Dear Fellow Patriot!

13 October 2003

I received "Look to Germany, The Heart of Europe" in
the mail on Saturday. American Stanley McClatchy wrote
this book in 1936. Original examples of this book are
very scarce and if they can be located, they are very
expensive.  I am telling you, if you haven't ordered
it, order it! It is a treasure! Nothing has been
altered from the original book, and the pictures are
grandiose. The book is among those that are not
allowed in Europe and is considered one of the most
dangerous propaganda books for Hitler by an American

In the book you will find a poem, written by Baldur
von Schirach:

"The greatest thing about him is not that he is our
And the hero of countless thousands,
But himself - straight forward, firm, and

He controls the cords of all our actions,
And his spirit reaches to the stars;
But yet he remains a man - like you and me"

You can order this book at:

You will not regret this.

The second book I finally got is the one that's become
a bestseller in Europe, and has not received any
propaganda in the States. The title is: "Double
Standards - The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up", written by Lynn
Picknett, Clive Prince and Stephen Pryor. The book
reveals news fact, for example, that it is true that
Hess flew to Britain with Hitler's full knowledge.

The denial that there was a British Peace Party in
1941, the book reveals that there was, and it included
most of the aristocracy and the Royal family. Hess'
faith was linked to the mysterious death of the king's
brother, the Duke of Kent.

This should be interesting for revisionist. You can
order that at

There are still seven copies left. All is written in
English. The book costs only $15.00, S&H included.


It seems like I have stirred up emotions again with
the Michael Hoffman issue. I have received a
tremendous amount of response from my readers, which
you will find below. Dr. Frederick Toben has put my
dispute with Michael Hoffman on his website at

There are many who feel that we shouldn't fight each
other, but rather get along. I agree. In fact, I've
been preaching this for many years. When I stepped
into the revisionist movement and the white civil
rights movement, the mess was already there. The day
when they involved and attacked me, I had to defend
myself. And I will continue to do that, despite your
disagreement. This is not George W.'s White House.
Character does matter!!

I have heard on this issue from many good people.
Revisionist Richard Salzer, Columnist Apollonian, Dr.
Leon Bourke, Community News Columnist Dee Wahrheit,
and many, many readers. If I were to do a poll, I
would say that Dr. Toben and myself come out the
winners. But read for yourself:


I wish to thank you for your continual willingness to
reprint items of interest to revisionists. Indeed, I
appreciate your willingness to reprint controversial
items, but I do hope that the various authors will
always understand that there MUST be an overriding
objective in all these mini-debates. We should keep
our personal dislikes and disputes as gentlemanly as

Personally, I came to "historical
revisionism"---specifically surrounding the causes and
events of World War II---as a doctoral student in
Europe. I was a charter subscriber to THE JOURNAL OF
HISTORICAL REVIEW and other publications, both in the
United States and from other countries (I have
published in the JHR). On the "Jewish question," it
was largely through English-speaking writers such as
William Thomas Walsh (in his monumental biographies of
Isabella and Philip II of Spain), and, of all people,
the late Alfred Lilienthal, author of THE ZIONIST
CONNECTION, and through my reading of such French
authors as Msgr. Deschamps, the Abbes Drach, Count
Leon de Poncins, and the works of Msgr. Jouin in his
(which published for approximately 40 years until the
outbreak of war in 1940), that I began to understand
the "historical blackout" that so casts a pall on
American discussion of this topic. Over the years we
have seen the development of a large bibliography of
reputable and scholarly works on these subjects. The
pathbreaking work of Arthur Butz, Carlo Mattogno,
David Irving,  Ernst Nolte, Robert Faurisson, Fred
Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, plus the talents of Robert
Countess, Mark Weber, and many others, have carried on
the tradition of Harry Elmer Barnes, and at least made
a dint in the blackout. Increasingly, the work of such
scholars as Kevin MacDonald, John Cuddihy, John Sack,
Norman Finkelstein, and others, and the willingness of
such "respectable" journals such as THE OCCIDENTAL
publications, to entertain ideas that were once only
in the "underground" are indeed grounds for hope.

