Pauline Hanson on her Ipswich property on 7 November 2003.

Pauline Hanson is not a Racist

25 August 2003

Personally-speaking, Pauline Hanson has been through the

marriage mill, but she still retains the ideal of marriage and

family, unlike many bitter hate-filled feminists and their fellow

travellers who wish to eliminate the socially stabilising family

unit and that which goes with it, a form of monogamous

behaviour that rests on the moral value of trust.


Pauline Hanson is a courageous woman who had a notable

Aboriginal support base in South Australia.

Anyone who invokes the shut-up word 'racist' against her

has evil intentions.

Fredrick Töben personally saw Pauline Hanson warmly welcome

Aboriginals at her gala dinners in Adelaide.

If Aden Ridgeway, implied in his recent speech that

Pauline Hanson is a 'racist', then he is wrong and his integrity is at stake.

Pauline Hanson is a Patriotic Nationalist

who abhor the hypocritical multicultural Internationalists.

The control-freaked Australian Zionists are having a nightmare coping with

political dissenters like Pauline Hanson because she is of the people, and she

has never shied away from physically working for her living in Australia.

The powerful Australian Zionist lobby even attempted to smear Hanson by

sneering at her humble profession, that of operating a fish and chips shop.

The Zionists are so detached from reality they failed to note that fish and

chips is still one of Australia's largest retail industries where money

can be made, but at a price: hard work!

Australia's leading Zionist/racist, Jeremy Jones, is nothing but a talker, a politician

whose job it is to deflect criticism from the Zionist, Racist State of Israel.


8 March 2001

Fredrick Töben and Pauline Hanson in conversation.


The occasion for this picture opportunity was the

South Australian Press Club luncheon on 8 March 2001.

It was also used by the media to insinuate that Pauline

Hanson may be — horrors, oh, horrors — a 'Holocaust' denier.

In fact, one of the criteria used to determine membership of

the Hanson political party was the asking of this question:

"Do you believe in the 'Holocaust'?

Anyone who was conversant with the issue and responded

truthfully with a 'No', would have a hard time

advancing through the ranks.

So, 'racist' and 'Holocaust' denier were used with the other

shut-up words and applied with equal vigour:

'hater', 'antisemite', 'neo-Nazi'.

The situation has not improved in this regard, perhaps slightly

by Israel's continued horrible oppression of the Palestinians.

But there is hope at the end of the tunnel because the Zionist

experiment will fail in time. As Mohammed Hegazi stated so

clearly, will we then see Jeremy Jones running to his mother

crying: "Mom, they say Israel never happened!"

 [Note: The noun 'Aborigine' is not used to refer to Australia's indigenous peoples

but rather its adjectival form 'Aboriginal', so according to one credible source.]

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Anti-Muslim Website toned down

The Examiner, 29 August 2003

Sydney NSW — One Nation MP David Oldfield agreed yesterday to change on a controversial anti-Muslim Web site —

The Web site statement "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims" will now read "Most Muslims are not terrorists, but many people who profess to be Muslims are terrorists."

The statement "The biggest mistake a person can make is to think Muslims are people just like us — they are nothing like us" is more substantially changed.

It now reads:""There are those who believe there are many differences between Muslims and non-Muslims."

Lawyer Hisam Sidaoui argued that the site breached Victoria's Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.


Fredrick Töben comments:

This precedent-setting case will be important for us when the first complaint about Adelaide Institute breaching the court order of 17 September 2002 reaches the FCA registrar's office.


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