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18 November 2003

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I am writing to let your readers know of a new Website
--  -- which I am Webmastering for
a group of German nationalists whose voices cannot
legally be heard in Germany.
This site contains some of the best writing by German
nationalists available _anywhere_.  Both well-known
writers  ( whose recent works are unpublishable in
Germany today)  and others who are writing
anonymously are represented.  There are several
full-length books (including one novel) which have
much to say to those of us who are in this battle
against the NWO/ZOG forces.   Many of these works are
given both in the German original and in English
translation.  There are also many articles of
Of particular interest to your readers may be  the
actual views of Adolf Hitler concerning Christianity,
as given during the "table-talks" --  both the German
and English texts are given:
Thank you for helping me to let people know about this
site -- for which much else is planned. 


Im Blut ist das Schicksal.



At first, I wasn't to get involved in the discussion
of Horst Mahler's "Society for the Rehabilitation of
those persecuted for Refutation of the Holocaust."
(VRPHV). I thought that Dr. Frederick Toben was doing
quite well.

I endorse the organization, in fact, I think it's an
incredible idea. French leading revisionist Dr. Robert
Faurisson also endorsed the VRPHV, and even pledged

So far, so good. Then I announced that Horst Mahler
could be a speaker at the 2004 revisionist conference
in Sacramento. In no way do I say that this discussion
was triggered by this announcement.

Before I go on, let me make a couple of comments about
Horst Mahler. He is a brilliant attorney in Germany,
he is married with children, and the term "neo-Nazi"
is incorrect to describe him. Of course, only people
who are not familiar with German law and the German
justice system would make a comment like this.
Germany's laws are so stringent that any neo-Nazi
activity of Horst Mahler would result in serious
consequences. That goes for any call for violence. I
also think it is quite insulting to a brilliant mind
like that of Mahler's to be accused of such things.
The man is not stupid, in fact, everything he does is
well coordinated.

Having said that, nevertheless, a couple of veteran
revisionists have taken issue with Horst Mahler and
his political activities. Specifically Arthur Butz and
Idaho's activist Michael Hoffman. Butz complains that
Mahler makes frequently public declarations of
political nature. Therefore, Mahler's VRPHV will be
received as a neo-Nazi organization, concludes Butz.

Dah! When was it the last time Mr. Butz has looked up
his name on the ADL website? There he is considered
one of the most dangerous anti-Semites and neo-Nazis.

I am not really that concerned about Michael Hoffman.
He distances himself from anyone who just mentions the
word "Third Reich." But, a person of Arthur Butz'
reputation should really think before making comments
like this. I admire his work, and I even own one of
his books. Nevertheless, Arthur Butz is one of my
harshest critics. He wouldn't want to be caught dead
with me in an alley. For similar reasons, I might add,
of what he accuses Mahler. I have learned to deal with
his criticism, because I believe his work is important
and therefore I support it.

Please consider also that I am one of the first who
distances himself from anyone who advocates violence
and engages in racial slurs. For people like Hoffman
and Butz, that is not enough. I am in the category of
those who they rather denounce.

Arthur Butz calls it a "blunder" to publicly subscribe
to Mahler's political views. Even though he thinks
Mahler's organization is a good idea.

"Before the rooster crows once you'll denounce me
three times."

"The worthy legal initiative that Mahler wants to
organize can be carried out without a formal list of

Sure, let others do the work, and if they are
successful, let's all enjoy the benefits. I personally
think it is quite cowardly. I can understand that
there are a few of the revisionist scholars who do not
want their reputation soiled by the likes of Mahler or
myself. However, to denounce those who do all the work
is quite dishonest.

Times are different today, and without those who
create waves and obstruction, revisionism is dead. It
is so clear that a mind of the likes of Horst Mahler's
does not engage in irresponsible political
mudslinging. You know what I mean. The kind of thing
one finds in the juvenile atmosphere of some of the
white supremacist groups. I am pretty sure he knows
his limits.

"Revisionism, in my view, is not and must not be a
matter of ideology, but instead one of method by which
to attain the greatest degree of exactitude. What I
seek is historical exactitude and thus the abolition
of anything that obstructs the free thriving of
exactitude," says Arthur Butz. Of course, the key is
in "my view."

I think this is one of the reasons why the
Butz/Hoffman club has no members - while the
Mahler/Mueller club is expanding.

If we want to bring the revisionist message to a broad
audience, we need people like Horst Mahler. He is a
giant in our movement and many Germans consider him
the Martin Luther King of Germany.

Worrying about the wrong political message is at best
ridiculous and at worst cowardly. In my opinion, there
can't be enough waves to wake up those whose brains
are in a coma. As I said before, Butz and Hoffman have
a similar opinion about me.

Also, the word "friends of the German Reich", a
statement that Mahler has made, is a great concern to
these two scholars. Again, American arrogance at its
best. I am pretty sure none of them speak fluently
German or have ever lived in Germany for more than a
year. German Reich is another phrase that has been
demonized by the Jews and has become one of the
"no-no's" that the Jewish dictionary has imposed on
us. The German Reich has been around for a very, very
long time. Under the emperors it was "Deutsches Reich"
and meant nothing more than the greatness of the
country. I believe, when Horst Mahler uses the
terminology , he does it because we all would like to
see the greatness of the German Reich again. It has
very little to do with Hitler or the Nazis.

Another statement of Mahler's that is of great concern
to them is "The Jews should be kicked out of Germany."

Completely taken out of context when translated out
into English. I want the Jews out of Germany, as well
as out of America. However, saying that doesn't mean
that I will participate in a physical expulsion of the
Jews. Even though, I don't understand why they don't
stay in their own country. But I guess, Harvey Taylor
explains it best when he says that they are all
parasites, leaching off other people's work.

Well, I guess, the whole issue says more about the
Americans than it says about Mahler. The home of the
"brave". I wonder in what hole it crawled into, cause
I surely can't see it.

We would be honored to have Horst Mahler as a speaker.

The one who stays and dies is the hero. The one who
leaves and lives is the coward.


Your Turn:


I like your style and would very much like to attend
your conference to meet many of those other people
with whom I have become friends via the internet but
alas, not much chance given the workings of time and
tide and some other things.  "Had I youth's blood and
hopeful mood and heart of fire once more..." as an old
Irish song puts it !  Actually, now that I think on it
I still do have those traits! At least I think I do.
It's only the "other things" that keep me from
attending! All success to you.

Albert Doyle



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