David Duke and Ernst Zundel are all heros for trying to stop
the evil these people are casting upon the world.  From murdering 60
million Christians in Russia and all the evil before and after, very few
have tried to stop them.  The politicians in the U.S. are either too
afraid to take them on or enjoy the money that lines their pockets, so
who is going to stop them, if not brave patriots like Duke, Hale and
Zundel?  Zundel just wanted to vindicate his native Germany once and for
all from all the lies of so-called holocaust.  And if the jews will
fabricate lies about an event like that and keep it going for decades,
they will like about anything. 

I've now come under attack, and the subject of a vicious smear campaign
by these tricksters.  They will stop at nothing to silence their critics,
they always play with a loaded deck.  In order to make me look bad as a
character witness for Rev. Hale, they had to manufacture lies about me
too.  I'm a groupie for example, in love with Rev. Hale.  I'm 52, he's
32, he's young enough to be my son but I'm in love with him?   They have
sick, perverted minds and will stop at nothing.   They've written two
articles about me and posted them at their little "fighting hate"
websites.  Well, it's not going to shut me up, they're going to have to
manufacture a crime I committed too and haul me off in the koshermobile.

They always over extend.  I don't care what country takes them in, they
always pee on the host's shoes.   They're never happy to have a place to
live, they have to control everything, they have to destroy
White/European Civilization.  They scream about fighting hate when they
are the biggest haters of all.   White trash, trailer trash, Euro trash,
blonde jokes, Polish jokes, all come from the jews, and they've made sure
those terms and things are all acceptable, but dare to say a black or
mexican is trash and they want to arrest you on hate crimes.

Rev Hale's trial has been continued twice and is now scheduled for April
5th.  They don't want it to go to trial because of their case being so
weak and they know that it will be them on trial not him, way too much is
going to come out at this trial that they don't want people to hear,
especially rogue journalists who will be present so I fear for Rev. Hale
that they will do something to him before trial.  We're dealing with pure

If you need anymore information, I'd be happy to oblige.  This goes way
beyond being a White Separationist, this involves all Americans and the
plans the zionist/Bolsheviks have for us, and the fact they have the Amen
Corner doing their bidding is what should concern us all.


Kathy Robertazzo
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Kathy - perhaps you can identify yourself, and then would you kindly
write something that sums up each person's dilemma, please.  Perhaps also other material - and then I can just place it in our list.

 Thank you.

Fredrick Töben

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 Hello:  I was writing to you about adding David Duke and Matt Hale
to your list of heroes who are currently Political Prisoners because
of their bravery in exposing the lies of the Holocaust.

 Thank you.


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