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Update for Gaston-Armand Amaudruz




5 March 2003


Although he is still in jail at the Etablissements pénitentiaires de la Plaine de l'Orbe, Switzerland,

Professor G.A. Amaudruz keeps his spirits up, thanks, in particular, to your letters. 

On February 23, 2003 he wrote:

I was not allowed house arrest on the pretence of my not doing a profitable job (which means that retired people are given the push). Next, I asked if I may have my jail term cut in two parts, but no answer. As I believe one should be wise enough to expect the worse, I may have to stay at the E.P.O. until April 13, 2003. I asked for 24 hours leave at mid-March so as to tidy up my business. We'll see.
Meanwhile I try not to lose one minute. I have revised and complemented "Europe" (...) and I have written an "Examination of the work" so as to point out the main lines to those who will come after me. Besides, I have started writing down my thoughts as a prisoner, in which I try to simplify the issues of today so as to bring to the fore the essential requirements.

To this day, the "24-hour mid-March leave" has not been granted.

On the other hand, some good news! Despite the fact that he is in jail, on Friday 28 February Professor Amaudruz managed to bring out his last issue of "Courrier du Continent" (Case Ville 2428, CH-1004 Lausanne, Switzerland), a journal that he created just after the war and which he never stopped publishing since then!

As to "Europe", this is a six-part philosophical essay, subtitled: "The foundations for the European rebirth through the theory of knowledge".

As anyone can see, the 83 year-old Professor doesn't lack energy. Please send him quickly a small letter, be it only a few lines, to the following address:

Monsieur le professeur Gaston-Armand Amaudruz
Etablissements pénitentiaires de la Plaine de l'Orbe
CH-1350 ORBE



From Robert Faurisson
10 January 2003

Copy of a message which I have just addressed to Robert Ménard, founder of
"Reporters Without Borders":

Dear Sir,

I inform you that, this morning of January the 10th, Gaston-Armand Amaudruz,
answering the summons of the Swiss authorities, presented himself to the
federal penitentiary at "la Plaine de l'Orbe" to serve his punishment of a
sentence of three months in prison. The doctor declared him capable of
bearing the detention.  G.-A. Amaudruz is 82 years old and he is in bad

His principal crime is to have expressed a doubt with regard to the
existence of the Nazi homicidal gas chambers and to have said that he
refused to believe in the figure of six million Jewish victims. In the
official language, that of the summons, one speaks only about "racial

The establishment in question, located twenty kilometers to the north of
Lausanne, officially listed as a "HIGH SECURITY" penitentiary, has, at the
entrance, many control passages, guards and dogs. The punishment of three
months in prison is non-reducible. There are also fines, damages, court
expenses, lawyers' expenses and various expenditures.

The first lawyer, Patrick Richard, because of fear, abandoned his client,
who turned to another lawyer, Jean-Pierre Moser. This new lawyer has shown
more than just reservations with the friends of G.-A. Amaudruz. This
morning, after an initial courteous call to Moser, those friends were put on

One week ago, René-Louis Berclaz distributed 4000 copies of number 19 of
"Vérité et Justice" ("Truth and Justice") containing an appeal against the
prospect of such an incarceration.  Unfortunately this call did not give
rise yet to the least echo.

A terror-panic reigns in Switzerland over the idea of opposing the Jewish
organizations and the anti-revisionist forces of repression. I was a
witness, in particular at the time of the proceedings against Jürgen Graf,
in 1998. The defense lawyer in this case trembled pitifully. The prosecutor
had announced point-blank that any argument of a revisionist nature,
presented in the walls of the court, would be reason to additional legal
proceedings. In the case of Amaudruz, the president of the tribunal
brandished the same threat.

One can write to the prisoner at the following address:

Etablissement de l'Orbe, CH 1350 ORBE, SWITZERLAND.

In theory, the received envelopes of mail are opened to check the contents
but the letters would not be read and would, in their entirety, be passed on
to the prisoner.

On this 22 January, it is the French Jean Plantin, 37, who is likely to have
his turn at being imprisoned for denial of the Holocaust, in Lyon, on the
order of the "juge d'application des peines" (the judge in charge of
checking the enforcement of a judgement).

In both cases and probably in other cases to come, how can "Reporters
Without Borders" help cease this repression?

Sincerely Yours,
Robert Faurisson
(04 70 32 38 96), Monday January 13, 2003, 17:38.

Personal address of Gaston-Armand Amaudruz : Chemin des Aubépines, 9,   CH
1004 Lausanne (Switzerland). Amaudruz reads French and German but not

Personal address of René-Louis Berclaz : Route des Misets 110, CH 1618
Châtel Saint Denis (Switzerland).

Personal address of Jean Plantin : 45/3, Route de Vourles, F 69230 Saint
Genis Laval (France).

1/ Lu dans "Le Matin" (de Lausanne) du 14 janvier 2003:

de Jean-François Krähenbühl

VAUD - Le révisionniste Gaston-Armand Amaudruz (83 ans) purge depuis hier
une peine de 3 mois de prison aux Etablissements pénitentiaires de la plaine
de l'Orbe. Condamné en avril 2000 par le Tribunal correctionnel de Lausanne
à 1 an ferme pour diffusion d'écrits négationnistes, le chantre du nazisme
avait vu sa peine réduite à 3 mois par la Cour de cassation pénale du
Tribunal cantonal vaudois six mois plus tard. Malgré son âge avancé, le
nouveau pensionnaire de Bochuz ne devrait pas bénéficier de traitement
particulier. Chef du Service pénitentiaire vaudois, André Valloton explique
que "s'il y avait eu inaptitude à exécuter la peine, elle aurait  été
constatée par le médecin cantonal. Le renvoi de l'exécution aurait alors été
ordonné. Si M. Amaudruz se trouve là, c'est donc qu'il est apte à purger sa
peine. Il existe de toute manière un service médical interne." André
Valloton ajoute que l'âge et l'état de santé du détenu seront toutefois pris
en compte: "Nous n'allons pas lui donner un travail trop pénible. Les tâches
seront adaptées en fonction de ce qu'il est capable de faire."

2/ Message de René-Louis Berclaz:
Si vous souhaitez manifester votre solidarité au professeur Gaston-Armand
Amaudruz, vous pouvez:

- envoyer une lettre de lecteur au quotidien "Le Matin" à l'adresse
suivante: Le Matin, avenue de la Gare 33, CH-1002 Lausanne (Suisse);
- envoyer à l'autorité compétente une lettre EXIGEANT la libération
immédiate de G.A.Amaudruz. Cette lettre doit être argumentée, signée et
datée. Adresse: Commission de justice, Grand Conseil du canton de Vaud, Le
Château, CH-1014 Lausanne (Suisse);
- envoyer une lettre ou une simple carte postale à G.A.Amaudruz. La carte
postale peut être signée d'un pseudonyme. L'important est d'en envoyer le
plus possible pendant les trois prochains mois. Adresse: Monsieur le
professeur Gaston-Armand Amaudruz, Etablissements pénitentiaires de la
Plaine de l'Orbe, CH-1350 Orbe (Suisse).
D'avance nous vous remercions de votre engagement. C'est l'occasion ou
jamais de manifester notre volonté de résistance contre l'oppression dont
sont victimes les défenseurs de la liberté d'expression.
René-Louis Berclaz
Châtel-Saint-Denis, le 14 janvier 2003.

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