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Letters to the Editor – October 18, 2002

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Melbourne, Australia.
In the aftermath of the
Bali blasts, the dubiously controlled American and British mass media were quick to announce the "possible" responsibility of one "Islamic" group or another.

Instead, could we contemplate the possibility of CIA or Mossad responsibility? After all, they are the only party to benefit from the post-carnage propaganda.

Historically, similar occurrences were the responsibility of Zionist groups. The bombing of occupied Jerusalem's King David hotel in 1946 was the work of the Irgun gang headed by Menachem Begin.



Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – October 25, 2002

Global control

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Melbourne, Australia.

Once again, another massacre, this time in Bali. Yet again we were quickly told that the likely perpetrators were "Islamist" groups. But what do "Islamists" stand to gain here?


Killing Western tourists, mostly from Australia, is damaging to relations between Australia and Indonesia. This is exactly what is needed to give a false boost to the dwindling support in Australia for the subservient foreign policy of its unpopular prime minister.


Killing tourism to Bali is a secondary aim. Further tarnishing the image of Muslims and Islam is another overriding – hidden – factor.


Australian public opinion is strongly opposed to U.S. aggression against Iraq. The Bali bombing was designed to reverse this trend. Will it be successful? We will have to wait and see, while Australia mourns the victims of hegemony and lust for global control.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – October 29, 2002


From Mr. C.T. Mastroianni, Milford, Massachusetts, USA.

Regarding the atrocities in Bali, Mr. Hegazi ("Global control" Gulf News Online, October 25) asks: "What do "Islamists" stand to gain here?" and answers: "The Bali bombing was designed to reverse" the lack of public support in Australia for "U.S. aggression against Iraq."


Mr. Hegazi intimates that those who want Saddam Hussain removed from power orchestrated the attacks in Bali to gain Australian support. This is yet another example of the penchant for conspiracy theories which seems so prevalent.


I would urge Mr. Hegazi and others to read the statements of the various Muslim groups; they all speak of worldwide Jihad to impose their rule. Following the attack in Bali, Abu Bakar Bashir, leader of Jemaah Islamiah, states: "My message to the families (of the victims) is please convert to Islam as soon as possible."


Contrary to what Mr. Hegazi suggests, America does not seek "hegemony and lust for global control." These are the stated goals of Islamic terrorists.


To combat them, America needs the continued support of peaceful and moderate Muslims worldwide.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 1, 2002

Out of range

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Melbourne, Australia.

Mr. Mastroianni ("Moderation" Gulf News Online, October 29) says America is not after the construction of an oil pipeline through Afghanistan or grabbing Iraq's oil reserves. He wants us to believe in the American red herrings of "fighting terrorism" and eliminating "weapons of mass destruction" aimed at America. I am afraid such goods cannot be sold to an Arab readership.


America cannot possibly be within range of any missiles that Iraq could develop. European countries, which presumably would be within reach, are not worried. We will never equate freedom fighters in Palestine, Chechnya or Afghanistan as terrorists. This is the kind of fallacy the Jewish-controlled mass media in the U.S. produces.


Mr. Mastroianni mentioned "Islamic terrorists". Yet I did not say anything about the extremist Judaeo-Christians in America, who believe in the creation of a Zionist state on Arab land. Bush turns a blind eye to Israel, which is headed by a war criminal. Why is Israel allowed to stockpile weapons of mass destruction?


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 5, 2002

Unsought role
From Mr. C.T. Mastroianni,
Milford, Massachusetts, USA.
Mr. Hegazi's original letter ("Global control" Gulf News Online, October 25) spoke of responsibility for the
Bali bombings. He did not mention oil, weapons of mass destruction or a pipeline in Afghanistan. Nor did I, contrary to his assertion.

He now states: "We will never equate freedom fighters in Palestine, Chechnya or Afghanistan with terrorists" ("Out of range" Gulf News, November 1).

Afghanistan is again becoming a civil society thanks to troops from America, its allies and Afghanistan, which defeated Al Qaida and the Taliban. If a pipeline is built, Afghans will benefit.

