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Subject: [shamireaders] In Support Of Malaysian PM's Comments On Jews, by Elias Davidsson

The daring speech of the Malaysian PM, Dr Mahathir brought many responses,
but the best and most lucid is that by our good friend, a native of
Jerusalem, Elias Davidsson. He wrote:

In Support Of Malaysian PM's Comments On Jews.

As a Jew myself (but opposed to Zionism) I need no encouragement from
Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad to observe what should be obvious to the
blatant eye: Namely that Jews effectively rule US foreign policy and thus
determine to a great extent the conduct of most countries. If an empirical
observation is defined as "antisemitism", then this would apply also to any
other empirical observation, whatever its nature. When I say "the sun shines
today", it would also amount to "antisemitism" and you will find people
dispute whether the existence of an undetermined number of clouds, sometimes
hiding the sun, invalidate the proposition. So it is with the proposition
that Jews control the world. Surely they do not control every single action;
surely it does not mean that every Jew participates in the "control". But
for all practical purposes the proposition holds. The very fact that a mere
statement of this type causes outrage in the chancelleries of the most
powerful nations (while the death of half a million children in Iraq between
1990 and 2001 has not), the fact that dozens of nations could change by 180
degrees their opinion of what Zionism is (in 1975 they adopted a UNGA
resolution that Zionism is a form of racism whereas after the demise of the
Soviet Union they simply, and without any arguments rescinded that
resolution), the fact that to obtain US credits one country after the other
takes up diplomatic relations with the State of Israel and shows great
"sympathy" to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, the fact that in order to
be voted into the Congress, an American must demonstrate his or her
allegiance to the State of Israel, all of these and many more facts
demonstrate that the Jews indeed have the power referred to my Malaysian PM.

This observation has nothing to do neither with the exotic Protocols of the
Elders of Zion nor with esoteric interpretations of the Talmud. It is based
on publicly available evidence and has little to do with conspiracy
theories. Why Jews wield such power is again another question. Perhaps
because Jews emphasize so much education, perhaps because Jews feel
solidarity with each other and care much more for their "nation" than many

Mahathir has neither asked to discriminate against Jews, let alone to kill
Jews. It is shameful to equate him to the Hitlerites. He urges Muslims to
fight Jews by adopting modern methods, technology and educate themselves, in
other words to surpass Jews in excellence. What's wrong with that? By this
he is doing service to the Muslims (over 1 Billion people) and to humanity.
Jews must know their place and content themselves with influence derived
from their small number. Jews must learn some humility...

Elias Davidsson edavid@simnet.is


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His New Career

By Israel Shamir


The reckless words of the Malaysian PM sent waves around the globe and caused some quite unexpected consequences. For sure, the US Congress objected to the unheard-of idea of Jewish influence, and approved a multibillion loan to Israel . JINSA rejected Dr M’s saying the Jews promote wars, for the wars promoted by the Jews are called ‘democratisation’, or at least, ‘the war to end all wars’.


Only the French President Jacques Chirac delayed his response, and found himself on the line of fire. The oh, so non-existent ‘Jewish influence’ could cause his political demise, as it did to Charles de Gaulle after his ill-calculated weapon embargo on Israel in 1967 (the great general lasted just one year). Jacques Chirac took the first flight to Canossa and eventually sent a letter of condemnation to the old Dr M. Like Emperor Henry IV, he preferred to submit to the power that replaced Papacy in the minds of Europeans and Americans.


Still, he was attacked by the Maariv, an Israeli tabloid. This rag did not care much for a far-away Malaysia , but had printed grotesquely distorted face of Jacques Chirac above the caption, Antisemitic Mug of France. (See below in French, by AFP) Hysterical comparisons of Chirac with Marshal Petain were made by Amnon Dankner, the Maariv chief editor. His editorial and other articles, notably by Nahum Barnea (he called Chirac ‘the collaborator’), were aiming at the French Jews, pouring inflammatory venom in order to set them against their non-Jewish neighbours and against France .


However, the Jews of France (predominantly Sephardi descendents of Maghreb immigrants) could consider the personality of Amnon Dankner, the chief editor of Maariv, before following his orders. A few years ago this fighter for the Jewish cause published a long essay called I’ve Got No Sister (Ein Li Achot)[i], where he described the Sephardis as ‘baboons’ and ‘barbarians from the periphery of the degraded French culture’. Do you recognise yourself, Derrida? Is it your portrait, Albert Memmi?


In the time of tension between Maghrebis (‘Arab Jews’) of Israel and the Ashkenazi elite, Dankner wrote: There is no chance for a fratricidal war (between Ashkenazim and Sephardim), for I do not consider these baboons my brothers. He expressed the gut feeling of the Ashkenazi elite, of the people who now try to bring the French Jews on their side: the Sephardim are at the bottom of the Israeli society, they are hardly represented in the universities and the media, while their party is out of power, their leaders are ostracised and their culture destroyed.


Dankner and Barnea of Maariv dared to speak of ‘the collaborationist [with Nazis] past of France ’. Well, they should know everything about the Nazis. A few days ago, when Maariv was engaged in ferocious witch-hunt of the Air Force pilots refusing to fly assassination missions, a long article[ii] appeared in one of the newspaper supplements.


Ostensibly condemning the pilots, an unknown patriot wrote: “We fight for defence and existence of our people, for livelihood of our children, for freedom and independence of Our Forefathers’ Land. We fight, so sons of our people would be able to realise their God-given mission. We are a peace-loving nation, it is our deep conviction. We want peace, for the war is no solution. But our war against the Enemy can’t be conducted in knightly way. It is a struggle between different approaches to life, and it has to be carried out with uncompromising harshness. In order to obtain our goals, we must apply needed force. We could not get our state just by praying to God, or by calling for help of the United Nations. Only force, our force can help us”.


The article attracted very little attention, for it was an exact match to the rest of the write-up produced by Messrs Dankner and Barnea. Only a few days later, a sharp-eyed retiree paid notice to the by-line: the article in question was signed A. Schickelgruber, a real-life name of Adolf Hitler, and every single sentence was taken from Hitler’s speeches and books.


This new posthumous career of the Nazi leader as a Zionist columnist served a sterling proof of advanced Nazification of Israeli society. The Zionist sympathisers affect their indignation whenever their black deeds are compared with those of Nazis, but publication of Hitler’s article and following lack of response by the Israeli public staged a convincing experiment: the Israeli discourse fully inverted and appropriated the Nazi propaganda. This discovery could act as sobering cold shower to the hot heads of Zionist fanatics, but it did not. Instead of tearing their tailor-made dress shirts and pouring ashes on their balding heads, Dankner and his henchman Barnea fired the brave journalist Yehuda Nuriel who composed the article in question and brought the mirror up to the ugly face of Israel .


But here is a good sign: the Sephardi intellectuals (http://www.kedma.co.il/), rebelled against their Ashkenazi Zionist mentors and supported Nuriel. Could it be the beginning of Sephardi awakening? Maybe. From Haim Baram in Jerusalem to David Shasha in New York , the Sephardis look for their own way. Let them serve as a guiding light for their brethren in France, and as the bridge of peace between the communities of Palestine.

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