Dr Joel Hayward reflecting on his 'Holocaust' denial!




New Zealand's Academia Battles Against Zionists


Somewhere in Oceania the hoped-for breakthrough against the 'Holocaust' story/legend/ideology/religion/orthodoxy/lie did not come about as anticipated. But the 1993 MA thesis accepted by the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, still stands. Its basic findings were:


1. There was no German National Socialist systematic state extermination program of European Jews;


2. Homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz concentration camp did not exist, and


3. The six million Jewish deaths number cannot be sustained any longer.


Dr Joel Hayward, the author of the thesis, has now recanted, using the 2000 London David Irving trial as a reason for doing so. To date Hayward has not specified how information flowing out of that trial caused him to change his mind.


Hayward owes the world this justification, otherwise it can be concluded that Hayward's apology and recantation is insincere, and made under duress for the sake of his family's safety.


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