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 12 June 2003  

 Dear Fellow Patriot!

Let's make this a movie Patriot Letter! Like most of

you, I despise everything that is currently coming out

of Hollywood and most that has come out in the past.

It is nothing but the Jews biggest propaganda machine.


Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions. I've seen

that no one mentioned the passing of Gregory Peck. He

was not as scandal ridden as so many other Hollywood

stars. And there is a movie I really thought was

great: Friendly Persuasion. It plays around America's

early days and Gregory Peck plays a father in a Quaker

family. A young Anthony Hopkins joins him in the cast

and it's one of those movies that is not full of

denigrating slurs against European Americans.


There is another movie that I like, and it was "The

Patriot" with Mel Gibson. Great movie! Go see it



But here comes the good stuff. Carlos Porter and Stan

Hess have told me that there is a movie out that I've

got to see. In addition, I've heard rumors that the

Jews are already trying to get it pulled from the

theaters. It is called "The People I Know" and,

without further ado, here is the movie review, done by

Carlton Smith, who is affiliated with National

Vanguard Magazine:




People I Know: You must see this movie

a film review by Carlton Smith

Copyright ©2003 National Vanguard magazine,, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946.

IN People I Know, Al Pacino plays a disheveled, middle

aged Jewish publicist in bustling and hectic New York

City. His character, "Eli Wurman" (not to be confused

with 'vermin') yearns to give his life a deeper

meaning by keeping alive his 1960s social activism, as

the world around him becomes less concerned with such



Eli's world is a very Jewish one. His close associates

are nearly all Jewish, and most have gone on to become

very influential in media and politics. Although many

were his one-time comrades in the 1960s 'civil rights

struggle,' most of them today are enjoying their power

and prestige, and no longer find such Black/Jewish

alliances useful.


Mr. Wurman's career is fading. He has become somewhat

of a has-been. Although a Harvard Law graduate, he

remained an activist in social causes instead of

climbing the corporate ladder. While he did make a

healthy income as a publicist to the stars of his day,

many of those stars have since fallen, leaving Eli in

the dark. As his career fades, he continues to buoy

his spirits with political causes.


Eli is concerned about a number of Nigerian illegal

immigrants who are being rounded up for deportation by

the governor of New York. He attempts to use his

skills as a publicist to organize a support rally for

the immigrants. When he turns to his wealthy Jewish

former comrades for help, he finds it increasingly

difficult to garner money and support for the Negroes.

His good friend and doctor, played by Robert Klein,

tells him that since the hard line taken by the

governor he is happy that it is safer to walk in

Central Park.


Al Pacino is masterful in this difficult performance.

Eli Wurman's character is so complex, and Pacino

brings it all together with apparent ease. Wurman's

character is a strange sort of mix between a Mickey

Cantor, a Jerry Rubin and a Charles Bukowski. He plays

a Southern, politically connected Jew who lives and

works in New York City. He is a chronic substance

abuser teetering on the edge, motivated by the Black

struggle, closely tied to powerful New York Jewry and

yet tinged with a Georgian drawl and backward folksy



Where the movie really becomes interesting is when he

meets the influential and politically powerful Jew,

"Elliot Sharansky," played by Richard Schiff.

Sharansky is a former civil rights activist who has

gone on to become a kingmaker in New York City

politics. He, along with many of Eli's former

associates, have formed a secretive big-money Jewish

cabal that influences New York political campaigns.

Among their many dealings, they operate opium dens in

New York City high-rises where they use young White

models as high-priced call girls for themselves and

their political associates, and then take photos of

the illicit acts and use them to blackmail their

friends and rivals alike. And when all else fails,

they resort to murder.


This film shocks the viewer with Jews. It portrays

Jewish corruption and announces Jewish political and

media power with reckless abandon. It drives the

message home with such force that it will penetrate

even the thickest of American skulls, and even the

most television-addled minds that this great wide

country could possibly produce will "get it." It does

all this with a lack of subtlety that might have

offended the sensibilities of Julius Streicher.


