12October 2003

Dear Fellow Patriot!

We are still receiving requests for the Community News
Zuendel issue. Ever since the Zuendel issue has been
distributed, we are feeling the heat. Remember when I
told you that there wasn't much of attacks on the
Internet? Well, it has changed. Selected people have
received mail concerning me and my life. They are
nasty and don't deserve any more comments. We know, it
must be somebody amongst our people, because the
information is too detailed. Of course, the purpose is
to discredit me, like that ever bothered me. It's
anyone's choice to believe the lies or not. I have
gotten over that a long time ago.

But I will do much better in the Michael Hoffman
controversy. Dr. Frederick Toben responded to an
e-mail he received from Hoffman, concerning myself and
him, because he has put out the Patriot Letter to his

In the process, Dr. Toben explains to Michael Hoffman
that he really doesn't care much what people think of
him, because he knows best who he is. I couldn't have
said it any better, and those out-there who are
putting out filthy stories about popular figures in
the revisionist community, please continue, No one is
going to believe you anyway. And read what Dr. Toben
says, because it is such a tremendous insight that
everyone should take to heart.


Dear Mr Hoffman II

Please do not be too thin-skinned about this matter. I
pushed through the Irving-Birdman matter for the same
reason, i.e. to clear the deck of debilitating gossip
and getting things out of the way. The Irving issue
- whether he, wearing Nazi uniform, did masturbate on
the Hitler portrait while Alexander Baron was present,
is a non-issue for me, and I shall state so. Why?
Because I challenged Baron to meet me and show me the
house where it all happened - and he did not turn up.
Michele Renouf was also to have been with us.

Anyway, Baron is a talker and always excuses himself
that he is on some tablets for pain relief. The issue
is thus closed for me - and I advised Irving
accordingly because Robert Countess passed on to me
that Irving was rather critical of my person.

Mueller is dynamic, brash, judgmental in a hurry
without sourcing his prejudices, but he is a man with
attitude! He needs to refine his writing style but
only to the point of some spelling errors. Were he to
refine it to a so-called academic level, then we would
lose the voice that is contained in his writings: and
that screams, shouts, delights, is jarring often, but
immediate, truthful, opinionated, passionate, and
above all, open to new information.

Despite all the blemishes and virtues that Mueller
has, I trust him, and that my dear Michael, as you
well know with your large family, is worth billions -
no, that attribute is a strength of character that
cannot be bought!

This was also John Bryant's point in the Irving matter
that arose out of not being informed about some
financial transactions. If it is an oversight, then a
brief sorry is in order. But silence as an answer is a
sign of fear, or callous contempt at the worst of the
person concerned.

We need to be morally and intellectually courageous
enough to weather these personal storms within our
loose federation of Revisionists; in fact, I have
had the boot stuck into me by a couple of well-known
figures, and I have had to swallow the justified
criticism, and hope to develop beyond what was seen
as a deficiency in my approach to some matters.

Your final question below is almost answered by what I
have stated above. I write emails and I stand by what
I write. On only very rare occasions do I write
personal emails with the proviso that the comment not
be published. I have done this to Walter on occasions.
But, and this is a but that qualifies everything I
say: All my email traffic, be it to friend or foe, is
suspect, monitored and therefore not secret and not
personal. Hence I am who I am. I have no secrets - I
do not lead a double life - if I say something about
someone to another person, I have always made it my
business to follow through and let that other person
know what I have said. Public figures can be told what
you think through letters to the editor, private
individuals through ordinary mail.

Irving has reached that point where he is what he
writes - he does not need to develop a double life -
hence the Alexander Baron allegations are just that,
wild allegations that would give Baron some

The prominent example I have in mind here is how
Nietzsche needed Wagner as a counter foil but that
Wagner didn't need Nietzsche.

Likewise with myself and Jeremy Jones; I do not need
him in order to live, but he needs me to give him that
sense of identify whereby he labels me negatively out
of which he then derives his own sense of identity -
the victim mentality is thus born.

I like to think that my being and my work comes out of
my inner self - according to the Kantian Categorical
Imperative, at least I like to think that.