Oil was not an issue when America and Nato rescued Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. If oil was its objective, America has the capacity to "grab" oil fields and could have done so in Kuwait and Iraq in 1991.

Most Palestinians now recognise that suicide bombings have damaged their cause. Similarly, threatening to blow up people in a theatre will achieve nothing for Chechens. The futility of these actions was well expressed in Arab Perspective (Gulf News, November 1).

America now confronts global terrorism. It is not a role we sought. But a world rid of dictators and terrorists will help ensure energy supplies and benefit economies worldwide.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 9, 2002

U.S. misinformation campaigns

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

It is not my problem that Mr. Mastroianni ("Unsought Role" Gulf News Online, November 5) could not see a link between America's hegemony, aggression against Iraq, plans to control Gulf oil reserves and CIA staged bombings here and there, for the sake of giving Americans and the world a false impression that "Islamic terror" is rife and on the loose.


American extremists in the government and the media try to justify the bombing of Afghanistan, killing many civilians. They tried to justify the unwarranted madness and war-mongering about Iraq, a country far from the U.S.


Contrary to Mr. Mastroianni's notion about Afghanistan, America and its allies are suffering the slow depletion of undeclared casualties. Otherwise, the job would have been done "in a few days" as initially declared by Bush.


Nothing has changed in Afghanistan except a return to opium production and increasing hostility towards the invaders.


Americans will be stuck in this quagmire for many years to come before getting kicked out, like the Russians and the British before them, by the tenacious Afghan resistance that is building up.


Suicide bombing remains the only tactic against Israeli squatters in Palestine. It might take 50 or more years before the racist Zionist entity is dismantled, but it will be, as long as there are Palestinians willing to sacrifice their lives for their stolen country.


As to America's role in creating "a world rid of dictators", I would inform Mr. Mastroianni that I come from Egypt, where corrupt dictators were propped up and physically guarded by the CIA.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 12, 2002

From Ms P. Coviello,
Massachusetts, USA.
Mr. Hegazi offers a great deal of information but quotes no sources ("
U.S. misinformation campaigns" Gulf News Online, November 9). I know a number of the American servicemen in Afghanistan and have had no word of any "mysterious depletion" in their number.

I suppose it could always be the CIA answering their wives' letters. As we only have about 1,500-2,000 special forces remaining in
Afghanistan it will be quite some time before the U.S. armed services are "depleted".

It may also have escaped Mr. Hegazi's notice that
Germany and Turkey have taken over peacekeeping duties in Afghanistan.

I would be interested to know how Mr. Hegazi came about the information on the CIA staging bombings. If this information was something other than the product of his imagination it would be worthwhile to investigate.

If American hegemony was the true cause of Muslim extremism, and not a smokescreen for an ideological battle, why would anyone attack Australian tourists?

Statements referring to the dismantling of the Zionist entity only reinforce the Western perception that the Palestinian struggle for justice has no merit. Mr. Hegazi does a disservice to those he claims to defend.


 Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 17, 2002

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greenaborough, Victoria, Australia.
Ms Coviello ("Disservice" Gulf News Online, November 12) indulges in flimsy semantics that twist what I said.

I never claimed I was privy to CIA planning or their role in September 11 and other pretexts for the scare campaigns undertaken by the
U.S. administration.

My opinions are based on deduction, not on
U.S. propaganda or misinformation. I never claimed I counted American body bags leaving Afghanistan, but Americans continue to lie about their casualties and attribute their losses to accidents and "friendly fire".

Palestine is Palestinian from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. If the Zionist squatters do not leave soon, a day will come when they would find themselves as dead as the Dead Sea itself, no matter how distant that day might be.

We Arabs do not believe in the Biblical myth that
Palestine should be transformed into the "land of Israel".


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 19, 2002

From Mr. C.T. Mastroianni,
Milford, Massachusetts, USA.
Contrary to Mr. Hegazi's assertion ("
U.S. misinformation campaigns" Gulf News Online, November 9) President Bush never said nor implied that problems in Afghanistan would be solved "in a few days".