Sharansky's character and his organization parallel,

if they are not directly modeled after, Abe Foxman and

the Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith: replete

with secrecy, and mob and Israeli ties. Sharansky has

an Israeli bodyguard and Jewish mob cohorts. Sharansky

shows his hypocrisy vis-à-vis the Negro population.

Though a former 'civil rights activist' himself, he is

afraid to meet with a Sharptonesque Black clergyman.

He finally does so with great hesitation, after being

mercilessly cajoled and even blackmailed by his old

friend Eli. When the Negro preacher and Sharansky have

words, Eli breaks it up by saying "We're all on the

same team!" -- a telling remark indeed. They are

eventually persuaded to join together in common cause,

while despising one another, in a public display of

support and feigned concern for the Nigerian



The film highlights many other truths about the Jewish

psyche. Téa Leoni plays a blonde "supermodel" addicted

to drugs who prostitutes herself in one of Sharansky's

opium dens. When she acquires damning information

about her Jewish owners, she is raped and murdered in

such a way as to make her look like a simple victim of



Another important interaction between Jew and non-Jew

is the relationship between Eli and his brother's

widow, played by Kim Basinger. She is a small town

blonde Virginia native who has fallen in love with her

brother-in-law. This love affair is a very realistic

dramatization of the secular Jew's common desire to

mate with a White woman. This is reminiscent of a

scene in the recent militantly Jewish film The Man Who

Cried, in which the main character's Jewish father

emigrates from Russia to become a successful movie

producer, finds a blonde wife, and sires several

blonde children. In this way the Negro and the Jew

actually do have some real-life similarities. While

they have a deep hatred for the Aryan, it stems in

part from a jealous desire to be the Aryan. When one

attains a certain degree of financial success, one

bypasses one's Semitic sisters for a more attractive

White spouse.


This movie also had another important undertone. That

is the growing, but still more or less civil, divide

between the traditional leftist Jew -- the kind you

might find at Pacifica Radio or in the National

Lawyers Guild, here represented by Eli Wurman -- and

the more politically flexible "neo-conservative"

high-power Jews who have abandoned traditional leftist

causes in favor of blatant power grabbing, portrayed

in real life by David Horowitz, Allan Dershowitz, Abe

Foxman et al., and portrayed in the movie by Elliot



People I Know is not likely to be a huge commercial

success. It's a bit too heavy on the dialogue for the

average Terminator and Bowl Game crowd. This, coupled

with the fact that organized Jewish groups like the

ADL aren't likely to stomach this sort of portrayal in

silence, makes me think that the film will not enjoy a

long run.


However, what we have now is a fantastic, but brief,

opportunity to reach the general public with the most

important message we can convey to them: the realities

of Jewish power and Jewish thinking. This movie has

such big names that it will be very easy to convince

the average White person to go and see it, as long as

it remains in the theatres. Everyone reading this

article should encourage everyone he knows to go and

see this movie right away. Simply telling people about

what a great movie it is, and what a phenomenal acting

job Al Pacino has done in it, should be enough to get

any movie fan motivated. One would not even need to

mention politics. The very fact that it was Jews who

made the film makes the message all the more damning.

It can not be written off as mere "anti-Semitism."


People I Know was first released in late 2002 on

airline movie flights, then in Europe and Australia as

straight to video releases. It was screened at the

Sundance Film Festival, where it was warmly received.


Its North American release was held up as a result of

the World Trade Center bombings. Eli's office was in

the World Trade Center in the original shoot. There

was also a scene of the WTC turning on its side in the

original cut. So, they edited and did some retakes to

remove this potentially disturbing element from the

film, and to avoid associating the WTC with the

unethical Jews portrayed as working there.


To see if the general, largely non-political, public

would glean the same message from the film that I had,

I checked the public reviews on the Internet Movie

Data Base, where one reviewer said in part:


I have recently viewed this film and it is pretty good

(7/10). I am not a huge conspiracy nut, however, this

film does paint a VERY dim picture of the (fictional?)

political landscape in New York. At the heart of the

film is a consortium of Jewish professionals who do

all sorts of things to prevent the Mayor's reelection.

