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Letters To The Editor - May 17, 2004

Fight for freedom
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

US propagandists call the snowballing Iraqi resistance "insurgents", "Sunni triangulars", "thugs", and "Saddam loyalists".

Iraqi fighters are nationalist who are determined to free their country from vile foreign occupation by greedy and ruthless invaders.

Historical precedent has it that if a people are so intent on liberating their country, they will. The invaders can say goodbye to their grand Zionist project.

They will never be able to control the world, or even the
Middle East. Their war of terror failed dismally. We owe it to those brave Iraqis fighting for their freedom.

Their moment of final victory is approaching.


Letters To The Editor - May 29, 2004

War of attrition
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia
The Anglo-American war on
Iraq has failed. It was a miscalculated venture that relied on lies and underestimated the resolve of Iraqis. Blair is not back-pedalling fast enough, and Bush is still in denial that his army is being humiliated in a brilliant war of attrition.

Iraqis will not lay down their arms until the last American is out of their country. No amount of waffle by Bush or Blair will change facts on the ground. The sooner the aggressors leave, the less humiliation they will suffer.


Letters To The Editor - June 5, 2004

Covered up
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

In a recent press conference, US Attorney-General John Ashcroft lectured the media on the great significance of apprehending Abu Hamza Al Masri, saying they obtained information about Al Masri from reliable intelligence sources.

A shrewd journalist asked if the sources were the same "reliable sources" that supplied information about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. At this point, both CNN and the BBC cut off the sound and replaced it with some waffle by their programme's presenters. This is how Zionist media spin operates currently. Did any one hear Ashcroft's response?


Letters To The Editor - June 12, 2004

Expected resolution
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

The United Nations Security Council resolution on Iraq did not come as a surprise. After all, the UN is the same body that imposed sanctions on Iraq for a decade. It has also approved the establishment of Israel on Palestinian land in 1947.

The recent resolution imparts quasi legitimacy on US/UK military occupation of Iraq. It aims at offering the embattled occupation some respite. It also serves as a face saving device for Bush and Blair. This resolution will not sway Iraqi resistance that will continue to harass the forces of aggression until the last American/British mercenary is out of Iraq on a one-way ticket.


Letters To The Editor - June 19, 2004

Insurgency or resistance?
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

Shortly after a recent attack on a convoy of foreign mercenaries in Iraq, Iraqis in the vicinity held up the remains of destroyed vehicles shouting "down with America". How much proof is needed for the American spin-doctors, in media and government, to admit that the word "insurgency" is a misnomer for popular Iraqi resistance? How many lives must be lost before the gang misleading
America and the world admits failure and political bankruptcy?

The world can clearly see that the greedy and evil forces of invasion are not welcome in
Iraq. Iraq is simply Vietnam Revisited. Historically, Iraq has always been a grave for foreign invaders, and a grave for arrogant Americans it will be.

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