Bush prepared
America and its allies for a long war against terrorism worldwide and counselled patience.

Mr. Hegazi states: "Americans will be stuck in this quagmire for many years to come before getting kicked out, like the Russians and the British before them, by the tenacious Afghan resistance that is building up."

It is not clear whether Mr. Hegazi is supporting a new Taliban regime, the return of Al Qaida, or those who have recently attacked and burned girls' schools.

He neglects to mention the return of nearly two million refugees who can envision a better life without Mr. Hegazi's "building resistance".

Israel, Mr. Hegazi states: "It might take 50 or more years before the racist Zionist entity is dismantled, but it will be, as long as there are Palestinians willing to sacrifice their lives for their stolen country."

As disturbing as Mr. Hegazi's comments are, I am more concerned that no Arab or other Muslim voice has contradicted him.


 Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 22, 2002

Not credible
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.
Ms Menon has indeed hit the nail on the head ("Good for nothing" Gulf News Online, November 18). Biased reporting is a familiar feature of
U.S. media, but Fox News stands out as the main source of unfounded propaganda. I cannot stand the empty 24 hours of barking by their presenters and reporters. Retired generals and low calibre political ghosts like Henry Kissinger haunt their viewers with gibberish dressed as serious "analysis".

Bush once had the audacity to say, "The UN must do its job or we will do it." The more Bush wears that serious look on his face, the more he loses credibility. The gist of what North Korea declared lately was, "Unlike Iraq, which is accused of the possibility of having weapons of mass destruction, we admit to possessing them." I ask Bush: What are you going to do about it? Bush will be able to do nothing. He was left empty muttering statements about Iraq until the world got sick of listening.

Blair is now keeping quiet. Instead, he is satisfied with the theatricals performed in
London about the eminent threat of "Islamic terrorism" and the gassing of the underground railway system.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 23, 2002

From Mr. A.M. Alawadi,
If Mr. Mastroianni ("Contradi-ctory" Gulf News, November 19) is concerned that no Arab or Muslim voice has contradicted Mr. Hegazi's comments, he along with Messrs. Kepler and Kuntz ("In defence" and "truth hurts" Gulf News, November 16) should first try to enlighten us with their stance on the
Palestinian Occupied Territories. They should inform us by what legal rights is Israel having to continue to occupy them?

Mr. Kuntz should be aware that there are many examples in history of leaders who fought occupation through armed struggle using all necessary and available means. Why is he so keen to only mention one unique example like Gandhi and recommend that Arafat follow suit?

Since 1973 there were communications between Arafat and Israel. However, terrorists like Menachem Begin (still wanted by the British government for terrorist crimes) and the world leader in terrorism Ariel Sharon were the main obstacles in these negotiations.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 24, 2002

U.S. propaganda
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.
Mr. Mastroianni illustrates American arrogance ("Contradictory" Gulf News Online, November 19). The Afghan and Iraqi people should be left alone. They can sort out their internal affairs without
America poking its fingers into their affairs.

Countries might suffer years of turmoil before reaching their own solutions. It is much better for them than the interference of foreign aggressors bent on no good.

People like George W. Bush survive and thrive on blood and destruction. A long war against terrorism worldwide is the Trojan horse created by U.S. propaganda and CIA/Mossad staged terror. Subservient governments are contributing to the intensified scare campaign.

The U.S. propaganda spin machine is already propagating the theory that Iraq should be attacked regardless, the argument being that even if Iraq does not possess weapons of mass destruction, it would soon acquire them if the sanctions were lifted.

As to my stand against the racist Zionist entity in Palestine, this is the opinion of the overwhelming majority of Arabs.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 27, 2002


From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.

Ms Al Mehairbi ("Dangerous man" Gulf News Online, November 23) misses the point. America has no right, whatever the pretext, to interfere with the internal affairs of Iraq or any other nation.


This international law principle overrides any other argument. Whether Iraq's president is a devil or an angel is irrelevant.