Certainly, with this increased visibility and
"respectability" comes stepped up pressure from the
ADL, the Jewish-dominated media, and the "politically
correct" culture to stem this movement, to restrict
it, to make it illegal (as has happened in many
European countries).

So, while we debate each other, and, at times, find
that we dislike each other, I would hope that we
always keep in mind that there is an overriding
objective in all this: we must, as was said about the
so-called "civil rights" movement, "keep our eyes on
the prize," and the prize is to alert the American
peope (and Europeans and others of good will) of the
real nature of what my French rightwing friends have
traditionally called "la Revolution," its true history
and its inspiration, who is in its forefront, and the
methodology and praxis that it employs. On this Kevin
MacDonald's analyses of the central role of Judaism in
this movement is an essential component. The
"Holocaust," then, can be seen for what it really is,
a political-economic-cultural tactic to cement Judaic
control over the remnants of Western European society.
Finkelstein's little book adds immeasurably to this
process, especially as he is Jewish (and we should not
be afraid to use Jewish authors!).

There is one last element that should be added to
this, and that is the theological, for understanding
this Judaeo- revolutionary process strictly from a
political or economic viewpoint is incomplete without
fathoming the theological impetus that impels  even
the most secularist aspects of this ongoing movement.
Indeed, the triumph of philo-judaic
"dispensationalism" among most evangelical Protestants
has been one of the most significant victories (along
with the implementation of the Vatican II declaration
'Nostra aetate' among many Catholics) gained by these
revolutionary forces. With potential Christian
opposition not only neutralized, but turned into a
fervent ally, political Zionism has gained a vital
theological ally. Thus, the short articles of Aaron
Wolfe in CHRONICLES, the book by Grace Halsell,  or
the essays  by Gary North, and others who are not
really "revisionists'' in the sense we normally employ
the term,  are signficant in counterracting this tide.

So, I do fervently hope that we can keep our personal
grievances to a minimum; debate each other, yes
indeed, but let's remember what our objective is. Our
race---our culture---our heritage is at stake.

A history Ph.D. revisionist


....your patriot letter of last evening said many
much-needed things....and your rendition of Austria
very good....see??  I knew you that could tell about
your country in a way that was special and right from
a 'native'.
Dr. Toeben is such a great fellow....and a kind of
'balm' for revisionists when anyone gets hot under the

I like how he said 'a loose federation of
revisionists'....yes, I guess that says it best.  What
is the sad thing is that though everyone has their own
ideas and their own ego's....why can't they let the
ego's go and keep a fraternity of brotherhood, at the
very least.  Sure, brothers quarrel, but to throw one
another overboard?...that just thins out the list and
is darn confusing to those of us who have to sit by
and see this at a time when we need to stick together.
 In fact it can get darn disgusting because if they
come and go, why get involved?  Guess you understand
what I'm trying to say here.  Some of them need to be
taken out to the woodshed and paddled!  For many of
us, unity is the only way to combat what we are up
against.  There seems to be little of that amongst the
Revisionists today.    Schade.  Maybe that is partly
why people shy away????
Dee Wahrheit



A word of advice from a new friend. Get away from ALL
this personal inter-revisionist nastiness. Stick to
the main enemy, "the traditonal enemies of freedom".
None of us are perfect.