Finally, Walter Mueller has rushed into some damning
criticisms of persons, namely Robert Countess. I
thought you had escaped his viciousness with amazing
grace and muted tone.

But Countess was attacked heavily for his pretentious
style etc. that we all have. How did Countess react?
Like a mature man he took it and although he didn't
tell Mueller to get fucked, he is now again on
speaking terms with him That's what I like in Countess
and Mueller, to which some may say the matter is now
one of mutual benefit of association. If that is the
case, so be it.

Walter Mueller is a true Revisionist - his learning
curve is steep, as should all ours be too. That
Mueller blunders sometimes - well, who doesn't.

We must learn to ease up a little on our personal
view of what we think we are. I, for example, couldn't
care less what people think of me if they say nasty
things. I know what I can and can't do, and that gives
me the inner security of not needing approval.

Having said that, of course I delight in praise, and
when Mueller dishes it out, I feel like embracing him.
But there is the note of caution that my first
principal gave me those many years ago. The older you
get, it seemed to him, the more praise his staff was
in need of. I then made it my business not to get into
that trap because praise also binds you and creates a
dependence that I do not like. The other thing my
principal said was that no-one is indispensable.

In this sense I offer you my thoughts, Michael, with
the realization that there is most likely nothing
therein that is new to you. I am also sending this
through to Bryant, Countess, and of course Müller.

Most sincerely

Fredrick Töben

Dear Dr. Toben

I am surprised that you published Mr. Mueller's
personal attack on me under the guise of advocating
unity among revisionists.

Mr. Mueller for some reason chose to only selectively
quote my private letter to him. He did not scruple to
publish it in its entirety. He insinuated that I am a
liar and someone who is involved in revisionism for
money. These are very serious calumnies. How does the
publication of these calumnies in your
internationally-circulated e-mail advance the cause of
"revisionist unity"?

Michael A. Hoffman II


Now to those creeps who keep attacking me, read Dr.
Toben's response to Michael Hoffman again.

Hasta La Vista, Baby!



This is your weekend read, and is one of the items
that I forward to you for educational purposes. Of
course, I am not that bold to try to educate you. Yes,

I am.

With Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming the
Governor of California, and the attempt by a few
Congress-members to place an Amendment into the
Constitution, which would allow foreign-born citizens
to run for Presidency, I thought I should familiarize
you with Austria.

I was born in a small town in Oberoesterreich/Upper
Austria. I was the oldest son of seven children. My
parents moved to Wien/Vienna, where I grew up.

Austria has one of the longest and most diverse
histories of all of Europe. The country is quite
small, compared to the US. 32,378 square miles.
Population (2002) 8,169,929. The capital is Vienna,
with a population of 1,608,444.

Austria is a land-locked country, bordered by
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech
Republic, the Slovac Republic, Hungaria, Slovenia, and
Italy. Many, many mountain regions make Austria a
destiny for winter sports.

Austria has 9 states, or "Bundeslaender". The
landscape changes in each state. The Eastern Alps, the
Alpine and Karpatian Foothills, the Pannononian
Lowlands, the Vienna Basin and the Granite and Greiss
Highlands, also known as the Bohemian Massive.
Austria's highest mountain is the Grossglockner with
12,465 feet.

The river Danube is one of the worlds largest rivers.
In Austria, he is 2,200 miles long and from there it
flows through three countries, ending up in Russia.

Today's government of Austria is a Federal Republic,
with a Chancellor system. That means that the
Chancellor is in charge and elected by the majority of
the house. In the contrary to the President, who is
elected by the people, and serves traditional purposes

Austria is still the land of the holy Roman Empire.
87% are Roman Catholics, the rest are Protestants and
a small minority of other denominations.

Austria was the first coffee roaster in the world. It
offers it's citizens 72 different kinds of espressos.
It also has the oldest newspaper in the world,
established in 1703, Die Wiener Zeitung. Austria was
settled in prehistoric times, after it was overrun by
various Germanic tribes, including the Celts.

