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Subject: news from war against ZOG


Subject: the Police of the Thought in action in Pordenone

A new heroic mission of the Pordenone Court


  ...”Longo is already isolated. But if he keeps on pissing us off, we will finish him...”


 taken from a real speech given by a member of the Lawyer Counsel of Pordenone).

Another heroic mission has been completed by the Pordenone Court: do not ask His Honour Federico Facchin, the Rasputin of all Courts, to arrest the famous Unabomber who placed without being punished, firecrackers under the toilet of the Head of the Court....do not ask him to stop the clandestine immigration which is turning Pordenone into a middle eastern suk: he could never do it....

But ask him to fight the freedom of thought and to kill  the ZOG opponents and  the mafia clans of the Pordenone lawyers: then, the former democrat christian who became substitute attorney of the Republic will give his best.

On December 1st, the mild cop, Senator Callegaro and of the forensic counsel accomplished another heroic mission against the freedom of opinion:  searching the headquarters of the publishing house Littoria in Milan because they published back in 2001 the book Toghe and Forchette, documenting -j’accuse- the crimes carried out by the forensic order in the name of the “Democracy” and against the lawyers involved in the fight against the tyranny of  unique thought (to tell the truth, apart from the undersigned, I know few of them..).

The purpose of the cop democratic investigation was: “finding things belonging to the crime, such as: contracts, drafts, invoices and everything useful in defining the identity of  Toghe and Forchette’s author – the Justice according to the Forensic order of Robin Hood.”

The mild Guard in a judiciary gown executed the order which was given by the local counsel and signed by Mr Durat (who has been recently hospitalised because he was hit with iron hooks by one of the victims of the manoeuvres carried out by the Forensic order of Pordenone...), sued the publishing house Littoria for refusing  delivery to the order of the book.

The Forensic order and its mild judiciary slaves are anxious to discover the identity of the author of the book who is accusing the anti fascist behaviours of the Police of the Thought into the Forensic orders to hit the undesired  lawyers.

Obviously, we will not stop to denounce to the public opinion the totalitarian and tyrannical position that the Italian judicial system is assuming, becoming a real cancer  which devours the freedom of thought.

The Guard in the gown in Pordenone reminds us the statement of the Leviathan Nietsche: the monster which devours everything with stolen teeth.

Since today there will be less freedom of thought in Italy.

The free men should not give up: in the “Sherwood forest” Robin Hood will keep on fighting.

The judiciary manoeuvres which take away the freedom of thought will not work.

Personally speaking, this manoeuvre will not prevent me from sending to the press my  Anonymous extortions, the truth about the forensic order”, a book which will not let the shady and government controlled  lawyers sleep

I think Robin Hood would approve it…


Edoardo Longo  longo.e@libero.it

An appeal to all free men:

Don’t be afraid of the liberticide manoeuvres of the judicial tyranny of ZOG and their slaves: if you know where to find it, do not miss the chance to buy copies of the book “Toghe e Forchette”



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