Albert Doyle



Thanks for a very informative email, esp. about
Austria, a great country I visited now so many years
ago, but I shall never forget the scenery and the
As to Michael Hoffman, Jr. -- I never had any luck
getting him to positively relate to me when I started
publishing my newsletters a few years ago.  I suppose,
like some others, he prefers to avoid contact with
those whom he sees as competitors.  Nonetheless, I
admire some of his writings, but I have taken him off
my mailing list.  As someone said to me, since he now
is an "expert" on the Talmud and has Jewish
"collaborators" in his writings, perhaps they will
make him an honorary rabbi.
But, I shall not trouble myself greatly as to these
things, and neither should you.  Just keep your
newspaper going and you will be making a great
Dr. Harrell Rhome
Eagle Publications



As much as I like Bro. Hoffman, I was very miffed when
a few years ago I was spending a lot of my time and
money to mail out my 'Revisionism Today' Newsletter
and I sent Hoffman $200, a lot for a guy making about
$28, 000/yr. myself, to advertise in his publication.
I used some of Hoffman's material on the Talmud to
defeat two rabbis in a debate at a Suffolk synagogue.

Hoffman published a picture of me in my suit in front
of the synagogue holding his material and he gave a
lauditory synopsis about me and my revisionist work
here in Virginia, however he wouldn't publish my
address in his Newsletter. I've since only bought on
copy of his books each as they come out through the
e-store on his site. Hoffman also was to appear at
Carto's Conference this year, after last year
attending the IHR's. (I remember seeing a handsome
Walt Mueller w' Brad Smith in a picture. Damn, I
wished I could have made that Conference)

Hoffman at the last minute said he wouldn't appear at
that Conference of Carto's because the old crook
wanted 60%(!) of whatever material Hoffman was to sell
at the Barnes Conference! That was too steep for even
Hoffman to stand. I can go along with that, but to
conpare you with that idiot Butler, takes the taco!!

Mike must be running low on funds or something since
he doesn't like any competition?

Mike is a fine guy, I guess but he fueded with Carto
over Mark Lane (Mosche Levine) and other things when
he was Acting Director at IHR. Why after knowing full
well what Carto did to the IHR would he go to the old
embezzler's Conference?! I'm sorry to say the Mike's
publication has disintigrated into just slamming the
khazars and freemasons all the time.

Beleive me I don't like either one of them but they
aren't the bid kahunas! The damned Bilderbergs, the
United Nations and the British Israel Society are

The Khazars are nothing but Hofjuden! {Water-carriers}
Come on Mike, lighten up!

Rich Salzer



Possibly you are making too much of being 'Austrian'
'German'. Germans and Austrians are essentially the
same. This was demonstarted twice in the past century,
namely AFTER WW1 when Austria wanted to join Germany
as one nation and again with the Anschluss. The
division between Germany and Austria has always struck
me as being rather artificial and beneficial only to
our enemies, who have encouraged and institutionalized
it. I am not so sure, Americans consider Germanic
culture as being feminine. How the hell can you
consider Wagner in that light, or Beethovern or indeed
Mozart? Anyhow, I enjoy your letters and love your
work. Just some thoughts. Incidentally, what do you
think of Horst Mahlers fabulous initiatives? and how
do you explain the silence by people such as
Faurisson, or Irving? One would think they'd be
delighted and supportive to no end, no? Gerry



I dislike immensely reading about the internal
squabbles of the leaders of revisionism. While there
are bound to be disagreements amongst a group of such
great minds and committed spirits; it only serves the
enemy to publicize them.




There is one sport not yet effected by blacks.  That
is NASCAR racing.  It has bigger crowds than ANY NFL
football or other  pro sport.  Regularly over 100.000
spectators at a time.




I am with you. Your attitude is the right one. The
ego's should get out of the way. The CAUSE is what is
important!!Defeating the Jews is paramount.