There is no love lost between America and any Arab country. Americans are after Iraq's oil reserves. They are not concerned about the welfare of Iraqis or Kuwaitis.


Had the Americans been concerned about the well being of any oppressed people, we would have seen a solution to the problems of Palestinians. Instead Bush has branded them terrorists.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – November 28, 2002

From Mr. C.T. Mastroainni,
Milford, Massachusetts, USA.
I refer to Mr. Alawadi's letter ("Obstacles" Gulf News Online, November 23). Extremist groups who target civilians must be dismantled. The rehashing of history does nothing to end the killing and misery.

Mr. Hegazi ("
U.S. misinformation campaigns" Gulf News Online, November 9) advocated the overthrow of the Afghan government, yet no one expressed outrage. Afghans are emerging from years of oppression and need continuing moral and financial support from all of us.

UN Resolution 242 obligates both
Israel and Palestine. It calls for ending belligerence and "respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognised boundaries free from threats or acts of force." Israel has made and kept its agreements with Egypt and Jordan.

The Saudi peace plan, endorsed by many on these pages, called for normal relations with

Yet Mr. Hegazi's comment: "It might take 50 or more years before the racist Zionist entity is dismantled," went unchallenged.
U.S. policy envisions a Palestinian state. But until Americans know that Israel's survival is assured, U.S. policy cannot be balanced.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – December 1, 2002

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.
Western corporate media invented the clichι "
Israel's right to exist". Who gave such right to a parasitic racist entity that was carved by force in 1948?

It is no coincidence that Arabs surround
Israel on all sides. The land on which Israel was concocted belonged to the Palestinian Arabs, who lived there for the past 2,000 years.

The claim by Israeli Jews to the
land of Palestine, based on a fictional divine promise or the premise that their ancestors lived there 2,000 years ago, is absurd.

The fact that Palestinians lived in
Palestine for the past 2,000 years is more relevant and much more meaningful.

Young Palestinians are willing to die for their country, using the only weapon available to them, suicide strikes. It is the noblest form of self-sacrifice.

The conflict is a tit-for-tat exchange; you kill our civilians, we kill yours. Palestinians will persist and will eventually prevail.

Palestine lies in the region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, not on the disjointed bits offered in phony perpetual peace talks.

Historical precedent dictates that Palestinians will free their land. Until then, there will be no respite in the letting of blood on both sides.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – December 3, 2002


From Mr. A.M. Alawadi, Dubai.

I agree with Mr. Mastroainni ("Resolution" Gulf News, November 28). Extremism must be dealt with and wiped out from this world so we can live in peace.


Bush also called for the same during his last visit to some North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries. This is a golden opportunity for Bush to set an example for this by liberating his country from extremists like Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld.


Then, Bush should prove to the world that he is serious about global extremism. He should stop all contacts with Ariel Sharon and his ilk in Israel.


As for civilians targeted in the Middle East conflict, both sides are suffering but I only see condemnations from writers who share Mr. Mastroainni's views after Israeli casualties.


At least Mr. Hegazi has the guts to show what he really believes in and does not hide behind generic statements.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – December 4, 2002


From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.

I am coming to the conclusion that the Letters column of Gulf News has an active CIA press officer chasing his tail under several pen-names in a desperate attempt to impart some logic on the illogical imperialist stand of America and its satellites.


I will stop responding to his comments because of the futility of an exchange with a person with such an agenda who stubbornly refuses to understand that readers of this newspaper are either Arabs or Western expatriates who have reached a high level of awareness in this era of flowing information.


Gulf News readers are not American simpletons willing to swallow regular morsels of U.S. government lies and distortions. Gone are the days when the BBC or CNN were the main sources of news and information.


Feed any Internet search engine simple words such as "U.S. hegemony" to get many articles explaining the devious aims of U.S. and UK governments.


The Internet is indeed the "weapon of mass instruction" in the 21st century. So, CIA press officers should try to do better in an uphill information battle. They are too conspicuous to have any credibility.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – December 6, 2002

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.
 The belligerent attitude of
America will eventually make it unsafe for all Americans anywhere. Having a technological edge is not a licence to wage war and inflict death and destruction.

