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Pauline Hanson, Australian MP, was jailed after court action funded by a
slush fund contributed to by the major political parties. Pauline was deemed
to be a political prisoner no different to Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma). The
conviction was overturned on appeal.

The release of Pauline Hanson from jail has sparked new interest in Pauline'
s ONE NATION party. The party was depicted as racist and nationalist.
Australian news headlines read, POLLS SHOW 30% WOULD VOTE FOR PAULINE HANSON'S ONE NATION.

Once again One Nation can be the second or third largest party in Australia.
With 30% of the votes they can win about 34 seats in the House of
Representatives this coming federal election. That boost would put them in
government three years later.

There is great concern in the major parties in Australia as One Nation
supporters hit the campaign trail with a 1.2 metre oil painting depicting
Pauline as St Joan de Arc.

Yours sincerely

A. R. (Tony) Pitt
79 Ferry Street
Maryborough   Qld   4650

                The painting of "Pauline Hanson - St Joan of Arc" was
commissioned and funded by Kevin Hendstock, former British World War II
sergeant paratrooper. Kevin served in Italy 1944-45.

                Kevin emigrated to Australia 1952.    He served with
Australian Army in the Intelligence Corpse during the Korean War. He is a
true blue Australian who was sickened at the jailing of Pauline Hanson. He
saw it as the "burning at the stake" by the political forces of evil.

                Like other World War veterans Kevin felt that his mates
would roll over in their grave if they knew the freedoms they fought and
died for were being debased by current politicians and the judiciary.


Marilla Barton, Certificate of Art Swinbourne Tech 1964, Artist for Display
Department, Georges Limited, Melbourne. Art teacher various Victorian high
schools. Studied art in Paris and London. Numerous exhibitions of Sculpture
and Paintings in Victoria and Queensland. Specialising Trompe l'eoil and
taking workshops for artists in the Caboolture area. Taking private junior
and adult classes.




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