Leon Bourke



Rec'd ur Z (Zundel) Spec. issue packet in mail and am
elated passing out to good friends.  Thanks much
again.  And again, what I hope Community News does,
much as anything else, is spreading such as ur
artistry Walt: Style yes, but with outstanding
excellent substance.
Read ur latest e-mail Pat. Ltr: U know--having such
"establishment" sort as Hoffman sore at u isn't so
bad, is it?  Envy is a backhanded compliment
GOT SUBSTANCE.  If anyone else had substance why would
they knock a true patriot?
Carto is way too much a SUBJECTIVIST--he wants merely
a different kind of subjectivism, in name of mystic
"morality," from that imposed upon us by the
anti-antisemites--same w. the Birchers.  Thus the
Birchers don't mention Zundel, and Carto finesses the
Z issue by (otherwise creditably) riding along and
trying to rub Zundel's fame off on others like
Traficante and Duke (both excellent men, to be
sure--but Zundel is persecuted precisely as he is so
saintly and dedicated to the pure truth, hence
See, the problem w. these subjectivists like Carto and
the Birchers is they don't criticise the Pharisaic
fascist oppressor in principle--for they endorse the
very same one: subjectivism.  "HATE CRIME" IS
SUBJECTIVIST BY ITS NATURE, for yet another example.
Thus hate crime is always founded upon "morality"
(hence subjectivism)--that's why the Birchers and
Carto are such distractions/diversions so ultimately
convenient for the anti-antisemites.  Observe as the
oligarchs place Jews and anti-antisemites as the
presiding officials and apparatchiks, "hate crime"
would be exactly the thing to use against opponents,
wouldn't it?  For any opposition at all is
automatically hate--prove it isn't.  Such is
subjectivism in action, eh?
To keep ur great editorial momentum, if I may submit,
I still urge that we PRESS AN INITIATIVE by advocating
the "shadow Senate" (SS) stratagem.  We shouldn't sit
still waitng for the traitor/enemy to smash the
people's psyches again w. an even worse version of
9-11, for example.
And I suspect Z is now being bled by the cartel and
Talmudic lawyers (after all, how much has he paid for
exactly what, actually--it would be good for people to
have this info, wouldn't it?)--it would be sad if Z
was left saying nothing but repetitively begging for
more money, money, money.  Advocating the SS would put
in a counter-attacking edge.  Don't forget to consider
Z is held as object of diversion/distraction--if he
ends advocating something so useful, perfect, and
foolproof as SS he thereby turns the tables in most
artistic way.  I appeal to u as artist, Walt.
Again note that encouraging the EDITORIAL ART--for our
true fellow patriots--is what gets u in all the
"trouble," eh?  Don't hesitate to speak and comment
freely upon the subject (editorship and info)--for
u're the master, good comrade!
Keep up all ur outstanding efforts!
Sincerely, A.



In regards to your anger about the apparent
competition of revisionist's activities let me comfort
you that the human self centered ambitions are the sad
cause of the troubles, which unfortunately hamper
the collective aim to win the war against alien
domination and freedom of speech. If D. Irving had
taken the advise and assistance of Ernst Zuendel
concerning the court case he would have had a better
chance of survival.

But his ego was in the way. They could have learned
all from the Fuehrer as he rallied all the nation
as his own leadership into a collective oneness to
achieve the goal.

When Roehm plotted against him, he was eliminated.
Anyhow,  being a friend of Zuendel and Irving, and
active as a loner in Australia, I am sending you an
essay a just finished this week. Hope you can use it
for further publishing,




In Michael Hoffman's 'The Great Holocaust Trial' on
page 117 (if my memory serves me correctly,it was near
the end,anyway.  I no longer have the book) Hoffman
called Adolf Hitler a criminal and some other
nonsense, enough for me to mail the book back to him
and giving him a scolding. This was years ago and
sometime after Ernst praised the book in his Power
newsletter  I then wrote to Ernst about it and
obviously he hadn't finished the book and in his next
newsletter he pointed it out and he was hurt, you
could tell.

I never have pigeon -holed Hoffman and really don't
bother trying. He has a lot of mainstream connections
and he's their bad boy and he definately doesn't want
to go beyond that.           

Best    Ed  



Michael Hoffman is an arrogant bastard who thinks
he knows everything, and you should not pay any
attention to him except what you have already
done. Most things are better left unsaid! His
kind are also vengeful. Keep on doing what you
are doing...nuf said!




Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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