In fact, the original Austrians are Celts. Then, other
tribes, such as Huns, Lombards, Turks, and Bavarians
followed. Now that should answer the question from
those whose brain can't comprehend that I am a German
as well as an Austrian.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, of which Austria
was part and it's people served as slaves to the
Romans, Austria was conquered by the Bavarians in 788.
It was colonized and Christianized. In 1252, Ottokar,
King of Bohemia, reigned for a short time, until
Rudolf von Habsburg in 1278 conquered the country. The
great Habsburg era began, and lasted til 1918. The
longest dynasty in all of Europe.

The Habsburg became Europe's most powerful dynasty,
and Vienna became the capital of the World. After WWI,
the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy fell apart, and in
1918, Austria was proclaimed a republic.

Austria's powers under the Habsburg Dynasty were
enormous. There wasn't a European Monarchy, including
Russia, that had'nt married in to the Habsburg
Dynasty. Throughout the 18th and 19th Century, Vienna
was also the world center of culture, particularly
music, poetry, and Opera.

The Baroque era enhanced and influenced the 17th and
18th Century, and its architectural style is still
admired today.

To get an idea just how big the imperial and royal
Austrian/Hungarian Empire was: 676,615 square
kilometers with a population of 52,799,000. Compared
this to todays population of 8 million.

The name Austria came from a Celtic village, named
Vedinis. During the 16th Century, the Austrian Empire
stretched from Hungary, Burgundy, Holland, Spain,
Sicily, Naples, and Spanish colonies in America. In
the 17th Century, the Austrians faced, for the second
time, the hordes of the Turks.

The Austrian flag has the colors red/white/red and
came about in 1189, after Duke Leopold V of Austria
was soaked with blood in the battle of Acre, only the
white breast shield stayed white. So, red/white/red
became the ground colors of the Austrian flag.

Of course, when we talk about Austria, we cannot
forget the histories first feminist, Empress Maria
Theresia (1740 to 1780). She was the only ruling woman
in the Habsburg Dynasty. She gave birth to 16 children
and was the founder of the worlds first social
programs for families, especially women and children.

In the 19th Century, Vienna became again the center of
war, this time it was occupied by the French soldiers
of Napoleon. Austria has always been considered the
diplomatic grounds of Europe. Then Emperor Franz II
married Marie-Louise to Napoleon.

Speaking of diplomacy, everyone should remember Fuerst
Metternich, organizer of the famous "Wiener Congress",
where he gathered all nobles of Europe. That earned
him the nickname "Metternich, Europe's Coachman."

The Biedermeier age came and went, and I'll
fast-forward to the years of 1848 til 1918. Another
famous and beautiful woman wrote history. It was
Emperor Franz Josef's wife Sissy (Elizabeth).
Elizabeth was the daughter of Erzherzog Gustaf of
Bavaria, who had married the sister of Empress Sophie
of Austria, Franz Josef's mother. Oops, I can already
here the uneducated American about "inbreeding",
because Sissy was also Franz Josef's first cousin.

Elizabeth of Austria managed to bring together the
Hungarians and the Italians with her beauty. She was
crowned the Queen of Hungaria. An honor that was never
given to a woman.

Still today, millions of Germans and Austrians watch
the films made in her honor.

Sadly, Emperor Franz Josef, as history tells us, was
the last monarch. The killing of his brother
Maximilian in Mexico in 1889, the murder of his son,
Erzherzog Prince Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo in
1914, and then Sissy's death through an assassin,
triggered WWI, and the rest is history.

Austria became its first Republic in 1918, and it
lasted until 1934. The killing of Chancellor Dolfus
ends the first democracy in Austria.

The result was famine, hunger, unemployment, etc. That
changed in March of 1938, when Austrian-Born German
Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler declares in Vienna "den
Anschluss" (annexation). Austria was renamed and
became "Ostmark" of the Third Reich.

Hitler brought fortune, employment, and economic power
back to Austria. Until 1945, and the rest is history.

The second republic was announced after 1954 and the
signing of the state treaty in 1955 in Belvedere
Palace. All Allies left, and the "restoration" of the
"complete sovereignty" was given, including
neutrality. Today, Vienna is the permanent headquarter
of the UN, Unido and OPEC. Severe laws prohibit the
Republic of Austria its own weapons, to publicly
discuss WWII, Hitler and the holocaust. In 1995,
Austria joined the European Union.

