Dear Fellow Patriot!

14 November 2003

We have narrowed it down to April. What am I talking
about? The European American Culture Council's second
revisionist conference. It will take place in April of
2004 her in Sacramento, California. You will be
notified of the exact weekend.

We have already a list of speakers: Mark Weber, Dr.
Tom Sunic, Dr. Frederick Töben, Dr. Bob Countess,
Paul Fromm, Frank Schmidt and yours truly.

I have had a conversation on the phone with Dr. Sunic
and Stan Hess. It was sort-of a conference call to
Croatia. Dr. Sunic was pointing out that a good talk
would be about the tremendous things that are going on
in Germany. I agree. Dr. Sunic is the connection. He
has worked with Horst Mahler, just got back from a
speaking tour in France, and will be the expert to
talk about the events in Europe.

Paul Fromm will give us the entire run-down on Ernst
Zuendel. The other speakers will let me know on what
they are going to talk about. Let's get surprised. The
conference is hosted by the board of the Council and
Harvey Taylor will be the MC, like at the last one.

We are also trying to convince veteran revisionist
Bradley Smith to join us. A friend of ours is looking
into a possible engagement at California State
University Sacramento, however, he would make also a
great speaker.

Hotel accommodations will be made, and this is one
conference everyone will be able to afford. The ticket
for the conference will be $20, that includes a
continental breakfast, lunch and late afternoon
deserts and coffee.

We have negotiated a room price from $39.00 to $45.00.

There is still room to promote your work or your
activism. If there are any revisionist out-there who
would like to come, please let us know.

Also, here is an idea. If you'd like to sell your
books or other intellectual work, maybe you can send
it ahead of time, you will be spared the hassle going
through customs. Of course, I could be wrong, but then
how does David Irving do it? Last time he was in town,
when we organized it, he sold almost $4,000 worth of

Please e-mail or call me at (916) 927-8553, or Harvey
Taylor at (530) 656-2444. Also, make sure to let us
know if you are coming, so we can make room


Now it is your turn. Mark Weber's piece on Jewish Soap
generated some mail. First up Dr. Bob Countess:


If I may add our personal experience in Warsaw, March
1989 [remember Poland under Communism?] when we went
to the Jewish Institute, the Jewess conducting our
tour showed us a display where there was a bar of the
"RIF" soap, but without any information card beside

I asked her rather innocently: "Was this a bar of soap
made from Jewish fat?"

She straightway replied: "No. There was no soap made
from Jewish fat."

As I recall the genesis of this soap story in the WW2
era, a Jewish Rabbi in Poland started the story in
print, reporting that the "RIF" stood for "reine
Juedisches Fett" [if I recall the German correctly].
Of course, this made excellent sense to gullible
Jews--which meant then and still means today: MOST

Since the letters R.I.F  more accurately represented
the German industrial section of the  economy
responsible for such things as bars of soap, the Rabbi
may have EVEN been sincere in his effort to promote
Jewish victimhood--of course, sincerely WRONG.

I also recall reading that somewhere in Philadelphia
there is a private museum where a Jew has a bejeweled
soap dish with some slivers of Jewish soap, made, of
course, "by the Nazis."

Robert H. Countess, Ph.D.
Ancient Greek
28755 Sagewood Circle
Toney, AL 35773  USA
Phone: (256) 232-4940  Cell: (256) 653-7598
Fax:  (256) 232-4940


Eli James with his comments on Jewish Soap:


There is one obvious flaw in the "Rein Judischer Fett"
fable.  It is something that the Zionists and their
henchmen could not have dreamed of during the
Nuremberg show trials: DNA.  If there are any bars of
that "Jewish" soap on display or any buried in the
ground, the Jews had better destroy them fast,
because I guarantee you that there will be no Jewish
DNA found in that soap. 

