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 6 August 2003

Dear Fellow Patriot!


As a "powerful man of the media" I get many mailings

of alerts, commentaries, and essays sent to me. This

is really cool, because it keeps me up to date on what

is going on out there.


Such alert arrived at the Community News Press Room

yesterday. It came from Dr. Margaret Stucki of Idaho.

Mrs. Stucki is a political activist and also an

artist. Some of her oil paintings are quite beautiful.

Mrs. Stucki alerted me to a new booklet, released in

June 2003, published by Dr. Woodsman, PhD, and

reprinted from the March 2003 issue of "Criminal



The booklets title is "Holocaust Education in American

Schools". The booklet is standard letter size and has

17 pages. It is an absolute must to have. It is

shocking and infuriating at the same time. It reveals

the fact of forced holocaust education in public

schools. We all know how bad it is and living in

California, which just recently passed a law requiring

holocaust education in all public schools, I thought I

had seen it all.


Not true! The state with the most severe and right-out

cruel holocaust education is the State of Idaho. You

heard right - Idaho! Known for its potatoes, Ruby

Ridge, and for its recent Anne Frank Park. I believe,

because of its history, Idaho is being targeted by the

Jews, i.e. ADL.


Holocaust education starts in Idaho in Elementary

school. That's when the children are most vulnerable.


Picture this: The children lined up before a desk, and

the teacher hands them identification papers and a

yellow six-pointed star to pin on their shirt. Then

place in a line, while a guard directs them to the

shower room. There the kids have to sit on a bench,

while a large paper-bag is put over their head,

representing a gas filled cell.


Can you imagine the terror these children are put

through? One of the students in a wheelchair tells the

children in the "gas chamber": "This is what Hitler

did to folks like me." Then the children are led to mock

ovens, explaining to them how people were killed by

starvation and then burned in the oven. And it goes on

and on and on.


Remember, we are not talking about college students,

we're talking about children who barely can keep their

underwear clean. The first question that comes to mind

is: "Where are the parents?"


Idaho teachers are flown to the Holocaust Museum in

Washington DC. to prepare for even better holocaust



I know from my own experience what an impact this will

have on these children. With that age, the chances

that we reach them are very slim. Add on that there

are only a few who have made it their issue to fight

the educational system or to even get our view in. One

of them is Bradley Smith, who has done an incredible

job of starting a discussion in our educational



I have no price yet on the booklet, and I am not sure

if it is still available. Dr. Stucki has sent me five

and I am still trying to find a way to purchase more.

The cover is in a light yellow and has a beautiful

picture of a little girl on the front with the Star of

David, pinned to her blouse.


Since it was originally printed in the March 2003

"Criminal Politics", you might find it on their

website at


If not, I will let you know if I was able to purchase

some more. By the way, this is probably one of the

most important issues we have to tackle. The holocaust

pimps are reaching our children as young as six and

seven. What do you think they are going to believe

once they are 14? We have to find a way to get our

message into these educational facilities.




Walter F. Mueller

"The truth is back in business"


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