Today, luckily, Austria only has to deal with 10% of
immigration. It is still the country of music,
jodlers, schuhplattler, theater, opera, operetta,
poetry, and fine art. Vienna is still the center of
culture in Europe. The Vienna Opera-house and the
Vienna Symphonic Orchestra are legendary. So is the
food, the pastries and the wine. These are all things
considered "feminine" in good ol' America. 

In the contrary to what people believe in the US,
Austrian are wine drinkers. That's why they celebrate
three wine seasons. In spring the "May Wine" and
"Heuriger", in the summer "Riesling", "Gewuerz
Traminer", "Auslese". In fall "Spaetlese." Like with
all things about German culture, this has been omitted
to the Americans.

The same is with food. Austria's food is world-famous,
and includes from steak, fish, pork, beef, dumplings
to poultry, almost everything one can imagine. But,
Austrian pastries are the crown of Europe. Krapfen,
Sacher Torte, Esterhazy Torte, Salzburger Nockerl,
Bowidl Tascherl, and so much more.

On the issue of music, I don't thing there is any
other country then the German Country that can compete
with Franz Josef Strauss, Johann Strauss, Franz Lehar,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, just to name a few. In the
world of literature, again, the Austrians are on top.
Franz Josef Czernin, Franz Grillparzer, Johann
Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Walter von
der Vogelweide, Maria Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach,
again, just a few.

Beer is a favorite, however, not as much as wine, as
mentioned before.

Life in Austria, as well as in Germany, is a life of
culture, education, and respect. All things that
drastically changed when I came to the US. All these
attributes, such as maintaining a fine house,
collecting German and Austrian cultural items, adoring
classical music, listening to Operas and Operettas,
suddenly were hijacked by a small group of different
sexual preferences.

The culture shock was tremendous and still is. The
once refined cultural gentleman turned in to an
activist, fighting the multi-cultural "hoods" in
American cities.

Austrians and Germans maintain a high level of
socializing. "Gemuetlichkeit", "Zusammengehoerigkeit"
are very important things for us Germans/Austrians.

The "macho-high-testosterone" lifestyle of the regular
white American family was at the beginning repugnant.
In some form, it still is. Watching fathers padding
their sons on their shoulders like dogs and calling
them "bud" quickly revealed that there was a crippled
emotional lifestyle.

It was much worse for me to see grown man scratch
their balls and spit on the ground, as a sign of

There it is again, the culture shock. Big trucks, big
houses, big cars, and big egos, is what one can define
the American culture. Don't get me wrong, I am proud
to be an American, but there are some days where I sit
back and enjoy the multi-cultural mess that they have
to live with. And you know what, this was all made
possible by the macho, unaffectionate American family.
I laugh out loud when I see how the Jews have taken
advantage of this lack of civility that is so inherent
of the American culture. Add on the religious
fanaticism, and it was easy for the Jews to inundate
this country with foreign culture.

For a German or an Austrian, who comes here already
grown up, it will never be explainable. Thank God I
openly practice my culture, go see ballets without
shame and listen to classical music all day. My home
looks like an Austrian home and has given much to talk
about on the Internet. My collection of Austrian and
German Cultural things has some peoples head smoking.

The things that the macho American considers feminine,
queer, or homosexual, are common traditional things in
the country I came from. It's almost poetic justice
that today, the common American has to put up with
those Latino Cultures, who are also very feminine in
many of their traditions.

So, when Schwarzenegger comes off as a macho
women-groping guy, it's all a show to fit in into this
American culture.

And a last word of advice. We better start remembering
our European heritage, because soon the things that
you consider feminine and queer will be exercised by
blacks and Third world immigrants. Already we find
ourselves with black tennis players, opera singers,
composers and ballet dancers. Soon the only thing you
will have left is gathering with other
European-Americans, scratching your balls, and
spitting on the ground.

So, before you call others "feminine", "queer" or
"homos", remember that all those things you judge them
for are your heritage too. But, here is an invitation.
Come on down to my town, and I'll show you what
feminism is all about. Because I'll knock you back
into the 18th Century, so you'll learn these things
that makes a great European-American.


Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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