It feeds on common perceptions of the Jewish power

system in America; in fact it pretty much

sensationalizes their ominous role. Damn interesting,

but have you ever seen a film that casts the Jewish

American race in a negative light? This would have

been this film.


Apparently Joe Public is getting the message.


I would say that People I Know is the most important

movie of the year. Every American should see this

film. Miramax has done us a great favor here. Let's

get the word out and see that this film does well.


-- Carlton Smith



Walter F. Mueller

"The truth is back in business"

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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Gosh, what a response again! I am quite humbled by the

great many scholars of the revisionist community that

responded to the Porter book. The last time I've

gotten a similar response was the Santa Rosa Junior

College controversy.


203 responses from yesterdays Patriot Letter. Most of

them concerning Carlos W. Porter and many about the

Kosher Scam. Before I start, I'd like to clarify a few

things first, which are quite fundamental for me.


As you know, my name is simply Walter F. Mueller. No

titles, no doctors, no engineers, no Hofrats, and no

commissars. My educational background: Volks Schule,

Haupt Schule and Berufs Schule (Hotelfach Schule in

Gmunden, Austria). These are difficult to translate,

and even if I do, it wouldn't be the right term. But

lets try: Volks Schule = elementary school; Haupt

Schule = highschool; Berufs Schule = trade college.


Yes, the English language is still something for me to

tackle, so I am bound to make a few mistakes, misspell

and grammatically arrange sentences sometimes the

wrong way. Therefore, sometimes, things are

misinterpreted and seem inaccurate. Now here is the

thing: No, I don't mind if I am corrected, criticized

or reminded of the facts! What I reject is the mere

assumption, because I have no degree, that I am not

capable of discussion an issue. It's like you are not

married, and have no kids, that's why I can't discuss

family. Baloney!


One of the most important things I've learned in the

hotel business and then as a chef, is, unless a guest

tells you about your mistakes, you cannot correct

them. And if you can't correct them in the hotel

business, you eventually lose the customer. So, by

nature, I am trained to correct mistakes that are

being pointed out to me. Sure, by now you know that I

have a big mouth, and I like to dish out, however, I

also know how to take. Heck, in our business we

better, otherwise, we would be all on Prozac.


So, my fellow patriots, never hesitate to let me know

if I made an error, how else can I correct it? I am a

street revisionist, and things are handled much

different down here then up there with the

intellectuals. I've said it before, come on, teach us

on how to use your great work without mistake, and at

the same time, try not to lecture us. So, I hope

everybody got it now!


Back to your responses. Professor Arthur Butz e-mail

me about my June 1st Patriot Letter and the following

quote that I attributed to Defense Secretary



"[Patriot Act II seeks] to negate principles

established in the Nuremberg trials: that following

orders is no excuse for violating the law. As

proposed, it would permit federal agents illegally to

wiretap and surveil and leak damaging information on



The quote came from the author of the article, James

Bovard. Professor Butz realized it after I had sent

him a copy of the article.


Much thanks goes again to Dr. Fredrick Töben for

posting Carlos Porter's introduction in his book "Made

in Russia: The Holocaust" on his website


A dear friend from France also gave some input to the

matter of Carlos Porter and unity. It is quite

stimulating and you will enjoy it. Sorry, I can't give

the name, I don't have permission.



Dear Mr Mueller,

I know Carlos Porter's work, a very good work; the

things you are quoting have been long exposed, in

French and in English, but he did well to tell them


I would like to make clear two points: - First, Pr

Faurisson has always said that we should forget about

every revisionist topic and concentrate only on "the

heart of the heart", the Auschwitz gas chamber. No use

to talk about crematories, ashes, bones, other camps,

the number of Jews, organization of the camps, witch

hunting, now and in the Middle Ages, nothing! Just

concentrate on the impossibility of the Auschwitz gas

chamber: everything will ensue from it! But, instead

of that, most revisionists, and Carlos Porter among

them, seem to avoid that simple and stupid argument:

the Auschwitz gas chamber is something physically and

chemically impossible! Where do you find any

revisionist using that argument? Will you tell me?

