The following is an Op-ed piece from Adelaide Institute's Associate, Mohammed A Hegazi.

Fredrick Töben distances himself from this item on account of the Federal Court of

Australia Gag Order, 17 September, 2002, confirmed on Appeal 27 June 2003.

To illustrate how "hurt feelings" are usually dealt with in a proper court, read on... 

------------The Heat Is On, The Beat Goes On------------

Who’s Afraid of Jeremy Wolf?

I really have nothing but contempt for extremist Jews who are indulging

in the illusion that they can control us humans. They may for a

while be over-represented in politics, the media and the

judiciary, but I am coming to the conclusion that

their days are counted.

Their methods are no longer a secret. They try to drag their

opponents through the dark alleys of western courts, hoping

to deplete them financially and emotionally. They try to get

revisionist historians to eventually tow the line of

deception and the propagation of historical lies such

as the drummed-up six million lies.

This is easily illustrated when low-ebb extremist Jews go to courts

to challenge scholars of the calibre of Fredrick Töben or David Irving.

All they can argue about is “hurt feelings” or “insulting the memory

of the dead”.

How on Earth can you assess “hurt feelings” when faced by harsh

and unforgiving historical fact? It is not sufficient a proof for Jeremy

Jones to throw a tantrum and yell, “Ma, I have hurt feelings, Töben

says that the Holohoax never happened”.

I may claim that if I ever set eyes on Jeremy Jones I would have

“hurt feelings”, but where is my proof?

Albeit that he, Jones, belongs to the clan that highjacked the land

of Palestine, re-sprayed it and gave it the name of that “shitty little

country”, Israel.

Albeit that those extremist Jews in Palestine hurt the living Palestinians,

not just their feelings or the memory of their buried ancestors, whose

remains make the soil of the stolen land of Palestine, from the

Mediterranean to the Dead Sea.

Let me emphasise to Jones et al that the Holohoax is a lie.

Historians will never cease to expose that filthy lie

in order to restore dignity to the

German people.

If Jones and co. would like to witness a real holocaust, they

can visit Jenin or Ramallah, where their ilk have been

trying to establish a modern “Jews only” ghetto. They have

been trying since 1948, but the project of the modern ghetto

is doomed to failure and the land will be reclaimed by its

rightful owners, the Palestinians.

The superimposed name of “Israel” will be replaced by the

original name “Palestine”. It might take another fifty years, or

maybe a hundred years, but it will happen.

Now, will Jones throw another tantrum and run to his mother with

“hurt feelings” crying, “Mama, Hegazi says Israel never happened”.


M. A. Hegazi

Associate, Adelaide Institute

28 July 2003


Fredrick Töben comments:

29 July 2003

I advised Mr Hegazi that the Zionist lobby is powerful and vindictive,

and that the fearless expression of his views in open

forum may have legal/physical consequences.

Jeremy Jones is no tolerant person, and his group does not operate

on democratic principles where differing view-points are

openly aired and discussed.

Instead, Jeremy Jones persecutes through legal prosecution anyone

with whom he disagrees.

This vindictive, rather infantile and intolerant attitude now permeates

Australia's social fabric, especially since the Anglo-American-Zionists

have found common ground in attempting to save the

Zionist, apartheid, racist state of Israel. 

I also reminded Mr Hegazi that Jones and his 'boys'like nothing better than

to stop anyone 'from functioning', and bankrupting free thinkers

(those who refuse to submit to their nonsense world view)

is the first step towards achieving this goal. Mrs Olga Scully was taken to court

by Jones and now she owes him a legal bill of $150, 000. She had no

option but to declare herself bankrupt. That's the signal for anyone

to shut up about the 'Holocaust' and start believing because if you

do not, and you dare express it publicly, then Mrs Scully

stands as an example of what will happen to you.

So, anyone who has a wife, husband family, job, etc. had better shut up

and submit to the 'Holocaust'dogma as pushed into Australia's social

fabric by those compliant to Zionists' wishes. No

divergent view will be tolerated

on this matter.

If that doesn't work, then the next step is socially to isolate the

dissenter. Unfortunately this mechanism doesn't work on free

spirits because they are mature enough to stand on their own,

and they do not need the trappings of social approval that our

consumer society rigidly controls.

And so the heavy guns are brought out, literally, and

I reminded Mr Hegazi that the Israeli Mossad is

rumoured to be in Australia, there to ensure that

critics of Israel are silenced.

England and Germany have already had two recent deaths

of individuals who were not on-side in the Middle East

conflict. It is inevitable that someone in Australia will

be taken out so as to serve as a signal to those who

oppose the existence of the Zionist, apartheid,

racist state of Israel.

Mr Hegazi stood firm and remains fearless because as

a person with an Egyptian background he knows

more about the Jewish-Zionist connection

than I do.

Keep tuned for updates.


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