Lady, oh my Lady is a Lady, a Lady!

Fredrick Töben

24 April 2003, Ernst Zündel's Birthday!



Anyone who has been following the Hayward controversy will be familiar with the stuff site from which the item, below, is taken. Now here is the global perspective. Lady Michelle Renouf, once a commoner but lifted into the sophisticated set because of her own inner strength and convictions, is a woman who has been there, done that. She now has the strength to tell her story and to expound her beliefs without fear and favour.

Meek and mild whimpish gentlemen fear her, and expulsion is their only weapon, the weapon of the morally and intellectually bankrupt individual; just like the employer who dismisses individuals who don't worship the employer, those who run the Reform Club, cannot cope with Michelle. They are men without balls! They cower to their inner fears of wanting to be popular [note, Kai!].

Michelle has been in the firing line before, but now it's menacingly, and you need to become active and bombard the UK, NZ, any media, in her defence. Michelle is also a Wagner devote and she has claimed that the greatest global advertising stint occurred when the Jews launched Christianity on to the non-Jews. I know this will divide our supporters but this divide will come in time, anyway. Anyone who fears moral and intellectual freedom, will fear Wagner. A free-thinker cannot become subservient to anyone. This does not imply that an individual becomes primitive and unsophisticated and lawless.

What I am saying here is that ultimately we reach in our limited life's journey a point where we are me, us, we, without fear or favour. That is the essence of the individuation process, which we all have to face. Those who fear it, need continuous scape-goats to sustain their own self-worth.

Some cultures decry opera as a decadent form of art. Let me confess. I need that kind of cultural leavening because I refuse to participate in the ruthless and somewhat primitive endeavours where brute force and money determine who is 'boss'; that is illustrated so well in, for example, the Anglo-American-Zionist-Forces who have participated in a cowards' war on Iraq. I say cowards' war because it was a no-match from the beginning, and hence the pretext - the hunt for weapons of mass destruction - used to begin the slaughter of innocent individuals is a criminal matter.

The story is developing.


Lady Renouf faces expulsion from London club for anti-Semitism 24 April 2003


The former wife of New Zealand financier Sir Frank Renouf is in the firing line from British elite, who claim she should no longer be a member of an exclusive London club because of her outspoken views.

Lady Michele Renouf, who was the late Sir Frank's third wife, has been described as "unfit" to remain in the one of Britain's most historic private clubs, the Reform Club, based in Pall Mall, The Independent newspaper reported.

She had been outspoken in her anti-Semite views, was known to associate with those who have a similar point of view, and was this month seen attending an American conference of extreme right-wingers.

The Reform Club was established 160 years ago as a bastion of liberal and progressive thought. Past members have included famous writers Henry James, H G Wells, E M Forster and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Lady Renouf's decision to invite to the club David Irving, the historian who was denounced by a High Court judge in 2000 as a racist, an anti-Semite and a falsifier of history, had already outraged fellow Reform members.

Lady Renouf, aged in her fifties, maintained that Irving had a right to freedom of speech.

An article written about her by The Independent's Johann Hari, recounted his meetings with Lady Renouf at the Irvine Marriott Hotel in Orange County, California, where a conference of extreme right-wingers took place.

"People act as though Judaism is just another religion like Christianity or Islam. It's not. It's a creed of domination and racial superiority," she told Hari.

She said she was "firm friends" with Irving and had, for 2½ months, attended every day of the court case where the historian sued the American academic Deborah Lipstadt, after she denounced him as a "Holocaust denier".

Irving lost the case and was landed with huge costs of £2 million ($NZ5.69 million).

When Lady Renouf said goodbye to Hari in the hotel lobby she told him: "It's so good to see that so many young people are getting involved in our movement and seeing the truth about the Jews."

The Reform Club has a reputation for tolerance, but her latest antics were seen as a step too far. Signatures were collected from members for a requisition for expulsion.

Lady Renouf grew up in Australia as Michele Mainwaring and she was crowned Miss Newcastle, New South Wales, in 1968.

She currently takes an interest in acting and studying "the psychology of religion".

When she met Sir Frank, she told him she was "Countess Griaznoff", the ex-wife of a Russian nobleman.

They married in 1991, when the financier was aged 72 and she was 44.

She stated on her marriage certificate that her father was dead, but during their six-week honeymoon in Australia, Sir Frank learnt that he did have a father-in-law, a New South Wales truck driver called Arthur.

Lady Renouf and Sir Frank got divorced, but she kept her title. She became a prominent figure on London's intellectual party circuit.

The Reform Club's general committee meets to consider her expulsion next month.




To: The Independent on Sunday

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Reader's letter / FOR PUBLICATION

Thursday, April 17, 2003


Mark Weber, Director


P.O. Box 2739 - Newport Beach, CA 92659 - USA


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Johann Hari's description of last year's conference of the Institute for

Historical Review is a grotesque smear. ("M'Lady's not for turning," The

Independent on Sunday, April 13, 2003). His claim, for example, that the

meeting's purpose was "rehabilitating the political reputation of Adolf

Hitler," is not only patently untrue, it insults the Jewish men and

women who attended.


In fact, the IHR steadfastly opposes hatred and bigotry, and is proud of

the backing it has earned from people of the most diverse political

views and racial and ethnic backgrounds. One conference speaker, whom

Hari identifies only as "one guy," was a Black professor who teaches at

Wellesley College. Several speakers were leftists.


A more accurate account of an IHR meeting has been provided by John

Sack, a Jewish journalist and historian who addressed the 13th IHR

Conference in May 2000. In an eleven-page article in Esquire magazine,

Feb. 2001, he described the speakers and attendees as "affable,

open-minded, intelligent, intellectual."




Mark Weber, Director

Institute For Historical Review

Newport Beach, California




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