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Walter Müller on Scene in Germany:Karl-Heinz Schmick


Walter Müller on Scene in Germany:Karl-Heinz Schmick

15 October 2003

Dear Fellow Patriot!

We never hear from those brave heroes in Germany who
suffer tremendously for fighting against the Jews and
telling the truth. In fact, the ordeals that some of
them go through are as bad as the one from Ernst

Such saga no one ever heard of until Der Spiegel put
it on its front-page, is the terror that a Berlin
teacher, Karl-Heinz Schmick, is going through:

Berlin, Germany: For 3 years now teacher Karl-Heinz
Schmick has been fighting for his very existence.

It's difficult to determine when it all started. It is
my belief, reading the story, that it started all
back in 1989, when the teacher opposed the renaming of
a school from "Tannenberg Oberschule" to "Willie Graf
Oberschule." Tannenberg is one of these old names that
have had hero status since the 1st World war, were he
was instrumental to win a battle. The Jewish community
wanted the school renamed after "resistance fighter"
Willie Graf, who was executed as a traitor in the
"Weisse Rose" movement.

Schmick's argument then was that the renaming would
alter history, specifically WWI, which is part of
German history. Then, as punishment, Schmick was
transferred to another school, the Gymnasium Steglitz.

The Jews now kept an eye on the teacher, who "had a
problem" with the "Weisse Rose," that means he might
have problems with the way the Third Reich was being
taught to the students.

In reality, Karl-Heinz Schmick was a teacher who loved
the truth, his country, especially Prussia, Berlin and
the Brandenburg.

The students in Steglitz respected Schmick. They say
me might be CDU (Christian Party), however, he is no

However, being watched already by the holocaust
believers, Schmick and his love for the truth got him
in trouble again. For one, one of his students was a
Korean girl. Instead calling her by her name he called
her "Korean import." The kids thought it was very
funny. In fact, most of the students thought he was a
courageous man. His hate for the politically correct
had earned him this respect.  As in America, German
schools get their scripts from the Jewish Congress,
what to teach the children about WWII and the
holocaust. For example, the school text about the
Wehrmacht is as follows:

"Die Wehrmacht was a club of Hitler's willing helpers
and criminals."

Schmick refused to teach this lie and even explained
to his students that only "atrocities" were committed
which were covered under the war rights. Never, ever
did a German soldier kill an innocent.

As here, the story about Auschwitz is "all Jews were
gassed there." Again, Schmick taught his students that
many concentration camps were "Arbeitslager" (labor
camps). Schmick also told his students that the most
important thing about a teacher was not to let his
students walk away with false pictures.

Teacher Schmick isn't a "holocaust denier" or
revisionist. In fact, the students in their witness
testimonies pointed out that Schmick talked about the
killing of Jews and the holocaust. It turns out that
only a handful of students alleged that he was a

Just like the Jewish Defense League in American, the
Antifa, a terror organization, financed by the Jews,
urged the Antifa Youth Movement to declare war against
Schmick. Soon, fliers were posted, accusing Schmick of
"Holocaust-Relativierung" (holocaust demeaning) and
"Menschen Verachtung" (human denigration).

The Principal of Steglitz demanded that Schmick
apologize, which he refused. In June of 2000, the Jews
organized a parents meeting, and asked for the removal
of the "neo-Nazi." Several of these parents alleged
that their kids came home and said that Stalin had
killed more people than the Nazis. A parent's
initiative was formed and with this, Schmick's end in
German schools was imminent.

However, the teacher didn't give up. So many people
supported him that suddenly a famous talk show host,
Guenther Jauch, aleged that his daughter was also
amongst the students, Schmick tried to  brainwashed. With the famous Jew in their pocket, the whole story went national. A petition was circulated to permanently get rid of Schmick. The superintendent
in Berlin received letters that it can't be tolerated
that a "neo-Nazi" even for one minute longer teaches
history in schools.

Soon, Schmick's picture was plastered all over the
Jew-media, and the Department of Education put him on
leave indefinitely.

Nevertheless, a tremendous protest action in favor of
this Berlin teacher made it increasingly difficult for
the Jews to put him in prison.

In May of 2001, finally, in a court hearin he
was charged with 37 violations, amongst them:

* Verharmlosung der Verbrechen des National
(downplaying of the crimes of the "Nazis")

* Herabwürdigende Auesserungen gegen einen Ausländer
(denigrading remarks against an immigrant - Korean

* Kriminelle, nicht-angezeigte Nebentaetigkeiten
(criminal, not-reported activities)

* Unangemessenes Auftreten in der Öffentlichkeit
(Unbecoming behavior in public for a teacher)

The Berlin District Attorney lists 22 plaintiffs,
eight of them are Jews, and famous Jewish architect
Max Dudler, and TV Talkshow Host Guenther Jauch.

On November 9th, the court adds another charge:

Rechtsradikale Aeusserung (right-wing remarks)

Two dozen parents, carefully chosen by the Jews,
formed a group, named "Menschlichkeit und Toleranz
(Humanism and Tolerance). This group is works with a
special commission of the Berlin police. The group's
goal is literally to destroy Karl-Heinz Schmick.