The declared pretexts for war against
Iraq and Palestine can only convince American simpletons, driven by their abominable media of propaganda, hate and xenophobia. Long-term consequences of U.S. policy in the Middle East are really grim. Continued support for Israel is the source of all evil in the region. Israel is an alien body imposed on Arab soil. This racist entity will not last the test of time. Fifty years of shaky existence is no guarantee of continued survival. There will be no respite for them while there are Palestinians yearning for their country.

A war against
Iraq will be met with anger and indignation. Gone are the days when war crimes passed unchallenged. Many peaceful demonstrators could turn nasty. Governments subservient to America via threats or trade incentives might find themselves at unprecedented levels of confrontation with their own people. There is no telling what could happen then.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – December 8, 2002

From A Reader,
Abu Dhabi.
I have never laughed so hard in my life. The Gulf News Letters column had metamorphosed into the humour section. Mr. Hegazi's latest rant ("Rebutter" Gulf News, December 4) claiming the CIA is crafting propaganda for placement in Gulf News is incredible! Anybody taking it seriously certainly is a "simpleton".

Maybe he should do his next web search on "Arab conspiracy theories".

The reality is,
America can't win. When America tried to stand aside, as we once did in Israel, cries for America to "do something" emerge.

When we tried to do the right thing like in
Somalia or Kosovo, we get absolutely no credit at all. Now, by taking steps to do the obvious and remove a heinous tyrant like Saddam Hussain we only provoke uninformed outrage.

Is a man who tortures, starves and exterminates his own people really someone Arabs want to proudly defend?
* Name withheld by request. 



Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – December 14, 2002

From Mr. D. Mullings,
Far from Mr. Hegazi being a simpleton, it is the writer ("Discreditable" Gulf News, December 8), who is not only a simpleton but also naive and foolish to think the CIA, or any intelligence agency for that matter, does not have "favourable material" placed in the media.

I have absolutely no idea what he means by "do the right thing" in
Somalia and Kosovo. Is this the same "right thing" America was doing in Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Philippines 1956, Congo 1960, Vietnam 1964, Laos 1967, Chile 1973, Grenada 1985 - shall I go on?

Does the writer have proof that Saddam Hussain "starves his own people"? Or did the CIA tell CNN to inform the writer that? And could I be as simple, naοve and foolish as he is and say perhaps he is writing from the CIA's public relations company offices? At least I have the guts to publish my name.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – December 30, 2002

In disguise
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.
Australia is part of the Asia-Pacific region. Its vital interests should be safeguarded by co-operation and good friendly relations with its Asian neighbours. However, Australia has been plagued by generations of prime ministers who are subservient to extremist Jewish supremacists in New York. Australia has witnessed a steady decline of its economy demonstrated by the deterioration of its health and social services and a fall in the standard of living of average Australians.

Every time there is a war to promote the interests of Wall Street usurers, Australian prime ministers offer unsolicited support. Australia sent troops to Vietnam, the Gulf,
East Timor and Afghanistan. Its current prime minister cannot keep quiet on Iraq and North Korea. His latest stunt is a proposed Washington-style campaign of advertisements in Australian mass media requesting Australians to "report any suspicious behaviour".

It is an attempt to extend the
U.S. scare-campaign to Australia. It is another service to world Jewish supremacists, in their endeavour to promote their phoney "war on terror". They do it by promoting a universal fear of terror, which, in itself, is a form of terrorism.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – January 2, 2003

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.
The ultimate in
America's flimsy propaganda is when it quotes a source "on condition of anonymity". This means that no one really said anything. So, when it is quoted, anonymity style, that Saddam Hussain was offered "sanctuary in an Arab country", rest assured that the man is safe and sound and that the silly idea never crossed his mind. It is only American propagandists' wishful thinking.

