Dear Fellow Patriot!

7 November 2003

The revolution I've been talking about, springing up
in Germany, has the Jews running amok. You've heard
about the Hohmann controversy, the holocaust
controversy in Berlin, the Schmick story, and the
recent dismissal of the Chief of the German Army.

More and more Jews are moving back to Germany and they
are trying to guarantee a safe haven for their kind.
The brewing revolution, or the waking-up of the German
people is, of course, a very disturbing thing for the
Jews, who are trying to re-colonize Germany.

But, this time I think they have taken on more than
they can handle. The German newspapers are full of it
and the German people are up in arms.

The new prey for the Jews is none other than famous
country poet Rudolf Dietz. I still remember the many
poems I've learned in school. Rudolf Dietz was born in
1863 in Naurod, Wiesbaden. He died in 1942. His many
fairytales, animal stories, and theatre dramas are a
legend in both Germany and Austria. Rudolf Dietz is
the country-Goethe for the Germans. Many streets and
places are named after him. His birthplace, a part of
the state capital Wiesbaden, has a Rudolf Dietz
Museum. Even four of his teeth are there in display.
Rudolf Dietz was a poet for all occasions. Still
today, in German schools, his poetry is required
reading. Well, suddenly no one knows for how long.

The Jewish community of Germany came up with the
allegation that Rudolf Dietz was the propaganda poet
for former Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler. The Jewish
community claims that they have found 30 poems with
racist contents, making fun of Jews. For example, they
dug up in the Wiesbaden Town Archive one of the
writings of Dietz: "Jews are ugly, greedy, untruthful,
criminal and children should not sit next to the
stinking Jewish classmates." Of course, this was all
written in Hesse dialect, and is often recited in
school festivals.

But there is more the Jews say. Even before Adolf
Hitler came to power, the folklore poet was a vehement
anti-Semite and in April of 1933, he joined the NSDAP.
Remember, at that time, Dietz was already 70 years

In 1936, Dietz published a poem, called "Reichs Song".
Then another one: "Einigkeit unterm Hakenkreuz" (Unity
under the Swastika). The last lines of that poem read
like this:

"Nie mehr getrennt ein fremder Keil,
uns're Treuschar. - Hitler Heil"


"Never more divided a foreign force,
our nation - Hitler Heil"

Now the Jews demand that all of the public places and
schools named after Dietz have to be changed. They
would like to see it start with the school in Dietz
hometown. However, the population if fighting it with
tooth and nail. Nevertheless, Neurod's City Council
adopted a resolution, distancing itself from Dietz,
however, refusing to rename the school.

Council member Hermann Stoecker, again CDU, in a press
release, objected: "It is not fair with the thoughts
of today, to judge somebody who, for that time, didn't
do anything unusual."

However, the speaker for the Green Party would like to
see the school in Neurod renamed as a beginning "of
the healing process."

Principle Bernd Siebold says "We have with the name
Rudolf Dietz for 45 years great work accomplished, and
we will not change that."

Of course, the German people are in uproar. Petitions
are circulated by the thousands and bumper stickers
are popping up.

The state legislators have twice tried to take it up
in one of their sessions, but never made it. State
Legislator Bernhard Lorentz says "If we get rid of
Dietz, we might as well do so with Kant, Hegel,
Fichte, and Martin Luther. All of these German
Thinkers have made anti-Semitic statements at one time
or another.

Of course, none of the politicians want to be the
target of the Jewish community, so First Mayor of the
City of Wiesbaden, the state capital, asked for a
prominent scholar to research Rudolf Dietz and find
out whether or not Dietz was a "Nazi Collaborator."
Prominent historian Michael Wolffsohn, Professor for
History at the University in Munich, made it clear
that the state will have a hard time finding any
scholar saying anything bad about the German folk-poet


A similar story is brewing in Austria, where a letter
to the editor in the Magazine "The Officer", a
publication of the Austrian Officers Club, triggered
the charge of "Volksverhetzung" (race hatred). In the
letter to the editor, one of the officers says that
the Jews, after the destruction of Adolf Hitler, are
in the process of taking over the world.

This is illegal, according to Paragraph 283, article
2, of the Criminal Code, if anyone publicly says
something negative against a nation or a tribe or a
religious community. By doing so, they are encouraging
riot and degrading dignity of human beings. The name
of the officer has not been released, however, he is
being charged under these laws.


