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 Letter to the Editor,

 Democracy, free speech, justice for all Australians ... as long as
 your name isn't Pauline Hanson.
 In my sister's case, it's a crime to speak your mind, especially
 if your opinions espouse the will of many thousands of Australians.
 In this country, it's now a jailable offence to challenge the
 political power structures.
 Pauline's education is only from life experiences in the real
 world - single mother, successful small business owner, rural
 property owner, outcast politician and party leader.  How dare
 she ask for accountable government? How dare she steal their votes?
 Well the precedent has been set and an example has been made.
 Our taxes have been spent getting rid of Pauline, rather than
 focussing on the murderers, drug dealers, paedophiles, child
 molesters and the like.  We should all feel safe now that my
 sister is no longer a threat to society.
 Locked away in  maximum security at Wacol prison, she is subject
 to all the rigid rules and regulations designed for dangerous
 criminals.  The price of a hug from her children is the utter
 humiliation of a strip search. It's all part of the sentence.
 All I can hope is that your sister ... or your child ... or
 anyone you love doesn't ever try to speak out.
 Because democracy, free speech and justice for all obviously
 no longer exists in this country.
 Have your say..support the Pauline Hanson Rally - Thursday 16th
 October, Parliament house Brisbane from 10am.  Tell Peter Beattie
 and John Howard what you really think!
 Judy Smith
 1/204 Ferny Avenue
 Surfers Paradise.  Queensland 4217
 Mobile - 0412059741


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