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November 10, 2002

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Well, here we are again - "French encyclopedia ordered to remove
offensive Holocaust passage".  How long will this carry on?  By the
way, try to find the so-called 'Holocaust' as conventionally
understood in any 1950s-1960s encyclopedia!



PARIS - A French court on Wednesday ordered the publishers of
France's leading reference book to remove from its next edition a
revisionist historian's claim that the figure of 6 million deaths
during the Holocaust was grossly exaggerated. Five French Jewish
groups had launched the legal action against the encylopedia-like
reference guide, Quid, saying the passage violated a French law that
makes it illegal to publish revisionist theories. The Jewish groups
demanded that Quid publishers retract the 300,000 copies of its 2003
edition, which had already been sent to stores.

Judge Marie-Therese Feydau refused to grant the request, but ordered
the publishers to remove the offensive passage from its 2004 edition
as well as from its Internet site. Publishers were also ordered to
send a correction notice to all book shops where Quid is sold and to
insert the correction in the 100,000 copies still being printed. They
were also ordered to publish the correction in three daily newspapers
and two weeklies. "We are satisfied," said Patrick Klugman, president
of the Union of Jewish Students of France. "'Never again' must not be
an expression said in vain. The duty to remember must begin with
those who manufacture knowledge."

The lawsuit, against Encyclopedies Quid and its publisher, Robert
Laffont, was a followup to a similar suit filed in 2001. The
offensive passage was ordered removed by 2003. The Quid is updated
each year. In a section on World War II extermination camps, the book
says that the official number of deaths at Auschwitz-Birkenau was 1.2
million. However, it adds that "other figures have circulated," and
cites one by a revisionist historian, Robert Faurisson, who claims
that 150,000 people died at the camp, of which 100,000 were Jews.

The Quid, a single volume 2,000-paged reference guide, is known in
France as the book that holds the answers to all questions. It is an
essential tool for researchers and found in many French households.
The book's publisher said it had no immediate comment.

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