Some Definitions

  Iraqi Rebel:  A misnomer for an ordinary civilian rising against illegitimate occupation.

Terrorist: Freedom fighter

Insurgents: A spin reference to nationalist Iraqi fighters. The proper usage of the word is reserved for those who rebel against a legitimate authority.

Saddam Loyalists: All Iraqis fighting illegal US Zionist occupation.

al-Qaida, Terrorist: A term reserved for any person rising against US Zionist hegemony, anywhere in the world.

Coalition Forces: Mercenaries, usually from poor East European countries. They are after US aid or trade favours. With US economy going down the drain, those countries are really "pissing in the wind" and would soon be reassessing their situation.

Friendly fire: A term specific to US military incompetence.

War on Terrorism: The Trojan horse used to scare the average US simpleton into submission and acceptance of all Zionist war ventures.

WMDs: Another Trojan horse used as a pretext for war. The US itself is the largest manufacturer and exporter of WMDs.


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