America will not change its aggressive stand on waging wars until body bags begin to arrive home. It must have been some time since Vietnam. Americans in Afghanistan managed to delegate the job of sending body bags home to German and Turkish mercenaries. To do the same in a war on Iraqis is really farfetched.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – January 9, 2003

Real rulers
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.
George W. Bush must indeed be the worst president in American history. He seems to lack that air of wisdom and statesmanship. He looks more of a schoolboy out of uniform. His arrogant gestures and mannerisms are almost saying, "Believe ye me, I am a great man, although I don't believe it myself."

His empty rhetoric about
North Korea has stripped him of the fig leaf. America's claim to democracy and freedom is flawed. Democracy is the rule by the people, for the people. Is America really ruled by the people? Far from it, an elite clique of capitalist Jews, who do not care about any people, rules America. America is willing to spend billions on war and destruction rather than on health and education.

America is a decaying empire, crippled by its own inadequacies. If you want to measure the speed of the setting decay, keep an eye on the price of the American dollar against major currencies. The old trick of waging war at the expense of others will not bail
America out this time. No one is there to foot the bill.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – January 23, 2003

Holocaust day
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia.
The UN weapons inspectors, who say they have found no "smoking gun" to challenge
Iraq's denial of possessing any banned weapons, are to present a report to the UN Security Council on January 27.

On January 27, Jews celebrate "Holocaust Memorial Day" - the new religious holiday imposed on non-Jews in
Europe and America. Is the inspectors' choice of day mere coincidence? Whether the "Holocaust" really took place, or whether it was a hoax for milking sympathy and reparations, is immaterial. The fact remains that it is being imposed on school curricula and the calendar in every country where Jewish minorities are in control. Holocaust museums have been erected in most major cities worldwide.

In the present circumstances, such museums are becoming more of a constant reminder of what Zionist Jews are doing to Palestinians. The alleged Nazi atrocities are now too old to remember, regardless of the flood of black and white films that will hit the screens once again on "Holocaust Memorial Day".


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – January 29, 2003

From Mrs. B.J. Turner,
Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA.
It is outright bigotry like Mr. Hegazi's ("Holocaust day" Gulf News Online, January 23) that fuels the fires of hate and ignorance. The new religious holiday, "Holocaust Day," is not forced on Americans or museums.

As a religious American, I am free to choose the holidays I wish to celebrate. No one forces me to watch certain films or enter museums.

As for
Iraq, it is up to that government to prove it has destroyed specified weaponry according to previous agreements. A peace treaty has never been signed with Iraq since 1991. America and Iraq will be at war until UN conditions assigned to Iraq are met by Iraq, not by America.

It is not up to
America to solve the world's problems. It already offers support to 137 countries, many of them Arab.

Americans I know don't boast about being a "superpower" or talk of world domination as our goal, because it isn't. Freedom is; free of despots, tyrants and hate so people and countries may fulfil their potential.


Gulf News

] Letters to the Editor – May 17, 2004
Fight for freedom
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia
US propagandists call the snowballing Iraqi resistance "insurgents", "Sunni triangulars", "thugs", and "Saddam loyalists".

Iraqi fighters are nationalist who are determined to free their country from vile foreign occupation by greedy and ruthless invaders.

Historical precedent has it that if a people are so intent on liberating their country, they will. The invaders can say goodbye to their grand Zionist project.

They will never be able to control the world, or even the
Middle East. Their war of terror failed dismally. We owe it to those brave Iraqis fighting for their freedom.

Their moment of final victory is approaching.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – May 29, 2004

War of attrition
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia
The Anglo-American war on
Iraq has failed. It was a miscalculated venture that relied on lies and underestimated the resolve of Iraqis. Blair is not back-pedalling fast enough, and Bush is still in denial that his army is being humiliated in a brilliant war of attrition.

Iraqis will not lay down their arms until the last American is out of their country. No amount of waffle by Bush or Blair will change facts on the ground. The sooner the aggressors leave, the less humiliation they will suffer.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – June 5, 2004

Covered up
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia
In a recent press conference, US Attorney-General John Ashcroft lectured the media on the great significance of apprehending Abu Hamza Al Masri, saying they obtained information about Al Masri from reliable intelligence sources.