Even Germar Rudolf, since his report was written,

never uses that argument! Not only would it be more

efficient, but it is an implacable argument!

- Second: one day I asked, like you are doing, why

revisionists did not unite? I thought that, being

united, we would be much stronger. Well, someone gave

me a good answer: it's just as well that we are not

united, because what drives our enemies mad is

precisely the fact that they don't know where to

concentrate their efforts against us because when they

fire one place, it's coming out another place. They

never quite know where we are and blows are coming

from unexpected places.

I hope what I'm saying has sense to you because my

English is far from being perfect...


Very great comment, isn't it, even though I

respectfully disagree on unity. It is my humble

opinion that precisely the non-unification has given

the enemy their power to get away with what they are

doing without having to fear opposition.


The next most asked question in your replies was where

do I get the Carlos Porter book. For one, I believe

it's posted on Mr. Porter's website

and second, I know that the IHR does not have it

anymore. Maybe Germar Rudolf of Theses and

Dissertation still has it. Check him out at

As to the question, why is the book not in print

anymore? You know, the same old problem: Money! Carlos

Porter, too, is one of those revisionists who lost

almost everything once he started questioning the

holocaust. Currently, he lives in Europe, leaving his

wife and children behind for security reasons. He's

been prosecuted by the German government, found

guilty, and they're waiting to catch him to put him in

prison. Yes, my fellow patriots, it is always the same

outrageous story. The Jews destroy anything and

anybody that questions their golden fleece, the

holocaust. Carlos Porter just doesn't talk much about

it. And, like so many other revisionist, he's trying

to make a living any way he can. Carlos W. Porter is

also amongst the heroes of revisionism. You know, like

the signers of the Declaration of Independence, who

sacrificed their honor, their wealth and their lives

to make a difference.

Enough sentimentalities. Now to the Kosher Nostra. I

was surprised to see that much response. A couple of

years back, Community News devoted a whole page to

this issue. I hope I can reprint the article from

Aztlan. All I can say is to try to get out the message

to the public, check for those little signs, and then

boycott the items. Hit them where it really hurts them

- the pocketbook.

Leon Burke sent me this little note about Frank

Schmidt's translation of "Auschwitz and other matters"



I bought and read AUSCHWITZ AND OTHER MATTERS by de

Menasque and, as far as I am concerned, it should be

required reading in all American schools.

Of course, it wont happen. But, this little booklet

should be made know as widely as possible.


And here is the outrage of today: At the same time as

the Barnes Review Conference convenes, another

conference will also start in Vienna, Austria. It is

called the "International Conference on



On June 19th and 20th, former New York

City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will head the U.S.

delegation to Vienna. Abraham Foxman, the Anti

Defamation League's National Director is also amongst

the U.S. team. Boy, you wanna guess on who the keynote

speaker is? None other then lying pig Eli Wiesel. The

ADL will issue a 10-point action agenda against global

anti-Semitism. 55 member nations, including Asia and

North America, will attend this mega conference.


ADL's 10-point action agenda against global

anti-Semitism for the Organization for Security and

Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

1. National and local authorities must call attacks on

Jews and Jewish institutions what they are -


2. Political and civic leaders should utilize

opportunities they have every day to speak out against


3. OSCE and member nations must reaffirm anti-Semitism

as a form of racism and xenophobia.

4. All nations should follow the lead of Germany and

the United States and pass resolutions against

anti-Semitism and develop national action plans to

combat it.

5. OSCE should convene a Supplementary Human Dimension

Implementation meeting to address anti-Semitism.

6. Nations must craft approaches to ensure that

regional constitutional, administrative, and legal

instruments are fully utilized to combat cases of


7. Use schools as a staging ground for anti-bias


8. Implement Holocaust education curricula to draw

upon the lessons of this tragic period to illuminate

the importance of moral decision.

9. Train law enforcement in hate crimes response and

develop cross cultural skills and communication among


10. Respond to racism and hate crimes in the armed

forces by providing anti-bias and prejudice awareness


This has got to be their biggest attempt to control

the entire world and brainwash our children. Please

pass it on to everybody!

Walter F. Mueller

"The truth is back in business"

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