Cartoonist Fired After Being Accused Of Anti-Semitism

The Sydney Morning Herald

15 August 2003


(New Zealand Press Association) -- An award-winning cartoonist dumped by

New Zealand's biggest newspaper because of his drawings on the Middle East

conflict said he stood by his work and rejected an editor's right to direct

what he could or could not draw.

Malcolm Evans, twice named as the country's cartoonist of the year, says he

was sacked by The New Zealand Herald after the newspaper received

complaints from Jews about his cartoons on the conflict between Israel and

the Palestinians.

Evans, who denied that his cartoons were anti-Semitic, said while he

accepted an editor's right to reject a cartoon, he did not accept an

editor's right to direct what he should draw.

He said the paper's editor-in-chief, Gavin Ellis, had told him to stop

submitting cartoons on Israel.

However, Ellis said Evans had been sacked on legal advice, but would not

comment further.

Evans, who had worked for the Herald for seven years, told National Radio

the argument had started when the paper received letters from readers about

his cartoons critical of Israel.

"I have got to acknowledge in the first instance that the paper had the

balls to publish those cartoons, but once they were published and reaction

came in, the paper seemed to shrink from association with them and

ultimately I received this edict."

The Waikato Times newspaper quoted Auckland rabbi Jeremy Lawrence saying he

believed the cartoons lacked balance in their portrayal of

Israeli-Palestinian relations and had double standards.

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Just after the NZ Herald published Dr Fudge's article, its

editor proceeded to tell its cartoonist, the eminent Malcolm

Evans, that cartoons on Israel and Zionism were forbidden.

The NZ Jewish Council had complained about some of Evans'

cartoons, and especially one that compared zionism to

apartheid. Evans has resigned in disgust at the censorship.

I've written the following e-mail to Evans:


14 August 2003

Dear Mr Evans

Having viewed a rep. of the NZ Jewish Council on t.v.

claiming that your cartoon equating Zionism with apartheid

is an affront to Judaism, perhaps you'd care to ask the

editor of the NZ Herald whether he has the foggiest idea as

to what Judaism and its political offshoot Zionism, are

based on? The Torah is replete with references to genocide,

holocausts, and Hebrew separatism based on the notion of

being God's Chosen People.

If one delves deeper, the Talmud, the encyclopaedic

commentary by rabbis on the Torah, as well as the mystical

tradition embodied in the Lurianic Kabballah (the basis of

Hasidic Judaism which is a politcal force in the USA and

Israel) Orthodox Judaism regards non-Jews ('goyim') as

animals at best, at worst emanations from the 'satanic

sphere'. As for women, even Jewish women are regarded with

the kind of contempt we are told is supposedly a feature of


According to the Jewish authoress Evelyn Kaye (who was

raised in an Orthodox community) the daily prayer of

Orthodox male Jews includes "Thank you Lord for not making

me a non-Jew, a slave, a woman."

As for the NZ Jewish Council, their officials include

members of the Wellington Hebrew Congregation, whose rabbi

is from the NY Lubavitch Hasid community, whose late Rebbe,

Schneerson, is heralded as the King-Messiah who will be

resurrected and rule over a World Theocratic State, where

the "idolatry" of Christianity will be punishbale by death

(all this guff is on the Lubavitch websites, in English for

anyone to read).

The NZ Jewish Council has already destroyed the career of

Joel Hayward, and at least indirectly has ended the tenure

of Dr Thomas Fudge.

You are to be commended for your integrity.


K R Bolton

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