A shrewd journalist asked if the sources were the same "reliable sources" that supplied information about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. At this point, both CNN and the BBC cut off the sound and replaced it with some waffle by their programme's presenters. This is how Zionist media spin operates currently. Did any one hear Ashcroft's response?


 Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – June 12, 2004

Expected resolution
From Mr. M.A. Hegazi,
Greensborough, Victoria, Australia
The United Nations Security Council resolution on Iraq did not come as a surprise. After all, the UN is the same body that imposed sanctions on Iraq for a decade. It has also approved the establishment of Israel on Palestinian land in 1947.

The recent resolution imparts quasi legitimacy on US/UK military occupation of
Iraq. It aims at offering the embattled occupation some respite. It also serves as a face saving device for Bush and Blair. This resolution will not sway Iraqi resistance that will continue to harass the forces of aggression until the last American/British mercenary is out of Iraq on a one-way ticket.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor – June 19, 2004

Insurgency or resistance?

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

Shortly after a recent attack on a convoy of foreign mercenaries in Iraq, Iraqis in the vicinity held up the remains of destroyed vehicles shouting "down with America". How much proof is needed for the American spin-doctors, in media and government, to admit that the word "insurgency" is a misnomer for popular Iraqi resistance? How many lives must be lost before the gang misleading America and the world admits failure and political bankruptcy?


The world can clearly see that the greedy and evil forces of invasion are not welcome in Iraq. Iraq is simply Vietnam Revisited. Historically, Iraq has always been a grave for foreign invaders, and a grave for arrogant Americans it will be.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor - July 2, 2004

Questionable sovereignty

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

The theatricals performed in front of TV cameras did not impart any significance to the much-vaunted sham "transfer of sovereignty" in Iraq.


The withdrawal of United States occupation troops into isolated fortified barracks will not make them immune to the strong and committed popular liberation movement.


The problems of Iraq cannot be solved by a symbolic handover to a CIA operative, who is begging for the occupation forces to stay for his own protection. The outcome is quite obvious.


Iyad Allawi will not be able to survive under occupation. The occupation will not be able to survive under the auspices of Allawi.


Eventually, committed, genuine Iraqi nationalists will wrench the freedom of Iraq out from US invaders.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor - July 11, 2004

The new Gestapo regime

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

It is obvious now that 9/11 had been a covert operation by rogue elements from within the US military and intelligence.


The sophisticated planning and execution, the number of personnel involved, and the technical requirements cannot be totally attributed to the mythical cave dweller Osama bin Laden.


The 9/11 attacks paved the way further for an aggression against Iraq to drive a wedge between the west and Muslims worldwide, and to try to stop a global economic recovery that would have challenged Anglo-American global economic hegemony.


The ensuing fabrication of a "war on terror" helped the creation of a police state in the United States itself. Now, the US is mounting a Gestapo-like terror campaign on its own citizens.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor - July 15, 2004

Jest for laughs
From Mr. P. Roberts, Dubai

Thank you for the lead letter from Mr. Hegazi ("The new Gestapo regime" Gulf News, July 11), which, despite all the gloom in the news, had me guffawing out loud.

May we look forward to more letters from the same correspondent? Possibly he could next address such issues as proving that the moon really is made of cheese or offering unequivocal proof of the existence of the Tooth Fairy.


Gulf News

Letters to the Editor - July 27, 2004

Rogue state

From Mr. M.A. Hegazi, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

US media spinners are not as subtle as they might think. Their hackneyed technique is to attack the messenger rather than try to refute the message.


To them, serious argument is often conducive to fits of laughter. I refer to the cheesy letter of Mr. Roberts ("Jest for laughs" Gulf News Online, July 15). He can laugh his head off; no one else is amused.


As far as we Arabs are concerned, the US is evolving into a rogue state controlled by vicious war freaks. With all the might of US military, they will be defeated and kicked out of Iraq.


Sixteen months of daily humiliation at the hands of the brave Iraqi resistance is enough proof.


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