Apollonian vs. H. Millard:


Thanks for the forwarded piece by H. Millard fm
Manfred Koch in 5 Nov. Pat. Ltr.
I'm sure Millard, the writer, is right: there must be
a "change in the thinking...."  But experience and
history teach that people too easily and too much
become addicted to "prosperity," and hence, MAMMON.
Observe from history the people of Rome who were
lavished by the oligarchs with the "grain dole"--they
never recovered, did they?  Mammonism is what we're
dealing with now, again, "prosperity."
We all know friends and family members, I'm sure, who
think we patriots are kidding--they're determined to
"enjoy" the "progress" and prosperity, the "good
times."  We patriots are such "pains" and
"Chiken-Littles"--trouble-makers, malcontents, and
poor-sports, indeed.
Thus the youth, for example, in the local
thought-control (public education) institutes are so
merrily taught the ways, quite literally, of
subjectivism and doublethink--this so they can fit in
so well with the ruling corporate-style "management"
of our economy and government, state, nation, etc.
And as we see, as the corporations and institutions
continue to seem to sail along, so many of the people
among the citizenry GO ALONG.
So as we're subjects of the will of God which we're
bound to respect, we patriots largely have to bide
time by means of SCHOLARSHIP; thus we observe the
pervading cultural SUBJECTIVISM (doublethink).
Meantime we should do those things for patriotism we
can, gathering and treating the necessary information
and formulating the likely plans.
Thus for a political reform plan we should presently
advocate and consider seriously the "shadow Senate"
(SS) proposal by which state legislatures would elect
the Senators, re-assuming such task as originally
designed by the Constitutional founders.  Thus the
present United States Senate, far too hostage to the
SUBJECTIVIST/TALMUDIC/imperialist interest, should be
replaced, gradually as convenient, by such SS
Such SS proposal is highly meritable as it is so
easily understood and then effected--a real "no
brainer."  SS is an easy way to oppose the Talmudic
empire and the imperialist interest.  Further,
advocacy of such SS would lend something of an
INITIATIVE by which another 9-ll attack-pretext by
MOSSAD/CIA could be countered and anticipated, by
which the Constitution can well be defended.
Thanks for all ur efforts, and keep up ur good work,
Sincerely, A., combat-scholar


Croatian scholar and revisionist, Dr. Tom Sunic,
responds to Hohmann in a letter:


November, 2003

Herrn Martin Hohmann MdB

Sehr geehrter Herr Hohmann!

Danke fuer Ihre Zivilcourage!
Auch schoene Gruesse and Sie und Ihre Familie!
So lange es Leute in Deutschland gibt wie Sie, gibt's
noch immer Hoffnung fur ganzes Europa.
Als ehemaliger US Professor in Politwissenschafen, als
Autor vieler Aufsaetzen und Buecher, und auch als
ehemaliger kroatischer Diplomat, weiss ich gut vovon
Sie so tapfer reden.
Solange wir Heuchelerei und Luege abwerfen, so lange
wir in aller Oeffentlichkeit uber alle Theme die
Wahrheit sagen koennen - gibt's noch eine Chance um
titanische, bzw. "juengerianische"  Katarakten und
moegliche antisemtische Pogrome zu vemeiden.

Sie sind nicht allein.

Sie und Ihe Kollegen koennen sich immer and mich
wenden falls ich ein wenig behilflich sein kann.

Schoene Gruesse and Ihre Familie und viel Mut !

Tom. Sunic

The thrust of the letter is to say thank you to
Hohmann, commending him for his courage and show
support if needed.


Albert Doyle:


Good for you in distancing yourself from the skinheads
and racists.

As for the Russian situation I'm watching it closely.
I spent the last four years of my working career on
Texaco's Russian business and that was over the
transition from Gorbachev to Yeltsin. I can tell you
that these "oligarchs" mostly got their wealth by
corruption and theft and Putin would be well justified
to go after that - but he seems inclined not to do so
for now.

Reading the stories in the NY Times has been very
interesting. The Jewish angle - most of the thieves
are Jews - was at first played down. Now it is being
slowly fed to the public. Today even a charge
of...guess what?..."anti-semitism"! What a surprise!
The usual last defense of Jewish scoundrels. They have
to be very careful with this one because drawing too
much attention to the Jewish background of these
robbers has a possible negative impact and they know
it. Most Russians have no sympathy for them and likely
most Americans would not either if they knew the

I'll keep you posted on anything I conclude even
though I am now out of the loop and rely on what I
read in our awful media.

Albert Doyle



Our Greek friend from Australia, with a very
interesting comment:


I always hoped that America and ultimately Israel
would go through the same language experience as much
as Greece has. As for their sake she has been going
through language mayhem for the last two decades at
least. (I let alone the fighting that were
artificially created between the official/scholars and
the popular language gladiators that lasted for 150
years.) Most of the structure of the Greek language
officially has changed for the time being under the
watchful eyes of the Greek Parliament and the State.
The purpose of it is to simplify and impoverish the
way Greek people think and behave with grave
consequences for the world civilization.

The below example reminds me of what has actually
happened to the Greek language for the last 25 years
which coincides along with the invasion (imposed from
above) of multiculturalism in Greece. This eventually
will as a matter of fact fade away like a little flu
for the Greek nation for the main body of its language
is more powerful than the armies of all superpowers of
History bound together as an alliance. But will the
English or any other language in this matter survive
such an ordeal should it really happen to them? And
what consequences will it have for the related nations
and the world civilization?

Well I suppose it all depends on how strong your
cultural background is and on the
qualitative/quantitative input you have made in the
world civilization.

Kind regards




Dr. Bob Countess, with a request:


Events in the past week in Germany and Russia are
encouraging in terms of Jews overextending their

Can you publish an email address for the DC Russia
Embassy so that we can send emails of support to Putin
at this time for his courageous arrest of the criminal



And here they are:



Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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