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From: Horst Mahler
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 6:52 PM
Subject: AW: Hoffman: The Revisionism of the Future: Human Rights, not Reich

Michael Hoffman is completely unaware of the contradiction in his position. He votes for human rights, especially for free speech. But if there is somebody making use of these rights, Hoffman alarms the community not to cooperate with this guy because the latter's views could damage "the revisionists cause". That's exactly the pattern of behaviour our enemies try to impose on us. 

My criteria are not what people might think but only the truth. And the truth is: The German Reich exists. It is oppressed by our enemy. The Holohoax is warfare against the Reich and the German people as such. So we have to fight back in order to survive. In this war every single Jew stands in the frontline of the enemy in order to uphold the Auschwitz lie. Only a handful of Jews has changed the lines - but that doesn't stop the war of Jewry against the Reich.
Truth will win. Populism will fail - as it always did. And now lets go to work.
Horst Mahler




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