Chances are, the soap was made from pork fat.  Of
course, having to take a shower with a bar of soap
made from pork fat qualifies Jew as being a "victim
of the holocaust."  Sooner or later, forensics catches
up with the criminal. 

Speaking of forensics, I have to quote from an article
in an undated issue of "The Revisionist."  I believe
that the issue was released some time in 1999. 
Regarding Germar Rudolph, a German chemist who was
charged with the "hate crime" of disputing the

"In the early 90's, Rudolph was in his late twenties,
completing a doctorate in solid state chemistry at the
Max Planck Institute.  The subject of his dissertation
concerned the stability of cyanide compounds in brick
and mortar, and his study established the baselines
for present-day knowledge of the behavior of cyanide
compounds over time, specifically, compounds of
cyanide and iron, the so-called "iron blues."  His
study was praised, not only by the chemists in the
faculty of the prestigious institute by also by
several historians, who were leaked copies of the
study, now known as the "Rudolph Report."

"So why the criminal charges?  Rudolph's sites of
analysis were the various locations at the Auschwitz
concentration camp where the use of cyanide gas had
been reported: not only the delousing buildings for
clothes, hair, and personal effects, but also the
sites said to have been the notorious gas chambers. 
Rudolph's conclusions, based on unassailable chemical
procedures, authoritatively reproduced the findings of
Fred Leuchter, the American expert in execution
technology, and concluded that the use of cyanide gas
in the spaces usually described as gas chambers would
have been impossible."

The lies are beginning to spill over the wall.
Wahrheit uber alles!  ("Truth over all," for those who
don't know German.)  Of course, the Zionists, in
"the Emperor has no clothes" fashion of present day
"news" stories, can simply deny that scientific
research has any bearing on hoaxacaust claims. 
And when they do this, the morons genuflect with

It boggles the mind to have to realize that we live on
a planet of lies. Earth is a planet of lies. The lies
are spread by the Jews.  And the "spread" gets put on
our toast every morning! 

One thing is for sure, there is no stopping the truth
from coming out.

Praise Yahweh,

Eli James


Continued by our Polish revisionist, Dana Alvi, whom
I recently met through Dr. Frederick Toben's book "The
Face Of Revisionism":


I don't know when Mark wrote his article.  Perhaps he
forgot that about three years ago, I told him that I
have a short (ca 20 minutes) film which was advertised
at that time in the Jewish Journal.  I purchased two
copies directly from the producer of the film, an
elderly Orthodox Jew, perhaps a rabbi. I sent one tape
to Ingrid. The film was made in Rumania.  It shows a
burial ceremony and bricks in the form of  bars of
soap as part of cemetery monuments. On my way to his
home to purchase the film, I had hoped to have a
discussion.  Upon meeting him,  I realized that  he
sincerely believed  the soap was of Jewish bodies.
His great sadness and, I am sure, surge of war-time
memories, took away all my plans to challenge the
film. If you like, I can loan you the tape.

War-time propaganda designed to create hatred for the
opposing side should be exposed and discarted by all
sides.  Germans, who feel so badly about lies
disseminated by Jews,  need to eliminate the
antiPolish propaganda created during the Hitler era
still propagated on some websites and in articles.

Good night,


Ernie B. plugs a book:


My German language capability is good but does not
equal your proficiency with the English/American
language, therefore I will converse with you in
English if I may.

Dear Mr.Mueller  Thank you for your excellent daily
posts.  They speak volumes of forbidden truths that
must be told.  Since I have been reading your posts
you have documented many books that contain this
hidden information. 

Have you ever read "Die Fluchtlinge" , Die Vertreibung
der Deutschen im Osten, written by Gunter Boeddeker ?
4.Auflage 1985.  F.A. Herbig Verlagsbuchhandlung,
Munchen/Berlin. Druk und Binden: Mohndruck Graphische
Betriebe, GmbH, Gutersloh
Printed in Germany. ISBN 3-7766-1042-5.