However, the Jews had bitten off more than they could
chew. Quickly, with the help of academia in
Berlin, Schmick founded the "Forschungs Stelle für
Militär Geschichte" (Research Committe for
Military History). He named himself the director,
which allowed him to use the findings of this group
for his defense. In 1999, Schmick's group published an
investigative report on the lack of true
interpretation and the appearance of misleading
interpretation, fairytale stories and the lack of
evidence in German history books.

The parent's initiative, with the help of the special
commission, found their own expert, Eckart Frantz, the
cardiologist and chief of staff at the Potsdam St.
Joseph's Hospital, and a renowned jurist. The parent's
initiative hands over the lead to the Jew.

He threatens Schmick by saying: "Herr Schmick, das ist
der Anfang vom Ende" (Mr. Schmick, this is the
beginning of the end).

Frantz's first work is to prepare a detailed analysis
of Schmick's report. Frantz assassinates Schmick's
character by calling him a "Wannabe" and a
"Sociopath." Again, the Jews made the bill without the
waiter. Without any encouragement, Germany's leading
historian, Arnulf Baring, sends a public thank you
note to Schmick for his report on German history:

"You made me very happy," wrote Baring, "since I
welcome anything that corrects the historical
perspectives of German history." That, of course, made
the opposition incredibly mad. Finally, on May 17th,
the court hearings began, accompanied by the Jewish
owned press, who blatantly gives the teacher the title
"Nazi." Nevertheless, it doesn't matter how hard the
hearings tried to find hard evidence, nothing was
found. The file had risen to 2,000 pages. Since this
was a preliminary hearing, the court could not find
any evidence to prosecute Schmick.

Now, the Jews became desperate, and with the help of
the Berlin State Chief Justice Gehring, prepared
papers to declare Schmick "insane." In the paper, she
wrote that Schmick is a "psychopath" and "insane," and
ordered an examination to have Schmick declare insane.
Gehring declared this would in the name of the state
to close the matter once and for all.

Schmick refused to be checked. He didn't show up and
filed an appeal with the Administrative Court.

He won his appeal and, in September of 2002, the
Berlin Chamber Court declared that all of the charges
as mentioned before were inventions and must be
retracted in all national newspapers. The court
granted Schmick also 6,000 Euros for pain and

Nevertheless, you can imagine that appeals were filed,
and still, today, Schmick's disciplinary investigation
are still going on.

To generate again public outcry, Der Spiegel dedicated
its magazine to a three part story about Karl-Heinz



Speaking of terror by the Jews, and it is hard to
believe this, I received a package from the Sacramento
Mayor's office, where they have formed a partnership
with the Sacramento Country DA's Office, Sacramento
PD, the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department and the
Anti Defamation League (ADL). The partnership is
called: Hate Crimes - a problem to be challenged.

The partnership announces proudly that they have
added: Malicious slander of any religious association,
organizations or fraternities (misdemeanor) and to
interfere by force or threat with the Constitutional
rights of people of color, sexual orientation and
physical and mental disabilities to hate crimes. Any
one of these could become a felony if the prosecutors
deem so. To investigate and report hate crimes,
besides the usual police phone numbers, the
partnership lists the Anti Defamation League.

How about that!

Most of these statutes concerning hate crime laws are
in my opinion unconstitutional in the area of speech,
gathering, and movement. Thought Germany was bad?
Wait, we are slowly getting there!


Continuing with the hate of the Jews, Warren Kinsella
(and I believe many of you know him) has made it his
life's work to destroy Ernst Zündel. On his website,
he's dedicated half of it to our hero. Talk about vile
and hateful. In his latest piece on Zündel, he calls
him the "portly holocaust-denying hate propagandist,
who fouled up Canada's air for more than 40 years."
His last comment in the article says: "Let's finally
do to this hateful little holocaust denier what should
have been done long, long ago: when it comes time to
debate what he now seeks, let's deny him." The latest
piece is entitled refugee Zuendel and you can view it


You can also e-mail him at



We talked about some great books yesterday. In the
meantime I received Dr. Töben's first book "Where
Truth Is No Defence," and you will hear about this

The Posers from Florida reminded me that there are
more must have books to own:


Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of
German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and
Americans After World War II.
By James Bacque (hard cover 1989; paperback 1991)

Crimes & Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under
Allied Occupation, 1944-1950.
By James Bacque (hardcover 1997; paperback 1999)

A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East
European Germans, 1944-1950.
By Alfred-Maurice De Zayas, Charles M. Barber
(paperback 1994, 2001)

An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge
Against Germans in 1945.
By John Sack (hardcover 1993; paperback 1995, 2000)

The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau 1939-1945.
By Alfred-Maurice De Zayas [The War Crimes Bureau was
set up by the German Government to investigate war
crimes committed by Allied forces against Germans.]
(hardcover & paperback 1989; hardcover 2000)

The War of Our Childhood: Memories of World War II.
By Wolfgang W. E. Samuel (Editor) (hardcover 2002)

Stalin's War of Extermination, 1941-1945.
By Joachim Hoffmann (hardcover 2001)

available through: Advanced Book Exchange




Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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