It describes the horrendous episodes that the
Fluchtlinge aus dem Osten had to endure.  It also
presents nine important maps of the era and 85
pictures of the destruction and suffering visited upon
the German people.  I have read the book and it takes
a strong stomach to get through the extreme brutality
the allies, especially the russian jews, used against
the Germans.  It is a must read for those wanting to
know the truth.

Alles Gute.  

Have a nice day---ernieB, retired and like it!!!


My comments: I have not read the book, and I'll try to
get it.

Apollonian chimes in:


Regarding in general our patriot-revisionist movement,
It's interesting to consider the news at the moment;
here are some main notes: (1) there's the recent
European Union poll holding Israel as greatest threat
to peace; (2) the CIA report on deteriorating Iraq
situation; (3) Foxman (of the Anti-defamation League
[ADL]) complaining about rise of anti-semitism.  So
the question is regarding the on-going plan of the
Talmudic oligarchs for consolidation of their world
empire--how now will they proceed?
Thus we see: (a) the legal cartelists/conspirators in
Alabama voted (yesterday) to remove courageous
Christian Chief Justice Moore, and (b) we note the
recent vicious treatment by the Canadian judge against
patriot-scholar leader, Ernst Zundel.  The Canadian
judge now purports to extort an American citizen
(Ingrid Rimland) to taking down her "Zundel-site"
website--for such is the "decision" which the Canadian
Talmudist judge has determined to declare reality now
to be enforced--maybe.  Thus do the Talmudists display
their contempt and hatred for law and the rights of
the people.  The Canadian Talmudist also sought to
tantalize with a possible parole--but wait, wait, he
then decided he's "...not there yet," displaying the
satanic sadist facet of Talmudism and subjective law
and justice.  Thus to tolerate Jews once is to be
later tyrannized by them.
Thus we observe the Talmudists heightening and
increasing their hysteria/madness campaign; they seem
to be emphasizing an internal "stay-the-course"
adamancy among their own partisans--hey, they believe
in terror as policy.  Thus the Talmudists insistently
continue evermore to REDUCE TO THE ABSURD.  Hence we
can review our own patriot-revisionist strategy: note
our great strength is our confidence in reason,
objectivity, and basic scholarship.
Hence our scholarship indicates the extreme
subjectivistist/doublethink program steadily and
consistently applied by the Talmudists liberally
backed up with violence--hey, did u hear the news from
Houston, Texas?  It seems a lady who had filed a
lawsuit against Bush II was found dead of gunshot,
called "suicide."  The mad Talmudists thus intend to
plow mindlessly ahead with their fascist insanity and
terror.  Thus we maintain our Christian courage as we
face Satan.  Thus we follow our necessary plan,
keeping confidence in our US Constitution founded in
Christianity and reason.
Thus we can stay well-focused for our defense as we
stick with the fundamental issues, first regarding the
nature of reality and truth, OBJECTIVITY.  The "shadow
Senate" idea (Senators elected by state legislatures)
then serves as guide for further political-type
reform--the whole purpose must be to steadily
de-activate the imperialist oligarchy/dictatorship.
The Talmudic oligarchy will sneer, fulminate, and
resist violently, but our revolt will succeed as we
keep our scholarly heads focused on the fundamentals
DOUBLETHINK, thence the re-establishment of our nation
as Christian, hence anti-Talmudist/anti-Pharisaist.
Hence we can't do better than sticking with Walter's
intrepid editorship for its information and analysis
founded in OBJECTIVITY as symbolized by our hero,
Ernst Zundel--keep up ur outstanding work, Walt!
Sincerely, A., combat-scholar

And neworder on "Die Wolfskinder":


The "Big Three" that waged war against Adolf Hitler
were the British Empire, the Soviet Union and the
United States.

But in trying to destroy Hitler, they signed their own
death warrants.  Indeed, the first two have already
collapsed, and only the last one still remains
standing.  And its days are numbered.





Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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